Reading for a Leatherman

Written by ty dehner

“Are you the author?”

After hearing the question from a firm, baritone voice, I looked up from my device to see a tall man wearing what had to be his finest leathers. Without thought, I responded quickly. “Yes, Sir. I am.”

As I stood, the Leatherman took one of my books, turning it over to read the back cover. As he read, I took a closer look at his leathers, starting with his boots, a pair of Wesco Boss that went to just below his knees, with thick Vibram soles that I always thought gave a pair of boots more authority. This gentleman wore black Langlitz Competition Breeches with their distinctive quilted design on the knees and hips. A thick leather belt around his waist was slightly covered by the belted waist of his Langlitz Columbia jacket with quilted accents on the shoulders and elbows. While the jacket was zipped up, Leatherman wore a leather shirt with a leather tie knotted at his neck. Black leather gloves were holding and paging through the book’s first chapter.

Not looking at me, the Leatherman asked, “This book is Leather Cop Enforcement; I take that there is leather involved, bondage?”

Placing my hands behind my back, I confirmed that my stories have lots of both. Since I was running a booth to sell my titles, I offered my sales speech, “Since today is Black Friday, all my books are twenty-five percent off.”

The Leatherman nodded as he seemed to have found a passage in the book that interested him.

This was the first day of the three-day leather event in Los Angeles. Leather Getaway was an annual event by the people who put on CLAW in Cleveland. They saw a need for a leather event on the West Coast. I’ve been coming to sell my books and offer educational seminars on writing and publishing leather stories.

I look forward to this event every year!

When the Leatherman finished the passage he was reading, he responded with “Fuck!” rather loudly. Closing the book sharply, the Leatherman turned to me with his eyes half covered by his leather Muir cap, “Are you sure this is fiction?”

He held up the book, which was my second novel, “You have experience like this?”

Shaking my head negatively, I spoke to his leather man with the respect he deserved. “Sir, that is all fiction. Now, I would admit my writing has elements of what I would like to experience and elements of prior encounters, but that book is fiction.”

Placing the book back on the display stand, the Leatherman positioned himself squarely in front of me, looking me over. As he did, I felt underdressed. I was wearing the PVC trackie I had purchased for this event. It was kinky and comfortable but didn’t compare to this man in full leather.

“Are you into leather as much as your book portrays?”

“Oh, very much so, Sir. I don’t have much leather as I always felt that when a Master finds me, he should decide what leather I would wear.”

He looked into my eyes, “You are submissive, boy?”

I am not shy to admit it, “Yes, Sir.”

Leather Cop Enforcement by ty dehner
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“That makes what I read even more impressive in my mind,” the Leatherman said as he reached for me, placing his gloved hand on my cheek, lightly moving across my skin as I take in the growing scent; a shiver runs down my spine. Then he took his hand, moving it backward to wrap around my neck. The Leatherman pulled me toward him gently, knocking me off balance. I stepped forward, and the Leatherman pressed his lips against mine before I could react.

Closing my eyes, I left my hands behind my back as I felt the warmth of the man in layers of leather was now pressing against me. Now that he had me in place, his tongue made its way through my lips as his other hand reached around me, gripping my wrists tightly to let me know that the Leatherman was in charge now.

As this man in leather was showing me his dominance, I was feeling myself in my PVC, my cock growing to life. I realized he was kissing me in the Vendor Mart, where guys had to be seeing what was happening. Quickly, I left those thoughts and focused on how firmly in charge this man was.

Releasing his embrace, the Leatherman gave us some distance, as I could look into his blue eyes, and he could see into my green eyes. “You like a man that takes control, don’t you?”

I had to admit I did; I like guys who have confidence in them, know what they want, and take it when they find it. I responded with, “Yes, Sir.”

His face was smiling as his gloved hands took hold of my shoulders. I could feel that I was under his control at this moment. Then he pulled me closer, and we hugged. The scent of this leather was strong, just like his grip on the hug and the layers of leather that I could feel.

Releasing me, the Leatherman stepped back. He picked up the book he had briefly read, “I am going to buy this book, boy.”

As he said that, a part of me thought about offering the book to him, but I knew this man was one of principles and would not accept a free book just for kissing me.

“But, I want something from you if I do.”

