Rex: A James Story – Part 06

By Rex

Based on a true story.

No one said being a dog slave was easy. I’ve worn a chastity belt or two in my time, never for very long. My master used to enjoy my cock. That was all about to change. Currently, I’m hard enough to cut glass yet trying to stuff all of myself into this metal contraption. I’ve been threatened, however that elicited the opposite response. I am nothing if not tenacious. Fortunately for me, I’m quite a heavy leaker. Even though lube was not provided I’ve miraculously made plenty of my own.

“Three minutes.”

Shit, I’ve managed to avoid getting myself locked into “The Iron Maiden” of chastity belts, but I don’t know Todd well enough to guess what he has planned if I can’t get this on. The cool metal slipped over my balls easily enough, but getting my shaft soft enough to jam it in and hook it to the PA is becoming a real problem.

“Two minutes.”

Relax, you got this. I managed to get the head in, the shaft was bunching up a bit but slowly giving way. Gradually, as I started focusing on the task itself instead of what this meant to my future, my cock deflated a bit, and a bit was all I needed.

“One minute, dog! Hope you’re a fan of an empty stomach and a cold bed.”

Fuck me sidewise. Finally, I slid in just enough. I pushed an S-shaped lock through the top of this custom belt. It clicked into place. Fumbling, I grabbed the other lock, finding the hole of my PA, contact! The lock clicked, the sound echoing in my head. That was that, I was well and truly owned by my master. Sure, Todd was training me, but the key, the actual key to my cock, was at home, my home … my master’s home. My master’s cock.

“Ha, well-done dog. Technically, you got the cage on in time, however you were a few seconds late with the PA. Here’s what we’re going to do.” Todd reached for the heavy collar on my neck. I didn’t realize he had a key in his hand. No way he was going to take this thing off. I soon found my answer. He turned something in the collar. I heard a low hum and then nothing.

“I did what you…” just like that I was shocked by something in the collar. “The hell is…” again, another shock, this one even stronger.

“Tsk tsk, and you were doing so well, dog. I wanted to give you some human time to talk to James tonight, but you are just going to have to be a listening dog, I’m afraid. There’s nothing super high-tech about what’s around your neck, just a little microphone listening to you. Grunting, barking, do that all you want. It’s looking for words, anything more advanced than woof will give you a nasty surprise.”

I glowered at him but kept my mouth shut, like a good dog. I strained in my cage, trying to get erect but the steel was stronger than my body. Todd began to restrain me properly. When he was done my legs were spread wide and my arms were bound above my head. A finger swiped the opening of my cage.

“You really are enjoying this.” He smeared a healthy amount of my own precum under my nose. “I was going to do this tomorrow, give you some time to sleep but since you seem so eager we’ll go ahead and do it tonight.” Todd was between my legs. He could have railed me right then and I probably would have thanked him for it. I was so horny I was in tailspins. It only got worse when he started running his hands up and down my tight chest.

“I’m afraid this won’t do, dog. Chest hair might be in, but it’s not suitable for a slave or a dog and since you happen to be both of these this has got to be taken care of. In time this will be something you do yourself, but tonight it’s all me.”

I tried to struggle, but a glare from Todd kept me quiet.

Todd pulled a blue bottle off one of the shelves and started applying the liquid to my groin, chest and underarms. The gel was cool to the touch and had a prickly sensation to it. Everything smelled like chemicals. After he finished rubbing me down he turned and started walking toward the door. He must have seen the look in my eyes.

“Miss me already, dog? Don’t worry, I’ll be back and in about 20 minutes you’ll be as smooth as a high school swimmer. Don’t go anywhere.”

I wasn’t.

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