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Ian is roped against a concrete pillar

Jared loves using his expert rope skills to tie up Ian in ways that show off the young athlete’s oversized pecs, small waist and muscular arms and legs. Ian is roped against a concrete pillar, his arms pulled back, forcing his chest out, his neck and ankles roped tight, displaying his body perfectly. He is naked but for tiny, see-through briefs. Blindfolded, he has no warning when Jared whips his pecs and abs with a flogger, making the firm flesh tremble in agony. Ian moans through a tape gag until Jared removes it and the blindfold so he can appreciate the fear in Ian’s eyes and the music of his screams. He rings the stud’s pecs with clothespins and places two on his nipples. The pain is unbearable – and gets worse when Jared rips off the pins and smacks the captive’s wounded flesh.

Ian at Dream Boy Bondage

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IAN – Sexual Servitude – Chapter 5

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Athlete gets led around by his nips and shock-collared balls

Thomas has an incredibly fit body and a giant dick. And he’s very smug and proud about it! He comes for a modelling job because he expects to be idolized and adored, but Dave’s only desire is to turn him into a cocksucking whore and permanently ruin this horny bastard. He must stand in place to be pervily groped over the thin fabric of his rugby kit as Dave gets familiar with the terrain of this stupid athlete’s well-toned body. This fit fucker radiates heat like hot metal! He deserves to be led around like a dog, so Dave clamps a chain to his highly sensitive nipples. Now any light tug on that chain causes him intense pain and provokes him to instantly obey. He is thoroughly humbled being led around by his nipples. To further his malleability, an electric collar is attached around his great big balls and enormous donkey dick. With the press of a button this sexy prick gets zapped and he will do ANYTHING to make it stop. He will even get on his knees to orally service Dave and Adrian’s hard dicks with his sweet pink lips. Being a thick-skulled rugby bastard, his dick-sucking skills are poor. So he needs to be rigorously trained in how to orally service cock. Thomas receives detailed instruction in how to pleasure the head and swallow the shaft so his nose is buried in a man’s pubes. Any disobedience results in instant punishment! He’s totally overwhelmed as hard dicks are insistently shoved in his face and he desperately does everything he can to stimulate them. This is what every fit athlete should be reduced to: body exposed, on his knees and struggling with every muscle in his body to sexually serve men.

He is thoroughly humbled being led around by his nipples


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Milking It (For All That It’s Worth)

By RotherhamMan

“That one there.”

Frank looked up to where Luis was nodding. “The one with the cap?”

“Nah, next to him, the one with the shorts on.”

Frank wasn’t subtle as he looked the guy up and down, taking in his clothes and how they fit him and speculating on what was beneath, “Oh, yeah, not too bad.”

“Nice lips,” muttered Luis. He could tell even from this distance that they were full and pouty lips that were rare for a guy. He was as open as his friend was in checking the guy out but more so when he palmed his erection. “I’d like them on my cock.”

Frank snorted as he finished a swig from the can of beer. “You’d like any lips on your cock.”

“Nah, I like a pretty face and lips. I have standards.”

The guy and his friends had noticed the two young men staring at them and after a few moments of shifting, clearly uncomfortable, moved on somewhere else. Luis rolled his eyes, couldn’t they take the compliment of being checked out? Probably straight, a waste of good lips in his opinion.

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A mummified twink gets his nips suctioned and his cum extracted

At Boynapped, Danny has been so obedient and compliant so far. He endured the foot play and the kinky anal action, but now it’s time for the captive to get his hot twink sub cream stolen from his throbbing cock. Wrapped up tight in plastic and blindfolded on the old dirty mattress, the prisoner is soon having his nipples sucked hard, his cock swelling in Xavier’s hands, the masturbator on his helmet making his dick drool with the need to unload. Xavier knows how to make his subjects squirm, but the plastic is too tight to give the captive the opportunity while his cock is milked and he’s made to launch his hot goo from his bulging penis!

A mummified twink gets his nips suctioned and his cum extracted


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Title of this update: Foot Play & Cum Draining – Part 3

the prisoner is soon having his nipples sucked hard

SFDom and Wired4Fun lock BDSMBondage3 into an Academy bondage chair

This is Part-2 of a series of videos featuring a wooden bondage chair called the Academy Chair. Back around 2006 a group of guys produced a number of VHS videos featuring heavy bondage scenes at their famous Academy Training Center. These videos were quite popular and were sold worldwide. During the Academy’s heyday they built all kinds of cool bondage equipment to use in their videos. The wooden chair in this video was one of three different chairs they built. In this video, SFDom and Wired4Fun secure BDSMBondage3 in the chair.

SFDom and Wired4Fun lock BDSMBondage3

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Title of this video: WOODEN ACADEMY CHAIR – PART 2

SFDom and Wired4Fun lock BDSMBondage3

Torture stud

Michael Del Ray, a classic frat boy, is flat on his back, held down by the same plastic wrap. He’s in total darkness, the contours of his handsome face visible through a tight lycra hood. Normally, helpless like this, he’d expect his undies to be ripped off and his cock sucked, then his hood removed and his mouth fucked. But now he knows he will be tortured before being used for sex. Sure enough: Jared slices his chest and stomach with a bullwhip, pulls down his briefs to line both sides of his cock with stinging pins, then removes the hood, not to force a cock down his throat, not yet, but to hear him cry out in pain as clothespins are clamped on his nipples. An especially nasty clip pinches the head of his cock and a spring-loaded clamp crushes his balls! Michael writhes in pain, flexing against the plastic. He’ll suffer like this for hours.

Michael Del Ray Dream Boy Bondadge

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MICHAEL DEL RAY – Deviant No More – Chapter 3

Dream Boy Bondage Michael Del Ray