Matt on Display – Part 3

By Steellock

Jess looked around the big barn dungeon. All around there were scenes of bondage and BDSM. Men indulging in ‘leather sex’ of all kinds.

On one side a guy was strapped to a wheel being tortured by electrical shocks, applied to pads placed on the muscles of his legs and arms, he had ring contacts on his cock and a pair of polar clamps passing current through his tits.

Other guys were being flogged and whipped on a pair of St. Andrews crosses. Scenes in all directions.

In the middle of the wide space there were two matching leather covered tables. On one a heavily built black haired man in black boots was locked into a steel ankle and wrist bar. His head, wrapped with a black leather gag, was writhing from side to side.

On the other a similar man but red haired and in red boots and a red leather gag was in a tight, tough hog tie. He was looking up into the eyes of his black haired twin brother and Jess could see that under his gag he was grinning. A leather Master stood and watched his Boys, waiting to see which would crack and submit first. The first to call halt would be put into the other bondage for the same time again – a real incentive to tough it out. The other would be rewarded, though they did not know how….

Next to them he could see his lover Matt. Suspended over the pair of writhing brothers was a musclebound hunk. His perfect, to Jess, body was framed by a network of straps and leather belts that supported him. His head wrapped in a heavy leather Sci Fi hood, one known by his many admirers and his signature that made him the ‘Man in the Hood’! Under this thick leather hood with its straps and blindfold pads was another thin rubber hood with nose pipes to help ensure breathing, they went up his nose and down into the back of his throat giving a clear passageway, this was so key because matched to it was a full, mouth filling gag. His arms were strapped to his sides and his hands secured into leather mitts that were strapped to the side of his legs. Then Jess noticed his boots. They were waggling to and fro; this was their private signal to ask for help. Something was wrong. Jess picked up his microphone and activated it. The link to the buds in Matts ears activated.


Matt heard the click as the earbud speakers come active. Thank fuck for that, Jess had seen his signal. During the massive spanking he had just endured he had been breathing so hard and shaking so much that the pipes in his nose had shifted and torn the lining of his nose. He could feel blood dripping down and running down the inside of the rubber hood. He hated to ask for help but this was serious. Also, it fucking hurt! Real pain, not the sexual driving agony that was radiating from his sore butt!


Jess spoke clearly into the mike ‘Do you need help?’ he asked. The toes of the boots tapped together once.

One for yes, two for no. Their code.

“Can you breathe OK?” Tap. OK so what was wrong? Was it to do with the spanking scene that the Master has just finished?

‘The spanking? Too much?” Tap tap. OK, that’s a relief. It had been so hard that Jess was worried for Matt. So something else.

“Your hoods?” Tap. OK, Jess thought hard and fast.

“You need out?” Tap

“Problem with your gag?” Tap tap.

“Problem with your nose pipes?” tap.

“Right now urgent?” Tap tap “or a few minutes time?” Tap.

“OK, on it!”

Jess walked over to the Master, sorry to break into his focused attention on the Bondage Boys.

“Sir, there is a problem with Matt, something wrong with his inner hood and he’s asking for help. I would like to get him down and check it out.” The Master switched his focus to Jess and immediately nodded. “Let’s get him down and into the back room so you can sort it fast.” He gave a loud shout “HALT.” Around him the other leather-clad Masters stopped what they were doing and looked over. “I need your help to carry our hooded boy through to the back room quickly,” he called, and the guys came over. He set them up as a row in pairs, linking their arms over their partners shoulders. The Master then picked up the winch remote and pressed the down button. As Matt dropped the masters took the weight onto their shoulders.


Matt suddenly felt his boots contact on something and then realised he was being lowered; he could feel leather on the skin of his legs and back. Then he realised he was being carried – just like a coffin at a funeral, on the shoulders of 8 guys. Relief flooded through him.


The Master led them through a door into another room in which there was a bed. The guys carefully transferred their burden onto this and then stood back.

