Not a good idea

Here’s an example of an accident waiting to happen:

gay bondage


When the candles burn down just a little farther, those METAL HOLDERS are going to get so HOT that they will cause BURNS on the bound dude’s skin.

If you are going to do something like this, use candles without those metal holders, and also cut the metal wick holder out of the bottom of the candle so THAT does not heat up and cause a nasty burn.

Also avoid expensive beeswax candles, which burn at a much higher temperature. And try not to burn the house down while you are at it.

Now you know (in case you didn’t already).


One thought on “Not a good idea”

  1. I see pics of shit like this almost every day, and I’m glad you’ve taken it upon yourself to school people…

    It always amazes me, after 20+ years in kink, the stuff dudes do that’s messed up. Stuff that even people you’d think would and should know better do. Amateur mistakes that can make a cool session not very cool at all, or even, in a worst case scenario, a disaster.

    You don’t have to have permanent marks from a session, and shouldn’t walk away with them (unless that’s what you agreed on), and you shouldn’t have varying degrees of nerve damage from a bondage session, either. Strangely, it’s not uncommon, and people put up with it, even going to lengths to defend the AMATEUR “top” that didn’t know what the fuck he was doing. Well, it ain’t rocket science.

    Maybe a uncommon common sense bondage primer series is called for, with pictorial examples of good play, and dumb play. God knows there’s plenty of pics floating around on the net of both to pick from !

    Once again, good job MetalBond !

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