Male bondage video: Riley is roped

At Roped Studs, Riley is roped on his back, a half dozen clothespins biting his nipples, struggling, with a hard dick.


Rope man J.J. loves to watch him squirm and moan in pleasurable agony. Then, in classic fashion, J.J. strings Riley’s cock and balls with more pins, finishing it off with a more painful, spring-loaded biting clamp right at the tip of his cock! J.J. watches as his captive moans and grunts as he twists and turns, the pain from the pins and clamps increasing every second as he lie bound in rope, helpless. Just as Riley thinks he might get some relief, J.J. decides to spice it up and play with those pins, nipples, cock and balls!

Roped_Studs_Riley_02 Roped_Studs_Riley_03


Here’s a free video preview clip:


See it all over at Roped Studs


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