Metalbond (hate) mail

Seems that not everyone who visits this site is completely satisfied. Here are some recent emails, followed by my responses.

“I have a love/hate affair with this ver 4 of your site. It does look nicer, however it takes three times as long for a page to load!”

Metal responds: I’ve had a few hiccups with things recently, but the site should be loading much faster now. If you continue to have problems, let me know.


“[Your site re-design] is a fresh cut at the stuff you offer, but you make the advertising level stuff the highest priority and the real reader content level material second level priority.”

Metal responds: Hmmmm, I do try to strike a good balance of content here. Have you noticed there are nearly 400 stories by 80 different authors? And I make no apologies for having ads on this site, or for posting sponsored porn content. Hosting and development costs money (more than just a “few hundred dollars”), not to mention the amount of time I put into the whole endeavor, which is substantial. Plus, I personally LOVE great bondage porn, and I am going to do all I can to publicize all the latest offerings.


“Would love to see some professional English writer assistance on the site. Chat is what we do, and your fiction could really use some English help.” (This comment was accompanied by a “minimum-security” $20 contribution to my PayPal button.)

Metal responds: The funny thing is, I work as an editor for my day job. So I really have no excuse. You are absolutely correct that I need to do a better job of copy editing the stories. And thanks very much for the monetary contribution, which is very helpful, and very much appreciated : )


But not all prisoners are disgruntled. I also received this message, via a very hot-looking, 20-something stud on Recon:

“I wanted to let you know I’m a huge fan. I love your profile, and your website truly is amazing. Thanks for sharing your interests with us to such degree. It helped me grow beyond belief, and it gives young guys a positive outlook instead of thinking of it as a constant taboo. Keep up the great work.”

Metal responds: Thanks! It’s messages like yours that tell me I must be doing something right!


One thought on “Metalbond (hate) mail”

  1. Don’t worry about a few complaints, Metal. You’ve got a great site that a lot of us look forward to exploring when we have a chance. It’s normal for people to complain more than they compliment, so here’s one kudo to you.

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