Montana – Part 06

By ty dehner

Jason’s lasso flies across the stall landing on my horns, tightening as he tugs on the rope with his gloved hands. It was weird I was a bull and he was roping me! While certainly like a human I was incased in heavy black leather with a bull head and horns on my head. I couldn’t speak and was grunting like a bull as I struggled some with the rope around my horns. I look at them and they didn’t seem to concern that eventually I was going to do as they wanted. The suit was warm, and parts were sticking to me as it was lined in leather. He started to pull me closer to him and I could do nothing but move. He led me out of the stall across the barn, my hooved hands clopping on the wood floor. As I walked I could feel the weight of my cock and balls swaying under me. I was taken outside where there was a animal trailer. He pulled me up the ramp and into the dirty stall on the right side of the trailer. He took a chain that was attached to the trailer and locked it to the ring in my nose.

Removing the lasso, he slapped my ass and left after slamming the door shut. Soon I could hear a horse being loaded into the other side. I couldn’t move much so decided to sit down. The chain was short but allowed me to at least sit. It was getting warm in the trailer and the leather suit was like a sauna, creating more sweat. Soon the trailer started to jerk, and we were on our way to what I would think was the rodeo grounds.

As we drove, I was thinking in my head that I was a fucking leather bull. I had limited vision in this hood but here I was riding in an animal trailer after being roped by Jason!

It was a long ride but at least I wasn’t walking on my hands and knees! We finally parked and soon the horse was being removed from the trailer. Then the door opened on my stall and I was led out after removing the chain and a small lead was attached to the nose ring. There was a small grand stand with lots of pens and I was lead to one and locked in. I looked around and there were a few cowboys at the fence checking me out.

Soon Austin came to the pen and came in. He looked fucking hot as he was in full rodeo gear with brown tooled leather chaps and a brown leather rider vest with lots of patches. He patted me on my head.

“Bull, we’re going to get started in a few minutes. The first event is roping and you’ll be the one these cowboys are roping. When you are released from the pen you better run like a bat out of hell. I fucking mean it, if I see you wimping out you will suffer at my hands in front of all these guys.”

He grabbed my head and pulled me to his face staring me right in the eyes.

“I am bursting the cup that I have on under my jeans, bull. Just the idea of you sweating and suffering in all that leather thrills me. I want you to know you can piss all you want as your bull dick is open and I hope you do as I want to see you piss like a fucking animal. I only wish you weren’t leaving tomorrow as I would like to keep you like this long term. But we need to put on a show for these cowboys! After we’re done with roping, you will be ridden, and I do expect you to toss off these guys!”

He rubs my head and body just like a pet.

“OK, I’m going. You be a good bull, and do as you know you are suppose to do. You are making me look damn good!”

He slaps my ass and leaves the stall.

Soon a gate at the front of the stall opens and I figure I am supposed to go forward. It leads to down a fenced passage that is almost like a maze. Another gate opens, and I turn to follow it. I finally end up at the end of a very small pen as the gate shuts behind me.

I am a little out of breath with all the walking on my hands and knees. I don’t move that quickly, but I try hard to make Austin happy. Plus, I don’t want to know what he will do to me if I disappoint him. I hear more gates opening and shutting and soon beside me is a horse with a cowboy on it. I hear the horse huff and at times bang on the fence. I catch a glimpse of the cowboy’s boots with spurs on them.

Without warning there is a ringing bell, the gate opens before me and my ass his shocked with high voltage. I jump out of the pen and head straight across the dirt field. I am moving as fast as I can, running in the dirt on my hands and knees. As I scurry across the field I turn to my right to see the cowboy on his horse quickly approaching. Just as turn to look forward, suddenly I am yanked back by my horns and go flying over on my back. In seconds the cowboy is off his steed and roping my hands and feet together. He finishes raising his hands in the air and I hear some applause. As I remain roped I look as see two dozen cowboys in the stands.

As I catch my breath sweat is pouring off my head. The horse is pulling back, and I’m dragged a short distance across the dirt. Soon the cowboy releases me and points me to an opening in the fence. It leads to a larger pen with a water trough. I work my way over and I soon figure out that I have a small straw in the bull head and able to get some water in me.

