Paying the Full Price – Part 5

By UKDeviant on Recon

After cleaning myself up and pulling on clean trackie pants I went back downstairs and made another coffee. It was nearly the end of May and I had been locked in the cage now for nearly 9 weeks which by far was my longest duration and I was now ready to be released. Also, I truly didn’t know where I was with the points. Nate was, I felt, looking to give me a way out in 48 hours. I was not sure if this meant that he felt the game had run its course and needed to come to an end and he now wanted a way out too so he could do something else or if there could be something after this.

Ping… ‘you only have 15 minutes left to decide or the challenge continues… I bet I know what you will do… X’

He was right. I started to think about the reply while my dick throbbed away in its cage.

“Hi Sir, the last weeks have been an awesome experience and while I do not want your control of me to end, the unknown risk thrills me and I can’t help but accept your proposal, Sir, and the consequences if I fail. I trust you completely and will do my best.” I thought for a moment longer and added “I hope that there could be something longer term after this though. X” – Send.

Ping… ‘Good slave. It is now 16:00. You have 12 hours to send me a proof pic of you naked in front of a motorway sign. Trainers or boots are ok, the steel belt and locked collar are obviously staying on but NOTHING else. Any message before 16:00 other than a proof pic means the 2 weeks penalty applies IMMEDIATELY. If the proof pic is accepted then you will receive your next challenge 24 hours from now. Warning – don’t think this will get easier the longer you leave it. X’

I felt a little weak at the knees at the risk. I had been naked in the middle of a field before, but that was in a deserted area. Motorways in the UK are never deserted. Accessing them is difficult for good reason. Should I get in the car and pull onto the hard shoulder with the hazard lights on to do the dare? I could get into the car ready with just a pair of shorts on. With the phone on the dashboard on ‘video’ mode I could then take a screenshot of an image. There is just too much traffic to even hope to do this without being seen, even shielded by the car.

This was going to be risky and difficult so I decided to re-read the message very carefully and think about how to reduce the risk. Risk. Throb, Throb, Throb.

‘A Motorway Sign’. Ok so this is a blue sign with white text. It occurred to me that this then did not have to be a big sign with the junction details, but could be a much smaller exit sign or even one on a slip lane where there is only traffic coming one way. They are also usually on a curve so there is a much shorter line of sight. This would make it much less risky. And a closer photograph.

I just needed to think of where there was a very quiet junction I could visit. The reality is that no junctions are quiet – at least not in rush hour, or daytime. Hmm – I had 12 hours to do this which takes me up until 04:00. As we weren’t far off the summer equinox the nights were never pitch black so there would be enough light to walk along a slip lane, get to a sign, strip, take a photo, get dressed, then get back. I didn’t understand what he meant by ‘Don’t think this will get easier the longer you leave it” – the closer to 4am, the quieter and easier it would be!

After midnight was clearly the lowest risk way to fulfil the criteria. Nate had given me a window of opportunity until 4:00am and was getting a balance between pushing my comfort zone while making it achievable. Happy that there was a way I could satisfy this challenge with acceptable risk, I decided to get some sleep and set the alarm clock for midnight.

Naked, in bed, with my chain collar padlocked on and the steel belt making its presence felt as ever I was looking forward for release. I desperately wanted to edge myself for an hour or two and had so missed this. Prior to meeting Nate, I would knock one off perhaps three times a day. Bed time, the middle of the night and in the morning. Each occasion would be slow and with the benefit of an old iPad (My Porn-Pad) where I would scroll through saved images, RECON profiles, look at kinky toys and used sports kit on eBay or read stories on Metalbond and Eckie. Being locked makes it very difficult to get the same pleasure and while the games had been immense fun, thrilling, and tense, the best part of denial is in a 1 to 1 relationship where you focus on the Masters needs, and can service him. I drifted off to sleep contemplating a scenario that this was with Nate, just like I had every other night for the last weeks…

The electronic beep of my alarm clock getting louder and louder woke me up. Confused for a moment as to why it was dark, I rolled over and groped around for the clock to press the snooze button on the top. The LCD display lit up and it was midnight. My dick immediately hardened and swelled inside its cage as I remembered what I was going to do in the next hour or so.

I got up and it didn’t take long to get dressed, there wasn’t much point. A t-shirt and pair of loose shorts I could slip off and back on again over my trainers were all I needed. I picked up my phone and car keys and was about to head downstairs when I saw that I had two messages from Nate. The first; “10:00pm you have had 6 hours now. You are now required to do this task with ‘Property of Nate’ written on your chest with the black marker pen” The second; “12:00 midnight You are now required to do this task plugged”. I smiled at the two additions which would delay me a little and set about following the instructions. Now I knew what he meant when he said the task would not get easier with time… Again, no plug was specified so I picked the smallest one, but really didn’t care. I was oozing pre-cum and release was now imminent Right now, I would do anything to anything with anything if it meant I could be freed. I realised from the two hour intervals that it was important to get the evidence over before 2:00am in case another requirement was applied.

