John gets tied up after a workout, exposing his moist, tight crack

At BreederFuckers, sporty John is tied in place. Now this handsome athletic fucker is trapped. Working out has moistened that tight arse crack of his. His muscular limbs struggle against his restraints. His face is bathed in saliva as Dave gobs over his burning angry face. Those track suit bottoms nicely outline the curve of his manly arse and the two mounds of his testicles. The perfect target for Adrian’s flogging. Notice how the stricken lad desperately tries to cover his sore bum cheek while he’s being worked over. Dave lightly brushes his fingers over the sensitive soles of John’s feet, causing him absolute excruciating agony.

John_Breederfuckers_gay_male_bondage_01 John_Breederfuckers_gay_male_bondage_02 John_Breederfuckers_gay_male_bondage_03

His track suit bottoms are torn away, revealing his burning red hairy cheeks. When his body is fully revealed, the smell of his masculine sweat fills the room. John’s tight bumhole is plundered as Adrian slides a saliva-soaked finger up his rectum. Electro shocks are administered down the tender inside of his thighs and over his dick and nut sack. A vibrator is rammed up his hole. Those sensitive soles of his feet are tested further as they are given a sharp caning. John moans in torment, rubbing his feet together desperately like a helpless animal. He will do anything to make this stop. Sweating and crying in pain, his arse is insistently fucked. Dave cums all over his shrivelled pink balls and dick.

John_Breederfuckers_gay_male_bondage_04 John_Breederfuckers_gay_male_bondage_05

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