Rex: A James Story – Part 04

By Rex

This is a follow-up to Thunder’s story, called “James.” To start at the very beginning, click here. Based on a true story.

I was in literal pain. I still hadn’t peed. If I could of have I would have been hopping up and down. After what seemed like an eternity the car stopped, Todd and Alan got out and opened up the back, where I was waiting with the other dog.

“Welcome to the kennel, your home away from home. James, you’re in for a real treat. Dog, I want to pay attention and watch what James does.” With that Todd unlocked the cage James was in. As though there were an invisible fence, James stayed inside kneeling until Alan snapped his fingers, then on all fours he walked over to them where a leash was attached to his collar. “Alright, dog, are you going to be good or difficult?”

Through my gag I snorted and shook my head. Todd leaned in closer, “Okay dog, here’s the deal. I’m going to open this door and you ARE going to crawl on all fours over to Alan. You are NOT going to resist us. You are NOT going to disappoint your Master again, and you sure as shit are NOT going to disappoint us.”

I glared back at him.

“I have two chastity belts and one lock waiting for you. Both of these are made to fit you perfectly, and thanks to the PA you got years ago we don’t have to worry about you sliding out. One belt is a smooth tube, and the other is lined with very angry spikes. These spikes won’t draw blood, but based on how hard you are now it will not be an experience you will look back on fondly. The key is not here, so whichever one we put on is staying on for quite a while.”

I stared back up at my trainer in horror. This was really happening.

“Your master has decided you will never again have a say regarding your orgasms. Do you understand? You are not owed an orgasm, you are a dog. You will earn every orgasm from here on out, you are a dog. If your master decides you will only be milked for the rest of your life, you will accept that, because you are a … what?”

Defeated, eyes looking towards the ground, I weakly woofed at Todd.

“Good, dog. Now, you’re going to get out of the cage and on all fours you’re going to walk to Alan.” Todd unlocked my cage but held it closed. “A hard dick tells no lies, dog. That’s going to be your last full boner in a long, long while. You’re going to enjoy your time here even if you don’t know it yet.”

If I could have died from blushing I’d be a goner.

The cage door opened and despite my erection and desire to go through with this I had to push back a passing thought of making a break for it. Instead of running I slowly crawled on all fours to Alan. I hadn’t seen from the van, but he was holding a very large, very heavy metal collar. No hiding that. Using an allen key he locked it on my neck and attached a chain to it, leashing me for the first time in my life. After he pulled the chain I found myself next to the other dog, james. Alan must have seen my eyes following the key. An evil smile crossed his face as he waved it front of my face before hurling it into the darkness. The ground fell out from under me. Somehow I stopped myself from shouting.

“Good boy.” He patted my head. “Not quite TV ready anymore, are you? Time to lock up that bone, you’ll want to try and sleep because tomorrow is going to be a long day.”

I had no idea.

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