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Letting Go

By Nitro

Normally I’m a dom in the playroom — but sometimes I just need my hands off the wheel and to let go, and luckily I have some good outlets for that. I let him know that I just need a few hours heavily restrained and not in control, but I really have no idea what he has planned, but it never disappoints.

Before I head over I let him know that I was locking my cock up under my clothes and that I would have my remote vibrating plug sealed in nicely and ready for him to enjoy. So I drove over after work and kept getting delayed because of rain. If you’ve never driven in Atlanta in the rain…. It’s an adventure straight out of Mad Max Fury Road but without the hot gear…. Well I guess there is some gear. I get over to his place and the garage door is already open and waiting on me so I head on in, and the house is super quiet. He must already be downstairs plotting and waiting for the meat to arrive. As I descend the stairs into the playroom I can already smell the faint cigar that lingers in the space and my dick tries to throb in the cage it’s been so tightly packed in for a few hours.

Getting to the bottom of the stairs I see him finishing moving some equipment around already dressed in just a jock and boots as he adjusts the chains on the floating table that I assume is going to be my resting spot for the day. Walking up to him to give him a big kiss I can immediately smell his masculine musk from the gym and my dick burps out some more precum into my shorts. FUCK I’m so god damn horny already. Then he reaches up and grazes both my nipples in unison and I am sent to the fucking MOON.

“Don’t worry meat – I know you haven’t let go in a while – I will take very good care of you – just go get comfortable,” he said in a low comforting tone.

“Thanks Boss – I’ll do my best.” I said with eyes down before I walked to the next room to strip down and neatly fold my clothes.

While folding up my shorts I feel the BUZZ in my tight hole so I know he just connected to the bluetooth plug and again I am sent into outer space with need. FUCK it’s been a while but he always knows exactly how to push my buttons just right. He walks up behind me and puts his strong arms around me simultaneously squeezing me and rubbing my hard wired nipples again. I slowly start melting back into his strong arms feeling so comfortable.

“Let’s go have some fun, meat,” he says, guiding me back into the playroom and towards the floating table where the sleepsack is open and waiting. I climb up on the table and lay back in the open sack lining up my arms into the sleeves as I do so. My cock immediately throbs again in the cage and I groan.

“Don’t worry — by the time I am done you will be quite immobile and vulnerable.” He says as he starts running his hands slowly down my body making me groan. He reaches down and slowly sensually starts pulling the zipper closed pulling the leather tight around my entire body.

Jitro Letting Go cigar jockstrap muscle

“Fuck that feels good Boss,” I say as my dick throbs under the leather in its cage. He picks up a length of rope and starts lacing it through the eyelets of the sack and slowly pulling it tighter and tighter. Once he gets all the way up to my neck he goes back to the feet and starts pulling everything tighter again. When I think he can’t possibly pull it any tighter he starts back at the feet again and one more time starts tightening it, but this time pulling me up off the table as he does so — fuck he’s strong! This time when he gets up to the neck he knots off the rope so it can’t loosen back. He leans over the table to cinch off the rope and places his pits over my face as he does so and I can’t resist the urge to sniff and lick while it is there. Goddamn he smells so fucking good — he must have hit the gym right before I came over.

“There ya go meat — get in there while you can — you won’t be able to much longer,” he says as I keep worshiping hits pits and wishing I could reach up and feel his muscled arms and shoulders.

He steps away and picks something up that I can’t quite see yet, but when he comes back I see that they are wireless earbuds that he lines up in my ears before he pulls off a piece of duct tape from a roll nearby.


“Don’t want these coming out before I’m ready now do I?” He tapes over the earbuds sealing them in place — before he picks up an S10 gasmask and starts lowering it over my face. FUCK the eyes are blacked out in this one. He gets it seated properly and zips the back down and lays my head back on a comfy pillow. At least he wants me to be comfortable right? Wait… that means I’m going to be here a long time. I already told him I had the rest of the day open. Without missing a beat I hear the white noise start up in the earbuds and immediately the rest of the world fades away.

I can feel him running his hands along the sleepsack and then BUZZ the plug starts up on some pattern he started up to slowly tease my prostate and hole. FUCK its already starting to take me on a ride this is going to be a long fucking day for sure. I can feel my cock throbbing in the cage. I feel something lay across my chest, abdomen, and thighs then nothing. He must have stepped back to admire his work.


The plug vibrates away as I just get lost in the space then I slowly feel the belts tighten. FUCK how can it get tighter? First he pulls the one across my chest tight, then the one around my abdomen. He waits until I let a deep exhale then he cinches that one even tighter. Next comes the one over my thighs pulling me tighter down into the padded table. I start testing the bonds and fuck I can’t move in any direction.

I start to groan under the mask and then suddenly I smell poppers — then they are gone again — he has added a pump. Again another hit — then nothing. I’m floating in space.