Jess thanked them and said he would be OK and would report asap. They moved back into the main dungeon and the Master followed, closing the door. Jess pulled the keys from his pack and started by removing the padlock from the neck of the leather hood then released the straps. After loosening the lacing he worked it free of Matt’s head. Underneath was the tight thin rubber hood, the mouth showing the red rubber of the built-in gag and red pipes diving into each nostril. Jess quickly ran the zip up the back of the hood and turned it inside out over the front of Matts face. The gag came out and Jess could see a little blood dripping from Matt’s nostrils.

“Thank you, lover.” said Matt and he looked into Jess’ eyes. “Take them out very slowly please, I can feel that I am bleeding.”

Jess pulled gently, and the red nose pipes started to come free. “Ahhhh fuck that hurts” said Matt through gritted teeth. Then they came free and a little more blood came with them. Jess mopped it up with a tissue and looked into Matt’s eyes. “What happened?” Matt told him about the way the pipes had wrenched at the lining of his nostrils where they had become stuck, as he had been struggling during the spanking session.

“What now? You going to be OK to continue?’ asked Jess. Matt explored his body, he was a little stiff from the bondage and just moving a bit was helping a lot. He was also feeling the way his butt was sending pain signals after the spanking!

“Give it a few minutes for the bleeding to stop. Perhaps a drink and a pee. Then we should get me back in there but without the rubber hood!” he answered.

Jess went for a bottle of water and another of a thick protein shake. As Matt was still strapped with full mitts on Jess fed him with the drinks. Then he got a funnel and a large bottle and held them under Matt’s Chastity locked cock. With a sigh of relief Matt let himself go and the pee flowed. Lots of pee. He had been ready for that!

“This will make a great donation to the urinal” joked Jess and went through into the main dungeon holding the warm, full bottle. On the far side was a shiny black and yellow figure. There was a leather board at a 45-degree angle. Roped to it was a well-filled rubber sleepsack, its lacing, yellow cord, pulled tight to show a large, muscly guy. It was black with yellow stripes that highlighted the guys body and PISS was written across the forehead of the integral hood, also in yellow. A yellow funnel gag as strapped firmly to his head and the hose went to a gag that was firmly in place. The zip was open at the crotch and the guy’s cock was standing very straight out between the yellow lacing, hard enough for the veins to stand out! From the end was the pipe of a catheter which led into a collection bucket.

Jess checked with the urinal’s Master and then steadily poured the warm donation into the funnel. The urinal had to gulp the flow down quickly and moaned. Jess thought it was with pleasure. Hopefully! Never mind.


The Urinal jerked awake as another surge of warm piss squirted into the back of his mouth. He gulped and swallowed quickly keeping pace with the flow. He remembered earlier in the day, pulling up at the house on his bike. The Master had instructed him to arrive early so he could be set up and ready to service the first arrivals. He had enjoyed the ride in his black leathers and his 20-hole black boots and their yellow laces. He was proud of his kink and had his name – Urinal – across the back of his jacket. He had brought his own kit and carried it into the barn in a leather stuff sack and called out to the brothers, Red and Blackie. They took him over to one side of the dungeon where a padded bondage board had been set up. He slipped out of his thick leather jacket and bent to unlace his boots. Meanwhile Red had been delving into the stuff sack and pulled out a rubber sleepsack and a hood.

Soon the Urinal was stripped and ready to climb in. The Boys were enjoying the view of the tall, broad-shouldered guy grinning at them. Urinal was very excited, it was not often he got the chance to serve such a good group of guys! The Boys pulled the thick rubber hood over his head. It was a Studio Gum isolation hood with 5mm thick black rubber, zipping closed down the back and with just nose holes and a large mouth opening. Urinal had felt himself being moved over to the angled board where his sack was ready. He climbed in getting his feet into the bottom of the bag. The brothers the pulled the rubber up and helped him feed his arms into the sleeves. Then they pulled the main zip up all the way to the neck and pulled the neck tight around the base of the hood. Red then pulled up the secondary zips so they could open up the crotch while his brother started to lace it tight. He pulled the yellow cord through the top two D rings and worked his way down.

