One Year – Part 14

By Taurus

Part 14 – “A Friend”

Russell slowly undid James’ bondage, first flipping him on his front to unknot the rope, then onto his backside. The gag came out last, after he had been sat back up.


“I know what you’re gonna ask me, so I’ll tell you: pleasure sessions don’t mean orgasm sessions. I could let you cum, or I could edge you. The pleasure was in the time you were free from your cage.”

A lengthy silence capped off this part of the conversation. It was Russell who broke the silence.

“Got any more questions?”

“Who was that just now, sir?”

“It’s Riley, another slave like you.

“He’s new here, and he’s staying for a month, a little longer than the two weeks for most normal people.”

James blushed. The year he signed up for was just a tiny bit crazier. Seeing this, his handler chuckled and patted his shoulder.

“Ah, his thing is being treated like shit. He asked for his handler to all round abuse him. All allowed in the contract, of course.”

“What’s he having, sir?”

“The others are cumming into him and smacking him around all day.”

James cringed. He would absolutely not survive what Riley goes through.

Despite knowing all was consensual, James still wanted to go comfort Riley…


Surely, it was simply too much pain for any person.

He asked Russell if it was even possible for him to do so.

“Funny enough, it is. You’re working out in the same session. Because I’ll be the one supervising your workouts, as long as you don’t slack off I’ll let you chat.”

Well, that was easy.

Of course, talking while doing his intensity of gym training is much harder, but James still eked out time and strength for conversation.

He learnt that Riley, as Russell described, was a slut for humiliation and pain, bordering on abuse. His routine was, in many ways, very similar to James’ save submissive training, which was substituted with a rough session filled with corporal play. He even lived in a cell of the same symmetrical eldritch design as James’ cell.

The most shocking thing of all was that Riley had specifically asked to never have his cage unlocked other than for medical emergencies.

“Then why did you get to cum?”

“Hey, my handler does whatever he wants. All part of the plan.”

The second most shocking thing was how Riley offered to comfort James first.

“I heard you haven’t cum in months? Did you cum after yesterday? You alright?” Asked Riley in a southern accent.

“I didn’t cum, but yeah I’m okay. My last handler abused me, but now it’s fine. I actually wanted to ask if you’re dealing with this life okay. You wanted to cum so bad.”

“Mhm. I just like to cum every day, and I was taken here, like, a couple days after I locked myself.”

“So how would you get off?”

“Prostate. Or getting sessions like yesterday?”

“Smack!” Went the flogger on both slaves’ backs.

No slacking allowed.

Immediately, both slaves picked up the pace.

Day 165. The day of finally having a second friend, and a friend who was intimately familiar with his suffering at that. This friendship as slaves would only last a month, but it was heavenly compared to constant solitude without his handler.

To be continued …

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