As I was bringing out my Square card reader, I paused. Could I be letting my imagination run away with me thinking he wanted to fuck me or something like that? I looked at this Leatherman, listening to what his requirement was. “Sir?”

“I want you to read this book to me.”

Now, that was a request I had never had or thought of. “Right now?” I inquired.

The Leatherman smiled. “No, no. I want your attention when you read to me as I relax. I will purchase the book now and return at closing time to collect you and the book.”

That seemed harmless to me. I agreed, and the Leatherman brought his credit card, paying for the paperback. “When are you done here, boy?’

“The mart closes at six tonight, Sir.”

Returning his credit card to the leather wallet he wore at the end of a chain clipped to a belt loop of his breeches, the Leatherman put the wallet in his back pocket. “I’ll see you then.”

That was the last he said as he left and disappeared into the crowd of other leathermen and kink folk in the market.


The afternoon went well as I enjoyed meeting the many guys who stopped by my booth, visited me, and purchased my various titles. I caught up with friends I hadn’t seen in a while and shared the details of what had happened earlier with the Leatherman. They all asked if I would read the book to him, and I responded that I would. There didn’t seem much harm in doing so; frankly, this would be doing something new, so it was worth exploring. As a writer, I have challenged myself to go beyond what I know or am comfortable with to learn and experience life.

It was a few minutes before the vendor mart would shut down for the day, so I started closing down the booth. As I was covering my wares with a sheet, I felt the presence of someone behind me. Before I turned to see who it was, arms came around my waist, pulling me into the person. By the scent of the leather, I knew it was the Leatherman. I felt his face stubble as he nuzzled and kissed the nape of my neck.

Letting go of the sheet, my hands took hold of his gloved hands around my torso as the Leatherman explored with his lips. I lift my head and close my eyes.

“You ready to read your story?” the Leatherman whispered.

I responded as I felt the warmth and strength of the leather he wore, “I’m looking forward to it, Sir.”

Releasing me, the Leatherman slapped my ass, which provided a swift smack sound against the PVC of my pants. One of the other vendors saw how the Leatherman treated me, smiled, and winked. I smiled back as I secured my booth and put items into my backpack. I turned and admired the Leatherman that was waiting for me. He was so handsome, his leathers fitting him perfectly. I took it in as I wasn’t often the object of such a man’s attention. Smiling at him, there was a slight grin on his face as the visor of the Muir cap partially covered his eyes.

I picked up the book he had purchased, handing it to him.

“You’re going to sign this for me.”

“Of course I will. It will be my privilege.”

Handing the book back to me, “You can carry it for this Sir, can’t you?”

Without a word, I took the book and placed it in my pack.

Patting and rubbing my shoulder, the Leatherman kept his hand in place and guided me out of the vendor mart.

As we walked through the maze that is the hotel, the Leatherman asked if I was up for a drink before we started the reading. While I was not one to often drink, I felt it would be nice to relax after the many hours in the mart and learn more about this leathered man.

While I don’t think I would have had much of a choice, the Leatherman led us to the elevator, and soon we were sitting at a table in the bar that overlooked the City of Angels. Night had fallen with the ribbons of red and white vehicle lights swirling throughout the sea of sparkling lights. When the Leatherman removed his Muir cap, he revealed a shaved head that reflected the golden overhead lighting. Being bald, I could appreciate a man who accepted his fate with no hair.

The Leatherman chuckled when I ordered an Irish Coffee. It is a cool November evening. The Irish Coffee would be a comfortable drink, and I like sweet drinks. The Leatherman ordered a bourbon. There was a pause in our conversation as we both looked out at the view and then I turned to look at the man sitting across from me. One of the things I check out first is how a man with gloves wears a jacket or long-sleeved shirt, and the two connect.

When our drinks arrived, we both took a sip and smiled. We started to share details about our lives, with the Leatherman leading the conversation. It made me feel comfortable, though I enjoyed the sound of the leather as he moved and how well he was dressed. I was impressed that he never removed his gloves or jacket; he remained in uniform the entire time.

As our drinks were nearly done, the Leatherman leaned in. “Are you ready to start reading for me?”

“Would you like me to do it here in the bar?”

Patting my hand with his, “No, boy. We don’t want to disturb others. I will settle the tab. But, will you do me the privilege of wearing this while you read?”