Urinal felt a shiver down his spine as he felt the cord being pulled through the rings – it is a unique sound / sensation. Blackie laced all the way down and then started to get it nice and tight! The custom sack had wide shoulders and he pulled it good and tight round the mountain of a chest, the muscles in Urinals arms were shown well by the tight rubber. The sack shape angled in to highlight a narrow waist and back out over bulky thighs. His name – Urinal – was written down each arm in his beloved yellow. Then he felt the vibration again and realised that Blackie was roping the sides of the sack to the bondage board. He wriggled and found that the sack was tight, the rubber pulling and stretching and gripping him firmly. He relaxed and felt his mind open to accept whatever came next.

Meanwhile Red had opened the middle of the sack and Urinal felt his cock being pulled out; it was already hard, and this handling made him even harder. He loved the feeling that he was no longer in charge! Red was an expert at the next step and Urinal felt a catheter being fed down his hard cock. The whole experience was exciting him and he had to hold back from complicating things by cuming!

The last step was his piss gag. Urinal heard one of the Boys call ‘Open up!’ and felt the 3in long penis gag being pushed into his mouth. He loved this thing and felt it push down his tongue and fill his mouth.

He moaned at them and was rewarded by a warm stream squirting down his throat. The day had started!


On returning to Matt, Jess gave him as good a massage as he could with the straps of the harness in the way. He popped the ear buds back in and then pulled the Sci Fi hood back on, laced it up and tightened the many straps. Finally, he tightened the collar and slipped the padlock back through the hasp. “Keep it quiet, remember the client hates to hear much from the subs and slaves.” Jess whispered.


OK, thought Matt. Back on duty. He felt the guys lift him back up and he was carried back through into the big dungeon. He realised, suddenly and with surprise that he was actually seeing it! Jess had left off the blindfold. It was an amazing sight and he now understood the very small amount he had heard. As the winch whirled and he rose back he was spinning a bit, so he saw the whole place; multiple BDSM scenes going on around him and two big tough guys in challenging bondage in front of where he settled.


Jess and the Master inspected their exhibit, Master ran his hands over the red and purple butt feeling the strong muscles with ridges of bruising across them. He grinned knowing he would be back for another go soon! “He earned the reward of seeing the fun,” he said to Jess. “Nose OK? Is he ready for more fun?” Jess confirmed that Matt was happy to continue and the Master chuckled and picked up his paddle.

Sitting on his pedestal Blackie was gritting his teeth as his back spasmed again. The bent over position that the ankle/wrist bondage bar forced was tough on a big guy. He looked into his brother’s eyes in front of him and saw that Red was still grinning at him. His hogtie was not stressing him nearly as much. The brothers had used a hog tie on each other nearly every night in their youth and were very used to the position, even such a tight one that the Master had managed with Red earlier. Blackie looked at the curve of Red’s back and though that it would feel great to stretch back out after this torture!

He called ‘red’ indicating that he was admitting defeat in the challenge. He was never going to win this one and had held out long enough for his pride not to be too dented. The Master waved Jess over to release the struggling man. At the same time, he released the padlocks holding Red into his position. Red groaned as he rolled off the bench and stood up. He received a sharp smack on the butt from his Master. “Quiet boy!” he said. Blackie stood and stretched his back then looked at the Master who pointed at the vacant Hog Tie table. He climbed on, lay on his front and was quickly placed into the tight, restrictive position that Red had been suffering. “You gave in too soon” the Master said. “I’m doubling the time. That should stretch your back nicely!” Blackie’s eyes went wide but he managed to keep silence.

The Master led Red and Jess over to the complex bondage frame that he had borrowed from Jim. “Your reward – an hour on here with all the toys running!” Red was stunned. He had seen it running at the store. The twin fuck machines pumping into the ass and mouth, the tit clamps being pulled and tugged, the ball stretcher pulling and shocking the balls, the cock sucking pump extracting load after load from Matt who had been the demo boy at the time. His grin widened, and he climbed up onto the frame, resting his belly on the padded support and putting his face into the headrest. Jess quickly tightened the straps holding Red’s wrists, biceps, thighs and ankles to their padded rests. He pulled the wide waist belt over and hauled that tight too. There was a neck clamp that he swung into place and locked and a strap that ran over Red’s head holding him firmly in place. He stepped back and looked at the display with excitement.

