Oh, What a Weekend

By Rubrpig

Jason startled awake by the pain in his shoulders and he began to panic till he forced himself to calm down as there was really nothing he could do. He tried to stretch but the heavy double leather sleep sac and the wooden box he was locked in prevented any real movement. He laid there trying to calm down and slowly his breathing slowed. His could hear his breathing as the sound of his breathing was amplified by the gas mask strapped over the heavy leather eyeless hood laced tightly around his head. The hose of the mask was connected to a port in the side of the box. He kept breathing slowly and tried to keep himself calm as he thought back over the last few days and what he had been subjected to when he hooked up with Master Robert for a long weekend. His mind wandered back to the end of the work day on the past Friday …

Jason yawned and stretched. He was glad the day was over and he stood up and looked around at the rest of the office seeing his co-workers huddled down over their terminals. He nodded to a couple of them and grabbed his jacket and headed to the elevator. Getting to his car in the underground garage he decided to hit the gym on the way home as it would help work the kinks out of his muscles.

Getting to the gym, he grabbed his bag out of the trunk and headed inside. After signing in, he headed for the men’s locker room. Finding a locker, he stripped off his office clothes and hung them up. He opened his bag and pulled out a worn black jock and pulled it on then grabbed his compression shorts and slid them on over his furry legs, then he pulled on a sleeveless compression shirt. After putting on his running shoes, he grabbed his water bottle and a pair of lifting gloves, tossed his bag in the locker and locked it.

After a couple of hours, doing a heavy chest and arm workout, he felt much better and he had gotten rid of a lot of stress. He headed to the locker room and stripped off his soaked shirt and shorts and slid off his jock. He looked up as he grabbed a towel and saw a guy looking at him and he smiled at the muscled furry man wrapping a towel around his waist. Jason smiled back at him and headed for the showers.

After getting home and making himself dinner, he became listless and as he usually did after a hard workout, he was horny as fuck. His cock was hard and beginning to drip pre-cum. He walked into his bedroom and went into the closet. . He spotted his full heavy body harness and smiled He worked his cock and balls into the heavy steel cock ring on the front of the harness and then pulled the strap hanging from the ring between his legs and fastened it to the rear of the harness. He centred the smaller rings over his nipples and snugged all the buckles tight. He unsnapped his pouch and shoved the leather jock down and began putting on the heavy harness.

He grabbed his heavy leather jock with the snap on cod piece and then worked his heavy balls and cock through the back plate of the jock and snapping the pouch up. He pulled on a pair of socks and grabbed his wesco big boss boots and pulled them on and buckled up the boots including the 2 buckles at the top of each boot Jason smiled as the tight harness dug into his body and his cock gotten even harder. He picked up a pair of Japanese clover nipple clamps and he snapped them onto his nipples, the chain hanging down over the heavy leather straps of his harness. He hissed as the pain hit as the clamps bit into his nipples.

Walking out of the bedroom he headed to the kitchen and grabbed a beer from the fridge. His heavy boots thudded on the floor. He headed to the desk in the living room and turned on his laptop. He logged into his favourite bondage site and checked out who was on-line. He saw that a local guy was on and he connected for a private video chat. The chat went on for a while with Jason taking more and more of a submissive role in the chat which was unusual as he usually was a top in bondage situations. However, tonight he felt so submissive especially chatting with Robert. Jason and Robert had played several times in the past but Robert had been the sub both times. Tonight was different as Jason was feeling submissive and the fact that Robert was in a full leather police uniform helped.

After obeying several orders like putting on a heavy leather posture collar and padlocking it, Robert told Jason to keep the collar on and he was coming over. Robert told Jason that he was to be waiting in the hallway on his knees. Jason agreed and the video chat ended.

Jason logged off the site and checked to make sure that his play space was orderly and ready for use.   Then he went to the hallway and knelt down and put his hands behind his back and sat waiting for Robert. After a few minutes, he heard Robert’s Harley pull into the drive and shut off. Then the front door opened and Robert walked in wearing the leather police uniform, shining tall boots, and his langlitz jacket. The black full face helmet hid his face but Jason’s cock got rock hard just from looking at the leather cop standing before him. Robert looked down at the furry muscled man kneeling on the floor, harnessed, booted and his head locked into position by the heavy leather posture collar. He reached down and tugged hard on the chain connecting the nipple clamps and asked Jason if he was ready to become what he was meant to be. Jason grunted and tried to nod but the collar locked around his neck did not allow him to nod.

