Rex: A James Story – Part 02

By Rex

Based on a true story. NOTE: This is a follow-up to Thunder’s story, called “James.” To start at the very beginning, click here.

I started coming to in the vehicle. The driver was either offroading or purposely hitting every pothole. I was about as physically shaken up as I was mentally. What happened after I blacked out? I must have been more disoriented than I thought. Only when I stretched did I realize that I was in a very small cage. It didn’t feel like those expensive heavy duty ones, no, it was more like a… a fucking dog cage.

I tried to recall everything that had happened. My Master was done with my attitude and had decided to course correct. I had started as his slave but over the years I had become more of a housemate. I still loved him deeply though, which is why when offered the chance of packing my bags or recommitting not just as a slave, but as a dog slave, I couldn’t walk out the door. He wouldn’t go into the specifics but said my choice, whatever it may be, would be the final say on the matter.

I got on my knees to apologize. I told him that I would do whatever was necessary to keep us together. I agreed to anything and everything.

“I’m pleased to hear you want to salvage our relationship. A toast then, drink.” Master slid a bowl full of red liquid toward me. “To our new beginning, dog.” With some trepidation I reached for the bowl. “No dog, you don’t get to use those.” Oh my god, he’s serious. I leaned over, careful not to get my shirt in the bowl and lapped up the liquid. In my peripheral I could see his smile widen.

“Very well, until I choose a new name for you, your old one is dead. This will be the last time you hear me say, *^$#(@. Everything with work is taken care of so don’t worry about that. You’re going to go through some very intense training, but it will better you.”

“Yes, Master. I’ll do whatever you need me to do.”

“Me? Oh no, dog. I’m going on holiday. Someplace warm with a lot of sand and sapphire blue water. You will be sent away for a while. But don’t worry, you’ll be in good hands. The gentleman who will be training you comes highly recommended. After all, you’re a dog, but you’re also my dog, and I get the best.”

Someone else? No, no, for him I would do anything but for another. That was a line too far. I was about to protest when my world started spinning. I tried to fight my eyes, but they were so heavy. I slumped over, knocking the bowl. The last thing I saw was my Master looming over me.

“Good dog.”

Then the darkness took me.

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