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One Year – Part 16

By Taurus

Part 16 – “Help”

Russell stayed true to his word, and punished his slave.

Far from simply flogging, he decided his slave needed reconditioning. A recalibration of the senses and sensibilities, if you will.

James did not take it well.

Over the past months, James grew used to spending handler sessions with a naked Russell, who cuddled with him and offered him warmth extinct practically everywhere else he searched. Even during times he was not supposed to have fun, like training, he found sincere happiness in it.

Now, everything was taken away.

The walking laps in the sun where Russell sang cowboy tunes were no more. They were now no-nonsense, and the pace was stricter. Submissive training now included a lecture on his identity as a lowly slave.

Most heartbreaking for James however, was without a doubt the handler sessions before sleep.

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More pictures: Jimmy USMC in metal head cage and chains

Here are a few more pictures of Jimmy USMC, who is featured extensively at both Men In Chains and Serious Male Bondage:

Jimmy USMC in heavy metal bondage

These pictures will look familiar to those who enjoyed the multi-part movie at Men In Chains, called “The Appleville Strain.” Now, Serious Male Bondage is sharing additional pictures and video footage of not only Jimmy USMC, but also Dart Tech, Bind and many others from the feature.

So, if you want to see the bondage but not necessarily follow the “plot,” the newly added videos at Serious Male Bondage are for you. Or maybe you are already a huge fan of the movie and you just can’t get enough.

Either way, you can find the videos at Serious Male Bondage under the title of APPLEVILLE BONDAGE CLIPS.

Jimmy USMC in heavy metal bondage male BDSM

Now available on Serious Male Bondage: Appleville Bondage Clips

If you’re into locking metal bondage, as I am, you’ll want to check out new video over at Serious Male Bondage featuring Jimmy USMC and Dart Tech. Check them out:

Serious Male Bondage featuring Jimmy USMC and Dart Tech

The title of this video on Serious Male Bondage is APPLEVILLE BONDAGE CLIPS. The Hollywood-style movie, titled “The Appleville Strain,” is available on Bind’s website, MenInChains.

Jimmy USMC