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The Tournament Affair – Part 11

Note: This is the second to last chapter.

By @reconkayar and @mmmph82

Part 11 – The Townhouse

Another hour has passed. The van is making city turns, and Denny deduces they are getting into town and probably close to the men’s house. Time has become completely fluid during this episode, and Denny realizes he’s got very little clue what time it might be. But as the loading doors open, Denny realizes there’s very little noise outside, and he surmises from the apparent lack of traffic that it’s the wee hours of the morning.

About 10 minutes pass. Denny and Ken hear the men unloading gear and cases while they lie hogtied, gagged, and muzzled on the bunk beside one another. Then they hear a side door of the van slide open. One of the men comes back and begins undoing the hogtie tether from Ken’s head, then Denny’s. It’s Ben, Denny can smell him.

He unties the men’s legs and helps them out of the bunk. “Let’s go, men.” He brings Ken to the side door first, then Denny. The van is right up at the curb, with Chad and Ari on either side of the path in, providing a screen to deflect curiosity from anyone who might be on the street at 2am.

Each of the captives gets seated in a guest chair after being ushered into the house, a brownstone six steps above ground level.

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Luke Riley abuses Derek Pain

Guard Luke Riley knows better than to play with the Product — Derek Pain himself — he could damage it before a buyer gets to make an offer. The guy can’t resist though! With his boss out of the room, he indulges, using the painful nipple clamps, slapping and smacking the Product around, toying with the big uncut cock and getting his own big throbbing boner out. It almost goes wrong when the Product tries to fight back!

Luke Riley abuses Derek Pain

VIDEO at Bound Muscle Jocks


VIDEO at Bound Muscle Jocks

Scene Title: The Slave Traders – Part 2

Models: Derek Pain, Luke Riley, Mitch Colby

Luke Riley abuses Derek Pain

VIDEO at Bound Muscle Jocks

Weighted Nipple Clamps

Each of these alligator-style nip clamps has a weight of up to 6 ounces (0.38 pounds) — a nice amount of weight to put on your hog nips! These are for more experienced nipple pigs.

Weighted Nipple Clamps


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Weighted Nipple Clamps

A captive gets handcuffed in a public park

At Brutal Tops, Dave and Maurice team up again to humiliate a feeble nameless sub in a public park. Confused people walk past the horny threesome as the cute prisoner is abducted by the snarling duo. The stripped guy is humiliated as the Masters forcibly explore his arsehole with their fingers and a dildo. Then snarling Master Dave attaches pegs to his pubes and barks in the runt’s face to humiliate him even more. Bewildered members of the public watch as the sub parades around revealing his pert arse and stripped body, fully exposed.

male BDSM in public park

See video of this shoot and more at Brutal Tops

Video at Brutal Tops

male bondage with handcuffs

Video: Noah is roped spread-eagle against a wall

gay_bondage_roped_studs_metalbondnyc_01 gay_bondage_roped_studs_metalbondnyc_02

In this shoot, Noah remains roped spread-eagled against a cold, concrete wall, a steel ball and chain roped to the base of his cock and balls, keeping his cock engorged and purple. Rope man J.J. loves watching this prisoner squirm in pain, so he attaches some nasty clothespins to the his nips, then flogs the pins along with the captive’s cock and balls. What a sexy slave — so vulnerable, so well roped — tortured and displayed to perfection.

Here is a free video preview — and as always with Roped Studs be sure to click the button to watch this in full screen mode.


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Another Weekend – Part 1

By slavebladeboi

I turned off the ignition and walked the bike backwards down his driveway. I was already hot inside the leathers, the lining of which was beginning to stick to my skin. Kicking the sidestand into position, I swung my leg over and stood. The front door was closed, but he always left it unlocked when I was due to make an appearance. I undid the helmet strap and pulled my new Shoei up and off, this one was white with blue and yellow lightning flashes, making sure not to drop it like I did once before with an older one. So much for not being nervous.

Gloves off, keys in pocket, best foot forward.

Once inside the hallway I stripped off. Not as easy as you may think. I like my leathers good and tight, which adds to the “cling factor” when I’m naked and sweaty beneath them. After taking off my boots and having a one-man wrestling match with my one piece I folded the leathers as much as I could and placed my helmet and gloves on top. Deep breath and on into the next room.

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