One Week?

By rts

Saturday (day one)

They put this amazing heavy rubber suit on me, the only entry was thru the neck hole which they held stretched open as I squirmed myself into it’s well lubricated interior. The suit had attached feet but no gloves or hood, a short zipper sealed access to my bung hole (I would be able to take a dump but had no access to my cock) . They told me as the neck snapped closed tight around my throat that there was no way that I could get myself out of this suit without their help.

They sealed the neck and wrist openings to my skin with some rubber adhesive and told me that the bung hole zipper closure was also a leak proof seal. They said I would have to piss inside the suit as I lived in it for the week that I had agreed to and nothing could leak out. (I was a little uneasy about this but the idea of having no choice in the matter got me hard). It had no gloves or hood they explained, so that I could be wearing my work clothes over it all day as I went to my job sweating inside the rubber covering without anyone knowing unless they could hear the occasional wet squishing noises brought on by the build up of the sweat and piss contained inside the rubber as I moved my body.

I would be able to get some of this fluid to drain out the “bung hole” zipper if I lay on my back and lifted my legs when I open it, otherwise I would just have to endure the piss puddling in by feet and legs as I walked about at work or around town.

I have always wanted to be wearing full rubber for an extended period of time and the idea of being out in public in rubber without anyone being able to know I was wearing it was a turn on. My desire is being realized at this time as I have agreed to spend the next seven days sealed inside this thick tight rubber suit. They told me to return in one week’s time so They could get me out of it. They also warned me not to return before that time to ask for release no matter how miserable or uncomfortable I started to feel in it. Any complaint or plea I might make to Them would just add an additional week to my “confinement”, but If after one week I wished for more time in it They would be pleased to obliged.

The tight rubber hugged my body, every movement was like some isometric exersize as the rubber wanted to pull my body always back to a “neutral” standing position. The lubricated insides felt wild against my balls and cock, I was beginning to sweat, the suit making soft squishing sounds as I tested my movements. They stood there looking me over, there were two of Them, their expressions and identies hidden inside the gas masks They were wearing. They were both dressed in black rubber dry suits, hooded, gloved and booted in thigh high rubber waders. They operated a custom rubberwear shop (by appointment only) I got the phone number from Their card tacked by the phonebooth in the local leather/rubber bar. I called and went to see Them a few days ago, I never saw Their faces as They were both wearing the gas masks and full rubber body suits at that time. When I explained my interests They pointed out that a suit that I couldn’t get into or out of by my self would be the ideal test of my self commitment to a long term full rubber experience, but an impractical item to own. They did agree to make such a suit for me to use on a special rental deal. They would retain the suit and I could rent the use of it and Their assistance in wearing it anytime I wished, and They in turn could make good use of it in Their playroom. I agreed and here I am now about to spend the next seven days and nights sealed in this full rubber covering.

I picked up my street clothing, pulling on my Levis over my rubber covered legs and ass, I sat down on a chair bending over against the increasing tension in the rubber suit as I grabbed for my 20 hole doc martens. I pulled my work soxs over my rubber covered feet and then the boots, slowly pulling the laces tight, really working up a sweat now, feeling my balls and hard cock sliding against the thick rubber with each movement as I finished lacing the boots. I next pulled on my black sweatshirt and finally my old leather motorcycle jacket. I stood up and They walked me to a full length mirror. Reflected back were the three of us, two men in sinister heavy black rubber looking like some aliens in their gas masks and myself, shaved head , leather jacket , Levis rolled up showing most of my 20 hole docs and no visible evidence that I was in fact sealed inside a full rubber body suit (other than the fact that my face and head were covered in sweat). They walked me to the door, Their arms over my shoulders, the smell of Their rubber, the sounds of Their rythmic breathing in the masks, the feel of the thick rubber tight against my body , my hardon tight against the rubber….wild moment, They each gave a firm slap to my butt as They pushed me out the door and told me to enjoy the experience and would see me in a week.

