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Metalbond A to Z: Yossie’s Handcuff Collection

Yossie has literally hundreds of pairs of handcuffs, all meticulously cataloged, cross-referenced and described online:

Pictured above, from the top: American-Munitions Handcuffs, Fetters Chatlet Handcuffs, Hiatt 7082 Blue Transport Box, Russian New Handcuffs. These are just a few of Yossie’s massive collection. He’s also got leg cuffs, thumb cuffs, collars and padlocks.

You can see Yossie’s entire collection by clicking here. Also check him out at Serious Male Bondage.

I have been fortunate enough to have met Yossie in person. In fact, the picture in the banner at the very top of this website is of me, locked up in metal wrist manacles inside Yossie’s jail cell, photographed by Mark of Serious Male Bondage.

Metalbond A to Z: the letter X

I was stuck for a while on what to do with the letter X, until I realized it was staring me right in the face — The St. Andrews Cross!

Do you guys know how the St. Andrews Cross got its name? As it turns out, there really was a Saint Andrew, and when he was sent to be crucified (before electric chairs and lethal injections were invented) he requested the X-shaped cross. Because he felt he was not worthy to be crucified on a cross-shaped cross like Jesus. That’s apparently what he said. I learned this from the nuns when I was in Catholic school. Another explanation is that he was a kinky fucker. If he were alive today perhaps Saint Andrew would be starring in gay bondage porn, like the guys below:

Images above are from Titan, Men On Edge, Bound Gods, Roped Studs and various other sites. The painting is “Crucifixion of St. Andrew,” by the 16th century Spanish painter Juan Correa de Vivar.

Metalbond A to Z: Vintage male bondage

For the letter V, let’s go with VINTAGE male bondage. It’s hard to believe anything ever happened before the internet, and before Tumblr, but back in the day there was LOTS of hot male bondage out there, in print and on video and even in the movies.


Some of those pictured above include: Rob Cryston, a famous photograph by Robert Mapplethorpe, Kristofer Weston (when he was Steve Landess), the work of Larry Townsend, the work of James Bond, an image from the Mr S catalog, artwork by Cavelo, and much more.

Many of the images above are from the Vintage male bondage site.