The Leatherman reached into his jacket pocket, pulling out a chain collar with a good-sized lock that was open. This was a surprise as to me, the collar is a symbol of commitment. I will say that I felt honored that he made such a suggestion and felt that I was deserving. Part of me wanted to ask what it all meant, but I kept my mouth shut and just went with the smooth vibe of the evening.

“Yes, Sir.”

Waiving for the waiter, the Leatherman handed me the chain with some heft to it, and I placed it around my neck with the two ends landing at the base of my neck. The Leatherman kept hold of the lock as he paid the bill. Standing, the Leatherman motioned for me to stand, which I did. Stepping in front of me, the Leatherman took the lock and secured the two ends of the chain on me in front of the other people in the bar. A few clapped as they were from the leather community, while others didn’t understand what was happening. The Leatherman gave me a kiss while holding me with his gloved hands.

“Let’s go.”

We moved the elevators and returned to the lobby.

I don’t know why, but I expected we would go to the Leatherman’s room. Still, when we left the elevator into the lobby, he went to a spot with some seating but was out of the way of the flow to most people walking through. After selecting the location, the Leatherman took hold of me and positioned me before him so I could see his partially covered eyes. The Leatherman held my chin in his gloved hand to emphasize his point.

“I’m looking forward to hearing the first chapter. I would like you to sit on the floor in front of me while you read. Take off your jacket and shirt so that I can see the collar’s lock against your skin. Let’s get started.”

The Leatherman sat on the gray upholstered furniture, placing his booted feet on the footstool. I took my place on the floor, removing my jacket and T-shirt. Now, I was exposed in the lobby of this major hotel with the collar clearly secured around my neck. Taking the book from my backpack, I ensured my back was straight. I looked at the Leatherman with his gloved hand resting in his lap; he was looking at me, awaiting my words. There was a slight nod, and I started to read the first chapter of Leather Cop Enforcement:

The harsh desert sun was creating a landscape void of any color. The sand, rocks, and dead branches of former bushes created a barren wasteland that was flat as far as the eyes could see. A few pathetic twigs were poking out of the ground, long since having lost any green. Occasionally, the wind would pick up some dust and move it to a new spot in plain sand. This was the perfect place to open up on a dirt bike; nothing would get in one’s way.

After I read several chapters, the Leatherman had me stop. Midway through the reading, he allowed me next to him, laying my head on his lap, his leathered arms keeping me warm and secure. During our story time, guests were walking by as they would see me shirtless reading to this Leatherman. I didn’t pay much attention to them as I didn’t want to break the flow of my storytelling for the Leatherman. I think that this man did enjoy my story as a few times I would notice he would grab his leathers at this crotch and adjust them. That showed me that my words had the effect I wanted when writing.

The time in the lobby was very relaxing, probably helped by our drinks beforehand. As I read, I could smell his leathers, feel them as they warmed to my skin and the occasional sound when the Leatherman would adjust himself. As I lay in his lap, his glove hand occasionally stroked my arm or rubbed my shoulder. When I started reading, we were both at a distance. As the story went on, it brought us closer, which was reflected in how we were now together on the sofa in the lobby of the Westin Hotel.

As I was about to enter the sixth chapter, the Leatherman placed his finger on my lips, silencing me. “Rest your voice.”

He lifted his hand, laying it on my eyes and sliding them shut. “Take a moment and enjoy how much you please me, boy.”

We sat there in silence, the sounds of the hotel around us. The Leatherman placed a gloved hand on my chest and lightly rubbed my bare skin as I pictured him over and over approaching me for the first time in the vendor mart.

As I was about to nod off, the Leatherman tweaked my tit, which jolted me by surprise. Opening my eyes, I saw him smiling as he was teasing my tit. I returned the smile, lifting my head to place a kiss on his lips.

“Tell me, would you object to continuing your reading for me up in my room?”

I thought it didn’t seem like a bad idea. This Leatherman has been respectful to me while maintaining some control. No red flags were flying through any of our encounters. It was easy to answer, “Yes, Sir.”

With a few pats on my chest, the Leatherman responded, “Then let’s go.”

