Rex: A James Story – Part 05

By Rex

Based on a true story.

Alan took James off in another direction. I couldn’t help but notice how well James moved on all fours. I however was having a hell of a time, Todd wasn’t wasnt making it easy on me either, jerking on my chain every couple feet to get me to move faster. My chain? Is the training kicking in already.

“Nothing more exciting than locking up a pup,” I almost expected him to start singing no doubt about it, Todd was having a lot of fun.

It was hard to get my bearings in the dark, I really wasn’t able to focus on anything before Todd would give another hard yank. Eventually, I realized our destination, Todd was leading me into what looked like a shed on the compound. It wasn’t anything huge maybe a 10 x 10. Todd unlocked the door and flicked a switch, several very bright lights lit up, blinding me with their fury.

“IN!” he wasn’t playing anymore. I scurried up into the room, my eyes adjusting to the light. There were a few restraints on the wall but the main focus was the modified barber chair. It sat in the middle of the structure like a throne. It looked like it had been cross breed with a medical instrument. Instead of comforting leather, it was built of hard metal, stirrups jetted out of it and various restraints ran across it like veins. In time I would learn there was a method to the madness but at the moment they look haphazardly placed, clearly, it would allowing you to bind a person in several positions. Near the top, another space has been added as well, used to restrain the arms behind the head.

“You’d be surprised how much money runs through this place.” Todd stoked the unyielding metal of the chair. “Lots of very wealthy gentleman trying to turn their out of control houseboys into dogs. Hell, I had a pretty famous country star tussled up like a Thanksgiving turkey in this chair just last week. The rumors about him being gay I can assure you are quite true although I don’t think anyone knows that his bassist owns his dick, I’ll let you guess what the drummer owns.” He shot me a wink, I still hadn’t resigned in my predicament but dammit, Todd was handsome.

“All right, you’re an ornery little bastard but you did come when I asked you to and you’ve been really good about being quiet so this will not be needed. Tonight.”  Todd scooped up and laid before me a device I am truly happy I did not have to wear. Definitely a steelwerks, various rings and loops made up this torture device, blunt but as Todd assured me, very painful spikes covered almost every available surface.

“This is your only warning, dog. Don’t think I won’t drive through 3 hours of Atlanta traffic just to get the key for these belts. Now, if you understand bark for me, dog.”  I’m not sure if I was tired and didn’t comprehend or if I was just being defiant but I did not answer Todd in a timely manner, his large hand fell down on my left ass cheek leaving a mark I would feel well into tomorrow.

I loudly yelped while he repeated the question. “What’s that, dog?”  I barked for him. “ Good boy. I’ve thought of something fun for you. Up! On both legs now!”  I took the moment to stretch as best I could without succumbing to the head rush. “ Get in the chair, legs in the stirrups” somehow I’d gotten even harder, in the stirrups there was no way of hiding my erection now. Todd eyes zeroed in on the string of pre-cum leaking down my shaft. “Are you making a mess on my floor, dog? Don’t think you won’t be cleaning that up when we’re done. Here take this.”

Todd gave me the chastity belt that would become the newest part of me, I’d be wearing this for a long long time. “I want you to put it on, I’m not going to help. This is solely on you, dog. This will be the last time you touch your dick and you’ll always know that the last thing you did with it was lock it up.” As if on cue more precum spilled out of me. “ I’m going to give you 10 minutes to get soft before I make you soft, oh and I started the timer when you walked through the door.


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