Just Go With It – Part 3

By ty dehner

I am awakened to piss flowing down the tube into the gag that fills my mouth. I remember the confinement I am in and have been for what has to be over 2 days now. I feel the weight of the person that filled me with piss climb off me and the bed and in the distance, hear some moaning. Hell, they must have another guy here and are fucking his brains out. The intense shocking starts again and it seems to be at a level higher than before. I scream into the gag over and over as the shocks are fast and furious. As I am shocked the as punching me in my stomach and chest. I have a feeling if my balls were in the steel cage they would take great pleasure in abusing them with their fists!

It all stops and it seems both the cops are laying on the bed on both sides of me.

“Devil dog, we wanted to release you so you could get a bathroom break but we over slept and the train is much too busy to expose you. We will arrive in Chicago later today so we will just let you rest.”

The other cops speaks “One rule to remember, everything that has happened to you on this trip is between us and you. You will never speak of any of this.”

I head the cocking of a weapon in my ears on both sides.

“We will hunt you down, dog, count on that.”

I smell some ether and I pass out.

A strong stock wakes me and I realize that the train is still. I try to sit up and I actually can. I reach out and find I am no longer in the sleep sack but still hooded and gagged. Hands grab my arms and I am moved off the bed and out of the room. They put me in the bathroom.

“Remove the hood, piss and shit. There is a motorcycle helmet there, put it on and bring the hood out with you.”

The cool air on the rubber hood feels great as I take off the heavy leather hood. Not sure if I was to leave the gag in but I do. I am able to work the plug out of my ass to shit, followed by a strong flow of piss. I stand after wiping and look at me in the mirror for the first time seeing me in the heavy biker leathers with the rubber hood. I look totally awesome and feel the spikes in my cock as it grows a bit. Putting the motorcycle helmet on I exit the toilet to find two other leather clad bikers awaiting me. One of them puts a heavy steel collar around my neck with a thick chain attached to it. They shackle my hands behind my back. They take the hood, grab the chain leash and lead me off the train and across a few tracks. We exit the back of the train away from the station.

We get on to the sidewalks and the streets of Chicago. I begin to wonder what others will think of these three leathered bikers walking the streets with one on a chain leash. One of the cops comes up to me.

“IML is a major event in Chicago and people are used to seeing guys in leather and bondage. You can just relax dog. We’ll be at the hotel soon.”

I admit I am glad to be walking after spending several days in tight restrictive bondage. It is very warm in Chicago and the humidity is high so I am sweating in the helmet. Thankfully they are rushing and pulling on the collar that forceful. As we walk I do see a guy or two in leather chaps, or harness. There is a couple in complete rubber walking hand and hand going into a Starbucks. One guy is wearing a leather CHP uniform with another wearing Nasty Pig singlet and boots. Guess I don’t stand out that much being lead behind these cops. The collar starts to feel heavy on my neck but they don’t care and we continue onto the hotel.

Once arriving they wrap the chain around a railing as they go to the check in and get a room key. The place is amazing as it is filled with men in leather and gear. There is touching, kissing and more going on as the men make their way through the lobby and to other areas of the hotel. As guys pass by a couple touch me or pat my ass, or even grab my crotch. One does and he squeezes hard feeling the cage. He gives me a hug smile and wink. Stopping he starts to stroke my crotch and gets very close, licking the face of my helmet. He doesn’t get too busy before the cops return and gently push him away. They wag their finger at him, grab the chain and take me away to the elevators.

Off the elevator and down the hall we come to the room they have a key for and we enter. They lead me to a very small closet and have me sit in it and slam the door shut. It is dark and very stuffy with the warmth and humidity.

A long while passes when they return and let me out. It is dark outside and the curtains are drawn. They are back in their SWAT uniforms and order me to remove everything I am wearing.

“Get totally naked, get in the shower and clean yourself. Brush your teeth and shave.”

I start removing the gear and it comes off slowly, especially the rubber hood and suit. The sweat and piss stink as I remove it. I am able to pull out the plug that has been up my ass for days. I got to the cage on my cock and balls and realize it is locked. I look at the cops. I can tell they are smiling under their masks. One points to the shower and I realize I am not getting out of it. I go and shower.

The hot water feels amazing on my skin and it is an awesome shower with a couple of shower heads blasting the water at me. The soap smell nice and feels good as I cleanse the old piss and sweat from my body. Before I got in the shower I shaved my face and head, brushed my teeth and taste that minty fresh. I probably take longer than they expected but I really wanted to enjoy the water flowing on my body. I start to think about them coming into my home with their weapons, the awesome complete SWAT gear. I start getting hard in the cage thinking that I don’t know these guys and I am now in Chicago! I start to feel the soap on my caged cock, as the spikes dig in and I know I better stop. I turn the knob and get the cold water flowing and shocks me out of my state.