I rolled out of his lap, standing while putting the book into my backpack. As the Leatherman stood, he reached into a pocket on his jacket, pulling out another chain, this one longer with a smaller lock. “Would you mind me attaching this to your collar as we move to my room?”

That was unexpected, but I didn’t see a downside again and thought the Leatherman would enjoy it, so I agreed. He locked the chain to the one around my neck. Through the lobby, we walked with me at the end of the Leatherman’s chain leash. Now, guys noticed, as I was bare-chested with a serious Leatherman holding the end in his gloved hand.

Once we stepped on the elevator and it rose to the upper floors, I was visible to anyone as it had windows while traveling on the tower’s exterior. The car was lit so the public would see whoever was riding. Before us was the entire downtown of one of the world’s largest cities. I was at the end of a chain of a very beautiful and powerful Leatherman.


We were eleven chapters into the book. I paused momentarily, taking a sip of water that the Leatherman had provided me when I sat on the floor beside his relaxing chair. The room was rather stark, but that is how Westin hotels are. The sheer curtains were drawn with the city’s lights in view, the tall office buildings surrounding this contemporary hotel. The Leatherman kept his room neat, with his closet door open to show a few other pieces of his leather and boots. The man had set up a small bar with a few bottles of spirits next to the ice bucket.

As I was taking another sip of my ice water, the Leatherman was sipping his bourbon, looking at me as he held his beverage with his gloved hand. When we entered the room, the Leatherman had removed his jacket and Muir cap, placing them in the closet. The room was comfortable as I admired the leather shirt and tie the Leatherman wore. The shirt was long-sleeved and seemed tailor-made for his body, with his sleeves ending with his tight police-style gloves.

Returning to me after hanging up his jacket, the Leatherman took hold of my bare shoulders, looking me in the eyes. “Now that we are in my room, I would like you to read to me naked, so show your humility to me.”

The Leatherman was serious, and I was not surprised by the request since he had me remove my shirt in the lobby earlier. I responded to him with respect, “Yes, Sir.”

“I’m going to fix myself a drink. Would you like something?”

I requested ice water as I sat on the bed to remove my Adidas trainers. I heard ice landing in glasses as the Leatherman prepared the beverages while I was removing my PVC trackie pants and underwear. I retrieved the novel from my bag, turning to the Leatherman handing me the cold glass of water. The man in leather placed his drink on the table next to the upholstered chair with a view of the city through the windows.

“Take a seat on the floor next to the chair, boy.”

I did as instructed as the Leatherman opened the dresser drawer and came to me with a leather harness. He didn’t need to tell me what to do, so I took it from him and put it on. The harness lay on my chest, over my shoulder and connected around my torso. The Leatherman smiled as he saw me sitting on the floor naked, the chain around my neck and the harness on my chest.

Taking his seat, the Leatherman placed his boots on the footstool before him as he extended his gloved hand, motioning for me to begin my reading. Starting where we left off, the Leatherman sipped from his drink, the ice cubes dinging in the glass.

After a couple of chapters, the Leatherman lowered one of his booted feet, placing it on the floor in front of my exposed dick. As I continued to read, the Leatherman would slide his boot toe under the tip of my dick, bouncing it on his boot. When he started this, it took a bit of time for me to focus on my reading as my dick was growing with anticipation, my pre-cum leaking on the polished leather. When I was not as attentive to my reading, that only made the Leatherman toy with my dick more, then he would press the toe to squeeze my balls that were laying on the rough hotel carpet.

As I gained my focus, my reading continued. I could smell the leather in the room as it was warming to the Leatherman’s body, my hard dick laying on his boot as he would ebb and flow with the pleasure of using my manhood. Into the eleventh chapter, we took a rest, and I enjoyed the water with the ice partially melted. The Leatherman moved from his chair to the bed, laying his black leathered body on the white bedding of the king mattress.

Rolling on his back, the Leatherman instructed me to join him on the bed. Standing, I made my way to the other side of the man in leather, lying down while placing my glass of water on the nightstand.

“You don’t need to book right now.” I looked at the Leatherman, and he nodded. So, I placed the open book on the stand next to the bed and rolled to face him.

The man wrapped his arms around me, and he placed his legs over my bare legs. I felt a chill run down my spine as I was totally naked, being held by a powerful man in his full leather. It was humbling as I felt the coolness of the leather meet my skin and then started to warm. The thick leather covered this boss man while I was fully exposed in his arms.