Pulling off his heavy helmet and setting it on the floor, he pointed to his Dehners and told Jason to show his gratitude for being allowed to serve. Jason dropped to the floor and crawled over to Robert’s boots and began by kissing the toes of the boots and then giving them a long tongue bath which left the boots shining with his spit. Robert nodded and told Jason that he had done an acceptable job. Telling Jason to stand up, Robert headed for the basement which from previous visits was where Jason’s dungeon space was located in the house. Walking down the stairs, his heavy boots thumping followed by Jason whose boots also thumped on the steps.

Once in the dungeon, Robert turned to Jason and ordered him to remove his wescos as they were not suitable for a slave to wear and then remove his leather jock as slaves were not entitled to wear jocks. Jason startled by Robert calling him a slave obeyed and bent down and unbuckled his boots and pulled them off and removed his socks. Then he worked his cock and balls out of the jock and slid it down over his muscled furry legs.  Then he stood up and instinctively put his hands behind his back which made his chest thrust out.

Robert walked around Jason to inspect him and then he headed over to the wall and pulled down a inflatable gag and then back to Jason and told him to open his mouth. Jason obeyed the best he could and the gag was inserted into his mouth and Robert pumped it up till Jason felt like his jaws were going to split apart. He grunted in pain and Robert closed the valve on the gag keeping it at that pressure. He then walked over and opened a drawer he knew contained various weights and picked up several of them and these were soon hanging from the clamps on Jason’s nipples tugging the nipples down and making the clamps bite in harder.

Robert then grabbed a set of wrist restraints and buckled them on Jason’s wrists and then connected them to heavy chains hanging from the rafters of the space and made sure they stretched tight and put strain on Jason’s shoulders. He then put on ankle restraints, kicked Jason’s legs apart and took a 3 foot spreader bar and clipped it to the ankle cuffs keeping Jason unbalanced but spread apart nicely.

Master Robert picked up a heavy flogger and began to warm up with light strokes and worked up to heavier strokes. Jason grunted as the pain began to ramp up and he felt his skin warm and then turn hot as the strokes became heavier and heavier and the flogger moved from his back and ass to his front and then his legs. Soon his entire body was on fire and he felt welts beginning to form especially on his back.

Finally the flogging stopped and he sagged in the restraints as he began to come down from the high of the pain of the flogging. Master Robert removed the leg spreader and then let the chain down so Jason was able to stand on his feet and then his arms were unlocked and he let them drop to his sides as he stood there recovering from the flogging. Master Robert walked around inspecting his slave’s body as he stood there. Drool was running from his mouth due to the inflated gag and his head slumped as much as possible due to the wide heavy posture collar locked around his neck.

Master Robert deflated the gag and pulled it out of Jason’s mouth and then unlocked the posture collar and told Jason to remove it. Jason obeyed and stood there after removing the collar and kept his head bowed and his hands behind his back. Master Robert walked over and looked at Jason and smiled. So Jason, you fancy yourself as a Sir do you? Well, for a Sir, you are really showing all the signs of a true submissive and slave. I think that is what you really are despite the several times you worked me over. So I think it is time you were taken in hand and properly trained to be what you really are and that is a slave. Jason stood there staring at Master Robert’s boots and got very nervous as the feelings of submission were so strong they startled and scared him but something in him made him nod and reply Sir, Yes Sir.

Master Robert walked over to the wall and took a slave collar and leash and walked back over to Jason and buckled it around Jason’s neck and then hooked the leash on and tugged it. Let’s go boy, we are leaving and going to my place for the weekend so you will need to put that leather jock and those boots back on for now and Jason quickly dressed in the gear which he had removed a little while ago. The 2 men walked upstairs and Master Robert picked up Jason’s wallet and keys and the they left the house, which Master Robert locked and pocketed the keys and wallet.