I walked out into the cool Saturday night and over to my old truck, feeling incredible horney. I started it up and drove around the city for a few hours enjoying the new sensation of being trapped inside this rubbersuit as I rubbed my crotch enjoying the wild sensation of all that lubricated rubber sliding over my skin. I then headed over to the local leather/rubber bar to check out the action. I parked behind the building. Deciding to show off some of my rubber I took off my leather jacket and then removed my sweat shirt. The black rubber gleamed in the street light. I then put the leather jacket back on, stepped out of the truck and headed into to the back entrance to the bar. The rubbersuit feeling great as I walked into hot and crowded room.

Most of the men filling the place were in leather gear with a few sporting rubber T shirts and Levis. I made my way through the crowd to stand at the bar, enjoying the mixed smells of sweat , hot leather and beer, and the pleasure of leathered bodies pressed against me. The tightness and sound of the rubbersuit as I moved my body was keeping me horney.

After finishing my first beer and starting on my second, I needed to piss, I had been holding off reluctant to be pissing in the suit but I couldn’t hold it any longer so I just stood there peeing inside my rubbersuit, feeling the warm fluid begin to fill my crotch and then run down my legs trickling past the constrictive lacings of my boots to pool in my rubber covered feet. I was sweating quite heavily in the heat of the room and as I turned I could hear the sounds of wet rubber sliding over my skin. The wild sensation of the tightness as it constricted my movements and the sweat and now the piss in suit caused me to wonder how I would survive a week inside it doing the heavy work my job entailed. I work as a laborer digging ditches and laying pipe. I wear heavy work clothes and hip boots all day so the likelyhood of anyone working with me discovering the fact I am in a rubber cat suit is remote, but I expect the tightness and heat of being sealed in it as it resists my movements will make for a difficult week.

Well into my second beer I was enjoying talking to this leather stud that had joined me at the bar. He was wearing leather jeans tucked into a nice pair of 16″ Wescos engineers, black T shirt and a well worn Biker jacket. He was real interested in what he thought was my rubber shirt. When I filled him in on the catsuit I was wearing under my levis, and my scheduled week of incapsulation, he got very interested and grabbed my ass as he pressed his crotch against mine.. He was looking really hot, so when he suggested we go over to his place for some mutual rubber play I agreed.

I followed him on his motorcycle over to his house in my truck, he had me park it in the garage next to his bike. He unlocked the door and we went inside and down to the basement. He took a key from his belt chain and unlocked a steel door set into one of the cement walls. Opening the heavy door he motioned for me to go inside the dark cell like room. As I passed him he grabbed my butt and from behind he guided me into the centre of the room. When my eyes adjusted to the darkness I could see in front of me hanging from chains fastened to the ceiling a steel hood like helmet. A shiver of excitement and uncertainty ran through me, the sweat increasing inside my rubber suit.

He told me to take off my leather jacket and then my boots and Levis so that He could get a look at me in my full rubber. I sat down on the cement floor to unlace my docs, the piss and sweat inside my suit moving around to my ass as I pulled each boot off. Standing up I dropped my Levis and stepped out of them and stood in front of him in my catsuit. He went over to the side of the room and returned holding out to me a pair of rubber boots. He told me to put them on and I was happy to oblige. These boots were knee high and laced up tight on my legs. He next gagged me with a rubber mouth plug that He straped around my head. He then walked me over to the hanging steel hood-helmet and placed my head inside closing and locking it securing me in it. My head was now contained in this heavy helmet which was shaped to fit the contours of my face. There were small eye openings and small breathing holes just under my nose. I couldn’t speak with my mouth gagged, the helmet felt very hot quite quickly, my hearing was muted through the steel and breathing was restricted. He then proceeded to lift me by raising the chains which supported the helmet so that I was forced to be standing on my toes. I reached up to hang onto these chains but he grabbed my arms and strapped them together behind my back. I was excited and scared by the awkward helplessness of my situation, sweating very hard and beginning to struggle to keep standing on my toes. I then felt Him slowly opening the short zipper down my ass and begin to force his cock inside my suit, and then He proceeded to piss into it, the warm liquid flowing into my crotch and down my legs. He then closed the zipper, walked in front of me to the far side of the room. As I watched Him through the small eye holes in my helmet He began to remove his leathers revealing a nice solid body. He then proceeded to put on a mean looking black rubber drysuit. As He struggled with the attached hood and then closed the shoulder zipper I got a good look at it. It had heavy boots incasing His legs and industrial gloves covering His hands. A gas mask was molded to the hood. It fit Him snugly, His cock and balls incased in a rubber sheath protruded from the crotch of the drysuit.

