Remote Control – Chapter 01

By Hard Slave

Ted owned several cockrings, but the chrome one was his favorite. It fit perfectly, and the metal felt so good against his skin, he’d sometimes wear it all day at work just for fun. So when he realized he’d accidentally left it in the hotel room on his last business trip, he knew he had to replace it right away.

Ted visited the web site where he’d made his original purchase, scrolling through dozens of models, searching for The One. No luck. Disappointed, he Googled “best cockrings” to see if it would come up. It didn’t. Ted sighed, about to give up and pick a different (surely inferior) model, when he noticed a link down at the bottom of the page, “Ultimate Cockring: It’s NOT for everyone!” He clicked through to see what the fuss was. The picture looked very similar to the cockring Ted lost, but it was the description that really grabbed his attention:

“Master’s Slave Ring: This unique cockring comes with a bluetooth-like chip that can be controlled remotely using our special “Master’s App” from a phone or laptop. Male behavior modification using the latest technology, Master’s Slave Ring will have your boy literally jumping to attention at your command. Not recommended for solo use or by non-submissive wearers. The Master’s Slave Ring is sold for amusement only. Master App, Inc. is not responsible for ill effects caused by misuse of the product.”

Wow, Ted thought, that’s one sick cockring! If I was a sub, I’d definitely go for this, he thought. He was about to hit the “X” but a twitch in his cock and a little churning in his balls caused him to read the description again. He then looked for, and found, one review…

“It’s been three weeks since Sir put me in the Master’s Slave Ring, and it has changed my life. I am able to go about my daily business at work, etc., knowing that at any time my Master can signal a command straight to my balls. I’ve learned to drop what I’m doing and obey or suffer the consequences, which can be very painful. Be careful what you wish for…”

Now Ted’s cock was at full mast, straining against his Jockeys. Then he saw the price, a week’s pay for him, and reluctantly closed the page. He pushed hard at his erection, thinking “calm down, buddy” and continued browsing for a replacement cockring. But his balls wouldn’t let him forget the Master’s Slave Ring. A few days later, Ted received an email with the subject “FREE trial for the Master’s Slave Ring!” He had been selected to try the ring for one year free, provided he followed the rules and recorded his experiences in an on-line log each week.

Ted quickly scrolled through the lengthy disclaimer without reading it (he was too horny to read the fine print, and who reads the terms of service anyway?) Thinking with his hard dick, he clicked “accept” and entered his credit card and address, and then clicked a buttom that said “submit.”

Later that evening as he lay in bed, spent from his nightly self-gratification, Ted began to have doubts. He wondered if there was a way of cancelling his order. He tossed and turned, eventually falling asleep.

The next few days were busy ones at work. Ted half forgot about the ring he’d ordered as he slogged through work orders. When he returned home from work on Thursday, he was surprised to see the package on his doorstep, but then he remembered the Ring. He could hardly wait to get inside and tear open the box. The new ring looked just like the one he’d lost, but this one had a different surface along the inside — not metal, some sort of smooth leather or plastic. He jammed his balls in first, then his cock, just in time before it became too hard to fit through the ring. It felt GREAT, though disappointingly loose. A small pamphlet explained that the ring would “self-size” when he activated the app.

Ted skimmed over the app’s disclaimers and clicked “accept,” then it downloaded onto his phone. He tried to open it, but nothing happened — just an icon named “Ringmaster” sat there staring back at him. He was about to take the ring off, but then he felt a light buzzing in his balls. Could it be this thing is really working, he thought? He stood there, naked and amazed, as he felt the cockring shrink around his junk. Tighter, tighter, slightly tighter again, then “click” and it stopped. Incredible. Ted inspected the ring but could detect no sign of any hinge or attachment, just that smooth chrome finish that he loved so well.

He tried to remove the ring again, but no luck. No matter how Ted struggled, there was no way his balls and cock were backing out of this thing, it was on for good. A little scared now, Ted went back to the Ringmaster app and clicked, double clicked, right clicked. Nothing. Realizing the time, Ted reluctantly pulled on his briefs and got ready for work.

Work was the usual boring drudgery. About noon, Ted’s phone signaled a message, but no text message showed on his screen. Then he noticed that the “Ringmaster” icon had a red dot on it that wasn’t there before. He clicked on it and a message opened up:

“Slave, you have 5 minutes to ejaculate yourself. Starting NOW.”

Whoa, thought Ted, this is sick. His balls twitched at the thought of being ordered to jerk off, but just then his boss called him in to a meeting. After about 5 minutes of listening to his boss drone on, Ted began to feel a pricking of some sort in his groin. Soon he was feeling a painful electrical pulse to his balls, “THUMP, THUMP, THUMP, THUMP.” Ted squirmed and crossed his legs tight, but the pain only increased. Now he was beginning to sweat.

Finally the meeting ended, and Ted all but ran to the men’s room. In the stall he dropped his pants, sat down and went to work on his throbbing cock. As soon as he began to stroke himself, the painful throbbing gave way to an incredibly erotic electric buzz. As he came (almost instantly) Ted was flooded with relief. He cleaned up and headed back to work. The rest of the day was uneventful, at least for his balls.

He came home and stripped down to his underwear ready for a relaxing Friday night alone. He had nearly forgotten about the Ring when his phone chimed and he noticed another message indicated on the Ringmaster icon:

“Next time respond to my command promptly or suffer greater consequences. As a result of your arrogance, there will be no masturbation this weekend. Tomorrow at noon report to Bill at “The Leather Store” on East Main Street and 3rd. You will obey all instructions from Bill.”

Now Ted was beginning to have doubts about all this.  How could someone control him remotely? He needed to find out how to remove the ring. Once again he attempted to slip out of it, this time using some lube. But as soon as he began to try to pull his cock out, the Ring reacted with a painful shock that caused Ted to cry out. Damn, he thought, I am so screwed! And who the fuck is Bill?

That night Ted tried to relax by watching a movie. One scene involved two male college friends exploring their sexual identities together. As the handsome tall one gently rubbed his buddy’s bare thigh Ted felt a tingle. The scene ended with the two young men naked, locked in each other’s arms, kissing deeply. The Latino guy had an incredible ass that the camera loved. This was too much for Ted, and he began to stroke his now erect cock. He soon realized the Ring wasn’t reacting in any way. As soon as Ted came, however, he felt a familiar buzz that soon grew into a dull pain being delivered to his balls. It never got fully painful, just enough to keep Ted up all night. By 3 am Ted was crying, but he better than to try and tamper with the Ring.

The next day, bleary-eyed, exhausted Ted found himself walking down East Main Street in search of The Leather Store and the mysterious Bill.

To be continued…

Metal would like to thank Hard Slave for this story!

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