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Video: Marcus chained to a wall

Scroll down for a free video preview from the men of Dream Boy Bondage. In this shoot, a lean, young prisoner is chained to a wall and slowly stripped, revealing a huge, gorgeous cock that gets instantly hard – and stays hard, even though he is helpless and terrified.

Alex loves seeing Marcus chained to a wall

Alex Killian has had his eye on Marcus Rivers for months. The captive has a sexy, wiry body, naturally lean, with a plump ass and a hint of abs. But his best feature is his cock: Gorgeous and huge, throbbing and erect with just a few strokes. Alex loves seeing Marcus chained to a wall, his baggy pants hanging low on his narrow hips, revealing several inches of flat tummy and the top of his pubes, his lack of underwear and socks hinting at the fact that he will soon be naked. Marcus is hooded and gagged, blind and completely helpless. He has no idea what will happen to him. Then he feels hands on his body, then down his pants! He gets instantly hard, his cock rising up above the top of his pants. The thing is huge. Then his shirt is ripped open. The groping continues. He whimpers as clothespins are attached to his nipples. His erection stiffens. He is terrified, but totally turned on.

Here is a free video preview:


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Title of this shoot: Marcus Rivers – Young Cock Torture – Chapter 1

Dream Boy Bondage


Ginger bondage prisoner

Meanwhile at BreederFuckers, Danny needs to understand that the only reason for his existence is for other men’s pleasure. He’s bound in a way where he’s painfully bent over giving easy access to his arse. But he can’t move an inch because his genitals are tied to his feet. So when Dave spreads his arse cheeks apart to fiddle with his bumhole Danny can do nothing to protect it.

nipple torture

His face goes bright red with the knowledge that his arse will soon be invaded by cock, and drool pools around his gag dribbling down. What a disgusting sorry sight this proud hetero has become. All that saliva makes a convenient lube point for Adrian, who lines up to slick his dick ready to be thrust into Danny’s arse. He weeps in frustration, pain and humiliation as he’s viciously screwed from behind. Dave jumps in on the action and both his holes are screwed simultaneously, so Danny is totally overwhelmed. He hollers as he’s pounded from all sides. That sexy Irish beard on his face is covered in jizz and he’s ordered to clean the dick that’s fucked him even while his arse is being covered in another load of cum!

severe nipple torture


See VIDEO of Danny’s ordeal at Breederfuckers

male bondage torture


Tricked into a vulnerable position

male nipple torture

Bright young professional Daman comes to the office seeking to advance his career, but instead he gets a lesson in being a first rate slut. He submits to an exercise where he’s restrained and finds himself increasingly desperate to escape as they pervily strip him down and take advantage of his exposed body. He’s furious that he’s been tricked into such a vulnerable position, but there’s nothing the sorry fucker can do about it now. By the time the thick fucker figures it out, it’s too late! Tied and vulnerable, he’s burning with anger!

male bondage

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Male BDSM: William Crown gets edged

Check out this recent update at Men On Edge. William Crown is new to bondage, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to have it easy! He’s bound as Chance Summerlin works his big dick, sucking it deep, and Sebastian Keys works his hairy hole sliding in a fucksaw.

William Crown Gets His Big Hard Dick Choked And Edged

Title of this shoot: William Crown Gets His Big Hard Dick Choked And Edged

Video preview available here

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William Crown Gets His Big Hard Dick Choked And Edged

Video: Crucified for 12 hours

Scroll down for a free video preview from the men of Dream Boy Bondage. In this update, A male athlete’s lean, strong body is displayed perfectly on the bondage cross. He suffers, naked and helpless, for twelve long hours.

Dream Boy Bondage free video

Johnny, completely naked, is strapped to a cross, positioned for maximum muscle strain, his arms at 40 degrees, his knees bent slightly. The prisoner hangs from the wood, his chest and ribs scarred from an earlier whipping. He is to hang for 12 hours – despite having been promised a reduction to eight if he jerked-off on command. Johnny has the perfect body for the cross: He is lean and light but with more muscle than a runner or a swimmer, strong but not heavy. After six hours, Johnny drifts in and out of consciousness, but Felix brings him back to life, zapping him with the taser and clamping his nipples with alligator clips.

Here is a free video preview:


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male bondage torture

Bryce gets a rough medical exam

At BreederFuckers, Bryce is full of fiery anger and spunk. He uses all the strength in his body to fight against his restraints, but he’s trapped in place while Dave is determined to act out his pervy medical fantasy on him. This is a physical unlike any this proud fucker has experienced before. All Bryce’s furious energy is leached out with this grueling unrelenting treatment till he’s left a grunting pleading bastard. Desperate for any relief, Bryce’s cock is manipulated till he’s achingly hard and releases a huge stream of semen. He is left totally drained with spunk slowly drying on his once proud face.

male bondage

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