Over the Line – Part 4: Fourth Down

By ty dehner

ty dehner roped web bondage stories

The clicking of the breathing from the gas mask woke me. Unsure of the time, it was morning and I felt Linebacker’s arm wrapped around me, holding me near him. The constant light breathing from the mask was all that I heard as I stretched. I could feel the smooth slick surface of Sir’s football pants against my bare skin, with his one leg wrapped over both of mine. Naked, because Sir was punishing me for not doing my work out while he was out of town for the week, that is how I was waking this morning.

I had disappointed Sir by not doing my workout while he was gone. He was not overly pissed but there was some punishment doled out when he returned home last night. My sleeping naked is strong statement from him, because we both love gear and for me not to be in it also disappoints him. As I woke more, I rolled over and looked at my gas masked Linebacker sleeping. Slowly, I worked my way down to his crotch, under the blankets of our bed. Gently working the laces on his pants, I got his beautiful dick out and was able to take it in my mouth. While lightly toying with his dick with my tongue, I reached up and covered the breathing port on Sir’s gas mask. As the air was missing, he shuttered awake, his gloved hands reaching down and stroking my shaved head. Sir rolled on his back and let me continue his wake-up call.

At that point I took him deep into my throat and his hips reached up to meet my lips, while his padded gloved hands held my head in place. My tongue gently swirled around my Master’s penis, feeling it grow in length and size with each little pass. My tongue explored his piss slit, as Sir’s hands rubbed my face and briefly plugged my nose. Raising my head, I let his dick slide out, then I went down and deep once again and I heard Sir moan in his gas mask. As the morning passed, I slowly increased the tempo of the up and down of his shaft, with my tongue gliding with my mouth. Plugging his air only made him harder and made him hold my head tighter on his tool. Sir wrapped his smooth panted legs around me, squeezing and making me take him deeper down my throat. I worked into a rhythm of taking him deep as I plugged his breathing. Over and over I did this and tighter he would squeeze me. In time he began to control the tempo of my head to bring him nearer and nearer his climax. The longer I would cut off his air and harder he got and faster he pumped my head. Sir’s hips would press up against my face, forcing my nose in his pub hairs and sliding his laces around my cheeks.

Finally, he couldn’t hold out any longer and pushed my head down hard, shoving his dick deep into his pad pigs throat. With his breathing blocked, Sir shot his load into my throat over and over. Releasing his breathing, Linebacker moaned with pleasure that his pad pig has brought him. Gently Sir released his grip on my head and moved me towards him. I looked at him through the lenses of the mask and I smiled, “Good morning, Linebacker.”

“I love you pig.” was his muffled reply.

Linebacker grabbed me tightly and hugged me and he rolled us over with him on top of me. Sir grabbed my hands and wrestled them down over my head and he sat over me in his gas mask looking down upon his pig. I could feel my dick growing harder against his ass, looking up at this strong, uniformed Man in a gas mask. I sensed in his eyes that he was very happy. Trying to move my hands, he held them firmly down to let me know he was still in charge. Sir lowered his head down to my tits, taking them in with the air intake of the mask. I could smell the rubber of his mask as he did so, over and over pulling them up with his breathing in and releasing them by breathing out. Sir came to my ear and said, “I’ve got a choice for you pig. You can shoot your load this morning, under my control of course. Or you can wait until tonight, after the rodeo, and I will mummify you and take you on.”

What sort of choice is that, there was no question in the matter. I could wait until tonight and I told Linebacker that. I think he smiled and he let go of my hands, then took off his gas mask. Turning it around, he put it on me and I could smell the rubber and feel the sweat from him wearing it all night. Sir took my hands and placed them under my back, then slid down my torso and quickly too my dick in his mouth. My hands came up to touch his head and he quickly shoved them back.

“Pig, you said you wanted to wait until tonight, so you shall. So, don’t cum, if you do, then you won’t get any for two weeks.” With that he took my dick in his mouth again. Now this was not fair. Linebacker was teasing me, and he wanted me to shoot my load, but I had to hold it back. Gently he would work my dick, with his tongue; he was fucking good at it. Then his gloved hand circled my gas masked face, as he deep throated me, he shut off my air. Moaning into the mask, Sir released my air and I took in a heavy breath. Then he did it again and again. Now I was getting closer and Sir was increasing the rhythm. I wanted to move my hands to stop him but didn’t dare. I started to beg for him to stop, but he kept going. My breathing increased, and he held the mask tight cutting off my air, I was rock hard and seconds from shooting the white juice into Sir’s mouth. It was coming up when Sir released my air, dropped my dick from his mouth and grabbed my tit and pinched it extremely hard. I lost the moment right there and screamed in agony in the mask. Linebacker laughed at me and slapped my chest. Then he laid on me.

