Reduced to Nothing

By Marknorth

A few days after the end of the last journey of submission (see “Unexpected Total Control”) I had sent my buddy – he goes by JT – an email expressing my gratitude for the experience.  I also explained just how much the journey had impacted me and the degree to which I relished the act of submitting to him and his control.

I never realized just how much I needed that submission in my life.  I also asked about the future and if we could pursue something like this again.  His reply was actually quite simple – yes.  The only “but” was that I would have to agree to submit to him fully – no preconditions, no questions, just do as told and realize that he would be in control.  I was surprised at how quickly I responded “yes, I agree.”  I would allow him to control me fully.

I was expecting to have to wait until later in the summer or early fall for anything to happen but received the following email on the 25th of July:



It is now time for the next trip and I am finalizing arrangements now.

You will need to take the first week of August off.  That is Monday August 2 through Friday August 6th.  I will be coming through town on Friday, July 30th and you will need to be at your house no later than 4:30 pm.  I would prefer you to be available by 4:00 but will allow the extra half hour to accommodate you wrapping things up at work before you leave for the week.  Make it clear to your staff that you will be completely unavailable for the entire week and that they should expect no contact at all from you.  You will be back sometime late Sunday the 8th so that you are able to get to work on Monday the 9th.

On Friday the 30th I will provide you with everything that you will need for the journey.  You will take nothing but what I provide for you that day.  You will not ask me questions about any aspect of the trip and I will give you only the information that you will need for the first leg of the journey.  I will, however, tell you that this is going to be a far more intense experience for you.

I expect you to be at your house no later than 4:30 pm on the 30th.  I will not be contacting you again but require a confirmation email by 10:30 tomorrow (July 26th).  If there is a sound reason that you are unable to take the week off, alternate arrangements will be made.  Be aware, however, that the rescheduled trip will be far more unpleasant for you and will require additional days to complete.

Also recall that there are no preconditions in regard to this journey.  You will be subject to whatever I decide and at this point I consider you to be nothing of concern to me.



I was able to clear the week and replied to him that I would be ready on the 30th for him.  His reply to my confirmation email:



Good.  Everything will be planned for you.  You will need to put any preconceived ideas about what might be involved out of your mind.  Since you have no input into the matter there is no reason to try to determine what might be coming your way.  It also does not matter that you “are giving yourself over to me” as that has been a foregone conclusion for quite some time.

As far as Friday is concerned:  when you arrive I want you to strip in the garage and make your way directly to the basement.  You will kneel near the cot that you have set up there and wait with your head down and your hands behind your back.  You will stay in this position until I tell you to move.

Enjoy your last few days of freedom!”



Needless to say the rest of the week dragged on!

When I arrived home that Friday (at a few minutes after 4:00pm) his car was already in the driveway – he would be waiting inside – I had given him the code for the lock box where I have an extra key quite a while ago.  I pulled into the garage and, following his instructions, quickly stripped naked – tossed my shirt and tie and dress slacks in a heap on the floor – and went to the basement as directed.  I knelt near the cot, clasped my hands behind my back and waited.  I was expecting him to make me stay there in anticipation for quite awhile but it was only 10 or 15 minutes before he came downstairs.  When he came up behind me he pushed my head down so that I was looking directly at the floor and reminded me that every decision would be made for me and that I was to do as told without hesitation.  He didn’t give me a moment to reply before he walked back to the storage room.  When he returned he quickly pulled my puffy hood from Mr. S on, cinched it tight, and locked it in place.  It has only nose holes and a small grommet mouth and deprives me of any light and quite a bit of sound – my dick was hard as hell as he finished – this is my favorite hood!  He pulled me to my feet and I wondered if I was actually going to spend the next week locked in a hood and bondage here in my own basement.


He pulled me into the bathroom and I had no idea what he was doing to me next – he had grabbed my arm and was wiping something on my bicep.  After a few minutes he was doing it again but rubbing hard all the way around my arm.  He did the same thing to my other arm but on my forearm this time.  What the hell was he doing?

He took me back out by the cot and pushed me back to my knees, pushed my head down, told me to clasp my hands behind my back, and told me to remain in that position until he returned.  I heard him walk away.  I don’t know how long I knelt there – it was hours – but my knees were sore and I was afraid to raise my head for fear that he might have quietly returned and would be watching.  As I knelt there it occurred to me that I was not physically bound and yet I was totally restrained – I could not move until he “released” me.  Eventually I heard his footsteps on the stairs and then his hand on my shoulder.  He allowed me to stand, told me to keep my hands clasped behind me and led me to the bathroom so that I could piss – he held my dick as I tried to go.  Just having his hand there had me so hard that I could barely squeeze out a stream.  I had never had someone else hold my cock for me to piss.  Although his hand on my dick felt great, it was also a bit demeaning not to be able to do it myself.  His control over me was deepening.

He gave me some water to drink through a straw and pushed me back to my knees – I lowered my head without prompting and realized that I had readily submitted.  I could hear him moving around the basement and assumed he was getting things ready for whatever was going to happen next.  Before long he was locking my padded wrist and ankle restraints in place and then connecting them with short lengths of chain.  As before my ankles were locked closely together, allowing a shuffling walk.  My wrists were locked in front of me with a short length of chain.  A chain was locked to the collar and ran down to the ankle chain with my wrist chain locked to it.  When he was done he pushed me to my knees next to the cot and told me what was coming – my automatic timer was set for 24 hours so that I would remain locked up until the key was released.  When I was able to free myself I would find instructions and clothing upstairs for the next phase of the journey.

He told me where he had left water for me and left.  I had been through this before but I was naked this time and that seemed to make it much worse.  After he left I resigned myself to the long wait ahead.  I climbed onto the cot and was glad that he had left a sleeping bag on it – at least I would have some warmth – although struggling into it with the restraints would be somewhat of a challenge.  Time passed slowly and it wasn’t long before the hood and restraints began to become uncomfortable.  With my dick fully exposed it was hard not to play with myself, but I knew if a came the frustration of being locked up would only get worse.  Time dragged – I was anticipating what was going to happen next and wanted to get out of this situation as quickly as possible.  I dozed and shuffled around the basement thinking about what I must look like – naked and chained with a raging hard-on!  Damn!  I wanted this to be over so that I could get on to the next thing JT had planned for me!  I was cold and rolled myself into the sleeping bag and fell asleep pretty soundly after awhile.  When I woke up I struggled hard for a few minutes trying to figure out where I was and I had to work at calming down so that I could breath.  My dick was still hard and I finally gave in and jacked off.  Like an idiot I came all over the inside of the sleeping bag – try to explain that to the dry cleaner!

