One Year – Part 13

By Taurus

Part 13 – “Momentous Day”

To say day 164 was a momentous day was an understatement.

Almost half of James’ stay had elapsed, and not once he had been released from chastity. There were the regular sadistic medical checkups that allowed him two minutes of freedom every 30 days, but if anything, it was worse than being locked up.

Consider it more than 5 months of continuous chastity where anything more than a totally flaccid cock would start to hurt. And consider it chastity where the locked person is always naked, and the slightest brush on his hairy, hairy body – very common – would trigger an erection.

To summarise his experience in one paragraph, James would start to hurt if he got hard at all, and he got hard if he closed his eyes, looked down, or if he made any movement at all, for that matter. Safe to say, this experience was mostly, if not composed entirely of, great pain.

Today, there was a hope that all this would change.

Russell entered, exchanging smiles and clean fist mitts with his slave(‘s) after he was allowed to brush his teeth.

Here was where the events of the day deviated from normal.

James was only gagged, not blindfolded, and instead of being led to the track, he was put in bondage. His hands were tied behind his back and each leg was frogtied, then he was placed face down on the mattress. A few cushions sat between his chest and the mattress, making him comfortable as he was tied on the ground.

A brief wait later, a person, obviously gagged from the muffled unintelligible noise he gurgled, was forcefully pushed into the cell. The gagged characteristic was confirmed when he was laid out face down on the cell floor to the left of James, whose eyes inspected the curious man.

The person being tied down seemed like an older man – all his hair had faded into white and grey other than the beard, which stayed a paler ginger. Despite this, his advanced age seemed to be a ruse; while the muscles were far from bodybuilder levels, they were flexible and strong enough to adapt to the brutal manhandling the guards doled out.

Moving his gaze to above the man’s neck, a thick black collar was locked in place, and his ears were stuffed with earplugs.

If anything, his slightly softer muscles and his having a bit of a gut absorbed blows better.

The sounds of rope knotting and the clackering of rope bouncing off the floor dominated the room. Smacks and moans filled in the gaps as a guard knelt on the slave, pinning him, while another did the bondage.

He was being put in bondage identical to that of James, save the addition of a blindfold.

The guards flipped the older slave over, revealing his chastity cage with a bronzed finish. Its pygmy size and how the cock in it perfectly filled all its space suggested that it was also moulded to precisely the dimensions of its wearer’s puny flaccid cock.

While James admired the cage, a short length of rope was tied around both slaves’ necks. Then, the bronze cage came off, and the (slightly panicking) freed slave was lifted off the floor, and out of James’ field of vision.

A few fingers spread open James’ ass and in went a generous squirt of lube.

Suddenly, he felt a pull on his neck, a pushing force on his hole, and a massive weight on his back. Shuffling about, he noticed something on his ba-

Wait, he was getting fucked!

A loud smack on the other slave’s ass signaled the start of a merciless pummeling. James cried out in pain, unable to process the sensations quickly enough. Fortunately, the cushions under him gave him enough support to allow him to breathe properly.

Instinctively, James tried to pull away, but his neck was tied to that of his fucking machine, whose head was slumped next to his.

Machine, yes, he felt like being fucked by an overclocked machine running at 150% of its operational capacity. What caused this other slave’s desperation for pleasure and release, he imagined would have been similar to what he went through – constant arousal, and inevitable denial and frustration.

James stole a glance at the slave using him in rare moments of relative respite – after all, he was only human – and saw nought but his mouth.

And yet it was enough to convey everything that ran through his poor, broken mind.

The entire ball gag seemed to be wet. Drool foamed at the border between the gag and the lips like a diseased, maddened dog. It trickled down into his beard, but he ignored it and continued fucking like it was his destined duty.

A duty which he performed gladly. The pummeling only ever got more vigourous as the session went on, despite being in full view of quite a number of people.

James’ cock tried to get hard, inevitably failing due to the chastity, and sending sharp pains up into his pelvis. This mattered precious little; everything in that region hurt.

Regardless, the pair of slaves continued about their business. After a while, the slave on top started shouting and grunting in all manner of pitches and rhythms.

Two light taps on the top slave’s ass.

Immediately, a rush of cum shot into James’ ass. The now-relieved slave contorted and curled and wriggled his body as much as the rope allowed, gasping for air as the orgasm shattered his mind and rattled his body.

They were unattached and laid out face up next to each other.

The spent ginger slave laid still, uneventfully allowing his bronze cage to be locked back on as his gag, blindfold and earplugs were removed.

As James looked on, he made eye contact with the other slave and shared smiles. A tired smile and a gagged smile, but smiles nonetheless; smiles that represented nothing but pure joyous relief.

Meanwhile, James’ legs were spread and an anal plug went up his hole. As he reacted to this most unexpected sensation, jerking his head around to see what went on between his legs, he noticed much, much more was in store for him.

Guards lifted the other slave up and undid his frogtied legs, who was made to kneel between James’ legs.

A key appeared out of Russell’s pocket.

He was being unlocked for pleasure.

As James saw the slave in front of him bending over and started sucking, he gave up thought as well.

If there was ever a time to be a beast and forget about everything, this was one of those times.

Without an ounce of care for the one blowing him, James started humping. At this point, that slave might as well be a fleshlight or a guard’s hand; any one of the three could make him cum – no difference.

Unfortunately, the clothed people were far from dazed, unlike the slaves who were naked and reduced to thoughtless, cheap animals.

Russell came forward and pulled back the slave who was sucking. “No cumming,” he announced.

After a lengthy but finite struggle in his ropes, James eventually allowed Russell and other guards to lock his cock. Still tightly bound in all the bondage from just now, he watched as his fellow slave was blindfolded and gagged again, then escorted out of his cell.

Only him and Russell remained.

To be continued …

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