Jason standing there in the body harness and leather jock looked around and was then led over to the Harley and told to get on which he did. Master Robert walked over and opened one of the saddle bags and pulled out a helmet and handed it to Jason who put it on, then Master Robert swung his leg over the bike and started the bike. Taking off, he headed to his house and smiled to himself as he thought about the next 3 days as it was a long holiday weekend and he had a slave collared and ready for training and use on the bike behind him.

Finally reaching his house, he rode up to the garage door and stopped the bike. Putting the bike on its stand he got off and told the slave to remain on the bike. He walked over to the control pad and entered the code and the garage door opened. He walked back over to the bike and got back on and kicked up the stand and put the bike in gear and drove into the garage. Turning the bike off he put the bike back on its stand, he got off and took off his helmet. Turning to look at his slave, his heavy leathers creaking softly, he told the slave to take off the helmet and get off the bike. Jason obeyed and was standing before his new Master and waited for orders.

Tugging on the leash, Master Robert turned and entered the house with the slave following behind. The 2 men walked down the stairs to the basement and Master Robert turned on the lights and Jason got a look at the space. The space was equipped with heavy pieces such as a fuck bench, cross, bondage chair and the walls lined with a great collection of bondage gear. However sitting on the floor in the middle of the room was a large long black crate which looked like a wooden coffin, and Jason realized that it was a bondage box. Master Robert turned and ordered Jason to strip off his leather jock, boots and harness. Jason quickly obeyed and stood quietly as the pain from the removal of the nipple clamps was subsiding slowly.

The clamps had been on for several hours and were suddenly yanked off by Master Robert prior to Jason being ordered to remove all his gear. He watched as Master Robert opened the lids of the bondage box and Jason saw that there was a heavy leather sleep sac laid out in the box. Master Robert told Jason that it was time for his slave to be put into storage for the night. Jason walked over to the box and climbed in and worked his body into the sleep sac and made sure his arms were in the internal sleeves. Soon, he was zipped and laced with heavy rope into the sleep sac. Then Master Robert worked a heavy leather hood over his head and laced it tight, Jason now blind as there was no openings for his eyes or mouth and only a big grommet for him to breathe through. He felt his Master press something down over his face and work straps around his head and he began to hear his breathing rasp and the gas mask he now wore clicking as he breathed, which restricted his air flow even more.

Lying there tightly wrapped in the sleep sac, he barely heard the lid of the box being closed and locked down sealing him away in storage. He lay there in the darkness hearing only the sounds of his breathing he was still fully aroused and his hard cock pressed against the tight leather of the sleep sac. He shifted as much as he could in the tightly laced and strapped sac and found that although the box he was in was padded it was a very tight fit for him due to his body size. He lay there and finally feel into a fitful sleep and he kept waking up due to aches and pains from the restrictive bondage he was in. Finally he fell into a deep sleep exhausted and was asleep when the box was opened in the morning by Master Robert who looked down at the leather object in the box and smiled. He had always wanted to control Jason who was a local well known bondage top and when they had played together in the past, he had always submitted to Jason.

Now, Jason was under his control. He reached down and removed the gas mask from the leather covered head of his new slave and slapped the heavy sensory deprivation hood several times to wake up his slave. He heard muffled grunts so he knew that the slave was awake. He began the process of untying and unstrapping the sleep sac and then Jason was out of the sac but still hooded. He unlocked the heavy straps and collar of the hood and slowly worked it off Jason’s head after telling Jason to keep his eyes closed while he adjusted to being in the light again. Slowly, Jason opened his eyes and squinted up at his new Master. Master Robert was standing above him in police tactical boots, chaps, leather jock and vest.

Master Robert smiled at the sight of the sweaty muscular man who was now standing in front of him. He pointed to the floor and Jason quickly dropped to his knees and bowed his head. Again, he was stunned by the strength of his desire to serve this man. He knelt as Master Robert walked over to a cabinet and removed a wide leather slave collar and padlock and walked back to where Jason was kneeling. He ordered Jason to raise his head so they could look at each other and he showed Jason the collar and asked Jason if he wanted to accept the collar and become a slave and property to Master Robert. Jason stunned by this question looked at his buddy and former bottom and nodded quickly and quietly spoke telling his new Master and Owner that he accepted the collar and the slavery that came with it. Master Robert wrapped the heavy collar tightly around Jason’s neck and padlocked it. The click of the padlock caused Jason’s cock to jump which made Master Robert smile.