“Pad pig, you’re so funny. I could’ve fucked up your next two weeks. Guess I’m just too easy on you.”

Sir kissed the lens of the gas mask then took it off. That was followed by a deeper kiss and I could hold and hug him back.   We held each other tight, our legs crossing and gripping each other, tongues traveling between our lips. Then it was over as Sir lifted his head.

“Pig go suit up in your workout uniform and get breakfast ready. Then we gotta hard work out today!”

Linebacker rolled off me and I started to get up. He was not happy with my speed and he slapped me on the head, “Faster pig!” The pad pig jumped from the bed and headed to the workout room where my uniform was kept.

Working out is one thing that Linebacker and I do daily. Every night when we get home from work, after dinner we spend two hours working out. We each have our goals and mine are starting to be noticed by me. Sir wants his pad pig to be like those no neck defensive linemen you see in the pros. So, he has developed a routine that works those muscles to get me there. My waist is down 2” since coming to serve my football Master, my arms are getting bigger and my chest is starting to show some signs of definition. But I don’t hold a candle to my Linebacker. I know that every man on the planet would want him in their life…Sir is so fucking awesome. When we first worked on our exercise goals, I didn’t see what Sir was working on for he seems perfect. But he has gotten even better. He wanted to be huge and we are getting him there. No steroids just work, and nutrition are getting him there. Plus, his other goal is to make the Red Deer Buccaneers as the lead linebacker this season. That is something I will make happen for him, for it is important to me to see that Linebacker achieves the great things he wants in life. I believe in him so much, I will be with him when he makes his first sack!

Our workouts are hard, and we each push each other. But Sir is much more disciplined than I am, which is why when he was gone I didn’t do my workout as much as I should have. I know I disappointed him and I’m not sure why I did that. But he understands me and the training and re-thinking I require getting me to my goal. I do work out harder when Sir is here, and many times that is because I don’t have much of a choice. But I push my Linebacker hard also. To see him straining as he lifts weights I never knew anyone could, just makes me so proud of him. Often, he will kiss me after a good rep, and other times he gets kinky and makes me lick and sniff his sweaty pits after a workout. There have been times when we went to bed early and I was wrapped in his sweaty uniform for the night to smell him.

We start our workout with Sir having me do my lifts as I lay on the bench. He has increased my weights today, so it is a bit difficult. As Sir watches over me, he comes around and straddles my face, laying his ass on my face. I smell and feel his smooth football panted ass right on my face, as I breathe out while lifting the 90K’s that he has put on the bar. Over and over I did my lifts, the harder they got. But Sir liked my warm breath warming his ass. It isn’t often that we play while working out…this is serious to Linebacker and it is becoming that way with me.

I do my series of weights then Sir puts me on the treadmill. Now this is usually with me in a collar and chain attached to the top of the mill. He also tapes hand weights to my gloved hands and I wear my helmet while doing my 8k walk. As I do my walk I watch Linebacker start his workout. Seeing him straining as he lifts, and bends makes me very proud of him. I love to hear him grunt and groan. At times he has a hard time and I encourage him and make him reach the end of his reps. Sir always thanks me after, because he knows I help him achieve his goals. Plus, to see him in his football pants, cleats, practice pads and jersey with is workout gloves is always something I will enjoy. We first tried working out in full pads but found that we couldn’t do many of the routines, so we got ourselves practice pads so that we would be in uniform. During the first weeks that Sir was teaching me how to work out, he had me in full rubber under my uniform and I sweated like the pig I was. There are still days when he has me in rubber as we do our workout. But as the days have gotten closer to his tryout on the team, he has gotten very serious about the workout. Right down to what I cook for our meals, Sir has done all the shopping and changed our eating habits.

