Men in suits tied up: Power suit power play


At Men At Play, Hector de Silva finds himself completely at the mercy of another man — Emir Boscatto. Hector is bound to a chair and on the receiving end of basically anything Emir wants to do to him. Emir decides to play a little game of control on Hector by taking his throbbing cock and playing with it, slowly at first but gradually picking up rhythm and taking him almost to the point of cumming but stopping just in time to see Hector gasp, and his eyes beg him to take him to full orgasm. Emir continues this delicious game of edging a few more times, reveling in the power he exerts over his victim, and as much as Emir would like to milk him fully and drink his load, his power-game has only just begun!

gay_bondage_men_at_play_02 gay_bondage_men_at_play_03 gay_bondage_men_at_play_05

Title of this shoot: ‘Jungle: The Lions Den’

Starring Hector De Silva and Emir Boscatto

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male bondage


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