After drying myself I look in the mirror and my naked self with my cock and balls locked in a cage. I better get back to the cops or they will get pissed and I have no desire to feel their wrath.

Entering the room, they are both in the SWAT gear and one is holding the heavy iron collar and immediately locks it back on me, followed by the thick wrists shackles. I am handed a pair of black cop utility boots, quickly lacing them up. One of the cops puts small locks in the top lace holes and closes it. That is followed by the thick ankle shackles. The shackle has heavyweight chain attached to the collar. Next a thick leather harness is put on me, followed by nasty biting tit clamps. I am handed a pair of leather fist mitts that I put on and they lock. They take me to the bed and push me face down on it and shove in a butt plug dog tail that they have me wiggle after they are done. A pecker gag is shoved in my mouth and the strap locked on the back of my head. This is followed by a rubber dog hood with eye and nose holes. Finally, a 4-inch leather collar with chrome studs on it is locked on and I am lead to the small closet in the room. They push me in and have me sit which means sitting on the plug and I feel it push in further.

“Rest now devil dog, we’ll be leaving in a few hours.”

The door is shut and I am left in the darkness, alone, to listen to my breathing through the hood. As I begin to sweat in the stuffy closet I wonder what is going to happen next. What gear is going on next and are they going to remove this biting tit clamps that are making my tits numb.

I must have nodded off but the door opened and light spilled in blinding me for a bit. The closet space was so stuffy I was dripping with sweat. One of the cops attached a thick chain to the collar with a pad lock and pulled me to my feet. The other came to me and put a rubber blindfold removing my sight. With a tug, we were headed out the room. Wait, I was fucking naked with my cock and balls expose and a tail in my ass. I stopped in my tracks. This was answered with a slap to the ass with their gloved hands and a sharper tug. Shit, I had never been out in public exposed like this. I couldn’t see where we were going and the cooler air of the hallways struck me and make me realize I was going to be a show piece. The room door slammed and they led me down the hall. We paused as I heard the sounds of the elevator. As we waited they stroked me with their gloves hand, squeezing and padding me.

The elevator arrived and the door opened. The voices inside stopped for a moment and I could hear a couple of whispers. They were talking about me. This naked, harnessed dog. A bare hand rubbed up my back and over my hooded head.

“Can he speak?” asked someone.

I couldn’t but the tug on the collar made me bark into the gag. There was comments that people were appreciated of my barking. One asked if he could breed his dog with me. The cops shut that down quickly with a firm negative.

We must have arrived at the lobby as I could hear lots of voices and music, the clinking of glassware and the smell of leather, sweat and man. They walk me around the lobby, exposing me to everyone. I can only imagine what they think of this dog and what I’m missing out. I smell cigar smoke, rubber clothing and more. At times, they pause and I hear them speaking with others. Then we are off again. I am touched, pinched and patted by bare hands, leather gloves, and tagged with a crop or a flogger.

After what must be an hour, I feel that I’m lead away from the crowd and into a quiet space. A pair of gloved hands push me against the wall and to my knees. The chain leash is dropped and hangs from the collar. I feel the hands working at the blindfold and it is removed.

Taking a moment to focus I am stunned to see the man in front of me. It is my ex that moved away. He is smiling at me and gently says, “Woof, devil dog.” He stands before me in a full leather cop uniform with breeches, Dehners and bullwhip strapped to his side.

His hand strokes my hooded head and I want to speak but can’t with the gag locked in. I bark and he laughs. My emotions are in turmoil as I am so happy to see him. I never stopped loving him, but just never thought we were going to be together. I am also pissed as he left me and went on adventures without me! He I reach up with my mitted fists and give him a hug the best that I can.

He gently pushes me away, taking my chin in his leather gloved hand.

“I’m glad to see you too dog. We’re going to spend the weekend here at IML together. You are mine and you will serve me this weekend. When Monday comes, I will decide, yes I will decide if you will return home and be free or that collar remains locked for the rest of your dog life.”

He bends down and kissed my hooded head.

“I hope my friends treated you well on your journey. It must have been amazing dog!”

He looks me over.

“You look amazing dog, just the way I’ve always wanted you. Now let’s take a walk I have lots to explain to you dog.

He takes a hold of the leash, having me stand and takes a few steps towards the lobby. Looking back, he smiles, “Bark for me devil dog.”

I do.

“Yes, it is so right.”

The End

Metal would like to thank the author, ty dehner, for this story!

8 thoughts on “Just Go With It – Part 3”

  1. Another great story of Ty Dehner.

    But this time I want to know during IML and if he gets a permanent collar…

    Your story’s are just soooo good!


  2. This is a great story and a good first three chapters. Honestly, it seems like there is much more story to continue.

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