Return to Green Bay – A real-life experience

By ty dehner

They say that when opportunity comes knocking you better answer, or it might never return. Well, for me it knocked and i wasn’t ready. Thankfully, it has returned!

MasterJ and i started talking regularly again, he had grown over the years to create a persona and play space that I nicknamed “Dungeon on the Bay.” His photos had started to fill the internet as more boys and Masters discovered this talented Master. He had become to be known as SirN and in time he would become an internet legend. We started discussing a visit to discover each other again. In the meantime, i had introduced a military friend to SirN and he wanted to be Sir’s slave. They had worked on visiting each other during the Labor Day weekend. It was at the last minute that i was also invited and arranged a return to Green Bay. The army boy that i was traveling with was to be referred to as my brother. For if this family comes together, he will be my little brother.

We arrived in Appleton, Wisconsin, in the evening. i was very glad to see SirN again, as we loaded into the van. brother got into the back seat, as we headed out of the airport. As we pulled out of the parking area, SirN realized he forgot his wallet at home, thankfully there wasn’t a fee for parking at this small airport. A short distance down the road, SirN pulls off the freeway and into a parking lot. Soon, SirN put brother into a full leather hood and leather wrist restraints that were locked behind his back. Now he was set for his ride to Green Bay. i am sure he was thrilled, for he loves leather hoods. As we drove down the highway, brother sat high in his seat, the windows tinted so few could see this late in the evening.


We got into Green Bay after about a half hour’s drive and headed towards SirN’s home and the Dungeon on the Bay. Suddenly, SirN yelled for brother to drop to the floor right away. “Shit.” said SirN as alongside the van came a police officer. We pulled into a driveway and waited. The officer came up to Sir’s window and questioned Sir, who stated he didn’t have his license when asked. The officer said that since Sir didn’t have a license and that he sounded nervous, he would search the van. SirN and i sat still as the officer walked around to the sliding door and was about to find brother on the floor, his head hiding between the seats.

Officer opened the door and found brother’s booted feet sticking out at him. The officer tapped brother’s foot, questioning him. He ordered brother up and found him with the full hood on his head. Brother had to be nervous, not knowing what was really happening. But when the officer pulled down the zipper on the face of the hood and let brother actually see him, with a call coming across his radio at the same time, brother knew this was real. The officer certainly had some questions. He zipped the hood back up and walked brother to a nearby brick wall to stand against. The officer came back to SirN and i, who were out of the van. It was great to see our officer friend again. i had met him during my very first visit to SirN over a year ago. He is a real police officer, and when i found out he was visiting during our stay i asked Sir if they’d like to give my brother an experience that many only fantasize about.

Brother was quick with his answers, when questioned. Eventually we let him off the hook, but the surprises weren’t over. For when we entered Sir’s home (the officer scene occurred in SirN’s driveway), brother found two other guests in the Dungeon. For brother’s first visit he would be with some great guys.

Brother could only stay for a day, leaving that Monday morning. But during that time he experienced things that many boys dream of, like flogging, hoods, bondage, electro and even an enema. Brother slept in a cage with a muzzle, fist mitts and chastity cage his first night. The second night he slept with SirN, in bondage, of course. During all this, i was just an observer. Watching out for this boy taking his first leap into a real dudgeon. His first leap into real BDSM, his first leap into true service to a potential Master.

Monday morning came and SirN and i put a very different boy on the plane back to Seattle. He also touched us, for i know that we were both impressed with his acceptance of what was given to him. He was challenged and did well with it all. It shall be interesting what happens from this point, for he did not experience a fantasy life, he experienced a potential real life.

My turn was coming now that brother had left. i had spent some time in a rubber straight jacket the first night, but that was the extent of my bondage up to this point. After arriving home, SirN ordered me to put on my navy blue cop uniform. A visiting Master, SirM, really liked me in my uniform. i let him try on my leather pants and MX boots. Soon, with SirN’s permission, i was in the dungeon, wrists restrained from the ceiling by chain between two poles, gagged and blindfolded. SirM took control of this big cop. Toying with my tits, using my night stick. Soon BostonCuir, the other guest, started in making me dance and struggle.

They worked my dick and tits, as i moaned, laughed and yelled into the gag. Soon, BostonCuir had his appointment with SirN. SirM, then really started to work me. While working my dick, he brought images to my mind. Images of biker leather, bondage and so much more. He told me how he would love to put me on the back of his Harley, both of us in full leather, me hooded and gagged. Take me for a ride, a long ride, perhaps with a plug in my ass. We would pull off onto a long secluded road and into a private area. He would tie me to his bike, pull my pants down, with my dick just inches from the hot pipe of the bike, and there he would show me my true position in life, as he would fuck my ass. Becoming a biker slave. Then if i was good, he might have invited some of his biker friends to use me also. Several times i almost shot. But, as always, standing and cumming is so difficult for me. i really did enjoy myself that know that SirM did also.