After his routine, Sir releases me from the treadmill and puts on his helmet. Taking me to the wrestling mat, we start up some fun and games. We work hard when we wrestle but we also laugh and have a great time. At this time, we aren’t Linebacker and pad pig, we are two challengers and the winner gets a pint of ice cream for the night. Naturally, Sir normally wins but there are times when I do, and he loves it when I do. Most of the time we wrestle in our football uniforms that we wear for working out, other times we’ve done it in rubber, in our leathers, sometimes Sir is in his cop uniform and once we did it totally naked. Though Sir did cheat towards the end, well I think he cheated, he said he was just taking advantage of his pig’s vulnerability and lack of wearing a cup.

The wrestling really tires us out and at the end, Sir pins me again. He bangs his helmet against mine and spits in my face. Lying heavily on my chest, Sir rests his face mask on mine and looks me directly in my eyes.

“Pig, tomorrow is a big day for me. You’ve helped me get here and while I am scared a little, I know I can make the team. I want you there tomorrow, cause you give me the pride to go all the way.”

“You’re my Linebacker, I will not miss it for the world Sir. You’re gonna fucking make that team and be on the starting line.”

“Woof. I have something I wanna practice outside, will you help me pig?”

“Of course, Sir.”

We get up and head outside behind the shed. There Sir shows me that he has purchased a tackling sled. There are several heavy weights on the base, with two padded stands which a lineman practices crashing in and moving.

“Let’s see you do it pig.”

I look at my Linebacker then make a running dash at the sled, yelling as I push the heavier than expected sled a few inches. I try and release it, as Sir crashes into me and pins me between him and the sled. He moves both of us further than I did. Sir orders me to say where I am, and he disappears into the shed. He returns with a couple rolls of wide duct tape and pushes me against the sled. I am surprised by this and not sure what he is up too and start to say something, but he rips a small piece of tape and lays it on my mouth. Tightly Sir secures me to the pad and the rack that holds it, with my arms down to my side. Then he grabs my feet and tapes them up until I am no longer supporting myself. Helpless and taped to the sled, Sir again goes into the shed. In a few minutes he returns in his real football uniform in complete pads. He goes into his line stance, calls out two short signals and then runs right at me crashing into me. The burst of air from my gut blows part of the tape off my lips.

Sir turns around, goes back to the line and does it over, his time yelling like a soldier going into battle and tackling his dummy before him. Doing it several more times, he crashes into me, dragging the sled further and further. Sir stops and grabs my face mask.

“You know pig, I love hearing you groan as I crash into you. This is what I’ve dreamed of doing with you for fucking ever. We’re football men and this is what football men do!

Fucking bang our pads together! YEAH!”

Through the ache and pain, I scream with him! This is what we do, we bang pads! Sir goes back to the line, calls his signals and then runs and crashes into me!

The crash of the gate slamming into the metal fence fills the hall as the bull charges out of the pen with the cowboy hanging on for dear life. Just 8 seconds is all he must do, as the crowd cheers him on! The bell around the bull’s neck clangs and snot flies from his nose, spinning around and around, eventually tossing the cowboy to the dirt on his back with his legs flying like a rag doll. The cowboy rolls over and slowly stands, grabbing his hat and waving to the crowd. He didn’t hit is 8 seconds, but there is always the next round.

This is the rodeo in Alberta; the cowboys are on the fence and in the stands, cheering on those men that challenge the animals. And Sir and I love going to the rodeo. When Sir puts on his Wranglers that stack ever so perfectly on his brown cowboy boots, I really know I love this man. I make sure he wears spurs, which he likes. His buckle is big, his shirt is white and smartly pressed, but he wears a black hat because there is that little bit of evil in him. Sir has me in Wranglers also, with brown boots and a buckle that isn’t as big as his. My shirt is black, and he always has me wear a black hat. What guys don’t realize is that we are wearing our football pants under our Wranglers. Someday I hope to get Sir a nice pair of heavy tooled chaps to wear with the rest of his cowboy gear, and a bull rider’s vest. I’m working on it for Christmas, but not sure I will make it.

As Sir downs his beer, we talk about the various riders and the ropers, once and while we point out a hot cowboy, but have to be careful for this isn’t a gay rodeo. This is one of the bigger events in central Alberta and we have been looking forward to it for weeks. I love to take pics at the rodeo. The action is exciting and well, yes, sometimes there is a good Wrangler butt to have a copy of also. Before the rodeo progresses too far, I ask Sir if it is OK for me to go to the chutes to get some closer pics of the guys in before they go out. He nods his head and I head out.