I almost passed out with relief when I heard the keys drop – for what seemed like days I had been listening so intently so that I wouldn’t miss that sound!  I quickly opened the lock box where all the other locks were and undid the restraints and hood – it was such a relief!  It was about 8:30 pm on Saturday night and JT had left an envelope that must have my instructions in it – when I read them I almost cried.  I had an hour’s break before I was to lock myself back into the same bondage set-up that I just freed myself from.  The hood, the wrist and ankle restraints, the chains and still naked – I was to set the timer for 12 more hours!  When I was free I was then follow the next set of instructions that were upstairs.  I didn’t think that I could do it – the last 24 hours were grueling and I knew that another 12 would be worse.  The note did say that there was a deadline that I needed to meet the next morning – so the hour’s reprieve was all I was allowed.

How the hell would he ever know if I didn’t do it?  If I just climbed into my own bed and went to sleep – how would he know?  I went upstairs and grabbed a sandwich and looked at the box that he had left on the kitchen table – the instructions and clothes for the next phase.  I glanced at the clock and it was already after 9:00 pm.

It was then that I realized that he had applied temporary tattoos to my arms – I had forgotten that he had rubbed something on my arms before he left me kneeling naked in the basement.  I had a tribal-style barbed wire ring on my bicep and some kind of Celtic symbol on my other forearm.  What the hell was that all about?  I was surprised at just how real they looked, though.  Not the cheapo things that they sell at the fair.

Screw it! I was going to go to bed and get some decent rest before whatever was coming my way tomorrow!  I was so very tempted to open the box now – but I decided I would leave the box unopened to add to the suspense. – and I headed down the hallway to my bedroom.  During that short walk I wrestled with it all – how would he ever know that I disobeyed?  Hadn’t I agreed, however, to do whatever he wanted me to without reservation?


Part 2


The thought of his disappointment in me if I disobeyed is what swayed me – not that I might be punished somehow if he found out – he had told me to do it – and I would.  It was already after 9:30 when I reluctantly trudged downstairs and set the timer for 12 hours.  I locked on the restraints, locked the keys in the lockbox, and pulled the damn hood on again.  After securing the chains to the restraints and the hood’s collar I knelt on the floor near the cot and hung my head.  What the hell was happening to me – why would I do this to myself – and I had done it with only minor reservation – the reality of his control over me sunk in even deeper at that moment.  When I started to get cold I crawled back into the sleeping bag – dried cum and all.

This time the time passed even slower.  My head hurt from the pressure of the hood and my ankles and wrists were sore from the restrains.  My arms ached from the limited movement that the chains allowed and I couldn’t even doze off.  My dick wasn’t hard any more as I resigned myself to suffering through it – JT had told me to do it and I would suffer – if that is what he wanted.  I do not think that I dozed off at all and I grew more and more restless and aggravated.  As the frustration grew the hood and restraints seemed to become proportionately more uncomfortable.  As time passed I couldn’t find a comfortable position and I sat on the edge of the cot in misery – as I thought about my current situation I could only wonder if this is what was in store for me for days or even the remainder of the week.  I had no one to blame but myself – but I realized that if JT’s next set of instructions were to continue in this hood and these restraints that I would submit and lock myself back in.  The thought of having to suffer like this for another extended period of time brought my dick to life and it reminded me that this is what I had yearned for – JT would control me in any way that he desired and I would submit to him willingly.

After what seemed like days I heard the keys drop.  The relief was immense and I scrambled to get out of the hood – I had loved it for bondage for so long but now it was just a torture device to me.  My wrists and ankles were sore and somewhat bruised and being able to stretch at long last felt wonderful.  I tossed everything aside and went upstairs to see what was coming next – if it was to be another round of bondage I didn’t think I could take it.  To my relief it was not.

I read his note and quickly dressed in the clothes that he provided for me.  I had barely enough time to drive to the greyhound station to catch the bus that he had booked me on.  The ticket was in the box along with a UPS envelope to send him my keys and, this time, my ID.  Since I already had the ticket I would not need it – that made me very nervous as all the things that might go wrong flashed through my head.  I would be travelling with no form of identification whatsoever and would have only the 5 bucks that he had clipped to the bus ticket. When I got to the destination I was to wait outside in front of the bus station for the next set of instructions

I need to share with everyone that I wear a shirt and tie every day while at the office and am pretty spoiled – if yuppie was still used to describe people it would be used to describe me.  I am a little past the age for cutting-edge fashion trends – so what he left me to wear is something that would not only make me self-conscious, but took away something that I define myself by.  Although a bit more “conventional” than what he had made me wear for the last journey – the overall effect to me was the same.  He had left me what I can only describe as Abercrombie with a twist.  Very distressed and long camouflage cargo shorts with a military style web-belt – black combat boots with white socks – a tight T-shirt and baseball-style henley top – a distressed Abercrombie baseball cap – and several sets of thong necklaces and bracelets.  He had tossed in a distressed military-style jacket to finish it all off – I was going to look like a damn teenager.  The only thing that didn’t fit the motif was the jock strap with a hard cup.

I didn’t have much time to spare so I quickly dressed, locked up the house and headed to the bus station.  I made it to the parking lot near the Greyhound station with about 10 minutes to spare and locked my wallet in the trunk.  I dropped my keys and drivers license into the UPS envelope and dropped it into the box as I walked by – I did it quickly as I was starting to lose my nerve. My heart was pounding when I dropped the envelope – I had no ID and no keys – I was pretty much screwed if anything did not happen according to plan.  I trusted that JT had thought this out for me – and my dick struggled inside the hard cup – I must have been walking odd as I got a few looks from passers-by (or maybe it was the outfit) –  my dick was hard as hell in the confines of the cup, though!  The ticket was to Duluth, Minn.  A 2 and a half hour drive by car – but an almost seven hour bus ride with 6 different stops and a transfer in Minneapolis.  At least I wasn’t going to be stranded on the streets there like last time!  As I waited for the bus the few other folks in the station were making it a point to stare a bit.  The overall effect of the combat boots and the clothes was just enough to make them wonder “what the hell?”  I had no luggage and only the distressed jacket to lug around – something that I didn’t need as it was over 80 degrees.

We finally boarded the bus about 15 minutes late and my heart was already racing as I worried about not being at the Duluth station in time.  I was panicked that something would go wrong and I would be stranded with no recourse.  I hoped there was enough extra time built into the schedule to make up for the late departure.  There were only about six of us on the bus and we picked up a few more before reaching Minneapolis.  I didn’t even think about getting off the bus in the city – even though I was hungry and would have liked a snack and a soda.  There was no way I was taking any chances!  The bus left on time and along the way I realized that there was a notepad and a pen in the inside pocket of the jacket – just like on the last trip, so I could make notes of the “journey.”  I took the time to jot down what had happened to this point and making notes about the bondage that I had endured brought my dick back to life.  Since there were so few people on the bus – and no one had sat too close – I played with myself until I came.  Jacking off inside a hard-cup was a first for me and had taken quite a bit of time – the cum was pooled in the cup and I knew that it would probably be uncomfortable as it dried.