At the sight of Him geared up like this and my own helplessness further increased my hornyness, my legs straining to keep me balanced against the pull of the steel helmet on my neck, it’s stifling heat, my breathing laboured through the small nose holes, the sweat stinging my eyes and filling my suit, my mouth gagged, my cock ready for release. He walked over to me and pressed his body against mine, rubbing himself against me as he wrapped his arms tight around me. Our rubbered bodies squeeking as rubber rubbed over rubber. He grabbed my ass with both his hands, squeezing the cheeks and then slapping them with those heavy gloved hands. My cock becoming rock hard sliding against the slippery wetness inside the the confining suit. He moved behind me and opened my ass zipper and began thrusting His rubber incased cock into me. It hurt as He rammed it in me again and again, deeper and deeper. His gloved hands rubbed and stroked my crotch, my legs trembled balanced on the toes of my boots, my suit filling with sweat, my body struggling to get enough air through the small breath holes in my steel hood.

We both came as He pounded harder and harder against me, my cum exploding warm and slimy inside the piss and sweat filled rubber suit in incredible release of pleasure. We remained locked together with His arms wrapped tight around me His cock inside me for some time and then he slowly pulled Himself out. He gently closed the zipper. I could hardly hold myself steady on my toes any longer and as I hung my weight against the steel hood I was almost choking from the strain of it. He began to lower the chains from which I was hanging until I was able to kneel and then sit on the floor. In this position I would be unable to lay down but I would be able to stand. The steel hood hung heavly on me, my gagged mouth preventing me from voiceing my protests as He spoke to me and wished me a good night’s sleep and said He would be back to play in a few hours. I could just hear his footsteps as He left the cell and then the heavy door slammed shut and I was alone and helpless. What the hell had I gotten myself into. Imprisoned in this cell, my arms bound behind my back, my head lock inside this heavy steel hood held by chains permitting me to only sit or stand , my mouth plugged with a gag, my body sealed inside this rubbersuit filled with sweat piss and sticky cum, a suit I couldn’t get out of for six more days! As I sat there the sweat and piss puddled around my ass when I moved my legs. I was hot and thirsty and beginning to feel miserable in this intrapping rubbersuit, a condition aggravated by the the additional piss I now released. The hard floor was uncomfortable, I was tired but could not lay down so I just slumped leaning my hooded head against the pull of the chains attached to it. This was going to be a heavy week of hell off set I could only hope with continuing periods of erotic pleasure. Time now passed slowly, I kept nodding off into fitful moments of sleep, hoping with each passing hour that He would return to release me.


Sunday (morning day two)


The hours passed slowly, I could find no comfortable position on the cement floor, at times I struggled to my feet and walked to the limit of the chains attached to the hood. It was hot in this cell and I continued to sweat, with every movement the liquids inside my suit move around, down my legs when I stood, back up to my ass when I sat. The pull of the tight rubber against my muscles a constant presence as it stretched and slid noisely over my wet skin. Overcome and tired with helpless I eventually managed to get some fitfull sleep sitting there arms bound behind my back, hooded head slumped against the chains.

I awoke disoriented at the sound of the door opening and His bootsteps aproaching, when I tried to move my aching arms and felt them bound, tried to speak and realized my mouth gagged full awareness of my situation returned. I felt His gloved hands on my shoulders, heard the sound of a key unlocking the steel hood and as He removed it from my head the air in that warm room actually felt cool after that overnight confinement. He next removed my gag and held a water bottle to my mouth, I sucked away the entire contents gratefully. I looked at Him and thanked Him for the water. He was still wearing the same black drysuit, He spoke to me in a voice muffled by His gasmask ordering me to kneel in front of Him.