Telling Jason to get to his feet and get upstairs and prepare breakfast, he watched as Jason ran to the stairs, his heavy cock swinging side to side as it was still stiff. Following his new slave, Master Robert walked up the stairs and went to the kitchen and sat down to watch his new property get to work. Soon, coffee had been made and the slave was busy preparing an omelette for his new Master. Master Robert smiled and told the slave to make an omelette for himself as well and his slave thanked him and made a second omelette. He put the plate down in front of his Master and picked up his plate and went to sit down beside him and was yelled at by his Master. Master Robert looked at his slave standing there holding a plate and told him that he was a slave and slaves do not use furniture. Jason nodded and moved over to a corner in the kitchen and sat down and began to eat using his fingers. After a while both men were finished and Jason stood up and began to clean up the kitchen without being ordered. Master Robert saw that the instincts for service and obedience were growing in his slave.

After the slave was done with cleaning the kitchen, Master Robert ordered him to follow him back to the basement play room. Moving over to the heavy wood fuck bench he told his slave to get onto the bench and Jason obeyed. Soon he was tightly strapped down on the bench and an inflatable gag inserted in his mouth and pumped up. Master Robert finished gagging his slave walked over and picked up a rubber paddle and walked back over and began spanking his slave’s ass cheeks with the heavy rubber paddle.

Soon Jason’s ass was dark red and welted from the paddling, the pain was intense from his abused ass as he was not used to heavy pain and tears streamed down his face as a result. The paddling stopped and Master Robert dropped the paddle and unsnapped the pouch of his jock. Grabbing some lube he poured it onto the crack of his slaves ass and then greased up his cock. He then rammed his cock into his slaves hole and shoved all the way in one thrust. He began a hard deep fucking of his slave. He wanted his slave to know that he was just a hole to be fucked and used as his Master saw fit. He had to learn that when he was not being used or needed, he would be stored away securely until needed. He fucked his new slave for about 10 minutes and then he could not hold back and came deep in his slave’s hole.

Pulling out he grabbed a cum towel and wiped off his cock and turned and left the dungeon leaving his slave gagged and strapped down tight, cum and lube was dripping from his slave’s hole.  After a while, he walked back down to the dungeon and released his slave from the bench leaving the gag inflated in his mouth. The slave’s face was streaked with tears and drool. He knelt at his Master’s boots and bowed his head. Master Robert sat down on the bench and began to outline what Jason’s slavery was going to mean.

Jason listened to his Master and was surprised at what was being told to him. Jason was told he was going to sell his house and all proceeds from that sale were to be deposited into a new account. That account was also going to be used for Jason’s payroll deposits from his job. Jason was told that he would retain his job and when not at work he was to be on duty or stored at his Master’s house. The wide leather collar he currently wore would only be used when at his Master’s house or out with his Master. When he was at work, he would have a chain collar padlocked on his neck to insure that he remembered that he was a slave. Jason would have no freedoms except what was allowed to him by his Master and that all contacts with friends and family had to be approved by his Master prior to the contact. As Jason had little family and was not close with them, he nodded as he felt no sense of loss over that.

Jason nodded and Master Robert took that as submission and agreement by his new slave to the conditions of his slavery. Jason realized that his cock was again rock hard listening to what was now going to be his life. Master Robert stood up and walked over and took a heavy leather straitjacket out of the closet and went back over to his slave. Telling the slave to stand up and stick out his arms, he slid the heavy leather jacket over the slave’s torso and began to strap the slave tightly into the jacket. Soon the slave was snugged into the jacket and telling his slave to exhale, he snugged the straps another notch tighter further restricting his slaves ability to breathe easily. Once the jacket was strapped up, he applied the padlocks, further securing his slave.

He wanted his slave to understand that the only time he would be free from restraints was when he was being used or required to work around his Master’s home. Walking the slave over to a closet in the hallway, he opened the closet and showed the slave that the closet had been padded and that there were 2 suspension chains hanging down. Backing the slave into the closet, Master Robert hooked the chains to the D-Rings on the shoulder areas of the straitjacket. Once the slave was hooked to the chains, he pressed a button which activated a winch which lifted the slave up so it was suspended about 6 inches off the floor.