The bus arrived in Duluth with no problems along the way – it was almost 10:00 pm and there really wasn’t much of a station at all.  A covered area where the bus unloaded and a small block building.

The street out front of the station appeared to be on an older main drag – the area looked a little run down and neglected.  I stood out front for a bit and moved a little bit into the shadows along the building and waited.  As I leaned against the building it started to sink in that I had rushed headlong into this without much hesitation at all.  JT could be screwing with me royally and just leave me here looking for a way back home.   The fact that I was so willing to lock myself in bondage for him and trust him fully enough to travel out of state with no ID was very telling.  Again I realized how much I had surrendered to him.  My dick was throbbing inside the cup and I wanted so badly to play with myself.  There was far too much traffic and too many people across the street to even think about it, though.

I waited for over an hour.  My anxiety was growing by the minute but I dared not leave.  There was hardly anybody around at all.  Only a few cars went by and I hoped that each one would be the one that I was waiting for – if, indeed, that is wait I was waiting for!  I must have been daydreaming because I was surprised when I looked up and saw JT’s car stopped on the curb in front of me.  A guy that I had never seen before rolled down the passenger window and tossed something in my direction.   All he said was “three blocks up the street, then right two more then left.”  Then he drove off.  It was an envelope from a Super 8 motel – there was nothing in it except a room key-card.  Number 224 was written on the envelope.   I guessed we were going to have a rendezvous in a hotel for the night.  At least I didn’t have to sleep on the street!  I walked quickly following his directions to the hotel.

As I passed through the lobby toward the stairs I was somewhat surprised by a shout from the guy at the front desk (he had been helping someone check in when I came in).  He yelled at me to stop and that only guests were allowed in the hotel and he would call the cops if I didn’t leave.  I had forgotten how I was dressed and I had put the military-style jacket on while I was walking to the hotel. I froze in place for a few moments and stammered at the guy before I realized that I had the key card – which I quickly showed him.  He wasn’t satisfied with that and he asked me for my room number and the name on the reservation.  I assumed that JT had used his name for the reservation and told the guy that and “224.”  He apologized to the guy he was helping with some snide comment about keeping people like me out of the hotel before he tapped away on the computer.  I stood there awkwardly while he pulled up the info, hoping that the name on the room was JT’s.

The guy looked up after a minute or two and told me to wait while he called the room.  I couldn’t hear the conversation but he was shaking his head in what appeared to be disgust.  There was more discussion and the guy hung up the phone hard before telling me to go ahead but to make damn sure to keep things quiet.  He wouldn’t hesitate to call the cops as he didn’t like “that kind of crap” at his hotel.  I wasn’t really thinking about what he meant as I walked up the stairs to find the room.

The door to the room was held open slightly, so I knocked quietly and pushed my way in.  The room was mostly dark but there was some light coming from the streetlights outside.  I heard JT quickly tell me to close the door, strip naked, and kneel with my head down and hands clasped behind my back.  I complied as quickly as I could and he snapped a pair of handcuffs on almost as soon as I had knelt.  He also snapped on a pair of police leg irons and then pulled me to my feet.  As he pushed me into the room and turned on a light I was surprised to see another guy kneeling on the floor at the foot of the bed – he was also naked and cuffed just as I was.  JT pushed me to my knees right next to the guy and I realized that he was the one who had been driving JT’s car and had tossed me the room key.  What the hell was this?


Part 3



JT reminded me that my head should be lowered and he quickly pushed it down for emphasis.  He then told me that the guy’s name was Kerry and he and I would be getting to know each other very well in the next few days.  He then proceeded to tell me that Kerry had been through many of the same things that I had over the past few years and he had given JT full control long ago.  JT also told me that I was foolish if I had thought that I was somehow special to him.  I was hurt by his comments and jealous of this other guy – Kerry.  I was angry and, although I didn’t dare say a word, it must have showed and JT reminded me that it didn’t really matter anyway.  I was getting what I deserved.  At that point I had no choice but to accept the fact and all I wanted was to make sure that I didn’t screw-up somehow and displease JT.  I needed his approval now more than anything.  I also was utterly dependent on him and didn’t want to find myself stuck in Dultuh.

He left us kneeling there side-by-side for quite awhile.  He was sitting at the desk working on his laptop and when he finished he told Kerry to get up and sit on the desk chair.  I noticed that Kerry obeyed without hesitation and hung his head as soon as he was seated.  I was not prepared for what happened next.  I have always been very conservative in regards to my sexuality and when JT told me to suck Kerry off and give him the best blow-job that the guy had ever had – I was stunned.  I stammered in protest and tried to back away, but JT held me firmly where I was and almost dragged me across the room before he pushed me down in front of Kerry.  He simply told me that I was going to do what he had told me to.  There was no other threat.  I looked up into Kerry’s eyes and he smiled faintly at me – he had gorgeous brown eyes!  JT pushed my head down again and I scooted forward on my knees and took Kerry’s cock in my mouth – it was awkward as hell with my hands behind my back – I had never blown a complete stranger in my life and I was very hesitant.  It didn’t help that JT was watching intently from the edge of the bed.  Kerry’s dick was good-sized, but not huge.  He was hard before I had started and I slowly started to work on him.  As I was getting into it JT told me that it had better be damn good for Kerry – as he deserved it.  As I looked up into Kerry’s eyes I started to get turned on something fierce.  He was cute and masculine and brown eyes are my downfall.  My dick grew hard and I really went at it – wishing that my hands were free so that I could jack myself off, too.  JT started to make smart-ass comments and was belittling my abilities – it was humiliating.  I lost my erection in my embarrassment and it took a long time before I got Kerry off.  He was moaning heavily and I pulled away just as he came.  Adding to the humiliation – he had spewed on my face and in my hair.  JT was laughing and told me that he didn’t think that was the best that Kerry had ever had.  I was getting angry and didn’t see the point in putting up with this crap.  I had just blown a guy that I didn’t know – suddenly realizing that I had taken a pretty big risk and I was being criticized for underperforming?

