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The Dream

By hard slave

“Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up!” the whole room chanted. I was so mesmerized by the sounds of the masculine voices shouting as one, that when the two brutish bouncers grabbed each of my arms I cried out in surprise. They frog-marched me up to the stage and quickly locked restraints on my wrists, which in turn were attached to the arms of a large cross, forcing my arms as far apart as they could go. The lights were bright, but I could make out the crowd of men, dressed in tight jeans or leather, many shirtless or in harness, hooting and whistling while looking at ME. Holy shit.

My two escorts took off my belt and undid my jeans, pulling them down to my ankles sharply. Down came my white briefs, allowing my semi-hard cock to bounce upward. Of course this led to louder, more urgent cheers of “Lock him up!” A third man joined us on stage, and with a wicked, sadistic smile, he applied an ice pack to my erection. It took about a minute, but once my boner subsided he grabbed me by the balls and slipped on the ring of a Holy Trainer chastity device. The crowd collectively crowed as they observed me being locked into the device before their eyes.

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Remote Control – Chapter 02

By Hard Slave

A quaint bell rang as Ted opened the door to The Leather Store. The store sure lives up to its name, he thought as he breathed in the familiar smell of animal hides. Walking up and down the aisles, Ted saw leather garments of every type: jackets, pants, chaps, jockstraps, you name it. No sex toys in sight so far, however.

“Can I help you?” The quiet voice startled Ted, and he turned to see an average-looking man with horn-rimmed glasses and a shaved head. “Are you Bill?” Ted asked tentatively. “Ah, you must be Ted. Follow me please.” Bill led the way down a wrought iron spiral staircase so narrow Ted’s shoulders rubbed the metal support bars as he descended into the basement of the shop. Once his eyes adjusted to the dim lighting, Ted gasped in amazement at the array of whips, floggers, collars, hoods and other objects that defied definition.

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Remote Control – Chapter 01

By Hard Slave

Ted owned several cockrings, but the chrome one was his favorite. It fit perfectly, and the metal felt so good against his skin, he’d sometimes wear it all day at work just for fun. So when he realized he’d accidentally left it in the hotel room on his last business trip, he knew he had to replace it right away.

Ted visited the web site where he’d made his original purchase, scrolling through dozens of models, searching for The One. No luck. Disappointed, he Googled “best cockrings” to see if it would come up. It didn’t. Ted sighed, about to give up and pick a different (surely inferior) model, when he noticed a link down at the bottom of the page, “Ultimate Cockring: It’s NOT for everyone!” He clicked through to see what the fuss was. The picture looked very similar to the cockring Ted lost, but it was the description that really grabbed his attention:

“Master’s Slave Ring: This unique cockring comes with a bluetooth-like chip that can be controlled remotely using our special “Master’s App” from a phone or laptop. Male behavior modification using the latest technology, Master’s Slave Ring will have your boy literally jumping to attention at your command. Not recommended for solo use or by non-submissive wearers. The Master’s Slave Ring is sold for amusement only. Master App, Inc. is not responsible for ill effects caused by misuse of the product.”

Wow, Ted thought, that’s one sick cockring! If I was a sub, I’d definitely go for this, he thought. He was about to hit the “X” but a twitch in his cock and a little churning in his balls caused him to read the description again. He then looked for, and found, one review…

“It’s been three weeks since Sir put me in the Master’s Slave Ring, and it has changed my life. I am able to go about my daily business at work, etc., knowing that at any time my Master can signal a command straight to my balls. I’ve learned to drop what I’m doing and obey or suffer the consequences, which can be very painful. Be careful what you wish for…”

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Poker Night

By hard slave

The five of us had a standing game for a few years running, first Friday of every month. We alternated hosting, but mostly it was a Jake’s place as he had the most room. We were all a few years out of college back then, had decent jobs — unmarried but able to live on our own. It started with a low cash ante, no heavy bets. We eventually worked our way up, so that the winner usually came away with about 50 bucks. We didn’t need the money, so the stakes were kinda boring to all of us.

One night Jake suggested playing for something else. Let’s try strip poker tonight, he laughed. We nervously laughed along with him, but agreed. The loser of each hand would roll a die and take off corresponding number of garments. I lost first, rolled a 4, no big deal as each shoe counted as one item, same for socks. The game progressed and eventually Jim rolled a 6 ending the game. As he pulled off his briefs, we all hooted and pointed. What jerks.

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By hard slave

I entered his apartment at the appointed hour. He had left the door open for me as agreed. I walked in and silently strode past him as he spoke on a business call. I knew better than to interrupt or even expect an acknowledgement of my presence. He did not look up and i headed straight to the playroom.

A typed note he had left for me there provided very specific instructions. I was to strip naked and put on the leather hood and the single left-handed glove. Then i was to lie down on the floor and attach myself to the ankle and wrist restraints he had already secured to the eyehooks in the floor, leaving the gloved hand free.

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The Breaking of Brian

By hard slave

He had me, naked in his basement and locked in cruel bondage. He told me he’d break me, that I’d soon be begging to serve him. I was doing my best to resist, not to succumb to becoming his slave, but it was proving difficult.

My wrists were locked behind my back in leather cuffs. From the cuffs ran a leather strap that ended in a small cuff that was locked tightly around the base of my scrotum.

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