Master Robert looked at his slave hanging there gagged and jacketed. Telling the slave that the closet was where the slave would be stored during the day when not needed and that it would sleep as it did the previous night in the storage box in the dungeon. Closing the door sealed off the closet and turned it into a sound proof padded cell for the slave who was occupying it. Jason hung there with the crotch straps digging into it swaying slightly as he hung there. He watched as the heavily padded door closed and heard the locks ram home in the frame. The light remained on so he looked around the padded space.

The heavily padded walls were what appeared to be white canvas so the room was basically featureless so Jason really had nothing to focus on. He hung there wishing he was standing upright on his feet instead of hanging as the straps were definitely cutting into his crotch. His cock stuck out dripping as he hung there tightly strapped into the heavy leather jacket. He flexed his arms and shoulders which caused the heavy leather to creak.

Robert got dressed and left the house, leaving his slave in storage while he ran errands and stopped by a hardware store and purchased a length of chromed chain and padlock which would be the slave’s working collar.

Returning to the house, he settled down in his favour chair and watched the game. That evening, he walked over to the closet and opened the door. The slave startled awake as it had become used to the total silence which basically entombed it. It looked up at his Master standing there, drool dried on his face as he was so thirsty so it looked at his Master with begging and pleading look as best as it could considering the heavily inflated gag locked in its jaws. Master Robert deflated the gag and slowly pulled it out of his slave’s dry mouth and then he lowered the slave so it was standing on its feet and unhooked the suspension chains. Telling the slave to follow him they moved to the kitchen and Master Robert held up a bottle of cold water to the slave’s mouth and allowed it to drink it as fast as it wanted. Jason gulped down the water and looked at its Master and tried to show that it was begging for more water. Master Robert gave it another bottle of water.

Master Robert told the slave to go over to the corner and kneel down and wait for it to be needed. Jason obeyed and slowly and awkwardly knelt still tightly strapped in the jacket. He watched as Master Robert prepared his dinner and sat down to eat. Noticing his slave watching him, He laughed and walked over and picked up a can of beef stew and opened it. Pouring the cold stew into a bowl he walked over and put the bowl on the floor. Telling the slave to eat, he walked back and sat down and smiled watching as his slave struggled to get down low enough to eat from the bowl. The slave finally fell on its stomach with its face in the bowl and it ate and licked the bowl clean. Master Robert smiling walked over and took a cloth and then wiped the slave’s face clean and pulled it up onto its knees.

After cleaning up the kitchen, they went into the living room and Master Robert sat down and shoved his jeans down then he told his slave to kneel between his legs and get busy. Jason knelt and began licking and slowly sucking on his Master’s cock. Finally Master Robert grabbed his slave’s head and forced him down on his cock and slowly bucked his hips in the chair fucking his slave’s face. Finally, he came in his slave’s mouth and told him to swallow.

Leaving his now softening cock in his slave’s mouth he sat there relaxed looking down at his new property.

The weekend passed with a routine forming. The slave stored away in its sleeping box at night tightly encased in the sac and during the day either hanging in the straitjacket in the padded cell or being used by his Master.

Finally it came to the morning of its return to work and it was laying in its box knowing that it soon would be released and allowed to return to its former home so it could get ready to go back to work. It wondered what its new life was really going to be like now that it was a slave. It was still amazed at how fast and easily it was taken by its Master and turned into an object. It lay there and finally it heard the lid of its box opening and the now familiar tug of the gasmask being removed. It laid quietly while its sleep sac was opened and then it was helped to its feet. Finally, its hood was unlocked and removed.

Kneeling there it watched as its Master unlocked and removed its heavy leather collar and picked up a chrome chain and looped it around his neck and locked it. It felt strange not having the heavy leather collar on as it had become attached to it. Its Master told it to get ready by putting its boots and jock on and he would take it back to its house so it could dress and head to its job. It obeyed and soon it was standing on the sidewalk in front of its house wearing only a jock and a pair of boots holding the heavy leather harness, its wallet and keys as it headed into its house.

The End

Thanks to Rubrpig for this story!

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