Before I could muster the breath to protest about the whole set-up JT had grabbed me and his dick was pushed into my mouth – I hadn’t even seen him pull it out of his jeans.  He held my hair and pulled me closer as he thrust back and forth.  I was more of a prop than a participant at this point and I quickly started to gag as he went deeper and deeper down my throat.  JT and I had had sex and I had sucked him off once or twice, too – but never anything like this.  He was cruel and uncaring as he thrust and pulled my head back and forth.  He yelled at me when I resisted and when I tried to pull away.  I was damn-near in tears as he continued.  Eventually he, too, came.  He made it a point to add to the cum already on my face.  He then roughly pushed me to the floor.  I had never felt lower than at that point.

He then moved on to Kerry and JT made sure that I was watching as he face fucked him.  He was just as rough with Kerry as he had been with me.  I felt like some kind of creep kneeling there watching the whole thing.  It took a long time for JT to cum again and it was obvious that Kerry was extremely uncomfortable by the time he did cum.  JT spewed on Kerry’s face as he had on mine.  I could tell that JT was almost wiped out – but he wasn’t done with us yet.

After about a half hour JT pulled me up onto the bed and uncuffed my hands.  I was anticipating being able to finally rest, but he made me lay on my stomach with my arms stretched out above my head – he re-cuffed them there.  I hear him un-cuff Kerry and there was some fumbling around before Kerry crawled on top of me.  JT sat in the desk chair and casually watched as Kerry started to fuck me – at least JT had given him a condom to wear.  Kerry was gentle at first but that did not satisfy JT and he egged him on to drive his dick into my ass harder and harder.  I think I was almost in shock at the things that were happening to me – I didn’t resist at all as a complete stranger fucked me in a motel room while a guy that I thought I knew better was getting off watching it occur.  Kerry banged my ass hard as he thrusted deeper and deeper – I was beyond humiliated at this point and realized that I was basically being raped.  I moaned and cried out which only made JT push Kerry to go faster and harder.  He eventually climaxed but my ass was raw by that time.  He rolled off of me and lay next to me breathing heavily and covered in sweat.

I fully expected JT to turn the tables on Kerry and try to get me to fuck him, too.  I was not looking forward to having to perform again for JT.  For whatever reason that didn’t happen.  He got us off the bed and back on our knees.  After a while he locked our ankles together with a pair of the ankle restraints and then locked our wrists together with both pairs of cuffs – cruelly he locked my left wrist to Kerry’s right and vice a versa so that our arms were crossed in front of us.  He pushed us down to the floor -where we lay on our sides.  JT crawled into bed and shut the light off.  Kerry and I were left naked on the floor with no way to get comfortable at all.  We were reduced to nothing more than sex toys that had no worth and didn’t deserve to be comfortable.

As I laid there in the dark shivering with dried cum on my and face handcuffed to a complete stranger who had just fucked me – and whose cock I had sucked – I could only think that I had been brought down just about as far as I could imagine.

The alarm went off at 5 o’clock and it seemed like I had just dozed off.  It took me a few moments to remember where I was and why my arms were so sore – I was quickly reminded of the handcuffs and the leg irons as I tried to get up.  Kerry yanked his ankle away hard and the cuff around my ankle dug in and I swore.  JT told us to shut up and went into the bathroom to piss.  It reminded me just how badly I had to go, but he started the shower and took what seemed like an hour to finish.  When he was done he came out and pulled us to our feet and led us into the bathroom – we were still cuffed and shackled together.  He told us to piss and left us there.  We both looked at each other in dismay – there was no way to make it easy with our hands still cuffed and we had to maneuver carefully in the small space.  It has always been tough for me to go when someone is watching – serious “stage fright” – but I knew that I better go when given the chance.  Eventually I was able to go while feeling humiliated the whole time.  After what happened to me last night I do not know why standing there pissing in front of this guy was so embarrassing for me – but it was.  I noticed that Kerry’s dick was starting to get hard as he watched, which aroused me as well.  I did get the chance to wipe the cum off my face and out of my hair and Kerry did the same – thank goodness for small favors!

We were not given the opportunity to shower and JT pulled us roughly from the bathroom and made us kneel in the middle of the room.  He had placed our clothes (the same ones that I had worn the day before) and he told us that we were going to be taking a little hike later that morning and the outfitter’s shuttle van was going to take us up to the trailhead.

He rushed us out of the room and downstairs where the van was waiting.  The driver appeared to know JT and they talked for a bit off to the side before he slid open the side door.  JT told us that we had a 2 and a half hour drive ahead of us and it was the driver’s discretion if he wanted to stop or not along the way – JT made it clear that we were not to ask to stop.  He handed us a couple bottles of water and slid the door shut hard.  The van pulled away quickly and headed out to the highway.  We were heading north out of Duluth along Lake Superior.  After about an hour we turned off onto Minnesota Highway 1 toward Ely.  I realized that we were headed up toward the Boundary Waters area.  I had been there a few times but always on Canoe trips – I had never been hiking there and Kerry hadn’t either.  The shuttle driver was not talkative at all – I had a feeling that JT had something to do with that.  Kerry and I talked a little but we were both apprehensive about what lay ahead.   I took time to jot down some notes about what had happened the night before and as I recalled being raped and humiliated, I realized that I had sunk to a new low – I realized that I had actually enjoyed most of it.  These are things that did not happen to “me” or things that “I” would do.  More than ever before I was forgetting what it was like to be that other “me.”  It was only Monday and I had the rest of the week ahead of me – I was both scared and eager to find out what JT had planned for me.


Part 4



As we passed the Ranger Station just outside of Ely I recalled that permits were required for the wilderness area.  I asked the driver about that and he said that we were bypassing that requirement – he doubted that we would run into a Ranger on the trail, anyway.  I thought about the fact that we had no IDs with us and worried about the consequences if we were stopped along the way.  If we were fined or something how the hell would we pay or prove who we were – I guess we could claim ignorance.   We were almost 40 miles outside of Ely when we finally stopped.

The shuttle driver pulled into the wooded parking area of the trailhead about 8:30 am.  He jumped out and went around the back of the van to pull out the packs and brought them around to us.  This was the first time we had seen them and it became obvious from the size that we were in for a hike of more than one day.  He hopped back into the van and pulled away almost before we knew it.  There wasn’t another car in the parking area and no one else in sight.

We were almost 40 miles from the nearest town and now alone.  The packs had luggage tags on them with our names and Kerry’s had an envelope attached, as well.  He opened it and read aloud the instructions from JT – there was also a map of the trail.  We were looking at a four-day hike with no facilities along the way except rough camping.  It was about 48 miles to the other trailhead and transportation would be waiting there for us at the end of the fourth day.  If we were late to that trailhead it was another 35 miles beyond that to the nearest town.  Everything that we needed was in the packs but no comforts of home.  When he finished reading I hefted the pack with my name on it and was surprised by the weight.  Since it was a wilderness area I knew everything brought in needed to be brought out, so the load would not lessen much as we travelled.

