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@heavybondage4life aka JimmyUSMC

This man is a triple threat. He’s got muscles, tattoos — and he’s into heavy bondage! Check him out:

JimmyUSMC goes by @heavybondage4life

You can watch him in dozens of male bondage videos available at Serious Male Bondage and Men in Chains

He’s also got his own website, onlyfans, and justforfans, featuring his content with both men and women. For his linktree, click here.

Head Harness Muzzle with Gag and Locking Buckles

When you cinch down the five locking straps on the Head Harness Muzzle, your captive will know who is in control. The fitted mouthpiece cups his jaw and covers his mouth to keep him quiet.

Head Harness Muzzle with Gag and Locking Buckles


Click for Head Harness Muzzle – Gag & Locking Buckles

Prefer without the gag? Then get Padded & Locking Buckles

More Bondage / BDSM gear from Mr S here

Head Harness Muzzle with Gag and Locking Buckles

Head Harness Muzzle with Gag and Locking Buckles

Jimmy USMC in metal head cage and chains

Note: Jimmy also goes by Heavybondage4life, and his link tree is HERE

Jimmy USMC is also featured extensively at both Men In Chains and Serious Male Bondage:

Jimmy USMC in heavy metal bondage

These pictures will look familiar to those who enjoyed the multi-part movie at Men In Chains, called “The Appleville Strain.” Now, Serious Male Bondage is sharing additional pictures and video footage of not only Jimmy USMC, but also Dart Tech, Bind and many others from the feature.

So, if you want to see the bondage but not necessarily follow the “plot,” the newly added videos at Serious Male Bondage are for you. Or maybe you are already a huge fan of the movie and you just can’t get enough.

Either way, you can find the videos at Serious Male Bondage under the title of APPLEVILLE BONDAGE CLIPS.

Jimmy USMC in heavy metal bondage male BDSM

Heavy bed bondage for Jimmy

Jimmy was spread-eagled and gagged on Bind’s bed for a scene in Bind’s movie titled ‘Appleville Strain,’ available at Men in Chains. Jimmy’s bed bondage scene is also featured at Serious Male Bondage in an update called “Odds and Ends.” The movie at Men in Chains involves a woman, but on Serious Male Bondage it’s just Jimmy. Whether he’s with men or women, Jimmy really loves to be tied up! His own website is here.


See much more of Jimmy at Serious Male Bondage, Men In Chains and heavybondage4life!

JimmyUSMC male bondage tattoos