The plug was covered in a condom, lubed up and roughly stuffed into my hole. With the benefit of a mirror, I wrote the required text on my chest, getting the ‘a’ back to front. Bollocks, no time to correct that now. Next, I left my house and locked the door. It was a warm, dry night. The pandemic had been disastrous for business, the economy and relationships but spring had at least given us great weather for a change. There was also some discussion about easing of the lockdown rules and allowing households to start mixing. Perhaps we would get a normal summer?

I got into the car and headed off to the closest motorway junction while the plug worked its way further inside me. My objective was to find a quiet junction with a blue motorway sign I could easily get to and to get the photo back by 1:30am – this gave me about an hour. Should be simple. I could check out a few junctions then pick one. The closest one to me was served a city and two A roads so this was too busy and I just drove through it without considering any options. Heading north I was relieved that there was so very little traffic – Covid meant that people weren’t travelling so much. Ten minutes later and I came up to an ‘off slip’ for a semi-rural area so indicated and pulled off the motorway. There were no other road users in sight – perfect. I had passed the 3 – 2 – 1 countdown signs which were still very public for my liking, then at the top of the slip road, just before the roundabout, there was an ‘End Of Motorway’ sign which was blue. Perfect. I had forgotten about those.

I turned off at the first junction and parked the car up. Keys and phone in hand, sorted. Glancing about I jumped out of the car and jogged towards the slip lane, the car alarm chirping to acknowledge the remote lock being pressed on the keyfob activating the central locking. I dropped my keys into my shorts pocket and zipped the pocket shut. I don’t need to lose those. The Motorway sign was only 10 metres away from the roundabout, I could see no CCTV cameras and I carried on down the gravel strip to the sign. It was about head height. Perfect, I could get close to it and the camera just a few metres away on the ground. I knew that nothing was going to come from behind me so my only danger was ahead.

My dick was thumping hard in the cage and I was very alert to the road noise of cars passing by intermittently at 70MPH or more just down the embankment. Headlights flickered through the trees, but no one could possibly work out what I was about to do, but it did worry me that I would struggle to hear a quieter slower moving car on the slip lane and the only warning I might have was the headlights washing over the shrubbery tarmac

Ok, time to do this. Standing near the sign I shook off my top and kicked off my shorts. Swiping my phone open to set a delayed action video I saw I had another message from Nate. “13:00 – fifteen Second Video now required instead of a photo – you don’t want to wait any longer as the task will get harder. XX”. With hindsight, a number of things occurred to me; the first was that I should have set the camera up first before stripping. The second that I spent more than fifteen seconds staring dumbly at the screen computing the greater risk rather than just getting on with it.

I was jolted back to reality quickly when I realised that the road ahead was being illuminated by an oncoming car. The headlamps had not yet become visible and I decided to abandon my clothing, jump over the road side Armco barrier and dive for cover in the sparce bushes.

My dick was throbbing away in its cage, my heart was beating fast and my mind was now catching up on my predicament – What would I do if the car stopped? I’d run like fuck. Forget the clothes, stay in the undergrowth and head for the car.

A taxi rumbled past, slowing down for the junction and a few seconds later was gone. I laughed out aloud to myself. The CMNM scenario is a big appeal, it sets Master and Slave or Dom and Sub apart but this was exhibitionism, something I had not tried before other than the dares in the field and the risk was fun. So, I set my phone to video, the camera on the front screen selected and hit record. I could edit it down to a shorter clip later. I slowly made my way to the armco barrier and when I was happy nothing was on the slip lane or motorway, set the camera down on at ground level propped against one of the barrier posts and positioned it so that the sign was in view filling the screen.

The next part was just a case of waiting for the right moment. My cock was throbbing away in its cage and I was pretty sure that I had landed in some prickly shrubbery as my right thigh was sending my brain pain signals. Too much going on to worry about that now. My heart was still beating hard and I focused on the road noise and decided that there was a lull in traffic. What the hell. I jumped over the barrier and stood in front of the sign. I was looking up and down the road, no one was there, and it was at that moment my dick got the better of me. I posed, staring at the camera, arms folded with a confident smile on my face. My eyes, however, were alert to any change in light levels on the road ahead and I was listening for any engine noise. Nothing. I was, however, going to be super cool about this!

‘One, one thousand, Two, two thousand, Three, Three thousand… I counted. Knowing that my heart was racing, when I got to fifteen I needed to be certain that I had not gone too fast, so carried on. Twenty, Twenty five – and fuckit, that’ll do. I rushed to the phone, checked it was still recording and, relieved that it was, grabbed my shorts and T-Shirt. I could feel my car keys still in my shorts pocket, good.

Still a lull in the traffic. Thrilled that I had gotten the evidence, and even on a little high, on impulse I decided to do a naked run back to the car. There was sufficient cover on the verge if someone came by and this just added to the excitement. As it reached the top of the slip lane, I fumbled for the key-fob in my shorts pocket to unlock the car. After some groping and trying to work out which way up the fob was and pressing buttons randomly, the hazard lights flashed on my car inn the distance and the interior light came on. Perfect. At the top of the slip lane I glanced behind me again – no sign of headlights. I looked to my right and there was nothing coming around the roundabout. It was perfectly still so I sprinted to the car with my clothes in one hand any my phone in the other.

