Metalbond A to Z: Yossie’s Handcuff Collection

Yossie has literally hundreds of pairs of handcuffs, all meticulously cataloged, cross-referenced and described online:

Pictured above, from the top: American-Munitions Handcuffs, Fetters Chatlet Handcuffs, Hiatt 7082 Blue Transport Box, Russian New Handcuffs. These are just a few of Yossie’s massive collection. He’s also got leg cuffs, thumb cuffs, collars and padlocks.

You can see Yossie’s entire collection by clicking here. Also check him out at Serious Male Bondage.

I have been fortunate enough to have met Yossie in person. In fact, the picture in the banner at the very top of this website is of me, locked up in metal wrist manacles inside Yossie’s jail cell, photographed by Mark of Serious Male Bondage.

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