Grabbing my head between His hands He began shoving His rubber sheathed cock into my mouth, thrusting again and again. I felt it’s hardness and tasted the rubber filling my mouth, the rubber sheath swelling with his cum as He released His load in a roar of pleasure. He continued holding my head pressed into His crotch, smelling the rubber, my mouth still filled with His softening cock. Finally releasing me and pulling out He then lifted me to my feet. His eyes through the lenses of His gasmask looked into mine, His breathing sounding mechanical as the air valve clicked open and shut. He spoke again and said He would now “clean me out” and then give me something to eat. He led me across the room to a sling hanging from the ceiling by four chains over a drain in the cement floor. He back me up to it and grabbed a training collar that was hanging above the sling and locked it around my neck. It was stiff and forced my head upright. I protested and was ordered to keep quiet. He then unbound my arms from behind me and taking each wrist as I struggled He forced me down on my back onto the sling laying on top of me as He stretch each arm up and backward above my head fastening each wrist to one of the chains suspending the sling. He then seized each of my thrashing legs and fastened my booted feet to the other chains.

I was scared now, hanging spread eagle on my back and all the sweat and piss which had been accumulating inside my rubber suit since yesterday puddled around my ass. He stood between my outstretched legs rubbing his heavy gloves over my thighs, squeezing my crotch forcing the liquid to slosh around my ass and balls. My cock hardened as He continued forcing the trapped piss and sweat to move around inside the confining rubber of my suit. I was frightened but enjoying the sensations my arms and legs straining against the straps. I began to moan in pleasure when He suddenly slapped my crotch hard sending a jolt of pain through me as I cried out He said “not just yet punk”. Slowly He unzipped my ass zipper and the collected piss, sweat and cum began to flow from my suit down to the floor drain. He ran His gloved hands down each of my legs and arms and then down my torso forcing any remaining liquid out of the ass opening. Then He went to the side of the room and returned holding what look like a large mechanics grease gun which had a long thin hose attached. He told me that this was filled with a good rubber lube as He began pushing the hose into my suit through the open zipper. He worked the hose up to my arm pit and then began pumping the lube filling my arm pit with the warm slimmy substance.

He repositioned the hose to my other arm pit and then He moved it around all over my upper body filling my suit and then worked it up both my legs as well as filling my crotch. After He removed the hose He rubbed His hands all over my body spreading the lube all over the insides of my suit. I was pulling against my restraints as my body twisted in pleasure, my cock and balls sliding around in the lube, hard-on pressing against the rubber. He began shoving something into my ass, “time for a good clean out enema” He laughed. He moved something beneath me and He took some hose hanging from a water bag and attached it to the thing He had placed in my ass, some sort of arangement of hoses and valves permitting Him to control the filling and draining of my bowels. The water flowed steadily into me filling me to discomfort, I had no power to release it, I was begging Him to let it out of me. The inflow stopped, He had me retain it for a short while and then the sudden release as He opened the drain valve. He worked my abdomen with His hands to expel as much as possible and then repeated the process.

Each time He forced me to retain the water for a longer and longer period. I was moaning and pleading in my helpless discomfort. He warned me that the more noise I made the longer I would be compelled to retain the fluid. Finally He was satisfied and removed the hose and apparatus from my ass, only to now begin smearing some lube in the vacated hole followed by the forced entry of a butt plug. The initial discomfort as He shoved it home lessened as my sphincter closed around it’s base, but then He began to inflate it filling my ass with it’s fullness. He now expained to me in His muffled voice that He had removed the inflating tube and valve from the plug, it would remain fixed inplace inside me until He chose to release it, there being no way for me to expell it or remove it without the valve. He slowly closed my ass zipper. He now had control over me and planned to maintain it for the rest of our session together.

I was imprisoned in my rubbersuit and now this butt plug could only be removed at His pleasure. I was upset with this and shouted and cursed at Him my arms and legs straining at straps feeling the thickened plug with my movement. His response was sudden as He painfully punched my crotch ordering me to shut up. I gasped in reflex, my eyes filling with tears. He move near my head and unlocked the stiff training collar and removed it. I enjoyed the moment and turned and twisted my neck at the removal of this restriction. The moment soon passed as He began pulling a tight rubber hood over my head, this had a molded mouth opening which fit over my lips and front teeth, plastic lenses over the eyes and two long rubber tubes which He fitted into my nose.