A few seconds later I was at the driver’s door then inside the car. When the door was closed, I switched the interior light off to darken the interior and fished around for the keys in my shorts pocket. Of course, they were inside out after I kicked them off and properly tangled up. Another ten seconds of fumbling in the dark and I had the zip. Then the keys, and I was off.

It turns out that driving along naked except for trainers, a steel chastity belt and a locked chain around your neck is incredibly horny. I had a fifteen minute drive back home and contemplated putting my T-Shirt back on. Deciding against it as I was enjoying the nudity, I opted instead to lay the T-Shirt flat on the passenger seat and untangle the shorts ready to put on if needed. A little juggling with the steering when with my knees and it was done.

Nate’s updates on the requirements to satisfy the task amused me and I thought they were very clever, and, of course, with my phone beside me to get the proof I could not say I hadn’t received them in time. This was just about when the alarm bells started ringing. The first two ‘further requirements’ were two hours apart, the third only an hour. There was nothing to stop him from issuing a further update that invalidated the video I had just taken and I couldn’t take that risk. Indeed, he had warned me to get on with it. I pulled onto the hard shoulder and hit the hazard lights. Lorries were occasionally passing me going in the opposite direction and I expected a few vehicles would eventually pass me.

I opened the video and selected the option to edit it. I knew there would be about 10 seconds at the start to cut out and a bit at the end. A few seconds later the clip was shortened to just the confident pose. Wow, it was 23 seconds, ok that’ll do.

I entered the app we were using to send general messages and uploaded the video. Still anxious that I might get another task I noted that the time was 01:53 – still seven minutes left until his ominous warning about 02:00.

Then, The spinning wheel of doom. I had signal, but was it 3G or 4G? why won’t this upload?! As I pondered, blue flashing light from behind started to reflect off the rear view mirrors and the car interior… Oh, no, really, no! frantically I grabbed the T-Shirt and slipped it on. My flailing arms caught the rear view mirror and also knocked my phone onto the floor. I knew my shorts were laid out on the passenger seat the right way up and grabbed them, holding them apart with both hands. I leant forward and raised by right foot up to slide this into the opening. The tread on my Nikes caught on the top of the shorts and snagged them out of my right hand. My forehead hit the centre of the steering wheel and the horn went off.

This was now an epic fucking disaster.

And I gave up.

I had nothing to cover my lap. My shorts were tangled around my left ankle and right trainer. There was no hope of a quick retrieval. The blue lights now dazzled the interior of the car, reflecting off every surface. This was it. I adjusted the rear view mirror I had knocked while frantically trying to dress and got a good view behind me, just as an ambulance shot past the door, lights ablaze, gently rocking the car as it flew by.

Emotionally, I was deflated. My heart rate slowly returned to normal. My dick was unusually subdued and I decided I needed to untangle my shorts, get home, find my phone and then let Nate know that I was done. The calm rhythmic clicking of the hazard lights in the background slowly helped to restore calm to me. Dressed, I put the car into gear and drove along the hard shoulder before switching the hazard lights off and re-joining the motorway.

Ping… My phone was in the footwell and out of reach. It would have to wait.

Ping… Nearly home, but I’m not going to grope around for the phone in the dark while driving. Nonetheless, my dick started twitching at the unknown messages from Nate.

The dashboard clock now showed 02:05. Bollocks.

Despite this, my dick throbbed away in its cage. I was desperate to know what the message said but was done with risk for the night so would not be searching for a phone on the floor in the dark while driving.

Ten minutes later I was parked on the drive and exhausted. I reached around blindly in the footwell for the phone and after remembering that I had switched the interior light off, turned it on and quickly found it.

“Well done, task completed and I note that you exceeded the 15 second requirement. That means that tomorrows task will be longer than I intended as you clearly enjoyed it.”

“I will contact you tomorrow 16:00 with the task. You are not to contact me until you have received tomorrows task, carried it out, and have the proof ready. It has been a long day for me here and I am off to bed. Night. X”

I was sat in the car, the plug pushed firmly into my arse. My padlocked chain collar which I fully expected a motorway policeman to question was proudly visible. My dick throbbed and ached for release. Emotionally I was drained but exhilarated by the risk. Fundamentally, I had gotten through the first of the two tasks, but was now worried by the second.

If I was going to get my freedom then tomorrow, I would need to pay the balance for my freedom.

UKDeviant on Recon


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    1. Both tasks were real life experiences for me, I still don’t believe I did the second… hope you enjoy it – it’ll be out within a week!

  1. This is so very, very believable and such a hot read. I was swept up in your story and was feeling the adrenaline right there with you. Thank you.

    1. Hi POW – WOW! Thank you for the feedback there! it has been a lot of fun to write! I hope you like the final chapters! :)

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