Japanese POW

By Chained Muscle

Greg could not believe that his once virgin hairy body would be subjected to this hideous nightmare of bdsm. His heart was racing with each thrust of the soldier’s hard cock up inside of his ass. The pain was unbearable. He had to try to keep his wits about him or else he would go insane. He tried to remember the good old days of high school sports and his friend who would try to molest his then slightly hairy body. During his puberty years his body hair started to grow especially his last two years of high school. His chest hair was fine and still a little thin except at the lower abs and the trail to his bush. His cock and balls grew to normal sizes and he would get erections sometimes at the wrong time.

Now however, this torture was becoming too much, or so he thought. The soldier stopped the ass assault and turned his attentions to the front of Greg’s nude body. He knelt down so Greg could watch; taking his erect penis into his mouth the bastard began to suck. He ran his tongue along the shaft and licked the head which sent arousal tension through Greg’s penis. He wanted to cum but each time he was ready the soldier would stop and slap his penis or pull it to the point of making Greg tear up. The commander stood across from Greg and watched as the maddening torture continued. The soldier would turn his attention to the major’s hairy sack of aching balls below the erect penis and would suck on them and bite them. He would take the balls into his hands and pull them apart within the sack as far as he could and then without warning he would kick them or take his fist and slug him hard.

The commander spoke, “Major Boyington are you ready to talk?” “Hell NO, go FUCK YOURSELF!!!!” was the crisply shouted reply. The torture continued.

Finally the soldier stopped all together. The commander then had a table brought in covered with cloth. He spoke, “Boyinton I was hoping I would not have to go to this level of interrogation, but you have left me no choice.” And with that he uncovered the table. On it was an electrical apparatus with cable and clips. Greg well remembered the pain of the electric shock he had been subjected to outside. He knew this time it would be far worse. The commander began by clipping the clamps to his balls. He sent several electrical impulses through the major’s testicles as a trial run. Greg writhed in pain. His interrogator then attached two more clipped cables to the head and base of his penis, and again let the electricity surge with several more impulses. Greg was crying out in pain for him to stop. The commander did not listen; he was having too much fun with this studly American pilot!!

The final assault on Greg’s hairy body came with a probe of his unwillingly erect penis. A thin metal wire was inserted into the engorged head and it hurt like hell as it was put in. The commander smiled and warned Greg that this was going to hurt like he had never been hurt before, and then proceeded to shock him three times as he gleefully watched Greg do everything he could to get away from the searing pain without success. This last bit of pain was worse, Greg thought, than having his balls stretched and hit or kicked and manhandled roughly. “Now, Major, maybe you will talk to me or I will increase the electricity each time you do not reply with the correct answer!”


NOTE: This is part of an illustrated fantasy, one of many, available at Chained Muscle, a site that can get a bit edgy and non-politically correct at times, so don’t go there if you are easily offended. This is Part Three of a multi-part series called “Japanese POW.” It is posted here in the Metalbond Prison Library with permission.

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