Just Go With It – Part 2

By ty dehner

After we had arrived at the Amtrak station and parked the single rider had left his bike and came to me, reminding me to do as I was told. He tapped his weapon on my helmet and nodded. I agreed and nodded back. The other uncuffed my hands and we both dismounted the bike. They stood on both sides of me and each grabbed my elbow with their gloved hands. We started walking towards the train that was in the station.

Were they going to put me on a train, in full gear like this. What will people think of a biker or a group of bikers on the train?! I can’t go on a long trip as I have work and commitments. But I don’t think these guys care. I hesitate a bit and one moves his hand to my neck and squeezes. I realize that even if I did run I was locked in all this gear and couldn’t even make a noise to anyone. And fuck my cock was pressing against the little spikes in the cock cage.

We approach the back of the train and one of the conductors meets us. One of the cops gives him an envelope and we climb into the train. There is no one else on the train but us. They lead me down the aisle and into another car that has the rooms. After a couple of doors, I am pushed in a room. The room is very small but there is a bunk and on the white sheets is a leather sleep sack. I look at them through their helmeted heads and shake my head no, trying to stay something through the gag. They firmly grab me and move me closer to the bed. I can’t go in that, I can’t go anywhere. I don’t know these guys I don’t know where we’re going.

They both slug me in the stomach and pull their weapons to remind me of their power as cops. I realize I have no choice. I climb up into the sleep sack and the proceed to work my arms down the internal sleeves. Then they work the top layer over me and it is very tight as they zip it up. Next, they lace the rope over the top pulling even tighter. This was followed by many locks which they happily show me as they put them on the sack. I really can’t move now. They take some chain and attach it to the sack and the edges of the bunk. Coming to me they remove the helmet and the leather hood that was on me. The gag is pulled out and replaced with an inflatable gag that has a tube on it. Then they pull out the full padded isolation hood that is scary and I shake my head no but know it won’t do any good. They slide it on my rubber covered head and work the tube through the grommet hole. The hood is strapped on and locked then chains restrain my head in place.

I am helpless on the Amtrak train encased in leather and rubber with I don’t know how many locks keeping me on it. I can’t see or hear and won’t be speaking in a while. Then I hear one of their voices.

“Devil dog, relax! You aren’t going to be released for a while. You are headed to IML in Chicago. It is at least 2 days and Amtrak is not known for being on time so who the fuck knows when you’ll be released. We’ve been told we can have some fun with you during the trip to keep ourselves entertained. You on the other hand might not like what we want to do, but who the fuck cares.”

With that, things are silent and I barely hear them leave the room.

I focus my breathing on the tube that is my only outlet. I really don’t struggle much as I know I am not going to get out. I always laugh at those XTube videos where the captive struggles in their bondage. Don’t they fucking know they aren’t going to get out. I think most of the time they do it just to make the video look better. I wouldn’t make a good video right now as no one would know I am wearing a full layer of rubber, then motorcycle race leathers over that. All they would see is the leather sleep sack that holds me. They don’t even know who I am as my head is incased in rubber and leather. Hell, my feet are in boots inside this sleep sack!

It has been a long while and things have been very quiet in the room. I know I am against the window but the drapes were pulled when we entered. Suddenly I am shaken by a huge movement of the bed and I realize the train is starting out. The movement is slow at first but over time there is a slight rocking to the bed as the train reaches speed. Soon we will be traveling across the country and I will be unable to see or experience any of it. I wonder what others would think if they knew I was trapped in this room. I find myself relaxing since there isn’t anything I can do. Soon the rhythm of the rails puts me to sleep.

I awake and try sitting up when I realize my situation. I’m locked in this hood and sleep sack on a train bound to Chicago. I stop my breathing just long enough to see if I hear if the cops have returned to the room. I then heard a yelp after a slap. It is hard to make out but I think they are roughing up a dude in the room. Through the hood, I hear the someone ask about the leathered object chained to the bed. The cops tell him to ignore it. It is just an object. There is a shock of electricity that strikes my cock and balls, as well as my ass. I arch my back and scream into the gag making them laugh. Those metal devices that fill my hole and cage my privates must be electrified. There is another shock and I scream again but know they hear very little.

“Here try it” I hear one of the cops say as he must hand the guy the control. He sends the shocks to me in several burst. I realize I am getting hard in the cage as I feel the spikes even more. These guys are sadistic shocking my cock while the spikes dig in. As the guest continues to shock me and make me buck around the bed a liquid starts to fill the tube in the gag. I’ve tasted this before, piss. I haven’t a clue as to who’s piss it is but I have no choice to take it in as I the sharp stings of electro assault me. The piss flows for a while and I choke a bit on it, having only my tongue to stop the flow. I shake my head to let them know it is too much but am punched in the stomach to keep me quiet. That makes me choke more and struggle a bit.