Red made a great picture. His tough body restrained completely onto the frame and ready for anything the Master wanted! Jess was gathering an audience as he worked his way through all of the tools attached and the Master felt his cock leap hard again, partly with expectation.

Jess released the padlocks and zips on Red’s rubber shorts. His cock and balls fell free and it was obvious that Red had been enjoying his day so far! Jess clamped a steel stretcher round the ball sack and hooked the steel cable onto the loops on the side. The Master was holding the remote and activated this first toy and the cable came taut. Jess picked up the tit clamps on their cables and slipped them onto Red’s nipples causing him to flinch and take a sharp breath. Jess adjusted the power of the clamps to make sure that they stayed on as the Master activated that cable too. Red wriggled even more but kept quiet.

“Good, you are learning,” said the Master.

Jess moved to his next task – he slipped the suction cylinder over Red’s engorged and hard cock, attaching it with a waist strap. The Master grinned as he tried this one out and settled it into a slow rhythm.

Next Jess unlocked the back zip on the rubber shorts and slowly pulled it down. He lubed his finger and began to loosen Red’s ass getting it ready for the next toy. He personally called this Vlad the Impaler! He swung Vlad into place and saw that the Master had already fixed on a large, long, ribbed butt plug. Covering this in lube he pushed Vlad forward on the mounting and gently inserted it into Red’s ass. He slowly worked the mechanism and checked that it stayed in for the full cycle and finally added more lube.

This gave the Master another toy to play with, and Vlad began to move. Every muscle in Red’s body was now standing out as his brain was starting to overload on the wonderful sensations.

Next Jess went to Reds head and moved the second Impaler up feeding the softer dildo into Red’s mouth. The Master activated that one and Red felt the long, ribbed dong pumping in and out of his mouth. He could see everything on the small monitor that showed the feed from a series of small cameras.

This was everything he had seen before at the shop and he shuddered at the thought that he was going to have this cascade of feelings for an hour! How many times would he ‘cum’ he wondered? He knew it would not stop the Master when he did!

The Master turned off the cameras and called Jess over. He pointed him at a large packing case that stood to one side. On opening it Jess found two spanking machines, ready set up with heavy, wide wooden paddles and clamps to attach the unit to the frame! He lifted one out and moved over to the throbbing frame. He could see where it fitted and slipped it in place. The thick, wide paddle stood up directly in line with Red’s left buttock! He attached the second unit, so it was targeted at the right buttock.


Matt thought ‘Holy Fuck’ as he saw the new additional ‘extras’ being clamped onto the frame and chuckled to himself. Red was about to get the shock of his life! He could see the tough guy wriggling with pleasure as he felt the combined effects of the pump, the sensations coming from twin Vlad Impalers and the shocks and tugs that he was getting into his tits and balls. It was obvious that he thought this was his reward…

Matt saw the evil grin on the Master’s face as he flipped the control and the paddling machines pulled back.


Red’s mind exploded. His left butt had taken a firm, hard smack. Then his right buttock felt the same hard impact. At the same time he felt Vlad speed up and his prostate flooded him with pleasure. The Estim on his tits went up a gear and it felt like they were being pierced. Then the impacts repeated. He was overwhelmed by the contrast of the pleasure coming from all directions in his body and the pain flooding from his bubble butt!

He spasmed all over and a huge load shot from his cock. But nothing stopped. The cameras came on again on his monitor and he could see the new additions to the frame pulling back and then triggering forwards. As he saw them hit his butt he felt the nerves flood him again and he saw stars before his eyes.

An hour of this?

As the session drew to a close the men lowered Matt back into his box and Jess secured it for the trip back to the shop. Matt felt his butt throbbing like never before…

Matt was thinking that Jim would want to demo the new ‘extras’ to the frame soon and was not sure he was looking forward to it.

Blackie and Red stood side by side in their cages. Red was sobbing gently from relief that his reward had ended.

The Master was rubbing his hands together at the success of his latest Bondage party!

The Urinal was taking a lot of flow as the guys had a last-minute piss before taking to the road!

Steellock 2020

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