JimmyUSMC has launched his own website

Many readers of the Metalbond site are familiar with JimmyUSMC, aka Heavybondageforlife, who is so fucking hot if you ask me:

JimmyUSMC, aka Heavybondageforlife

Jimmy’s enthusiasm for bondage is an inspiration. As you know, this muscular and tattooed adventurer with a beautiful smile has been featured extensively on Serious Male Bondage and Men In Chains.

Now — in what is certainly good news for anyone who cannot get enough of this guy — he has launched his very own website:


Jimmy’s new site features lots of videos, photo sets and pay-per-view content. It’s definitely worth checking out — especially if you are interested in seeing Jimmy interact with female play partners.

muscular and tattooed adventurer with a beautiful smile


Hint: Another place to see even more of Jimmy is on the all-male Just for Fans page of RopeTrainKeep.

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