There wasn’t much shade and it was getting oppressive in this heavy leather. Looking down I could see my hoof prints in the dirt. I smelt leather and dirt as I took in the air temperature water. The gate opened before me and I followed it. Soon I was taking the same maze and back at the starting gate. I was surprised that my ass was shocked, but it got me going. Now I know why that metal plug was shoved in my ass.

Another cowboy entered the stall next to me and soon that damn bell was ringing, and my ass was on fire. I ran out of that stall as fast as I could and saw the cowboy approaching. I felt something move over my horns, but I wasn’t yanked back. That is when I heard the crowd moan. I stopped and looked back to see that the cowboy had missed.

Not sure why, but I felt proud that he missed. Fuck, I was feeling like a bull and liked that I had won this round. I gave the cowboy a snort and cocked my head as I wandered with a swagger to the gate and back to the water. Taking a long drink, it wasn’t long before I was back in the starting stall. As I made my way through the maze, sweat was pour over my head and filling the lower parts of the leather in this bull suit. It was sort of gross, but made me feel even more like an animal.

There were about seven cowboys that took their turns roping me. 3 missed me, but by the last guys I was losing strength. As I was heading to the gate the last time I realized I had to piss something awful. So, I just stood in the field and let it go. I was an animal for sure, pissing outdoors in this heavy leather suit. No one knew who I was other than Austin. As I finished I looked at the stands and that is when I spotted Ty. I turned and looked at him and as he was talking to one of the cowboy he stopped, looking my way.

Damn I wouldn’t have through of him doing stuff like this. I wasn’t sure if he knew it was me in this suit. He stood up and walked down the stands stopping when he was next to Austin and patted him on the back. They laughed and then both looked at me. Fuck, I could feel it in my sweaty bones, he knew it was me. The cowboy came up behind me, roping my horns and lead me back into the stalls.

I was allowed to rest a while as the cowboys had some lunch. At times that sun just pounded me, and the leather was warm against my skin. I pissed again and ended up walking in it a few times making mud that spotted the leather bull suit. In my down time I tried to find the end of the zipper with my hands, but with them in the wood hooves there really wasn’t anything I could do. I never did know if the suit was locked on. It really didn’t need to be, as I was pretty helpless in.

Conner entered the pen and worked a bull riders rope around my torso. He pressed the plug in deep while tugging on the rope to make sure it was secure. As he left, Austin came in.

“Getting you ready for my sport, bull. This is bull riding and 5 of us will be riding you. You’ve been making me proud. So, you know, no one ever got misses in the roping, you were the first one!”

There were others that have gone through this?! That must have been their sweat that I was stewing in when I first put the suit on.

“As you know your job is to buck us off in less than 8 seconds. You’re going to do your best aren’t you, bull?”

His gloved hand stroked my head and I nodded and grunted in affirmative.

“Good! Think about his, if the bull wins it gets fucked by the cowboys. Of course, if you lose you get fucked also.”

He laughs as he leaves the pen and looks back at me.

Soon the gate opens and I’m on a different maze. The end is a tight stall with the gate on my right side. Soon a cowboy is climbing in and straddling me as he puts his hand on the rope gripping it. He sits and as the gate opens my cock and balls along with my ass are fried with electro. I buck just like a bull and jump out into the field. The cowboy spurs my legs through the heavy leather. I work hard to get him off, but his weight is more than I can handle. I feel my weighted balls jumping around and it is painful. In seconds the horn sounds and the cowboy gives me one last painful spurring as he lets go and climbs off.

I fall into the dirt as I hear the crowd cheer the cowboy. Catching my breath, I know I’m supposed to head to the gate. Slowly I do and get me some water before the gate opens rather quickly. I returned to the stall and another cowboy was soon on me. The gate opened, and the electro shocked me over and over this time for the entire 8 seconds. But still I couldn’t get the rider off. After he jumped off the leather of the suit was damp with my sweat and it was getting humid inside at times hard to move and breath.

