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Bondage with a male hustler

Bondage with a male hustler

One of the reasons you hire an escort is to help bring your greatest sexual desires and fantasies to reality. Bruno Max is traveling for business and can’t wait to enjoy a night of debauchery with a young hustler he’s rented for the night. When the hustler, Allen King, arrives, Bruno asks him to undress, wear some business clothes and get into the shower.

The mischievous Bruno loves seeing the water drop on Allen’s body as he teases him with his eyes. In a matter of seconds, his boner gets so hard that he takes it out and cannot resist giving it to Allen to suck. The young hustler Allen King loves servicing his clients, and the kinky side of Bruno comes to life. He ties up his captive to fuck — first with a big dildo and then with his hard dick until he douses Allen with his huge load of cum.

Allen King, Bruno Max


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VIDEO TITLE: Young Hustler 2

STARRING: Allen King, Bruno Max

Allen King and Bruno Max

Tied up in his business suit

For some (many) of us, there are few things hotter than buttoned-down beautiful men in proper shirt and tie dropping their pants and following all their filthiest impulses to get off together. Add in some leather cuffs and a black leather blindfold, and the fetishy fun just multiplies. At PeterFever, muscleboy fireplug Rio kneels on the bed in white shirt and tie, with hands cuffed behind him. Then handsome Asian top Hiroya comes along to tease him to the point of a long, delectably intolerable edging session. Rio gets kissed, nips tweaked, and dick and ass played with till he can’t hold back a second longer. Once he’s finally given up and let his nuts spew their juicy splatter, Hiroya fingers and fucks him for his own jollies. It’s a scorching hot scene made even sexxxier with both guys in proper business suits. Watch out Hiroya, or you’ll have to explain cum stains on the tails of your white shirt when you get back to work!


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Title: Asian Suit Studs

Site: Peter Fever

Echo Grove – Part 02

By Stormbound

gay bondage stories by StormboundOnce through I heard the eclectic door lock engage. I almost started to panic until an intercom crackled to life and the slightly distorted voice of the orderly spoke through it saying that this was one of the interview rooms and that for security reasons the door had to remain locked when anyone was inside. He said I should take a seat and get comfortable and that he would be back with the patient shortly.

I now looked at the room and saw that it had a small table flanked by a cushioned stool on each side, all securely fastened to the floor.  Attached to the table was a set of padded leather manacles to restrain a patient seated at the table. Clearly thought had been given to the risk of violence and I hoped none of it would be remotely needed during my visit.

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Buying Love – Part 6a

NOTE: This is the first of several intended side-stories for characters introduced by Cutieboy90 in Buying Love – Part 5. To start at the very beginning of this story, click here.

By Cutieboy90

cutieboy90 male bondage stories“Wake up, stud. We’re here!” Alden’s voice made Brett wake with a start. He wiped the drool from his cheek and looked ahead out the window. There it was — their destination!

It was late afternoon. The hot New Mexico sun beat down upon the bitter wind-blown abyss of dust and stone. Black, scrubby pinons stood in stark contrast to the red sandstone ground and vivid blue sky. Brett had admired the enchanting beauty as it rolled by and lulled him to sleep after hours of travel. Now as the Vaquero Ranch finally came into view, Brett found himself hypnotized once again by the picturesque high desert setting.

The ranch was set on a gently sloping mesa. Its dazzling white bricks shone out from the endless red sand like a beacon, and its old Spanish style was instantly impressive.

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More necktie sex

It’s the end of the first school day after a two-month lockdown. Professor Dani Rivera greets colleague Diego Reyes, and they chat about how good it is to be able to have some freedom again. It wasn’t easy being confined to their homes. Dani missed going to the gym and Diego missed … having sex.

Dani missed going to the gym

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Title of this shoot: Sexless No More

hot men in suits