Kerry and I started to rummage through the packs to see what JT had provided for us.  It appeared that there was enough food, so I was relieved.  There were no other clothes in either pack – we would be stuck with what we were wearing no matter what happened.  After four full days on the trail we would be pretty ripe.  He had attached sleeping bags but no ground pads – there was a tent on one pack, so at least we would have shelter.  The packs had camel-back water packs (filled) and there was a water filter for when that ran out, there were some some emergency supplies – we looked to be set for the long hike ahead.

After a few minutes we realized that we needed to get moving if we were going to cover enough ground to reach the other trailhead in time.  It wasn’t that bad of a distance to cover in four full days but we would need to keep moving.  As we headed down the trial I started to think ahead – neither of us had a dime on us or any ID – if we missed whatever transportation was going to be waiting for us at the other trailhead we would be royally screwed.  JT had done it again – we were completely under his control.  My dick had been hard from the moment I saw the packs and was now struggling even harder inside the hard cup.  Kerry led the way along the trail into the woods.

The trail was narrow and somewhat difficult to navigate.  In time the temperature started to climb and we were soaked in sweat.  The water that we had started with disappeared quickly.  We had to use the water filter to get clean drinking water from the lakes and small streams that we passed.  We had to stop often to rest and it did not take long for my legs to get sore.  We were barely into the first day of a long four-day hike and we both were already dragging.  The temperature soared as the day went on and we both were beat when we decided to stop for lunch.

As we sifted through the packs we realized that there were just enough mealpaks to make the trip – nothing more.  Other than some extra energy bars, we would be out of food if we had to hike for more than the four days.  We decided to be careful and shared each mealpak – just in case.  The food was OK – pretty much standard military MREs – it would keep us going, anyway.  It was hot and neither one of us was really that hungry anyway.   We filled up the hydro paks on the backpacks before we started down the trial again.

It was a relief that the trail was pretty well marked and relatively easy to follow.  I tried to follow our progress on the map JT had given us – just as a double check.  We decided to stop and camp for the night after we had walked what we guessed to be about 12 or 13 miles – based on the map and trail markers.  It was dusk and the mosquitoes were terrible.  JT had (thankfully) put some bug spray in the packs – but they were small bottles so we used it sparingly.

We found a camping area along the trial – nothing but a flat, cleared area near a small stream.  There were fire restrictions due to the dry weather so there would be no campfire – it was too damn hot for that anyway.  As we unrolled the tent several pairs of handcuffs fell out – as did another envelope with our names on it.  I opened the envelope to find one handcuff key and a very brief note from JT.  It said that we were to be handcuffed from the time we finished setting up camp to the time we broke camp in the morning.   We were supposed to make sure that the other obeyed.

We looked at each other for a few moments before I set the cuffs aside so that we could set up the tent.  Luckily I was easy to set up and had a decent closure to keep the damn mosquitoes out.  I tossed in the sleeping bags and turned my attention to digging out a meal-pak from my pack for dinner. I was startled when I heard the ratcheting of handcuffs and turned to see Kerry snapping the cuffs on his wrists – he was locking his hands in front of him – and I watched as he struggled to double lock one wrist.  I scooted over and double locked his other wrist for him before snapping the other pair on myself.  He double locked them for me and we carefully put the key away.  If we lost that key now we would be in for a hell of a couple of days.  My damn dick was throbbing again as I realized the predicament we were in.


Part 5



We ate quickly – or as quickly as we could handcuffed.  Slipped into the tent and did our best to unroll the sleeping bags – it was too hot to crawl inside them so we just laid on top of them.  This provided some padding against the hard ground.  I didn’t think I would be able to get to sleep, but I was so exhausted I must have dropped off in a few minutes.  I was startled awake by a bunch of birds singing loudly near the campsite.  The sun was up – but I had no idea what time it might be – we did not have a watch.  It was the second night that I had slept in handcuffs – at least I wasn’t locked to someone else this time.  Kerry was stirring also and we crawled out of the tent and pissed nearby, scrounged in the packs for breakfast, and decided it was time to break camp and head out.  We unlocked the cuffs and put them in the pack and took down the tent, repacked everything, and started down the trail.  My legs were sore from the day before and I noticed a blister starting to form on my left foot.  This was going to be a long damned trip.

The days were hot and humid, and although there were a few scattered rain showers it was not enough to help cool us down much.  By the third day we both stunk of sweat and our clothes were getting pretty dirty.  We were both tired as hell and getting a solid night’s rest was difficult – we pretty much collapsed at the end of each day in exhaustion.  The nights were cooler but humid.  We set up camp early on Wednesday afternoon – we had made good progress and knew we would make the trailhead by Thursday afternoon without a problem and needed the rest.  As we relaxed Kerry took his shirt off and I was turned on by his physique and could have drowned in his brown eyes.  I had a raging hard-on as I stared at him – but was embarrassed when he caught me ogling him – but what the hell did it matter – the guy had sucked me off and then fucked me – it’s not like I had any secrets.  We had completely forgotten about the handcuffs until that point.  We decide to use one pair and locked our wrists together before crawling into the tent.  Being in the tent with Kerry brought visions of Brokeback Mountain to mind – we even joked about it and what would happen if another hiker or Ranger stumbled on us.  My visions of passionate sex were nothing but a fantasy – Kerry showed no interest in me.  We were both exhausted and fell asleep side-by-side.

Thursday morning I was reminded of the situation we were in when I tried to get up and found myself cuffed to Kerry – it was the fourth night that I had spent in handcuffs – not to mention the two days of bondage before that.  We had a relatively easy day of hiking ahead of us but I began to worry about what would happen then.  We packed everything away and I was glad that we would not be spending another night in a tent (I hoped, anyway).  It was obvious that we were both growing more anxious as the morning went on – he was just as concerned about what JT had in store as I was.  The day was a little cooler than the previous days but still warm enough to make us sweat.  The pack was heavy and I was damn tired of hauling it around – I had blisters on both feet from the combat boots and my back and shoulders were sore and bruised.  Our clothes were sweat stained, dirty, and we both stunk – in our haste to make sure that we covered the necessary ground each day we had by-passed several opportunities for a swim or to rinse our clothes in one of the streams or lakes.

As the day went on my frustration started to grow – I was worried about what would happen next and I was amazed at what JT had put us through these past few days.  He had pretty much put us on a forced march through the wilderness – I again realized, though, just how much trust we both had in him.  He had provided what we had needed, given us the clothes that we were wearing, put us through hell in that hotel room – and yet we still climbed into that shuttle van on Monday morning without hesitation or reservation.  How the hell did he gain so much control over us?

