Milking Day – Part 1

By Cutieboy90

Cutieboy90 gay bondage storiesI had one goal. Just one. Over and over again I repeated that one rule, just the one; no matter what, I was not to cum within the next minute. And when that minue was over, then set the goal again for the next minute, and so on and so forth, until my boyfriend wished it.

I was on all fours, naked save for the blindfold tied over my eyes, the ropes keeping me in place, and the steel chastity cage that had been locked on my junk for the past three weeks. Now, this really wasn’t anything unusual, as my boyfriend Mark and I are bondage addicts, and while we’re both switches, I tend to be more submissive. Chastity, of course, brings out my submissive side, making it easier for both of us. Today was my milking day, and I was just so fucking ready for it.

My body was shivering with anticipation and horniness. Mark had said he had a surprise for me, and had left me here blindfolded, what seemed to be hours ago. Whatever surprise he had in store, no doubt it had something to do with my milking, or with bondage, or something fun for one of us. My mind would go crazy with all the wild ideas I could think of, each one making my dick strain in the cage, and my full aching balls churn. I’d shoot my three-week load if I didn’t mindfully tell myself not to.

At long last, I heard Mark’s footsteps approaching. I heard him put something down, and finally the warm touch of his hand caressing my back. I shivered again, revelling in his touch, a lustful whimper escaping my lips. He kissed my forehead, and then his hands travelled down my body. I bit my lip as he tickled my nuts, and fingered my hole with a well-lubed finger.

“Fuck…” I gasped. “You’re gonna make me shoot if you keep teasing like that”

He chuckled. “Well you can cum if you want to, but you’ll ruin the surprise I got for you.. As always, you know the deal: Be a good boy and endure your milking like a man, or shoot it all now, suffer through the hours of milking, and that cage stays on for another month.” As he spoke, he’d added a few more fingers in my butt, stretching me more.

Mark was right. Our deal was just that. When one of us was in chastity, we started with a two-week lock up. At the end of the two weeks, there would be a long, drawn out prostate milking while in bondage. If we got through that without an orgasm, the keyholder would allow an orgasm, and then the roles would be reversed for the next two weeks. However, if the sub orgasmed too soon, a week would be added to the chastity period, so there would be three weeks until the next milking day, then four, and so on until the sub was able to control himself.

I was panting now, as Mark began to ease up on my hole. The man certainly knew which buttons to push, and as soon as I got through this milking I was going to get to do all of this to him too. I was looking forward to keeping his big, beautiful cock under lock and key, teasing him mercilessly for a few w– OH MY GOD!!

“FUCK..!” There was something fucking enormous pushing against my asshole! I tried to focus on breathing, and relaxing as much as I could, in addition to not cumming. This thing was definitely the largest toy I’d ever taken, and Mark was not taking his time with it. “Fuck.. F- fuck… The fuck. Is. This? FUCK!” I was huffing through gritted teeth. Mark said nothing, as he pushed the titanic metallic toy up my butt. Knowing him, he was probably enjoying it, the fucker.

Just as I was beginning to consider using our safeword, I felt his firm, reassuring hand on the small of my back. That touch always calmed me down, reminding me to arch my back, and relax. No sooner had his hand rested on my back, did that massive toy bottom out, suddenly narrowing to maybe an inch. Clearly a butt plug, even if it was the largest I’d ever imagine going in me. I’d have bet everything it was going to be in me for a while. “Fuucckkkkkk…” It was so big, I was concerned it would squeeze my load out if I moved. Now that it was in, its enormous size and weight were evident. I knew I was leaking through the chastity cage.

“Good boy,” that fucker whispered in my ear. “You took that without losing anything, even your pride.”

“Fuck you,” I huffed. “This thing is going in your ass as soon as I get out of these ropes.”

He ruffled my hair. “Mm hmm, I like you fiery like this..” We enjoyed this kind of dirty talk and role play. I imagined his dick was harder than ever right now. “And thanks, you just reminded me that I’m not going to keep you like this. No, because I know you can escape from rope..”

I held my breath, focussing all my energy, diverting my attentions from my throbbing, churning balls. Mark was untying the ropes holding my wrists to the table, but he retied them loosely behind my back. “Lay down.” He commanded, as he helped me lay down on my front. This wasn’t a good sign, as the toy shifted slightly, crushing against my prostate. In my lusty, needy, desperate haze, I didn’t notice the ropes being replaced with metal cuffs until it was too late.

“Fuck this,” I protested. “A challenge is one thing, but this is sabotage!” I could tell by feel, he had put Clejuso #13 cuffs on my wrists. They were thick, heavy, and we only used them for very long scenes.