Getting up close to those chutes can be exciting and scary. You really see how large those animals are. Sir has talked several times that he wants both of us to ride a bull in the next couple of years. I know Sir could, but it scares me a great deal. But if I did it, I know he would be very proud of me. With my digital camera I get some great shots. As the animal and rider burst from the gate; the securing of the gloved hand to the rope that holds the rider on. The way the leather chaps lay against their boots and spurs as they get ready, the size of their buckles and of course, those nice butts.

As I start to head back to my Linebacker, I stop to get a drink in the hall just off the chutes. I turn from the fountain and a pretty big cowboy stands before me with his arms crossed. He is awesome in his chaps and dirty boots, his hat tipped over his eyes.

“What you taking pictures of there, partner?”

“These?” I hold up the camera, “They are just for my personal enjoyment.”

“Yea?” he steps closer the quickly shoves me against the wall, as two other cowboys join him. He presses his gloved arm into my throat. “I think you’re some sort of faggot taking pics of our asses, so you can jack off to them.”

This surprises the shit out of me and I must think fast.

Choking out my reply, “No, no just taking pics of the rodeo.”

One of the other cowboys isn’t too sure of this action, “Hey, maybe he’s taking pics like he sez.”

The one choking me turns to him, pissed.   “Fucking, you don’t want some pics of your ass on those fucking faggot web sites where they blow their loads thinking of us do ya?”

The unsure one pauses for a moment, “Hell no, they don’t do that do they?!”

The other cowboy that has been silent up to now, “Hell yea…one of the guys showed me that a few weeks ago. There is a gay rodeo out there and they come to these just to get their rocks off!”

“Fuck!! No way!”

“We gotta set an example and stop these homos!”

Before I knew it, the other one was putting his bull rider glove on me and binding my wrists behind my back. My camera fell to the concrete floor and one of the cowboys smashed it with their boot. They pushed me down the hall, out of the arena and into the back of their truck, with a shell over it. I tried to reason with them, but they shoved a sweaty rag into my mouth and roped it in, then roped my feet together and tossed a moldy tarp over me. I heard the tailgate slam shut and them talking.

“Let’s get out of here.”

“What about the rest of the rodeo?”

“Fuck man, I already been tossed off twice I ain’t getting any points tonight. Plus, be much more fun to string up this faggot and show him what cowboys are really like.”

“Where to?”

“Let’s go to my place, it ain’t but ten miles from here.”

I hear the cab doors open and slam shut and the motor start. Tossing me around the back, they pull out of the parking lot and take me to who knows where. As we drive, the lights from the street light let me see that the leathery smell that is getting me a little excited is from a saddle and another pair of chaps lying near me, though I’m not very comforted by being in this situation. This is not the type of bondage that is any where near fun.

We get to their place and they drag me out of the back of the truck. Throwing me to the ground they kick me with their boots and get me all muddy and dirty. Then they drag me into a barn. The leader of the cowboys shoves me into a stall with a horse and I land in a pile of horse shit, on my shoulder. The horse in the stall jumps back.

“Faggot, you want dick, how about some horse dick!” they all laugh and shut the stall gate as the horse walks towards me and sniffs this shit covered guy bound and gagged in his stall.

I can hear them moving things around and talking between themselves. Eventually they come and drag me out of the stall. And I see a noose hanging from the rafters. They push me to my knees and the three surround me. I look straight into these huge rodeo champ buckles, with my gagged face in the reflection.

“So, homo fag, you like dick?”

“Man, I don’t want him touching my dick.”

“Fuck man, they like it…they live for it. Up their ass. Something big like this.” the lead cowboy shows me a pitchfork. “Shove this up his ass and he’ll be happy.”

“That is fucking gross.”

“You know I hear they love to drink piss too and suck off cowboys.”

“You guys know way too much about this stuff.”

The other two laugh, “Well let’s see if it is true.”

The third cowboy unzips his Wranglers and pulls out his soft dick from behind his cup and jock. He walks towards me and undoes the gag and lets it drop to the barn floor. I look up at him and his evil smile but refuse to take his sweaty dick into my mouth.

“Come on pig, do it.”