We reached the trailhead by late afternoon and had a snack – because we had been careful with the food rations we had enough left for another day or so – which made me feel more at ease if a ride did not show up.  There were no cars in the gravel lot and we had seen no other hikers on the trail at all.  We sat in the shade, I jotted more notes in the journal, and we both dozed a little.  We were starting to get nervous about the ride that was supposed to be here.  The road was a narrow side road and it dawned on me that I really didn’t know which direction the nearest town was.  The trail map was no use and if we started to hike out and went the wrong way we would be SOL unless a car came by – but not a single car had gone by while we had been sitting at the trailhead.

I began to get very anxious as the sun started to set and there still was no car or van to pick us up.  Even though JT had given us no real idea when the ride would arrive we both had assumed it would be before now.  We ate a light dinner and were starting to think about setting up the tent for another night when we heard a car coming down the road.  It was driving slowly and we both sighed in relief that our ride was finally here.  It was a van but drove right by the parking area and was quickly out of sight.  Was it our ride and the guy was lost and missed the turn or was it just someone on their way somewhere else? We both walked over to the road and stood there for a long time hoping that they would come back.  After a while we went back to where our packs were and resigned ourselves to spending the night.  About a half hour later we heard a car coming from the other direction and we both ran to the road – it was the same van as before and we flagged it down.  It was the same guy that had dropped us off on Monday and he had missed the parking area on the first time by.  He pulled in and had us shove the packs in the back of the van, damn near pushed us in the side door and took off.  The clock on the dashboard showed 7:30 pm.  He drove quickly down the winding roads and we eventually hit the highway – we were heading south back to Duluth.  The driver didn’t say more than a few words to us the entire time – he was pissed because he had started out late driving up to get us and had wasted almost an hour lost looking for the trailhead and was going to get back later than he had wanted.

He had to stop for gas along the way and Kerry and I took the opportunity to piss.  In the bathroom I got a look at myself in the mirror and saw how scruffy I looked – I hadn’t shaved since last Friday and I was dirty – not to mention smelly.  My clothes were dirty and the boots were covered in mud.  I rinsed my face and arms off as best I could – I hurried because I had no idea if the guy would wait for me or not.  When I got outside I saw the guy talking on his cell phone – he seemed kind of upset over the conversation.  As we got back in the van Kerry and I both wondered aloud if he was talking to JT and if his being late was going to screw up JT’s plans for us.  I had visions of being stranded in Duluth.  After quite awhile the guy got in and drove fast down the highway.  He was even more pissed than before.

We got into Duluth around 10:00 pm and he drove us directly to the Greyhound station – which was dark and there was no one around.  I guessed that I might be spending the night along the side of the bus station – but quickly realized that I had no money or ID for a ticket and the van driver was no way going to handle that for me.  After a bit he got out of the van but told us to stay where we were.  He walked around the corner and we waited.  It wasn’t long before he came back and opened the back door of the van and tossed the packs on the ground.  Kerry and I were both getting out but he told me to stay in the van.  I could hear him tell Kerry to grab both packs and head around the corner – his ride was waiting there for him.  The driver had slammed the door before I got a chance to shout goodbye to Kerry.  The guy got back in slammed his door so damn hard I thought he dented it, dropped the van in gear, and squealed the tires as he left the parking lot.  Before long we were headed south on I-35 and I guessed that we were heading to Minneapolis.  The guy wouldn’t talk to me at all and I gave up after a bit – it was obvious that he was fuming and I assumed that this had not been part of his original deal with JT – his being late did screw something up and I started to get very nervous the closer that we got to the city.

It was almost three hours later by the time that we reached downtown – it was almost 1:30 in the morning on Friday and the guy looked beat.  He got lost on the city streets, which pissed him off even more before he eventually found the block that the Greyhound station was on.  He pulled up to the curb handed me an envelope and told me to get the hell out – he almost snarled at me when I hesitated for a moment.  He was a big guy and I figured that I better not piss him off any more than he already was – even though the last thing I wanted to do was get out of the van.  I tried to apologize for whatever went wrong but he was driving off almost before I had slid the door closed on the van.  It had all happened so fast that I was kind of stunned to find myself on the deserted street – I had been here before I was not happy about being stranded here again.

I walked under a street light and opened the envelope to find my driver’s license, a five dollar bill, my keys, and a note from JT.  The note was pretty short – there would be a ticket at will call for me in the morning for the 11:00 am bus back home.  He would leave additional instructions for me at my house as he was passing by on his way back home.  I assumed that he had been waiting in Duluth for us to clear up whatever mess the driver’s being late had caused.  It pissed me off, though, that if JT had left at the same time that we had he would almost be home by now and I was stuck waiting for a bus that wouldn’t get me back to my car and then actually home until after 6:00 pm.  I had over 9 hours to kill here in downtown Minneapolis before the bus would leave – it was a bad case of deja vu.  He had managed to do it to me again – I had fallen right into it and here I was a frickin’ street person.  I walked over to the bus station and wasn’t even surprised that it was locked and would open again at five.  I had only about three hours to worry about before I could get into the bus station so I wandered back up to the park that I had seen the last time I was here – found a secluded bench and tried to doze a little – I jumped at every sound thinking it was the cops.  Sitting there stranded, angry, and cold I wondered again how JT had managed to get this much power over me that I gave in willingly to this trip – which was turning out to be a bitch.

I thought about one of Metal’s blog readers who had posted a comment about the last trip here – he said I should look him up if I was ever stranded in Minneapolis again – wish I could have!  The time passed slowly and I hesitated to wander around too much.  I was filthy and I stunk – I looked more like a street person this time around than the last.  I saw only a few other people walking around and I was nervous as each one came close but no one even paid any attention to me – I was just part of the scenery and not worth bothering.  As it finally started to get light I made my way back to the station – I was still early and walked around the block.  Early morning joggers crossed the street when they saw me, and it just drove home the fact that I was not me, again.  I had given someone else the right to define me.  I eventually got into the station and again had to explain to the security guard that I had a ticket at will call – since the window didn’t open for almost another hour he was very reluctant to let me stay – I almost had to beg him before he gave in.  It said he was going to be keeping an eye on me, though.


Part 6



I headed to the bathroom and spent a lot of time trying to clean up.  I got most of the grime off of my face, arms and legs – but there was nothing I could do about the clothes.  I took my shirt off and cleaned under my arms and did my best to wipe the sweat stink off – maybe it helped some, maybe it didn’t.  I noticed the bruises at my shoulders from the pack as I looked in the mirror.  Some guy walked in on me and damn near ran back out – I figured it was trouble so I dressed fast and walked out of the restroom quickly.  Sure enough the security guard was headed my way looking pissed – the asshole had bitched about the bum in the bathroom, I’m sure.  Luckily for me the will call window was open and I was able to get the ticket that was waiting for me and the guy left me alone.  I was so damn glad that JT had taken care of me!