SirM left in he evening after dinner. i found myself alone with SirN and BostonCuir, who is a very good top also. SirN wanted to flog me, something i was very apprehensive about. but i collected myself, stripped and let him and BostonCuir begin their flogging. As i took it, i was not restrained, unlike my brother. They took it easy on me, i know that i didn’t get anywhere near as intense flogging as my brother took. i know that it is someplace SirN wants me to go. i believe that he will help get me to that point.

After, Sir put a head harness with gag and blindfold on me, followed by the leather straight jacket. i was positioned in the sling. There the most intense play for me, on this trip, occurred. Ticking my feet. They also flogged my feet a bit as well as using the pinwheels on them. i was totally helpless and they continued the assault on my feet. i was laughing into the gag, thrashing about in the leather straight jacket, feeling the total bondage i was in. i think my reaction scared BostonCuir the first time he placed the pinwheel on my foot. i kicked and i heard SirN laughing. They continued the attack, SirN tried to take my mind off my feet by squeezing my tits through the leather. Believe me, i could feel his squeeze and pinch. i even helped him locate my tits, not sure if that is what it takes to be a good boy or a stupid one! Or was i turning into a pain pig…

i’m not sure what was worse, the flogging or the tickling. They are both maddeningly frustrating, working my body to a frenzy. At times, they had to hold me down for my reactions were so violent! Eventually, they slowed down and stopped. i was able to rest and catch my breath. As i was released from the leather, Sir ordered me into the vac rack.

i put on the gas mask with hose. This unique form of bondage called the vac rack is very different in it’s feeling. Once the gas mask was in place, i climbed into the large rubber bag. The breather tube from the mask was fed through a hole in the bag. i had watched the others use this bag, and i knew this hose was my life line. The rubber bag was yellowish tint, so i was unable to fully see through it. The bag was zipped up, i was asked if i was ready, i nodded that i was and the switch to the vacuum was flipped on. The rubber closed in around me, tighter and tighter. The air was sucked away from around me. A cool feeling of rushing wind was evident everyplace. As i tried to move, i found i couldn’t, but just a tiny bit. This was more restricting than it looked from the outside. Things were flexible, yet restraining.

The assault began anew, as SirN used his heavy “sander type” vibrator on my body. i struggled in his rubber cocoon, unable to escape, my breathing restricted though the gas mask tube. He moved the vibrator to my cock and balls, and they really came to life. i remember the fleeing this vibrator gave me on my first trip to SirN’s as i spent time in his rubber sleep sack. As the vibrator continued, i began to try to lift my crotch to meet it, but it was difficult in my rubber restraint. i could feel the rubber around my skin, top and bottom. He could leave me in this package for hours, my only life line is outside the breathing tube. What if he would shut it off? He brought out his little vibrators and started using them on my tits. i was being assaulted and literally could not except. i was humping the large vibrator more and more. Together we were becoming one, to achieve the release that i had been restricted from for 13 days. But it wasn’t coming that quickly. My legs were spread apart under this rubber, so i was harder for me to come.

Things progressed, i couldn’t see but only light and shadows. My breathing was saved via a hose, the rubber of the gas mask felt and smelled great! That was combining with the restriction of the rubber. Vibe and crotch working together, so things were close, and i felt the feeling that i had cum. But the vibe didn’t stop. This was more intense than before i shot my load. i was going nuts and struggling in the rubber trap. i moved my right foot in desperation, our signal to release me. But the vibe continued — this is true bondage. But soon they saw my signal and there was the strange sensation of air returning around my body.

As the bag was unzipped, i couldn’t really feel if i had indeed cum. SirN assured me that i had. i was a bit disappointed for 13 days of restraint didn’t seem well paid off. But that was going to change. But i had enjoyed the vac rack very much. And the scene in the sling was intense, difficult but something i have been missing and wanting for a long while. SirN gives me the opportunity to explore more intense things while in bondage.

Most of the following day i spent alone. BostonCuir had left for home, and Sir had a lunch engagement. i spent time on line, visiting with friends about the great time i was having. Most were jealous, but there have been times when i have been jealous of them. i didn’t mind being alone, for i knew there were some great times ahead.

That evening, Sir ordered me to the dungeon to strip and wait for him. He had me climb upon the suspended table. He put a full, padded leather hood on me. i found out later that it had straps on it to make it tighter. my breathing was tough through the 2 small grommet holes. my hands were put into fist mitts. i laid upon the table, straps secured me down, covering my legs with at least four. My arms each had 4 straps, and two across my chest. my cock was standing at attention, even though i couldn’t see it, i certainly could feel it. Next, Sir took turnbuckles from the local Home Depot, restraining my head fully. i was secured to the table in the most restrictive bondage i have ever felt.

