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James — 2024 Update

By Thunder

Note: This is an update from a long-standing story by Thunder. To start at the very beginning, click for Part 1.

It’s been over five years since I updated this story, so I hope you will remember me. You know how it goes though, you wake up and think, “today is the day I am going to write an update” and then your head hurts, or a ball bounces by, or, in my case, your husband refuses to take off your paws so you can type while telling you that dogs don’t choose when and when they are not human, at least not anymore.

So a really fast summary update, and then I will go into more detail. It’s 2024, I am almost 58 years old now, and I have been married to Alan, husband, trainer and owner, for almost 30 years. For the past six years, my husband’s boyfriend, Todd, also my trainer and theoretical owner, has also lived with us, with me being the unofficial cuckdog throughout this time.

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Rex: A James Story – Part 08

By Rex

Based on a true story.

Sleep did not come easy and what did had conditions. I’m not used to that, I’m one of the few that fall asleep within 10 minutes, normally under 5, my Master was always jealous at the ease of which I would pass out.

The lack of any covering was making it hard to get comfy. The rattle of the chains connecting my wrist and ankles kept drawing the attention of my ears. Todd had said, before leaving me in the darkness, that I’d get used to that in time. I’d get used to quite a lot of things in time.

I wasn’t exactly cold. I felt more exposed, especially now that I was smooth from the neck down. The collar was heavy, and even with the pillow I was fully aware it was there. While I knew the plug lodged deep inside of me wasn’t getting larger it was way more noticeable now that I wasn’t strapped to the chair. Thankfully, it hadn’t fallen out. I was determined to keep it in there. I wish I could say I wasn’t enjoying all of this, but every time I got soft I found a new reason to get hard all over again. How long had it been since I got off?

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Rex: A James Story – Part 07

By Rex

Based on a true story.

The towel was cold as it moved down my shivering chest. I felt so exposed, hairless as I was, I had never shaved my underarms. My chest I shaved just once or twice to see that six-pack better but this was completely different, I haven’t been this smooth since I started looking at boys differently.

I hadn’t resisted when he had unlocked me and gently picked me up. I hadn’t resisted when he made sure I saw myself in the mirror, smooth and collared. I hadn’t resisted when he pointed out that I had a veritable waterfall of pre-cum leaking out of the cage and I certainly hadn’t resisted when he scooped it up and held it up to my face and yelled, “clean dog.”

I cleaned, I could have sucked the chrome off a trailer hitch. I was so horny, course I didn’t know what horny was yet, I would have l given anything for him to fuck me then and there.

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Rex: A James Story – Part 06

By Rex

Based on a true story.

No one said being a dog slave was easy. I’ve worn a chastity belt or two in my time, never for very long. My master used to enjoy my cock. That was all about to change. Currently, I’m hard enough to cut glass yet trying to stuff all of myself into this metal contraption. I’ve been threatened, however that elicited the opposite response. I am nothing if not tenacious. Fortunately for me, I’m quite a heavy leaker. Even though lube was not provided I’ve miraculously made plenty of my own.

“Three minutes.”

Shit, I’ve managed to avoid getting myself locked into “The Iron Maiden” of chastity belts, but I don’t know Todd well enough to guess what he has planned if I can’t get this on. The cool metal slipped over my balls easily enough, but getting my shaft soft enough to jam it in and hook it to the PA is becoming a real problem.

“Two minutes.”

Relax, you got this. I managed to get the head in, the shaft was bunching up a bit but slowly giving way. Gradually, as I started focusing on the task itself instead of what this meant to my future, my cock deflated a bit, and a bit was all I needed.

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Rex: A James Story – Part 05

By Rex

Based on a true story.

Alan took James off in another direction. I couldn’t help but notice how well James moved on all fours. I however was having a hell of a time, Todd wasn’t wasnt making it easy on me either, jerking on my chain every couple feet to get me to move faster. My chain? Is the training kicking in already.

“Nothing more exciting than locking up a pup,” I almost expected him to start singing no doubt about it, Todd was having a lot of fun.

It was hard to get my bearings in the dark, I really wasn’t able to focus on anything before Todd would give another hard yank. Eventually, I realized our destination, Todd was leading me into what looked like a shed on the compound. It wasn’t anything huge maybe a 10 x 10. Todd unlocked the door and flicked a switch, several very bright lights lit up, blinding me with their fury.

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Rex: A James Story – Part 04

By Rex

This is a follow-up to Thunder’s story, called “James.” To start at the very beginning, click here. Based on a true story.

I was in literal pain. I still hadn’t peed. If I could of have I would have been hopping up and down. After what seemed like an eternity the car stopped, Todd and Alan got out and opened up the back, where I was waiting with the other dog.

“Welcome to the kennel, your home away from home. James, you’re in for a real treat. Dog, I want to pay attention and watch what James does.” With that Todd unlocked the cage James was in. As though there were an invisible fence, James stayed inside kneeling until Alan snapped his fingers, then on all fours he walked over to them where a leash was attached to his collar. “Alright, dog, are you going to be good or difficult?”

Through my gag I snorted and shook my head. Todd leaned in closer, “Okay dog, here’s the deal. I’m going to open this door and you ARE going to crawl on all fours over to Alan. You are NOT going to resist us. You are NOT going to disappoint your Master again, and you sure as shit are NOT going to disappoint us.”

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Rex: A James Story – Part 03

By Rex

Based on a true story.

“You awake back there?” A large pecker gag in my mouth prevented me from responding. “I can hear you rustling around. You’re safe. You’ve been hooded, gagged and stripped. You’re beginning your training as a dog now. Dogs don’t have clothing, so you don’t have any. Dogs do not speak, so you have been muted. In time you will learn and accept this, but for now it will stay locked on.”

I tried to turn around and face my kidnapper, dognapper? But the cage was just too small to twist in. I later learned that this man’s name is Todd. He’s also incredibly sexy, and while I would grow to love him, at that moment, I hated him with every fiber of my being. As mad as I was at my Master and this man, I was just as furious at myself, you see, my dick was hard enough to cut glass. No matter what I thought about the brutal reality was that every bit of this was turning me on.

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Rex: A James Story – Part 02

By Rex

Based on a true story. NOTE: This is a follow-up to Thunder’s story, called “James.” To start at the very beginning, click here.

I started coming to in the vehicle. The driver was either offroading or purposely hitting every pothole. I was about as physically shaken up as I was mentally. What happened after I blacked out? I must have been more disoriented than I thought. Only when I stretched did I realize that I was in a very small cage. It didn’t feel like those expensive heavy duty ones, no, it was more like a… a fucking dog cage.

I tried to recall everything that had happened. My Master was done with my attitude and had decided to course correct. I had started as his slave but over the years I had become more of a housemate. I still loved him deeply though, which is why when offered the chance of packing my bags or recommitting not just as a slave, but as a dog slave, I couldn’t walk out the door. He wouldn’t go into the specifics but said my choice, whatever it may be, would be the final say on the matter.

I got on my knees to apologize. I told him that I would do whatever was necessary to keep us together. I agreed to anything and everything.

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