I used some of the five bucks to get a candy bar and a coke.  I spread out on a bench and dozed off for a while.  Time crawled as I waited – people stared as they walked by obviously thinking that I shouldn’t be there sleeping on a bench.  Their obvious distaste just reinforced how low I had slipped – even though I kept trying to remind myself that they were riding the damn Greyhounds, too.  The bus was called and I went on board and went to the back – sitting still in the park and then in the station had given my legs a chance to really start to stiffen up.  I was going to be really sore for a long time from the hike – it would be another reminder for me.  The bus was full and a guy had no choice but to sit next to me – I could tell he was disgusted by it.  I smiled to myself and just turned toward the window.  I was asleep before we hit the freeway.  The bus made six stops along the way and when it stopped at a McDonald’s for dinner I stayed on board (I had no money anyway) and I used the time to jot some more notes down.  There were a lot fewer passengers now and no one was forced to sit near me – I did notice that as seats freed up people kept moving farther away from me – I must have stunk more than I realized.  I had been in their shoes on subways and trams in Europe – I knew what they were thinking about me.  My dick got hard in that cup as I again realized what I had become.  JT had succeeded in reducing me to a completely different person.  Why this satisfied me so much I do not know.

I finally made it to my car and drove home without stopping.  It was almost 6:30 pm when I got home and I was surprised to see JT’s car in my driveway.  All I could think was “this can’t be good.”  I pulled into the garage and saw the note taped on the door into the house.  I don’t think I hesitated even a moment in getting out of the car and grabbing the note.  It said simply, “do not strip but you know what else to do.”

I went directly to the basement and knelt near the cot, clasped my hands behind my back and bowed my head.  I waited for quite a while like that  – my legs were really starting to ache and I had to piss bad by the time he came down the stairs.  He said nothing at all, locked a pair of handcuffs on and allowed me to stand.  He took me to the bathroom and pulled down the shorts and hard-cup and held my dick as I peed.  I had no reservations about it this time – I was his to do with as he pleased and I knew it.  He dressed me and had me kneel again at the cot and even though I knew what was coming I was still heartbroken when he pulled my Puffy Hood from Mr S on and locked the collar.  He undid the cuffs and then he put the wrist and ankle restraints on and locked them in place, too.  He didn’t, however, lock any chains on – he told me to clasp my hands behind my back and I automatically bowed my head.  I heard him walk away up the stairs.  Here I was again – not physically restrained but actually more bound than that.  I knew that I wouldn’t move from that position until he told me to.  He would release me when he was ready and I was fine with that – I owed him that.

01_Part1_HT082_44I don’t know how much time passed before he came back downstairs.  My legs had started to cramp a little and I was very uncomfortable.  He pulled me to my feet and I heard the chains before I felt him start to lock them in place.  He was using even shorter lengths than ever before – my ankles were locked tightly together as were my wrists.  The chain running from the collar down to the ankle restraints was not long enough for me to stand upright – only half bent over.  When he locked the wrist chain to that chain I was very restricted in my movements.  Again he told me there were bottles of water and straws and that I this was going to be in this for another 24 hours.  Before he walked away he told me to be glad because “I had earned it.”

He left me standing there hunched over and I tried to get a feel for how much movement that I actually had.  It wasn’t much at all.  I was able to take only tiny steps and had to hunch over even more so that I wasn’t pulling on the chain to allow even that.  I had never been in anything this restrictive before and I started to panic – I was trying to shuffle around when I hit the cot and tripped myself.  I fell to the floor hard and lay there panting and struggling.  I couldn’t catch my breath and I really began to freak.  Even if I could catch my breath there was no way that I could take this for 24 hours.  I tried to scream but the hood prevented almost any sound – I was fuckin’ screwed and was too damn scared to think straight!

Eventually I rolled on my side and concentrated on my breathing – I knew that I could get enough air in this hood – I had worn it dozens of times and for long periods of time without a problem.  I just had to convince myself of that, again.  It took me a long time to calm down and breathe normally.  Yes, I was OK in the air department – that was the worst of it.  I tried to get up off the floor and had a hell of a time as the chains barely gave me enough movement and I was so hunched over that I couldn’t get my legs under me to leverage myself up – the fact that my legs were aching to beat the band didn’t help.  I got up and tried to figure out what I was going to do.  I needed to convince myself that I could get through this if I was calm – it occurred to me that I didn’t have any choice anyway.  24 hours in this was going to be the longest day of my life.  Why did I do this to myself?

I found the edge of the cot and struggled to crawl on it – at least I was still clothed so I wouldn’t get too cold.  I laid on my side – the only way I could lay – and just tried to relax.  I wasn’t tired – I actually had plenty of sleep between dozing in the bus station and on the bus itself – I had nothing to do but think about my situation.  My dick had not been hard since I had left Minneapolis but the more I thought about my present condition the harder it became.  I tried to play with myself but my hands were locked so close together that it was too hard to manipulate the cup out of the way, but I started to think that I could handle this.  It would be rough, but I could do it.  I could take it.

I rolled off the cot carefully to get to a “standing” position and crept to where JT had left the water bottles.  Kneeling down to get one and get a straw in it was frustrating – the short chains made everything ten times harder.  I had to be careful not to lose my balance – I had already learned that it was too hard to get up off the floor.  Moving even a few feet seemed to take hours and the shuffling steps made my legs ache even more.  I moved from kneeling to a crouching position frequently to keep my legs from stiffening up more than they already were.  I struggled to get to the bathroom to piss – it took forever to even get there and as I tried to get my dick out I realized just how hard that was going to be.  I had to struggle to get the shorts down below my hips and then pull the cup down – with my hands so close together and almost no side-to-side movement it was difficult to do.  By the time I finally had struggled out I was breathing heavily and thinking about how tough this was going to be every time.  I pissed and thought about just leaving the cup and shorts down but that made it even more difficult to walk – besides JT hadn’t told me that it would be OK to be half-dressed.  It took me almost as long to pull the jock and shorts back up as it did to get them down.  Getting them back over my hips without being able to reach around behind was harder than I ever would have thought.  By the time I finally got dressed my dick was throbbing again – it seemed the more frustration that I experienced the harder my dick became.

Hours passed and my predicament became more and more uncomfortable.  My legs were so sore and I couldn’t stretch them out and my back and arms were starting to ache, as well.  My head was throbbing in the hood and I wanted out.  I wondered what I would do if I actually made it through this and found that JT’s next instructions were to lock myself back in for another 12 hours like before?

