Journal to Hell – Part 02

By rts

male bondage storiesLooking around my cell (as much as my posture collar permits), I see several chains hanging down from the ceiling, several eyebolts imbedded in the walls, the floor is dirt, and the air is hot and stifling. I am thirsty. The ball gag is getting unbearable. I’ve been here for a while, maybe 2 hours. I can’t move around much with my collar chained to the wall. I have to piss, and my arms cuffed behind my back are beginning to hurt.

I hear some noises outside my cell, rattling chains and heavy boots stomping along, someone shouting “move it fags” and a few heavy doors slamming and then the sounds of a key unlocking my cell. The door opens and a leather-clad and muzzled prisoner is shoved inside followed by 2 skinheads, one holding the chain locked to the leather man’s posture collar, the other holding what looks like a remote control box.

“Halt Fag” the one holding the box commands, and he immediately stops. The skinhead looks over at me. “Take a good look you sorry faggot, this is your immediate future.”

The prisoner’s leathers are filthy with dirt and have had some heavy wear, his boots are muddy and shackled together with a length of chain as are his gauntleted wrists. There is a metal seed pod chastity device locked over his cock and balls which protrudes from his leather crotch. There is a heavy leather body harness also locked with several “d” ring attachment points, the front strap has a steel cock ring seated behind his seed pod, at the root of his balls, then one of the skinheads turns the prisoner around and I can see the wide leather strap that’s attached to the cock ring passing tightly thru his crotch up behind his butt and buckled to the back of the harness. The word “prisoner” is painted in yellow letters across his back.

There is a metal container mounted to the back of the harness with a small green light showing. The skinhead with the control box presses a button, a red light comes on and the prisoner jumps forward, moans in distress and doubles over. The other skinhead holding the lead chain pulls the prisoner over to the wall opposite to me and locks it to a lower eye bolt, forcing him to kneel and then unlocks and removes the prisoner’s muzzle. The leather man mumbles “thanks boss” as the second skinhead starts to unlock and unbuckle the butt strap, pauses saying “I think I will leave this tight on you tonight as a bit of punishment for your screw ups today, I’ll set the remote to random.”

The prisoner moans and pleads as the skinhead again presses the button on the control box the helpless prisoner screaming.

The skinhead looks at me, saying, “there is an electric metal butt plug mounted on that butt strap and the prisoner is forced to wear it as punishment training whenever he screws up or is disrespectful to us. Usually he would only have to wear it all day while he worked but today he pissed me off so he will spend this night getting random shocks to his balls and up his butt to encourage him to behave better.”

“Please boss no I won’t screw up again,” the leatherman moaned.

The skinhead just laughed, “as a gift to you feel free to suck our new fag’s cock tonight, get him to cum more than once and I might go easy on you next time, feel free to slap him around. We’ve left you enough slack in your chain to reach him!”

Walking over to me ordering me to roll over on my side, he says, “I will take that ball gag off you and get you some water, I won’t be able to remove that hood, I don’t have the key to its lock and besides your posture collar is locked on over it and that I will not remove.”

He unlocks and removes my ball gag. I try to thank him but all I can do with the mask’s rubber tube in my mouth is feebly mumble. He also removes my wallet from my back pocket. “Your ID is ours, and so is your bank account and all own, you will surrender all your PIN numbers tomorrow and cuffs stay on for now Fag.”

I moan and try to shake my head. I am scared shitless when I hear all this.

He continues, “I bet you are holding your piss not wanting to soak your leathers, I’ll help you with that.”

Standing in front of me lifting his leg he places his 20-hole boot against my crotch, pulls back and kicks my balls. The shock and pain makes me lose instant control and the piss flows, soaking my crotch. Laughing, he says, “none of us skinheads are your good buddies, you call us Boss or you suffer.”

Now looking back at the now whimpering leatherman jerking around with each random shock, he says, “hey fag crawl on over and shove your face in this boy’s crotch, I’ve got it nice and moist for you.”

I get a good look at him as he crawls toward me. He looks to be in his early 20s, about my age, good looking, his shaved head is streaked with sweat and dirt and his face grimaces with each shock to his butt and balls. When he reaches me the skinhead forces his head down into my now piss-soaked crotch, the other skinhead boots him in the butt, then both skins leave, one of them says, “I’ll be back with some water for you, fag, and I better find this other fag busy on you cock,” and with that he presses and holds the remote control button as the leatherman screams and kicks in pain.

The leatherman reaches up and attempts to hug me with his shackled hands, the chain joining them pressing into my chest. He says, “I’m Jake, mate, welcome to Hell.” He sobs as another shock jolts him. I try to say my name is Dirk, but my mouth tube garbles the sound. “We are trapped here, there are four others in the other cells, no way are any of us getting free after 30 days that’s bullshit, I’ve been here three weeks and the others longer than that but they don’t let us talk to each other, we are always kept muzzled when together. Each time we get a penalty it adds more time to this bogus sentence. They have taken our identities, our bank accounts, our motorcycles, everything. How the hell can they let us leave, there is 100 miles of desert in any direction, no transport, all we have to wear are our filthy, worn-out leathers. And if it was even possible to make it out, we no longer have any ID or money, who know what criminals they sold our information to, we could be arrested and ironically thrown into an actual jail.

“Wearing leathers 24/7 sure sounds horny hot, but after weeks in this hell hole it’s become a penance,” he says.

He slides back and fumbles with the snaps on my crotch.

“I better start on your cock before the that fucking skinhead comes back with your water, it might be the last chance you have to cum, your cock will be locked in the steel seed pod most likely tomorrow. They will take your leathers and ‘modify’ them, the butt seam will be cut open and a heavy-duty zipper sewn in, then your jacket will be riveted to the waistband of your leather jeans, making them in effect one-piece leathers, then a steel ring will be attached to the jacket zipper slider which will be locked to your posture collar so you can’t open it to cool off and the posture collar will never be removed.

“They will fit you with a leather harness like mine, it is designed to hold a removable metal butt plug for punishment training, a battery pack wired to the harness cock ring and to the butt plug when it is installed. The harness is used to hook us to carts to pull hauling rock and soil. Most of the time we work at digging trenches and pits, 8 hours six days a week on the 7th day all your gear is removed except for the collar, the seed pod is removed for cleaning and we are permitted to shower. A clean pair of wool work socks is issued (the only non-leather item we are allowed to wear.) The skinheads give us a daily clean-out enema. Don’t fuck with them, they can be mean and abusive. Always only call them Boss, never Sir. They are the Enforcers and Police.

“There are 3 ranks below the Top Man, The Cowboys responsible for the meat are 1st, Skinheads are 2nd responsible for all discipline, Leather Fags 3rd (us) all labour. You must always obey without question the cowboys and the skinheads.”

This frightening explanation for my future here has strangely aroused me. My cock is now ready for Jake, and in spite of him still getting random shocks he manages to get to work on it.

To be continued …

male bondage stories

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