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Captured and tortured by The Shadow Dom

The steel mill paddle slaps against his bare ass over and over again, but the pain of the nipple clamps only makes it more intense for Larry. Muscle dom Joe is relentless. He loves hearing his subjects cry out and whimpering. No matter how much Larry tries to block out the pain, he can’t. The poor guy just wants to escape, but Joe isn’t done with him yet.

Captured and tortured by The Shadow Dom

Video at Bound Muscle Jocks

Scene Title: Joe Giovanni and Larry Savoy

Scene Short Description: The Shadow Dom – Part 3

See the VIDEO at Bound Muscle Jocks

Video at Bound Muscle Jocks

Dakota Wolfe takes the 30 Minutes of Torment challenge

Hot pain slut Dakota Wolfe endures three extreme challenges before blowing his load as his reward.


The Pit – Hot pain slut Dakota Wolfe stands in the pit as he is bound with leather belts before Van gets his cock hard. Heavy clamps are tightly screwed onto Dakota’s nipples as they are tormented with the sting of the cat-o-nine tails whipping against his tender skin. Dakota pushes through the pain of his nipples before enduring an extreme flogging.

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Event Urinal – Part 07

By Nitro

Hey y’all – I wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who has reached out to me lately to give me feedback and support for my stories. You have helped inspire me to get back into writing, and I have some fun stuff coming.

I have had a whole lot going on in real world land lately that has needed my focus, but now I’m back! Let’s do this! Please feel free to reach out to me and tell me what you think of my stories.




To recap where we left off – SIR and Dallas had just finished an intense 69 skullfuck with one another on one bed and spit their loads down my funnel gag. Shea and Tom were fucking Bill from both ends in the sling. Bill has been locked in self-inflicted chastity for eight weeks. Then that just leaves me—the gimp. I am sitting on the floor with my feet pulled in toward my ass and pressing the heel of my wader boots into the base of a huge plug up my hole. I’m in head-to-toe rubber with a funnel gag in place and restraints on my ankles and wrists. A thick catheter is lodged in my cock which has a tube connected to my funnel gag. Twelve padlocks are holding everything in place and the keys are all sealed in a time safe with one hour per padlock. We started with 12 hours… I have no earthly idea what’s on the clock now, but it feels like it’s been DAYS already. My nipples are on FIRE from the clover clamps at their base and the talon clamps at the tips. The numbing cream on my cock has long since worn off, which tells me it’s been at least a few hours since we started, but I can’t move enough to get friction on my cock to even think about getting close to shooting.

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Bradley takes a seat on Jared’s bondage chair

At Dream Boy Bondage, Jared has put a new jock on his torture slave and now has his legs spread over a bondage chair, a steel shaft topped with a steel ball mounted on its seat, right under his ass. Jared pushes down on Bradley’s hips, forcing the prisoner to penetrate his asshole with the steel ball. The naked captive, moaning in agony, lifts himself off the steel plug a few times only to have Jared push him back down on it. Then Jared bends Bradley’s knees, raising his feet off the ground, and ropes his ankles to the chair, permanently impaling him. Bradley moans and gasps, his tight torso undulating in agony. Jared clamps Bradley’s tender, pink nipples with two biting clips, making the stud moan and writhe even more intensely. Still, despite the pain of the deep violation, Bradley’s massive cock gets rock-hard as Jared strokes away.

Video at Dream Boy Bondage

Video at Dream Boy Bondage

Title: BRADLEY: Master’s Pet – Chapter 5

Bradley takes a seat on Jared’s bondage chair

The joys of inflicting pain

Soldier Dirk is really enjoying being the one inflicting the pain for once. He still doesn’t know exactly who is overseeing their play, but he’s going to make the most of it by tugging on Drake’s nips with the clamps while his own cock throbs and drips. Drake can only try to endure being on the receiving end of such punishment for once in his life.

See the VIDEO at Daddys Bondage Boys

See the VIDEO at Daddys Bondage Boys

Models: Drake Jaden and Dirk Caber

Title: Tied & Tormented – Part 3

Drake Jaden and Dirk Caber

Male bondage video: Riley is roped

At Roped Studs, Riley is roped on his back, a half dozen clothespins biting his nipples, struggling, with a hard dick.


Rope man J.J. loves to watch him squirm and moan in pleasurable agony. Then, in classic fashion, J.J. strings Riley’s cock and balls with more pins, finishing it off with a more painful, spring-loaded biting clamp right at the tip of his cock! J.J. watches as his captive moans and grunts as he twists and turns, the pain from the pins and clamps increasing every second as he lie bound in rope, helpless. Just as Riley thinks he might get some relief, J.J. decides to spice it up and play with those pins, nipples, cock and balls!

Roped_Studs_Riley_02 Roped_Studs_Riley_03


Here’s a free video preview clip:


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