Objectified – Part 02

By darthvader

The gimp has been inside his padded cell covered in rubber for a week now. From time to time I allowed the gimp some time out of the cell in order for the gimp to stay in good shape. I would then have the gimp do some exercise, which was considerably becoming more difficult as the amount of piss and waste in the gimp’s suit grew.

At the end of the week the day had come on which the gimp would have to be let out of the suit and cleaned and shaved. I also knew I would have to put him into another kind of bondage for a while to let his skin dry a little. After taking off the mask of the suit and making sure that the collar went around the gimp’s neck, attaching it to the chain hanging from the ceiling I told the gimp to clean himself and the suit thoroughly. I knew this would probably take a while allowing me to go upstairs and take care of some other things. I returned to the gimp after an hour.

“Good gimp – you have cleaned up all the mess you have made and are ready to be transferred. You know that I always take good care of my gimp – don’t you?”

“Yes, master. And I do thank you for it.”

“You see – I have made an investment buying you all these piercings and the entire equipment here. I think it is about time that you also start making me some money. But we will come to this later. For today I will give you some time out of restrictive bondage.” I handed the gimp his sneakers, the jogging pants and a shirt. I put some ankle restraints on the gimp and connected them with a chain. I also placed a new pair diapers on the gimp. Further I added wrist restraints and connected all of the restraints with chains to the locking collar. I attached a small chain to the gimp’s septum piercing and led the gimp upstairs into the living room.

“I am having guests tonight and I want the house to be clean. I want you to clean the floors while I watch TV. If you do a good job I might even have you join the party tonight.”

“Thank you master. I am so happy that you are giving me such freedom.”

I really enjoyed looking at the gimp chained up in his sportswear trying to clean the floor with a piece of cloth. I didn’t put a mask on him because I wanted to see all the gimp’s piercings which really turned me on.

“Come on over here, gimp.” The gimp did as he was told and kneeled down before me. “You know I am having guests tonight that don’t know anything about the presence of a gimp in the house. I think you might make a good surprise for them. They will probably be interested in borrowing you for a while. But that is not going to happen now. You will first of all have to be trained a little bit more.”

I put a straitjacket on the gimp but didn’t fold the arms yet. Then I placed the gimp in a heavy canvas sleepsack, pulling each buckle as tight as possible. I dragged the gimp over to the glass table which I had constructed to serve as a gimp display. Under the sliding glass top is a coffin like box that is about 2m long and 40cm wide, so that the gimp in his sleepsack would fit right in. Before placing the gimp inside I placed a gag in the gimp’s mouth, pushed the earplugs back in and strapped a canvas hood with a couple of breathing holes over the gimp’s head.

“You will be part of our dinner tonight but you probably won’t know what we talk about, as you won’t be able to see or hear us. But we will be able to see you inside your gimp box. Enjoy!”

About two hours later my friends arrived. I had put a piece of tablecloth over the table so that they wouldn’t notice anything. We had a beautiful dinner and it really turned me on knowing that the gimp would be having a miserable time struggling in his sleepsack while we were drinking an having fun. After about 5 hours, when the friends were about to go, I told them that I had a new gimp that they would be able to use after some training.

“Wow that sounds great! When do you think the gimp’s ready?”

“Well – he is not ready yet. I have only been training him for two weeks now, but I think he will be ready for anything in 6 months. Yet you get to have a first look at the gimp. He had been present the whole time.”

I removed the tablecloth and my friends were able to see the gimp inside his box. He seemed to be asleep as he was not moving.

“Looks great – but he is not doing anything.”

“Well for now I just wanted you to have a first glance – when you come next time I will probably be able to present the gimp – for today that’s all you get.”

After the guests had left I thought about freeing the gimp to clean up the mess in the kitchen but I was just too lazy to take the gimp out of his bondage. The gimp was snoring a little and I felt comfotable leaving him in his box for the night.

On the next morning I opened the gimp’s hood, took out the earplugs and the gag to have a little chat with the gimp.

“I see you have been enjoying your time in the sleepsack so this was obviously not very restrictive for you. I will now take you out and let you clean the kitchen and yourself afterwards. Then I am going to introduce you to your new daytime job.”

After the gimp had done all the chores I lead him downstairs into another room I had previously not presented to the gimp. This room was filled with professional diving equipment. I handed the gimp a neoprene wetsuit which he had to put on. On top of that went a professional hot water neoprene suit. Then I collared and hatted the gimp with a kirby morgan professional diving helmet. Of course the gimp also received a professional diving harness which came with two heavy containers on his back.

“Well you remember that I was going to put you to work. I have a flourishing professional diving service and will use you as my tool. My customers appreciate that I am super fast because my divers already come dressed up and ready to the diving sites. We work 24/7 and I always need to have a diver ready for action stored at the house. Until now I only had one other gimp diver. But I had to release him from time to time so my service wasn’t so perfect on the night shifts. Now that I have two I will put you on the 12-hour dayshift and let the other gimp do the night shift which will put less pressure on him. Did you get me?”

The gimp answered something that was hard to understand as the heavy duty diving helmet practically sealed him off quite well from the environment.

“Well gimp – you are all ready to go. Your 12-hour shift is starting now. For your standby time I will put you inside this underground water filled vault. When you are needed you will be pulled out of the water with this rope attached to your harness. Then you will be put into the back of my van in a special custom made transport box and transferred to whatever diving site we have to go to. At the moment we basically dive in non hazmat environments but you will also be diving in sewage reactors frequently – with a different diving setup though.”

I winched up the gimp, opened the under-floor vault – a water filled basin – and lowered the gimp inside. Then I closed the lid on the vault again carefully guiding the umbilical (water and air hose) through a whole specifically designed for that purpose.

I felt great about having my personal diving slave all ready to go at any time, patiently waiting in the dark for something to happen. I also felt great about seeing the second gimp more frequently. Up to now that gimp had been spending all of his days and nights in the underground vault. That produced a big mess as all his excrements had to be filtered out of the water. I would tell the second gimp later. For now I left him in his basin. Another 24 hours for him wouldn’t do him any harm, I thought.

To be continued …


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  1. Just became a rubber gimp to my MASTER, but nothing this extreme happening with me…yet! As for the story, I was really enjoying it until the gimp got locked under water for long term storage….now my anxiety is taking over

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