When he says that, I remember my Linebacker. Shit, he must be wondering where I am. I want him here right now to protect me, because he would smash these guys into the shit piles they are. The cowboy grabs me by the head and pushes his dick into my face and rubs it around.

“Take it you pig shit. Suck on it like the gawd damn fag you are.”

I refuse to open my mouth and he shoves me tighter into his crotch. Then I hear a click and I feel a cold steel piece on my temple. The cowboy lets me loose a little to see that the leader had a western pistol pointed at me. He pushes it hard into me and I have no choice but to open my mouth. In I take this limp dick and slowly work it. I feel the cowboy shutter a little and his dick starts to grow. The hesitant one yells out, “Holy fuck.”

“I hear they like it in the ass also.” says the leader as he moves the gun down my back and pushes it into my ass.

I work the other cowboy’s dick and get him hard; he has no choice because Sir has trained me to be the best cock sucker around. All I hear the cowboy say, quietly, is “Fuck, fuck, fuck.” He is working his hips in motion with my head, up and down on his dick. His breathing increases and his grip of my head tightens, and I feel his dick spasm and he shoots his load down my throat.

“Fuck!” is all the hesitant one can say.

The cowboy pulls out and punches me in the face. I fall to the dirty floor and he kicks me in the stomach. I curl up as best as I can, since my hands and feet are still bound.

“What are we doing?!”

“We’re having fucking fun with a faggot.” states the guy that just raped my mouth.

“Gag him, let’s show him what being a cowboy is really about.”

The cowboy grabs the dirty rag and shoves it in my mouth. They find some tape and wrap it around my gag and head to secure the rag. Lifting me up they undo my feet and push me against a post. The hesitant one comes to me and puts me in a pair of their heavy chaps, they smell leathery and feel great on my jeans. The leader brings out the horse and they lift me up on it. Leading the horse to the noose, the guy that raped me lowers the noose and snuggly secures it around my neck. Now I’m scared. This is not good, and I am pretty helpless. And I think of my Linebacker. Tomorrow is his big day; I really need to be there. Now he will be worried about me and looking for me. Fuck what are these guys doing to me!

“Fag, you better be cautious. When I fire this gun that horse is gonna bolt and leave you hanging. Too bad you were taking your fruity pics of our asses.”

I try to beg for mercy through the gag but can’t. I feel the tightness of the Wranglers on my legs, covered in the leather of the chaps. I always wanted to be a cowboy, but not like this. I look at these three and they are awesome examples of cowboy, all in their rodeo gear, dirty boots that I should be cleaning, not hanging from a noose. I would clean their boots to get my release and be at my Linebacker side for his big day.

The horse fidgets a little and I feel the noose tighten.

“Not sure what you thought would happen to you. But fuck who is gonna care if we hang you faggot. Of course, we could just leave you here and let you be a stud to our horny stud horses. You’d love that, open your ass so wide you could drive a pick up through it.”

They laugh. The leader comes up to me with his weapon, running it up and down my face and body. I feel the cold steel and it makes me move away.

“Yea, you’re pretty helpless. No one knows you’re here.”

“He was a pretty good fuck you know.”

“Yea, but we gotta be careful not to like it too much or we’ll be one of them.”

Sir, where are you, I need your help so much.

“Gotta show him that he is messing with real men. We don’t fuck guys. But we’ll fuck him up bad.”

They laugh as the leader slaps my face.

“Yea, I think it is gonna be fun watching you swing from that rope, dangling like a scarecrow in the wind.”

He holds his gun closer to my face and I see his finger slowly squeezing the trigger. I start to shake and struggle with my bondage. The guy smiles liking that I’m sweating and getting scared.

“Yea, you’re scared now. I like that fear in you.”

He breathes on my neck, holding the gun close, the trigger getting closer and closer to impact. This can’t be, I struggle with my hands in the glove and bondage behind me. My Linebacker, what about him, how can I not be there. The cowboy spits in my face and that strikes me hard. I see my Linebacker as I close my eyes. I feel the spit run down my cheek and think of my Linebacker, hoping that somehow, he can feel where I am. I open my eyes and I see the gun pointing right at me. This is even more than I can take. I shake my head no, hoping he’ll stop. Sharply he points the gun up and I hear a loud bang and the horse bolts from under me.

© Copyright 2018 by ty dehner

To be continued …

Metal would like to thank ty dehner for sharing this story!

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