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Axel is tortured on the rack

At Dream Boy Bondage, Axel Johnson is chained on his back, blindfolded and naked. “What is this? Where am I?” he cries out, completely in the dark. He is cuffed at his wrists and ankles to a rack that has the power to pull his body apart, but he doesn’t know that, yet. He hears the dungeon door open and then feels hands on his body. He is terrified, knowing he will soon be in pain but having no idea how. Smack! A riding crop hits his nipples, then his navel, then his inner thighs and feet – he never knows where until it happens. The first crank of the rack stretches him just a little. “Oh god,” he thinks. “I’m going to be racked!” He will, indeed, but first the soles of his feet – the most sensitive part of the body – are caned. Suddenly, he’s stretched, still loose enough to squirm and flex, but fully stretched. Then the real pain begins – a long, hard flogging of his torso. Rarely has a prisoner suffered so beautifully. And his torment has just begun.

Axel is tortured on the rack

See the video at Dream Boy Bondage

Title of this video: AXEL – The Contest I – Chapter 5

Dream Boy Bondage Axel is tortured on the rack

Video: Julian is forced to endure extreme torture

At Dream Boy Bondage, a muscle stud is sentenced to extreme torture. His leather jacket is unzipped, revealing ripped abs and massive pecs, but his strength will be no match for the brutal gut punching, electric shocks and whipping he will endure before he is crucified and broken on the rack. The title of this video series is “JULIAN – Wages Of Sin”

muscular man at Dream Boy Bondage video

There are NINE videos in this series from Dream Boy Bondage

Here is a free preview video of part 3:

Dream Boy Bondage videos

Dream Boy Bondage

A badass captive gets tortured on the rack

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Title of this shoot: Breaking and Entering: Part 8

Description: Time for this perp to get a little attitude adjustment. First his limbs are stretched to point where Draven Torres is wailing for release, and then a little dick electro is applied. About now Draven wishes that he didn’t have a dick.

Keywords: Restraints, tattoos, hairy, daddy, the rack, CBT, electro

Features: Draven Torres, Matt Stevens

Site: DaddysBondageBoys.com

Muscle on the bondage rack

Steve gets his hands on Royce, who is a straight, 26-year-old personal trainer and dancer who is muscular and horny. Steve ties him to the rack and massages, fondles and gropes his hard body before taking his cock to deliver a long, slow hand job, making him spray his load in the air as he gasps and moans loudly.

male bondage meat

See the video at Slow Teasing Hand Jobs – a site where men get tormented with pleasure and frustration

Title of this shoot: “The Muscle Man and The Gay Boy”

male cum control

male bondage rack

Video: Bradley is shaved and tortured on the rack

At Dream Boy Bondage, Bradley has been flipped over onto his back and strapped to the hinged wooden rack, his back arched and his lean abs sucked in seductively. The man behind the captive’s ordeal is obsessed not only with his beauty and huge cock but also his youth and innocence. He instructs Jared to shave off all the hair from Bradley’s torso – including his pubes. Jared eagerly complies – then sprays the resulting razor burns with alcohol! Bradley looks on in horror as he’s shaved clean – he knows this can’t be good! – and gasps in pain when Jared sprays his raw arm pits and pubic area with alcohol then smacks them with the crop. Still, he quietly absorbs this pain and humiliation, hoping, naively, that these men won’t hurt him too badly.

Here is a free video preview:


Title of this shoot: Bradley – Dreams Come True – Part 4

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