Suddenly the white noise changes and I hear a slow calm voice start up in the earbuds under the mask.

“In this file I am going to fuck your mind. Afterwards you will be in a dazed and mindfucked state for the rest of the day. Take a deep breath in and let it out. Focus on my voice and let’s begin.” FUCK he has started one of his hypno recordings.

I feel his hands running down the leather I am encased in and I am absolutely a leaking mess under there. The vibration of the plug is driving me up the damn wall — fuck I hope he saw where I sat the keys to that cage.

*pump* Another big hit of poppers but this time I smell the faint smell of cigar smoke too. This stud is enjoying an Asylum I just know it. He blows smoke over the gasmask hose faintly and letting me get just a hint, I greedily inhale as deep as I can. His hands find my nipples under the leather and he starts rubbing them making me groan like a whore in heat, then his hands land over my cage and he starts teasing it through the leather.

Nitro male bdsm leather sleepsack

Suddenly nothing — his hands leave my body — and I’ll bet he has gone over to the chair in the corner to sit back and enjoy the show for a while. I slowly start pulling against the straps as much as I can, but I know I can’t go anywhere. I just keep clenching my hole around the plug that is buzzing away and driving me mad. I am left floating in the leather cinched tightly down into the table with precum leaking down my legs. The file in my head is still playing and this voice is slowly pulling me down a hole and making me crave everything being tighter, more out of control, darker, and each time my dick throbs more in the cage. Slowly pulling me further and further down and making me ache to give up more control.

After what seems like forever I finally feel him open the zipper over my cock and pulls my cage thru the gap in the sleepsack. Slowly running his fingers around my cock in the cage, teasing it through the gaps in the cage and I am MELTING into the table. I smell more poppers and get another big hit of cigar smoke and I groan in the mask. He knows exactly what he is doing and that I am putty in his hands. His fingers tease my tight ballsack and running along the sensitive head of my cock poking at the end of the cage. My hole is still buzzing from that pattern and my head is melted away from the hypno file.

This goes on for what seems like an eternity — alternating between poppers and cigar smoke while I groan into the mask begging for attention on my throbbing cock. Finally I feel the lock jiggle and he pulls the cage off and I can finally get fully hard. I can FEEL the precum coating my entire cock and I am a drooling mess. He slowly strokes my cock and feels like he has put on rubber gloves, they are sliding over my cock with ease and I am a fucking MESS now. My cock is at full mast from the attention and I so badly want to cum already, but I’m sure that is a long way off.

I can smell his pits again and I am lavishing in the scent — he must have the hose under his arm while he keeps stroking my cock, and I never want to leave this space. His masterful hand is slowly working my cock and teasing from the base to the head making me groan under the S10 gasmask. I feel a bunch of lube at the head of my cock followed immediately by something cold and hard. FUCK he got the sounds! He slowly inserts a steel rod down my cock and it sinks in to the base now hitting my prostate from the back side and I am FLYING. He slowly strokes my cock in sync with the sound sliding in and out of my meat over and over again. On the last out stroke he pulls the rod out but immediately replaces it with a larger one and repeats this – slowly it sinks down to the base of my cock and I can feel my cock throbbing around the metal rod as it strokes in and out jerking me off from the inside.

I get another big hit of poppers followed by a deep breath of cigar smoke — I just wish I could have his ash too! He keeps stroking my cock and working the sound and it is driving me up the wall (or into the table I suppose). He once again replaces the sound but this time with one that has some sort of ridges on it and I feel each and every one as they slowly climb inside my cock. One by one I feel the hundreds of ridges slowly work their way deeper inside me and back out, it feels like a million fingers tickling the inside of my dick and at this point I’m going to shoot any fucking minute.

This time he gets the sound down to the base and leaves it there while he starts feeding me cigar smoke again and rubbing my nipples through the sleepsack. FUCK if he just gave a few more strokes I would have shot my load.

“PLEASE SIR!” I plea desperately under the mask, but only get another hit of poppers instead.

He keeps this going over and over again before finally slowly pulling the sound back out and sliding it back in deep driving me crazy. This time he starts stroking my cock with his gloved hand again and I can feel myself crawling quickly back to the finish line. He keeps stroking and working that sound and driving me mad. I am begging desperately into the mask to cum and just as I get right to the edge he slides the sound out and strokes me in earnest and makes me blow my load TO THE FUCKING MOON.

“FUUUUCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKK” I scream into the mask as he keeps stroking me until all the cum has drained from my balls, then in one motion he swallows my cock to the base and swallows what is left of the load.

God damn — why don’t I do this more often?

Metal would like to thank Nitro for this story and pictures!

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  1. Nitro…..Fuck’n hot story. Not easy to find someone to take over when you need to let go. Boss obviously knows what he’s doing.

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