I struggled with the decision for a long time – how disappointed he would be, how I had given up on him, how I would have basically lied to him by saying that I would do whatever he asked of me  – even this.  I eventually came to the conclusion that I couldn’t take this confinement anymore.  I struggled to orientate myself and shuffled toward the spot where we had put the “failsafe” – the emergency way out for when I was left alone like this in restraints.  I moved along the wall to where I thought it should be – it wasn’t there.  I panicked for a minute and then realized that I probably hadn’t gone as far as I thought so I shuffled along further – I still couldn’t find it.  I eventually reached the next corner and knew that was too far – it wasn’t there.  Maybe I was just disorientated and wasn’t moving along the correct wall at all.  I struggled around and figured out that I was in the right spot after all – the failsafe was not there.  JT must have removed it.

I was fucking screwed beyond belief.  I had finally done it and got myself in deep – no one to blame – it was all on me.  I sank to my knees at that point and damn near cried.  I was stuck in this hood and these restraints and left to suffer until the keys dropped after 24 hours.  Having no idea how much time had passed or how much time was left I only could think about how sore I was and how much more sore I would be when this was over.  Thoughts of what could go wrong didn’t even cross my mind at this point – my only concern was how stuck I was.  I crawled back onto the cot, lay on my side, and tried to get as comfortable as I could.  It came to me that I was actually relieved in a perverted kind of way – by not being able to release myself from this situation I had not disappointed JT- I really had planned to do it, though -which was almost worse.  I hadn’t really given myself over to him fully – had I?


Part 7



I could not get comfortable enough to even doze off.  I was able to get some relief by doing “knee bends.”  Going to the bathroom was exercise in and of itself.  I came to grips with it and had time to think about my failure.  I would confess this to JT as soon as I could – he needed to know that I had tried to end this on my own.  The fact that he had removed the means to do so did not mitigate the fact that I had failed him by trying to take things into my own hands.  I had tried to take back some control.

I heard the keys drop but had a hard time finding them on the floor due to the restraints.  I panicked again because there was no other means of release (as there had been before) – I found them and was eventually able to get myself free.  The last thing that I removed, however, was the hood – I sat on the edge of the cot with it still locked on for quite awhile – some sort of penance I suppose.  I took it off and headed upstairs wondering what was next.  I was hungry and sore as hell – food and ibuprofen were the only things on my mind.  I must have jumped six feet in the air when I saw JT sitting on the couch – he had been here since last night.  I wondered how long he might have spied on me or been watching – he easily could have quietly been up and down the stars a hundred times without me hearing him.  I was also so damned relieved that he had been in the house the whole time and had not left me locked up with no failsafe to get free.

Thinking of that brought me to reality and I dropped to my knees, where I stood and lowered my head and told him that I had failed and had tried to get myself free – I was blabbering like an idiot but had to confess it to him.  When I finished he let me kneel there for a while before he acknowledged that he had been watching me when I had tried to find the failsafe keys.  He would have known even if I had not confessed to it.  But I had not failed – he told me to look at the position I was in and what I had just told him.

It hit me hard – here I was kneeling before him apologizing to him – basically asking for his forgiveness.  I hadn’t even thought about it – as soon as I had seen him I submitted to him without hesitation or reservation.  I guess I was completely his.  I was so relieved that he wasn’t disappointed or angry with me – I really can’t explain it.

He allowed me to remove the clothes that I had been wearing for so long and take a shower.  It was great to finally bathe after more than a week.  I think I stood in the shower for over half an hour, shaved and started to feel – I was going to say “feel like me again” – but that wouldn’t be quite right.  I would be “me” again until JT released me.

I went out to him naked and knelt waiting for whatever was next.  The only thought I had was how nice it was not to have to think about what to do next – I would soon be told.  He handed me the jock and hard-cup, which was filthy and ripe – and cum stained.  I pulled it on as he locked a pair of police ankle irons on me.  He dropped the key in the lockbox and closed it with a small combination lock.  He would email me the combination on Monday morning in time for me to get to work – until then these would be the only restraints that I would be wearing.  It was almost 11:00 pm on Saturday evening – which meant that I would be in them for over 30 hours – it didn’t dawn on me that I also wouldn’t be able to get the jock off or any pants on during that time.

I grabbed a snack and relaxed a bit with JT – he talked a little about the screw-up with the shuttle van driver and how he had had to scramble to change the plans and get the guy to drive all the way to Minneapolis.  He had also not planned on being here at the house, but the mishap had required him to change his schedule too.  I thanked him for taking care of me and asked him about Kerry – he told me that Kerry was of no concern to me and not to bring it up again.

I started to tell him about the trip from my point of view but he stopped me – he said he would rather read the account like last time.  He told me that the leg irons were the idea of a mutual acquaintance – as JT had been planning another 12 hours of hooded bondage (I flinched a that).  I would, however, spend the next day (Sunday) recounting the adventure in detail.  He wanted me to email it to him at the same time I emailed it to Metal for posting on his blog.  I was to complete it on Sunday and take as much time as needed to do so.  I wondered who the “mutual acquaintance” was – I suspected that it must have been Kerry (and I silently thanked him!)

He got up then and headed toward my bedroom telling me to follow.  I was looking forward to a night in my own bed more than I realized.  As JT washed up I knelt waiting for him.  He crawled into my bed and shut the light off.  I was left to sleep on the floor of my own bedroom – mostly naked and shackled.  I was just starting to think that I was something more than I was – sleeping on the floor at the foot of my own bed humbled me more than you know.  The fact that I did not get up and move to the guest room spoke volumes to me – I wouldn’t be able to do it unless JT told me that I could.

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It is late Sunday –  JT left this morning.  He took several pictures of me in the clothes that he had provided.  Since the temporary tattoos had worn off, he re-applied some for effect.  Unfortunately for me, he wants them to remain in place for several days – another reason for a lot of questions form my staff on Monday!

I found myself kneeling – of my own accord – with my head bowed and hands clasped behind my back while he showered and ate a quick breakfast.  I was to remain in that position for at least an hour after he left – then I was free to clean up and start to write this account.  His only reminder was that I was to finish before I went to bed tonight – which I have done.  In the past, I would have thought it odd to be sitting here half naked, chained at the ankles, recounting a long and difficult week; but, since it is what JT wants me to do, it is what I am doing.

Tomorrow will be a step back into the “real me.”  I’ll have to think for myself and deal with all the day-to-day crap.  For a few more hours I can and will be who JT wants me to be.



Metal would like to thank Marknorth and JT for sharing this experience and the pictures with the readers of this blog.









One thought on “Reduced to Nothing”

  1. an excellent report on the experience – it covers both sides of it – the enormous amount of work and coordination done by JT – and the emotions and frustrations felt by mark and what B/both get from the experience.

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