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Padded Cell Inmate

I hope that everybody enjoyed the pictures and information that was presented here on Metalbond each Tuesday night over the past several months, provided by The Warden, of the Padded Cell Inmate (pictured above). I must say that this is one of the heaviest scenes I have ever heard about.

The padded cell scene was conducted in the spring of 2010, and it was posted back then on the old Metalbond site, and I have been re-posting it here on my new site every Tuesday night since last Christmas.

There’s still going to be more.

I am pleased to report that BOTH the Inmate and The Warden lived through this ordeal, and they both sent lengthy written accounts of their experiences over the nearly three weeks — yes, THREE WEEKS — of nonstop incarceration that went on (although it took much longer than that to re-post it all here).

These first-person reports are VERY enlightening, and they will appear here on Metalbond next Tuesday, the 23rd, and the following Tuesday, the 30th, starting with the account of the Inmate.

Meanwhile, if you happened to have missed any of the pictures of this long-term incarceration scene as it was in progress, simply click on the category for “Padded Cell Inmate” directly below. Be sure to check the many comments that were listed under each posting, as well.



Sick Puppy writes:

i know some people will think it’s gross, but i want to know how they managed the toileting stuff, because this kind of stuff has to be dealt with. So how did they do it?


The Warden

You will find out when you read the reports to come.



I am looking forward to read the reports. It would be so interesting to read the Warden’s report, since he was the one in charge. It was a heavy scene, a very interesting one. Maybe the Warden would capture the Inmate again sometime in the future?



Yes, I very much enjoyed this and the pic above is great. I’m particulary interested in hearing the inmate’s report.



As a bondage slave I have followed this with keen interest – looking forward to the inmate’s report to hear how he coped with the crushing “nothing” to do – spend a lot of time in a steel gimp box – but never to this duration – congrats to B/both



I am the inmate concerned. I’ve been given permission by the Governor to answer any questions that anyone may have and am more than happy to answer them.



Hi, Inmate. How are you doing?

I know Metal will post your report, but I would like to ask you a few questions anyway.

– Was this experience what you expected it to be? Was it better/worse than you thought?

-Would you do it again?

– Do you keep in touch with the Warden?

– How did the Warden treat you during your incarceration? Do you resent him?

There are many more questions, but I will wait to read your report.

By the way, sorry for my ignorance, but I have no idea what you and the Warden are talking about regarding the Governor and the Governor’s Institution. Could you explain?

Thank you in advance. Take care.



I’m looking forward for the reports, especially from the inmate.

Must be very intense, lucky guy. I like the pictures very much. Only I think that an inmate should be in chastity all the time.



Soooo excited for the reports. It’s the narrative context that makes this so much better than other bondage situations.



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