Finally, the piss slows down and I am able to catch up and eventually finish it off. Since I can only breath through the hose it is a challenge. Then the piss flows again as the shocks have ended. I try to moan to let them know that it is too much but it just continues and I receive another punch in the stomach. Followed by another punch and another. This is intense and makes swallowing very difficult. I am sweating like crazy and try to focus on getting the piss down. I can’t move to get away from them and they know it. After a few more slugs to me, the piss ends and I catch my breath and take in the free air.

The room is silent as I calm down after being their urinal and punching bag. I begin to settle down with the rhythm of the rails. That is when I notice some heavy breathing that also keeps the rhythm. There is some moaning that I can hear through the heavy hood and I figure out that the cops are fucking their guest. It is not a short fuck and cum scene either. They seem to go on forever. Of course, I have no concept of time. I don’t know how far we’ve traveled. I wonder where we are, have we passed through the mountains, is it night or day? How many are on the train. What would my ex think of this experience right now? I think he would like to do this to me. He would have looked fucking hot in that SWAT gear.

My straying thoughts are brought back to reality when I creamy substance was being dropped into the tube. They were feeding me cum. Who’s I don’t know and it was not just a little bit. For all I know it came from all 3 of them. Not sure I’m too crazy about what they just fed me but not much choice in it and they are in control of me. Just then they shock me again and again. It has to be top level as I scream into gag begging for release. But they just do it over and over and I struggle against the leather and locks that restrain me. Then the hose is blocked and I can’t breathe. I scream and scream but they don’t stop the shocks or the blocking of my breathing. It is getting to intense I can’t breathe, my lungs are gasping for air….

I wake and find my breathing free. I must have passed out after the intense torture they put me through. I feel a gentle hand stroking my chest and notice a bit of weight on the side. I hear a voice in my ear through the hood.

“Devil dog you awake?

I nod my hooded head that I was.

“Good. In a moment, we’re going to release you as you need to stretch, relieve yourself and be fed. It is very late at night and everyone is asleep so we can get you to the toilet without much notice. Remember we are in charge and you can’t escape. Just think about what is going to happen in Chicago.”

With that he gives my cheek a light tap and begins to release the locks and chains. Slowly he works the zipper of the sleep sack and helps me release my arms from the inner sleeves. They are very stiff and he rubs one of them, the other cop joins in and rubs my other arm. After they open the zipper on my motorcycle leathers to release my cock and balls. Another rolls me on my side and pulls out the plug. Slowly they turn me on the bed helping me sit up. I feel my booted feet dangle off the edge of the bed but my cock and balls are hanging out. One grabs my right hand and leads me off the bed and onto my feet. I thought the hood was going to come off, but they left it and slowly led me out of the room and to the toilet. I can only imagine what one would think seeing this leather hooded guy in motorcycle leathers being led down the aisle of the train car.

We both enter the toilet which is a tight fit for both of us. His gloved hand taps my caged cock and I release with a flow of piss that I’ve been holding for a long time. After I am done he turns me and has be sit on the toilet.

“I’ll be back in a little while dog.”

The door is closed and I reach up to my hooded head and feel around for a way to get it off. But I find a collar that is around my neck and it has a lock on it. I can’t see anything, barely hear and can only breath through the tube. I don’t fight it and take the time to be out of the bondage to rest and continue my shit. When I am done, I stumble around to find the toilet paper roll and find it. Wiping myself isn’t easy and I hope I do a good job. I sit down and rest a bit. For a short moment, I think of making a break for it, but I wouldn’t even know where to go if I got out of this little room. I can’t see a fucking thing and didn’t see where I was going when we boarded. I hear the door open and one of the cops enters. He pats me on the head and orders me to stand and turn away from him. I do so and he pushed down on my neck to expose my ass. He slides the plug back into my ass, as it goes in a bit easier this time. He zips up the rubber and leather layers and then leads me back to the room.

Once back in the room they push my cock and balls back into the suits and zip them up. I am fed some wonderful ice cold water through the hose, followed by a strawberry milk shake. The drinks feel good going down. After they have me do several exercises to work my body and fucking make me sweat more in the gear that I’m in. Some of them are very difficult while in this heavy gear, especially the running in place with the MX boots. They keep pushing me to exercise with virtually no breaks between and I am breathing like crazy and feel the sweat running down my encased head. They even add to the stress at times and use the electro while I am working out.

Thankfully the exercise ends and as I’m am catching my breath they immediately put me back into the leather sleep sack. They zip it up tighten the straps and chains and lock me down. I am patted by both on my head. There is silence after and I fall asleep swaying in bed as the train makes it way to the Windy city.


To be continued …

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  1. I’ve often wondered what it would be like to be bound in a train. Nice descriptions.

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