Sir tickled my feet to test the bondage. i struggled and he found my feet too loose. So he took some rope tied it to one of the D rings on the mitt, ran the rope in between my big toe and other toe, to the other foot and around to the D ring in the other mitt. This was maddening, because there was no way to get the rope from rubbing between my toes.

Sir brought out the pin wheel and worked various parts of my feet and torso. He then tied my balls with rope, attaching it to the ceiling and to a Bumble Ball, that moves all over the place. My balls were tugging back and forth. Sir chuckled, he was really enjoying himself. He must have returned to his cabinet of tricks and put nipple clamps on my tits. He strung them up also to the Bumble Ball. Now my feelings were being brought to life. But Sir had another idea. After a moment, the table began to sway, head to toe and back. This was pulling on my balls and tits. i was truly in restrictive bondage, unable to escape, to feel those tender areas being stretched and pulled.

Sir was enjoying me as his puppet show. Then He started to work my cock for a while. He then put something tight around the base and head. Sir said, “Welcome to Disneyland!” and a new sensation started on my dick. Actually, it was inside my dick, or felt like it. i couldn’t believe it, it was electricity. It was making my dick dance and jump on its own. It was not painful as i had imagined, although i have no doubt that it could’ve been if set at a high level. The shocks increased in timing, and i know i was hard and dripping pre-cum. i was enjoying the complete feelings of total helplessness. Sir changed the setting and things were now random in the Electro. Building slowly, the sharp pulse, with my tits and balls still stretched. The rope between my toes was rubbing back and forth as my hands and feet were the only movement on my body. Except for the shocks that were making my cock dance. i couldn’t even raise my head. i moaned, and at times, screamed into the gag of the leather hood.

This was my reward for being so patient. i was alone with Sir. He and i were alone once again, and i was enjoying the new skills he was using on me. Taking me to new places, i have no doubt that i would’ve accepted some more electricity in other areas. But the restraint on my head was getting very sore and tight. When i asked for it to be released, Sir gave me that, along with my tits. That loss of restriction made me soft and things were winding down.

The phone rang and as Sir got the hood off my head, he ran up stairs to answer it. i was alone on the table still strapped down. i had time to think and i was beginning to be upset with myself that i couldn’t have continued. i had watched others this weekend go so far. Yet i was just scratching the surface.

When Sir returned, he could tell that i was troubled. i told him why, when i was asked. He assured me He was not disappointed in me. i learned i had done over an hour in the bondage and that many other boys had panicked in such restrictive bondage. He was very comforting and i realized i was reaching a new level, one that Sir pointed out to me. i wanted to please him, and he was definitely correct on that! i was feeling that He didn’t find me a challenge and fun to play with as the others. Again, he assured me that wasn’t the case and enjoys my continued growth. He like that i have grown so, since our last sessions had been over a year ago. Sir made me feel special. Like the first night on this return trip. Bro had to sleep in the cage and the others on beds in the dungeon. i slept with Sir. And did so each night, except bro’s last night, where i felt he should have a night with Sir. Thinking back upon that, that was really a special moment and stated where our relationship was. i was becoming Sir’s boy, and He was making sure everyone knew about it. That is why i want to become his full time boy.

After our talk, Sir and i retired for the evening. Sir restrained my feet with the leather cuffs, then to a chain bolted to the floor in his closet. The wrist restraints were attached to a chain hooded to the headboard, pulling my hands up. Sir knew that i didn’t look forward to this night in bondage. Over time, i did fall asleep a few times and managed to get some sleep.

But early in the morning, i could no longer sleep or find a comfortable position. As i struggled, i found i got hard, for i was unable to escape. It seemed like hours went by. At times, Sir would wake and toy with my dick.

Eventually he went to work in earnest on it. I was so sensitive, and unable to escape. The sensitivity of my dick seemed to increase, Sir never let up. Before i knew it, i had pulled one hand out of the wrists restraints!! i never would’ve believed that i could’ve done that. Sir said i would be punished for not putting them on tighter, but continued the attack on my dick. i not sure if it was the morning or what, but i couldn’t take this punishment any longer!! i caved in and used my safe word, for i truly couldn’t stand anymore. i was not in pain, but the sensitivity was so intense that there was no way i was going to cum either.

Sir stopped and rested a bit. Then He drew me closer, letting me take His cock in my mouth. This is something i gladly do for Him. i lightly worked the head, then took Him down my throat totally, which i know He didn’t expect and really enjoyed. He said that i had been practicing, i guess i had. i worked Sir lightly and it didn’t take him long before i had to pull back and he came. Something i know he had been looking forward too for a great while. i was very glad to serve Him this way, and look forward to the day where he collars me and i can swallow.

Our last session in the dungeon was with me in the leather-lined sleep sack. i loved it and ended up cumming much too quickly!!


Metal would like to thank the author, ty dehner, for this true-life story!


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