The Leatherman instructed me to put my hand on his crotch and start to squeeze. In doing so, I could feel the size of this man’s tool for the first time, being hard enough to be felt through the thick leather he was wearing. The Leatherman slid his arm up my back, around my neck, then drew my face closer where our lips met. As we kissed, the Leatherman rolled me from my side to my back as he climbed upon me, taking my hand away from his crotch and holding my wrists down at the top of the bed while never breaking out of the kiss. I was worried as I didn’t want to get my leaking dick on his fine leathers. But this man was in charge, and I could only picture him in his leather on top of my naked body.

The passion that was flowing between us was warming my naked body. The leather this man wore was wrapping me securely as his lips and tongue were filling my mouth while his gloved hands tightly held my head in place. There was no need for any bondage as I was totally under this man’s control. Here I was, naked in a stranger’s hotel room in an erotic encounter on his bed after reading him many chapters from a book I had written. My hands explored his leathered body, from the tightness of the leather around his ass, the quilted padding on his hips to the leather of the shirt that he wore. I just wanted to pull him into my body, to have him take over who I was and turn me into his submissive leather clone.

Our exploration of each other continued, with him clearly in control. When he seemed done with kissing me, his right hand came down to cover my lips, gagging my mouth with his glove. It was tight, but he allowed me to breathe through my nose. I could see his pleasure in controlling my breathing as his warm breath was felt on my forehead.

“I have enjoyed you reading to me, but I am now fucking horny. I want to do more than listen to you tell me a story. I want to control you, boy.”

The Leatherman pressed his gloved hand tighter on my lips to emphasize his domination of me. “You trust me, don’t you?”

I pause for a moment; this leathered man talks about going beyond the simple time of him listening to me as I read from my book. His eyes become more intense as he grips my mouth tighter and repeats the question, “You trust me, don’t you, boy?”

With my dick trapped in the leather of the Leatherman’s breeches and growing, I nod slightly that I do trust him. I honestly was unsure what was happening, but I was too intrigued to stop this man now, wanting to see what he was thinking as he smiled at my response, stroking my head with his other gloved hand.

“Your story has struck an itch in me, and I need to scratch it. It isn’t that late, and based on your writing, I think what I want to do will please you as much as it will me.”

The Leatherman looked directly into my eyes, lowering his lips to my ears. “Yes, boy, I know this is more than you expected, but what the fuck, you also can’t walk away now.”

That makes my dick even stronger as I feel the weight of this Leatherman upon my naked body. “I am going to stand up. You are not to speak; if you need to use the toilet, do so now. When you return to the bed, you will lay on your back and put on the blindfold that you will find upon the pillow.”

The Leatherman rose on the bed, slapping my body a couple of times with his gloved hands, and then he stood and moved to the closet. I quickly made my way to the bathroom, took a piss and then returned to the king bed, laying upon the white bed covers while putting on the blindfold. Now I was in darkness, hearing the Leatherman doing whatever he was doing as my naked body was exposed before him.


It must have gotten late as I was not aware of the time. Being fully mummified in duct tape, including my head and face, allowed me to only breathe in my own darkness. I felt the Leatherman move on the bed, followed by the pressure of his fingers pressing against my cock. Though it had softened over the evening, my dick was still sensitive to the Leatherman’s touch. It was then I could sense that he was cutting the tape and plastic in the area of my manhood. This gave me hope that he would release that part of my encased body.

As the Leatherman broke through, I could feel the cool air on my exposed dick as it responded to the release. I heard a laugh from the Leatherman, “An anxious boy!”

Then the Leatherman slapped my manhood a couple of times with his glove hand, which caused me to moan into the gag from the pain. Leaning down to my head, I could smell some of the leather from the man who had secured me.

“Now it’s time for you to sign your book.”

That comment puzzled me, as I was fully wrapped up in duct tape, unable to see or hold a pen to sign the book this Leatherman purchased from me. I thought he would release me as I quietly awaited his cutting more of the tape.

But that isn’t what happened. First, the Leatherman placed one of his gloved hands over my nose, bringing in the leather scent and cutting the intake of air I could take in. Next, with his other gloved hand, the Leatherman took a grip on my dick and slowly started to stroke it. This caused me to feel my captivity at both ends; I had no control over my breathing or my sex.