The other three rode me and each time the electro was furious and my balls were aching in the heavy sack they were locked in. The bull riders won each of their rides as I couldn’t get them off me. After the last ride the gate didn’t open. Isiah came to me and put a lead on my nose ring and brought me to the middle of the field. Before me was 5 bull riders in their full gear. A wooden fuck bench was brought out to the field and soon I was strapped on. The locked the lead on my nose ring to the wooden bench then strapped down my legs, body and then my arms. I was breathing heavy in the hood when through brought out a pail of piss and dropped a small hose in it and attached it to my drinking hose. I shook my head no and they shocked my ass and ball to show who was in charge. I wasn’t looking forward this part of it. I struggled some after I was strapped in and they laughed.

The tail plug was removed, and I could feel their rough gloves pulling open the leather of the bull suit.

“Drink up!” one yelled and I started taking in the piss. A moment later the cowboy behind me shoved his cowboy cock into my tight ass.

“Oh fuck boys, this bull is tight! It’s going to be a good ride!”

It was Austin that entered me!

“Ride him Austin!”, one of the cowboys yelled.

And ride me he did. He started slowly and worked his way in and soon was pistoning the ass of his leather bull. As he did I could see the chaps, Wranglers, boots, spurs and riding vests before me. They came closer and started to stroke my leathered encased body reminding me that I was an animal. My weighted balls started swinging and it was a bit painful.

I continued to down the piss as they would slap me when I stopped. They were moving around and that is when I saw Ty. He came up to the pail and added his piss, leaving his hard cock before my eyes. He was slowly stroking it and was I getting hard in the steel that trapped my bull cock. There were so many sensations as Austin was slowly opening my hole, drinking cowboy piss and there was Ty stroking his tool with his gloved hand.

Ty stopped as my balls were shocked, and I moaned in the muzzle that was locked on me. I wanted to reach my cock and stroke it but I was well secured, my hands deep in hooves. I watched as Ty stepped aside and a couple of the cowboys had their cocks out and stroking. I struggled feeling the straps that kept me on this bench that kept me bound for Austin to use my ass.

Austin grabbed his bull and slammed his cock deeply in holding still then working in and out. He was enjoying his bull and I believe I felt his cock get harder and harder as he continued using my ass. He leaned over me and got near my ear.

“I wanted this to last much longer bull, but damn if you don’t have me so turned on.”

With that he pushed in as deep as he could and shot his cowboy juice into this bull. I tried to shoot my load as the electro increased some as Austin was climaxing but I just couldn’t get there with the metal of the cage that held it. Those cowboys ended up shooting their load on me. Austin held still for a moment as the rest of cowboys cheered him on. Collapsing on my back him near my ear he whispered.

“Love you bull, fucking made me really happy.”

The heat in the suit was getting overwhelming and I had been used to exhaustion. Slowly and tenderly Austin pulled out as I laid on the fuck bench lifeless. He rubbed my back. Tenderly he rubbed the cowboy cum on my head as he put his cock back in his Wranglers. The rest of the cowboys turned and walked away, some with their arms around another or holding hands. Austin slowly released me, taking his time to release the straps. Then he took the pail of piss, dumping it on me after telling me was going to cool me down. Now the leather was soaked in the inside with my sweat and the outside with cowboy piss.

As the last of the cowboy left the stand I saw Ty turn and look back at Austin and me. Austin took me off the fuck bench, his gloved hand taking the lead on my nose ring and slowly leading me away from the stand. Ty smiled and turned, exiting the stand.

As we walk, I realize that we are on Austin’s ranch as the stands are just a short distance from the barn that I had been suited up in.

Taken to a small room in the barn Austin had me lay down and rest. The room was cool, and it felt good. There was a bowl of water that I could drink, as Austin unzipped the zipper some but told me to rest before removing the suit. With that he left the room and shut the door behind him. I laid there for a moment before getting to the water. The cool air that was coming through the open part of suit felt nice. I was exhausted and didn’t move, eventually falling sleep as a bull.


To be continued …


Metal would like to thank the author, ty dehner, for this story — which originally appeared on the Ropedweb site many years ago. As a special treat to Metalbond readers, ty has written brand new chapters of this story! Thanks ty!

The entire story is copyright © 1999/2018 by ty dehner. Posted here with permission of the author.


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  1. Fucking hot story! Would like to be sealed in that suit and ridden by those hot cowboys! Can’t wait for the next chapter!

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