He then replaced the training collar over the base of the hood, locking it and the hood to my head. He left me like that as he left the cell for some time, returning He filled my mouth with a hose attached to a plastic jug and began to pour a thick liquid into me . I gagged for a moment and swallowed what tasted like a milkshake. He spoke to me now telling me that this was a protein drink and it would be all the food I would be needing this day. I was hungry and I eagerly swallowed this stuff filling my empty stomach. I lay there helpless in that sling each breath smelling of rubber as I drew in the air through the long tubes using my tongue to trying to keep from gagging at the steady flow of liquid. It took some time to finish the drink and all the while He worked over my body with His gloved hands keeping me aroused as the lubricated rubber of my suit slid around my cock and balls the butt plug evident as I strained at my bondage, my head held rigid in the training collar. He removed the hose from my mouth and then freed my arms from the straps, leaving my legs still tied to the sling supports. Lifting me to a sitting position by pulling up on the chain attached to my collar I was balanced on the sling my legs restrained, the chain pulling me tightly upright by the neck. My arms may have been free but I was helpless to resist without choking myself as He then proceeded to put a rubber straight jacket on me grabing each arm and shoving them deep into the sleeves. He worked quickly pulling the jacket tight around me, crossing my arms with their straps buckled behind me, then tightening shoulder and waist straps. He next released my legs and removed the training collar.

Ordering me to stand I slid off the sling feeling the thick butt plug deep inside me as I moved. He then continued straping me into the jacket pulling the two straps between my legs and through my crotch tight and then the collar straps snug around my neck over the base of my hood. I couldn’t move my arms and stood there in submission to Him. Taking a dog chain He locked one end to the “D” ring on the collar and led me from the cell, up the stairs through the house to the door to a back yard. He looked wicked in His heavy black drysuit, His breathing hissing in and out of the gasmask as He moved in front of me. The tight thick rubber of straight jacket, it’s added weight, the movement of my rubbersuit filled with this slimmy lube over my skin, the pressure of the butt plug, the smell of rubber and the sight of Him in front of me was incredible. We stepped outside into bright sunshine and I began to feel the rubber warming up. He led me to a steel post fixed into the bare earth and locked the end of the dog chain to it.

Forcing me to my knees, He took hold of His rubber sheathed cock forcing it into the mouth opening of my hood and began pumping slowly then more rapidly as He held my head tightly in His hands. I was straining to get enough air through my nose tubes when He finally came in a satisfied shout of pleasure. The sun was just about baking both of us in all our black rubber. The lenses in my hood were steamed up, I was hard in frustration. He hugged me tightly then walked away, I couldn’t see what He was doing, He was getting something.

He returned and placed a large dog bowl filled with water within reach of me and told me to enjoy the sunshine then He turned and walked back into the house. There was no shade near the post, my rubber was getting hotter and I was really sweating now as I shuffled back and forth around the post, the sounds of my sweaty body moving against the rubber suit increasing with each movement. I knelt down and trying to drink from the bowl I had to fall on my face and squirm through the dirt to get near it. I had to drop my entire face into the water in order to get it into my mouth, the butt plug and the pressure of my hardened cock against the ground as I slid myself to it caused me to cum in heavy spurts of pleasure, a wild moment and I lay there my face in the dirt breathing heavily. Then the building heat inside my rubber suit, the tightness of the straight jacket and stiffness of the butt plug made me more aware of the growing physical misery of my situation chained to this post out here in the hot sun wondering when He would return.

Metal would like to thank rts (from Recon) for this story!

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  1. Very hot story which encapulates many of my fantasies. Very much looking forward to a sequel :) Thanks for posting it up Metal… I hope there is more to come!


  2. As always, RTS, fantastic story. Will be rereading it many times. Looking forward to future installments taking us thru the rest of the week.

  3. Yeah, I agree. This is a nicely thought out and written piece.
    I’d like some more smell in the narrative. Seems to me that as things progress, there is a whole lot of odors that need to be explored.

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