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15 – Part 02

By slavebladeboi

I stood for a couple of minutes trying to hear what was going on as nothing else seemed to be happening, but he soon returned. He led me out of the room with his hand grasping my neck. I knew more or less how to get to the dungeon play space even though I couldn’t see but this was just one more bit of authority he held over me.

I heard the locks snap shut on the wrist restraints as he fixed them to the bar. It must have been the bar he was setting in place that took those first few minutes and he’d adjusted it to a height that meant I was reasonably stretched if my feet were flat on the floor but needed to be on tip toe to relax my arms slightly. When he kicked my ankles apart, so he could link them to the chains at ground level, I found tip toe was my only option.

Then silence.

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Porn star Dolf Dietrich surrenders his 8-inch cock for edging

Dolf Dietrich got tied up at KinkMen!

In this shoot, Dolf has a bondage session with Men on Edge. Sebastian and Jessie get to quick work on the stud, fitting his chisled body with ropes on a pool table.

Dolf_Dietrich_gay_bondage_01 Dolf_Dietrich_gay_bondage_02 Dolf_Dietrich_gay_bondage_03

All the rope over his muscles has Dolf’s throbbing dick ready to launch out of his boxers. Dolf loves having his nipples played with, so Sebastian teases and torments them with a hitachi while Jessie sucks him off. They suspend the stud above the ground and fuck his ass with a dildo. Dolf is just too eager to cum — grunting, begging and then shouting for orgasm as he swings in the air. They take Dolf back to the billiards room and strap him down to the pool table for repeated edges with the fleshjack and vibrating sheath. As the day comes to end, they finally let Dolf’s cock explode and douse his abs in hot cum. Dolf gets a generous taste of his own seed before Jessie concludes the day with a rough apple polishing.

Dolf_Dietrich_gay_bondage_04 Dolf_Dietrich_gay_bondage_05

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Dolf_Dietrich_gay_bondage_verta Dolf_Dietrich_gay_bondage_vertb

Tying up the pool boy

David Webb, a blond, 22-year-old German pool boy wearing nothing but a Speedo, notices his latest client, Jeremiah Cruze, watching him from a bedroom doorway, shirtless and stroking his cock through his gym shorts. “Hey, pool boy, I need your help,” the muscular young man says, gesturing for him to come in. David doesn’t hesitate. “What’s all this?” he asks, eying a ladder-backed chair, whips, and other kinky paraphernalia. He steps back but it’s too late; Jeremiah has him in a neck-hold. Minutes later, he’s bound to the chair, blindfolded and gagged. The man’s hands are all over him. Then he feels the bite of nipple clamps.

Tying up the pool boy

Tying up the pool boy


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Title: David Webb: The Pool Boy – Chapter 1

Tying up the pool boy

Cole Blue has Caleb Morphy chained up

Top man Cole Blue spots a hot guy wearing extra-small jogging-shorts. Cole flashes a smile at the stud, and less than 24 hours later he has him chained to a table. “What are you gonna do?” Caleb Morphy asks, seconds before Cole shoves his huge, erect cock into the captive’s mouth and fucks his face before cutting holes over his juicy nips and whipping them with a riding crop.

Cole Blue has Caleb Morphy chained up

Cole Blue has Caleb Morphy chained up


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Title: Caleb Morphy: Southern Boy – Chapter 1

Cole Blue has Caleb Morphy chained up

Bobby is gagged and drooling at Breeder Fuckers

At BreederFuckers, Bobby’s arms are bound together and tied to the ceiling. With his cock and balls firmly tied to his feet, this captive isn’t going anywhere.

001 004 005

No matter how much he squirms, he can’t do anything to stop the bad man from fondling his hefty cock and sliding his finger around the sensitive circumference of his sphincter. This straight man is made to become familiar with every stage of being fucked. He’s presented with a stiff dick in his face, which he’s ordered to slick up by drooling copious amounts of saliva through his gag.

006 010

His tight arse is then split into and he’s ruthlessly screwed. Bobby is then ordered to deep throat cock, which is rammed right to the back of his throat making one of the most vividly intense gagging scenes ever filmed.

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Justin gets hard as the ropes tighten around his body

Sean gets hard as the ropes tighten around his body

There are worse things than being at the mercy of kinky dom Sean, and it seems Justin knows it. While some might be scared, this naked young man is already getting hard while Sean tightly ropes him up around the chest, but that cock only swells even more while Sean gets to work playing. A little wanking and sucking of Justin’s juicy pink meat while he’s tied up and hoisted until he’s standing on his tiptoes has the prisoner totally hard and eager for more, but you know it’s not going to be as simple as a load stolen from his dick! Watch as Sean torments the captive with the pinwheel, rolling it over his nipples. Then Sean gets him over the bench with his arse up!

Sean gets hard as the ropes tighten around his body

See the video at Boynapped


See the video at Boynapped

Title: Horny Master Uses Justin – Part 1

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Sean gets hard as the ropes tighten around his body

Nate – Part 04

By slavebladeboi

For a second night Nate sat up in bed and looked down at the cage that was very effectively stopping him playing with his cock. He had also spent the previous evening fiddling with it, playing his fingers around it, trying to get some sort of satisfaction from this new sensation.

After leaving Mike’s he had not been able to focus on anything for more than a few minutes at a time. Whatever he did or thought about, the cage once again slipped to the forefront of his mind and his hands wandered down to touch it. He certainly felt cross at first, cross that someone had taken his free will away, in as much as he thought his cock was absolutely his to play with whenever and however he liked, but this was diluted to a large extent by overwhelming feelings of pleasure and expectancy at what was to come.

That first night after his experience in Mike’s playroom he slept with belts securing his ankles and thighs and with his wrists handcuffed together in front of him. He thought it would help overcome the horniness he felt, but it only made it worse. His cock leaked precum and, the restrictive cage made erections uncomfortable if not a bit painful. He eventually fell asleep, but the morning brought little comfort. A cold shower helped, but the relief didn’t last for long. Sitting to piss was a new experience, one he initially refused to accept, but, having to clean up after splattering the bathroom floor with the overnight contents of his bladder, he decided it was for the best.

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