“Awww.. We used to call this ‘training’” He said with a patronizing tone, “next time you’ll know what to expect.” I felt cool metal snake around my waist, and with a metallic click, my wrists were locked to a belly chain. My heart sank, as I knew what was coming next.

The big brother of the Clejuso 13’s on my wrists, the Clejuso #15’s were ratcheted onto my ankles. Yes, my ankles are small enough to fit in most standard handcuffs, and they too were locked to the belly chain, drawing me into a hogtie. Maybe two or three inches separated my wrists and ankles now, and my back was now forced into a tight arch. The bowling ball sized metal plug in my butt now felt even larger..

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. FUCK! I was really screwed. It was a miracle I hadn’t creamed myself already, but that wasn’t going to last long. Mark petted my face, and removed the blindfold in one swift, smooth motion. “Surprise!” Mark’s handsome face, smirked down at me. He had that glint in his eyes, that glint of certain victory. I glared up at him, letting loose with a barrage of obscenities until I ran out of breath.

I lay in my hogtie, horny as hell, and out of breath, as Mark knelt down next to me, a condescendingly careful smile on his lips. He groped my arms, back, and butt, and nibbled on my ear. He kissed my lips for a moment, and then pulled away and looked at me for a good minute before finally speaking.

“You haven’t seen anything yet, babe. It’s up to you, you’ll either hate tonight, or you’ll love it. The choice is entirely up to you.” He smiled oh so beautifully, with his perfect teeth, and soft lips. It was the same sweet smile that won me over on our first date years ago, and still did. Such a pretty, warm, radiant, disarming smile it was.

It quickly faded as he continued: “But I tire of your limited vocabulary. Chastity’s supposed to make you more submissive, affectionate, and obedient. So…” He pulled out a big ballgag. The very big, 2 ¼” blue one, in fact, and before I could say another “Fuck you,” he’d strapped the big blue ball gag in my mouth, locking the buckle. I glared back at him defiantly, snarling as I felt my slobber start to trickle down my chin. He just looked at me with his gorgeous smiling face.

“Oh, and before I forget, this is the best part!” Mark reached over, out of my site, and pulled up a box. It looked like a radio, or dvd player of some sort, and there were wires running out of it. Whatever it was, Mark looked like a kid on Christmas morning with pure, unbridled joy, as he pushed a couple buttons, and turned so I could watch him turn one of the dials.

There was a gentle, but unmistakable buzz that tickled through my ass. The stimulation grew as he slowly turned the dial on the box. I moaned indignantly, bucking as much as my hogcuffed body could, drool frothing from the corners of my ballgagged mouth. “Mmphhgggggg!”

Mark played with the dial a bit, edging me with electric pulses to the plug in my butt, building it up, and backing down when he knew I was close. That damn sexy fucker I was lucky enough to call my boyfriend really knew how to read me, and boy did he enjoy edging me like this. He watched me, with a wondrous, childlike happy smile, his tongue practically hanging out, and he had a major hard-on in his shorts. It was hard to tell if that big spot on the front of his basketball shorts was precum, or the drool running running off his tongue as he watched me buck and struggle on the table in front of him.

I, of course was also drooling on myself. Big ballgags have that effect, especially when they’re locked in your mouth for periods of time.. And I knew my dick was leaking pre, trapped as it was, and with that huge plug buzzing on my prostate. I couldn’t guess which of my heads was leaking more.. All I did know was that I was so fucking horny.

The clock showed we’d been at this for just over an hour. My ass was ready for a break, and Mark was finally starting to look like he was ready for one too. He turned the dials all the way down, and stood up, stretching luxuriously with a big yawn. “All this work is making me thirsty…” He winked at me, and went to get himself a Gatorade. When he returned, he sat his ass down on the couch, with the powerbox on the floor next to him. He caressed my face with his socked, size 12 feet, pinching my nose with his toes… He’d been to the gym earlier, I could tell. I could sniff his sweaty socks, jocks, and undershirts all day. I moaned and drooled into his foot, as he pushed my face into it with the other foot resting on the back of my neck. I glanced over, as he took a sip of his Gatorade. Our eyes locked, his with that cocky superior alpha gleam that made me want to drop to my knees. He smirked as he reached down, and turned the dial. My desperate moan was muffled by the gag and his socked foot, and I felt the slick puddle of pre under my hips get a bit more slippery.

The electric current was lower than before, but strong enough I couldn’t ignore it, though perhaps that was just the size of the plug transmitting said electro. I shut my eyes, and as the sound of the TV sports channel reached my ears, the echoes of my one and only goal for the next minute started repeating in my mind.

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