Rex: A James Story – Part 03

By Rex

Based on a true story.

“You awake back there?” A large pecker gag in my mouth prevented me from responding. “I can hear you rustling around. You’re safe. You’ve been hooded, gagged and stripped. You’re beginning your training as a dog now. Dogs don’t have clothing, so you don’t have any. Dogs do not speak, so you have been muted. In time you will learn and accept this, but for now it will stay locked on.”

I tried to turn around and face my kidnapper, dognapper? But the cage was just too small to twist in. I later learned that this man’s name is Todd. He’s also incredibly sexy, and while I would grow to love him, at that moment, I hated him with every fiber of my being. As mad as I was at my Master and this man, I was just as furious at myself, you see, my dick was hard enough to cut glass. No matter what I thought about the brutal reality was that every bit of this was turning me on.

“We were hoping you’d stay asleep for another hour.” Another voice rang out, this one from the passenger’s seat. I would come to find out this man is named Alan. Another dominating and handsome figure that I would eventually do my best to please. “There’s a few more things you need for your uniform. This is fine for now though.” The driver hit a speed bump, I rocked in my cage. The prison was firmly bolted to the vehicle, while I was free to bounce around it stayed perfectly still, resolute. “Dog, you’ll want to pay attention to this. In a few moments you’re going to be meeting your future.”

My future? There was just too much to process. I tried to take in my surroundings, clearly I was in a van, there were a total of four cages of about the same size, however there was only one occupant, myself. Before too long we screech to a halt. I tried to move around and that same first voice spoke out.

“Now, now, don’t get too excited yet, we’re making a quick detour before heading to your new home. I think you’ll find your future accommodations more than acceptable, after all they’re not much bigger than the cage you’re in now. I’m Todd, and this handsome fellow next to me is Alan, we’ll be training you for the next couple of weeks or maybe months? However long it takes for us to build you into the dog slave your Master wants. I’m sure he told you, but officially you’re on a leave. The circles he travels in … he simply told the owner of the network that you were recommitting yourselves.”

Eventually you will be allowed some moments to speak, since you already have a Master, you’ll refer to me as Sir and Alan as Boss. Nod if you understand, dog.”

I shook my head furiously and attempted to protest, but the gag turned every noise that came out of me into a grunt. I tried to rattle the cage with my hands, but it refused to budge.

“Ha,” Alan went on, “looks like we have our work cut out for us.”

The remainder of the drive was in silence. Eventually we pulled up to a neighborhood. Despite the tinting of the van I could still make out streetlights from the inside. Todd and Alan left me by myself. I needed to piss, and my jaw was getting tired from being gagged. Before too long I heard the sound of boots, and the van door opened up. My captors looked down upon me, but joining them was a third, well-built, leashed man moved just behind them on all fours.

It was hard to tell his age based on the body. He was in great shape and like me hooded and gagged, however there was no fear, just kindness, in his eyes. He was used to this. He was led into the adjacent cage and locked in. The addition of this new man only brought in more questions. Was he being forced here? Is this what Todd and Alan meant when they said my future? I found myself both frightened of what lay ahead and, my dick still very hard, the very real possibility that I was enjoying it.

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  1. oh boy I love where this story is going… nothing hotter then guys under leash and collar submitting to their natural superiors. Can’t wait for the next chapter.

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