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Michael DelRay puts step-bro Alex Mecum into bondage

I think both of these guys are so hot! This is from Bound Gods. Step-brothers spend their break in their dad’s shop, but straight stud Michael DelRay punishes Alex Mecum for slacking and jacking off. Tied up in full bondage, Alex gets flogged and takes a deep anal fucking.

Michael DelRay puts step-bro Alex Mecum into bondage

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Michael DelRay punishes Alex Mecum for slacking and jacking off

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Bryce gets a rough medical exam

At BreederFuckers, Bryce is full of fiery anger and spunk. He uses all the strength in his body to fight against his restraints, but he’s trapped in place while Dave is determined to act out his pervy medical fantasy on him. This is a physical unlike any this proud fucker has experienced before. All Bryce’s furious energy is leached out with this grueling unrelenting treatment till he’s left a grunting pleading bastard. Desperate for any relief, Bryce’s cock is manipulated till he’s achingly hard and releases a huge stream of semen. He is left totally drained with spunk slowly drying on his once proud face.

male bondage

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Businessman bondage

At BreederFuckers, businessman Austin is secured in place with his legs akimbo, and there’s nothing he can do to stop the pervy man groping his body over his expensive suit.

metalbond gay bondage

This privileged, well-raised young man is so shocked at his predicament all he can do is flail in desperation at the man’s rough hands grabbing his gonads and peachy arse. That pristine suit is destroyed until he’s in nothing but his tempting white briefs, which barely conceal his cock and arsehole. Dave rams his fingers up his fuckhole widening this straight captive’s virgin arse and he makes Austin sniff the sweet stink of his own bum. Burning with desire for his hot hetero ass, Dave rams his massive dick up Austin’s tight hole and breeds him with absolute rage. He shoots a massive load of spunk all over this city guy’s crack and bumhole while all the restrained is moan in anguish. And that’s how you turn businessmen into dirty fucking whores!

tied up in a business suit

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severe testicle torture

Hairy bastard is tied naked with his legs splayed and his package totally exposed

At BreederFuckers, Alex can’t stop himself from growing excited by this persistent manipulation, but now that his dick is throbbing it’s tied to trap it in place. Dave lashes his balls with a flogger. Alex can feel his jewels being bashed to the point he feels like he’s driven crazy. His arsehole is widened and stretched open till his hairy sphincter is sloppy wet. Notice how as his arsehole is being mechanically fucked his dick vibrates in time. Alex is totally overcome with sensation of being rammed so hard and persistently and he thrashes against his binding when his arse cheeks are caned.

tied and duct tape gagged

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severe testicle torture