“Now that I have you in the perfect position let’s talk about what might happen next, boy.”

As the Leatherman spoke, he was slowly reducing the amount of air I could breathe while increasing the tempo of his masturbating my manhood. This man was not in any hurry, working to keep me on the edge as he would toy with my mind.

“You’re a fucking creative writer, you know that, don’t you?”

All I could do was nod slightly, with the wrap so tight around my head and neck.

“While I know what you’ve read is fiction, what if you had to live what you read? Submitting to a Leatherman or a Leather Cop like in the story.”

There was a moan from behind the gag that was taped across my lips. The Leatherman pressed his glove a bit more while taking longer strokes on my dick.

“That Leather Cop would take full ownership of you, everything you do, he would keep you in bondage, leather and never allow you to be on your own again. He might keep you stored for hours, days, even weeks.”

Another moan from me as I tried to lift my crotch to help with the job the Leatherman was doing with his gloved hand. My breathing is nearly cut off as I take deeper and longer breaths to gain as much air as I can for my starving lungs.

“Would you be able to handle that Leather Cop and the way he would use you? Flogging, fuck, I bet he’d whip you, and you’d take it because you need to be used like that by a man in authority wearing leather.”

I was starting to struggle now, as I could no longer breathe, and the Leatherman was quickening the pace but keeping me on the edge.

“You would suffer severely at the end of his whip and immediately fall to your knees and worship his boots when you were given release from your bondage. The Leather Cop you’ve written about is sadistic, and it seems you need harsh treatment.”

In my darkness, I imagined the Leatherman as the Leather Cop of my writing. Could I have come across the real thing?

“While you might beg for mercy as the Leather Cop whips you, he will only see that as your begging for him to fuck and seed you. Dropping his whip, you will scream as the Leather Cop’s weapon enters your exposed ass quickly and deeply. Your ass would be covered in welts from the beating you had at the gloved hands of the Leather Cop. Your pain and struggle only turn the Leather Cop on even more as he plows deeper and deeper.”

This Leatherman that has me mummified in his hotel room is a great storyteller; as he controls my dick in his gloved hand, my head gets lighter and lighter from the lack of air as I can’t escape.

“Think about it, boy, that Leather Cop in his tall boots, the leather uniform has you suspended in his dungeon, your arms straining, impaled on his stiff cock, you gagged, him growling with power as he takes full ownership of you.”

I am reaching the point of no return as I take in another breath that allows me nothing; I actually yell into the gag to be allowed to breathe and shoot my load. My back arching to the ceiling as the Leatherman quickens the pace of his masturbation of my dick.

Just then, fresh air fills my lungs as the Leatherman removes his gloved hand. I feel my cum flood from my dick, at first bursting free, flowing as I release all that I have with pure ecstasy at the hand of the Leatherman.

As my body calms, there is that feeling that comes over a man who has had such a sexual experience. I feel the Leatherman gently stroking my chest. After a quiet time, the Leatherman removes the tape covering my eyes as his hand cups my cheek, stroking it while he speaks, “You did nicely, boy. I got my autograph.”

I didn’t quite understand until the Leatherman lifted the book he had purchased, and on the title page, there was a splash of cum, thick and slightly running down the page.

“This will no doubt be a one-of-a-kind, but it is mine. Thank you, boy.”

With my body straining to stretch after being confined for so long, I was hoping to be released. But the Leatherman stood, taking the book to a table, leaving it open so the cum would dry. This was a very personal book signing.

The Leatherman turned and looked at me as he wore his leather jacket. “I had promised to meet a friend for a drink before encountering your booth. It is still early, so I will hear more of your reading when I return. So, I’m keeping you here until I return.”

Making his way to the door, the Leatherman reached to open the door, then stopped, reaching into his jacket pocket.

“Oh, and here is something for you to consider, boy.”

The Leatherman pulled a small leather wallet from his chest pocket and exposed a gold police badge. “I am a cop; you can see I wear leather.”

With that, the Leather Cop exited the room and left me alone with only the light from the city buildings that comes through the floor-to-ceiling windows.

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All rights reserved.

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