Risk – Part 06

By lthr_jock

Mike started to struggle out of the rubber t-shirt and as his accumulated sweat ran out from under it, decided to do this in the bathroom. He grabbed the straight jacket and hood and took them all into the shower, where under a stream of warm water he stripped naked and soaped himself clean of the mass of cum and sweat that was matting his pubic hair. He luxuriated in the shower, turning the heat up to massage his muscles that were aching after the extended bondage. As he did, he could see the red marks that the rubber had left on his skin. He ran his fingers over them and as he did he thought back to how they had been caused and he felt his cock rising again.

He ran water over all the rubber gear and left it hanging up as he stood in front of his bathroom mirror. Cleaning the steam off it with a swipe of his hand, he saw his shaved head clearly for the first time. His head looked strange and angular without his normal covering of hair, and made Mike look completely different. He hadn’t realised that Jan has also removed his eyebrows, which made his eyes stand out more. He ran a hand over his head and looked at the stubble on his chin which now looked incongruous on his hair-stripped head. Picking up his razor, he shaved his chin clean. As he put the razor down, he found another present from Gordon – a tub of some kind of wax. Taking some out, he smeared it over his head and then spent several minutes rubbing and working it into his scalp until it gleamed.

To his surprise, this process had made him horny and his cock was standing proudly erect and repeatedly slapping again the edge of the sink. He leant forward to get a better view of his shiny scalp and ran his hands over it, amazed at how slick it was. His reverie was disturbed by his doorbell and he wrapped a towel around his waist before heading to his door. He opened it without thinking to see Gordon stood outside. Gordon was dressed quite conservatively in a dark grey suit, but as he pushed past Mike into the flat Mike spotted that his tie was made of rubber. “Come in why don’t you?” he said sarcastically as Gordon walked in and made himself comfortable on Mike’s sofa. Gordon responded by grinning at him and reaching into his pocket to take out Mike’s phone.

“I thought you’d want this back – check out your photo albums by the way. You look great in some of the shots I took.” He paused. “And I thought you’d also want to talk about your new living arrangements.”

Mike stepped towards him and as he did Gordon waved him to take a seat opposite him. Without thinking, Mike grabbed a stool and perched on it opposite Gordon. Before he could speak, Gordon began.

“I’m glad to see you shined up your head today, Mikey. Looks good on you. Make sure you do that every day. You’ll need to shave it regularly to keep it looking like that. Now, I’m sure you have lots of questions, but I’m very busy so let me just summarise things for you. First, you can have your original furniture and clothing back any time decide you want to stop. All your old stuff is being kept securely. Secondly, the control of your clothing is another aspect of control. As we continue you will decide less and less and I will decide more and more. You will live in a way which reflects your inner self. Thirdly, this will not in any way affect your job or other relationships – unless you choose to make it do so. Finally, there are some other rules that you need to start adhering to.”

Gordon paused and looked at Mike to see how he was taking this. Mike’s mind was racing. This was progressing far faster than he had anticipated but he had to admit that the process so far had been exciting and arousing. And he really didn’t want to stop. He nodded. “What rules are they Sir?”

Gordon grinned and leaned forward, resting his elbows on his knees. “Good lad.” He the pointed at the floor. “Rule number 1. Furniture is for Masters and Tops. Slaves sit on the floor – in fact, they kneel on the floor.” He stopped and looked at Mike. Mike hesitated for a second, then got off the stool to kneel on the floor. “Good. You follow this rule whenever you are at home – no matter who is here with you. Understand?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Rule number 2. Your free time is mine. You need to send me your work schedule and I will arrange your daily and weekly activities outside work. This includes fitness and you will be attending a new gym.” Mike nodded. Gordon pushed his phone over to him. “I’ve already taken the liberty of updating your calendar and you have an introductory session at the gym in 3 hours time.” Mike looked at the phone and thumbed it open to confirm that what Gordon said was true. He looked up at the older man.

“Rule number 3. You always sleep in some kind of bondage. I expect you to learn what all the restraints on your bed can be used for and to think of innovative ways to restrain yourself. Should you wish to buy other items tell me and I will give my permission if I think they are suitable. Questions?”

Mike shook his head. “No, Sir.” “Excellent.” Gordon stood up and buttoned his suit jacket up again. “I’m very pleased. Have a good day, Mikey, and enjoy the gym.” Mike escorted Gordon out of the flat and then shut the door behind him, wondering exactly what he had just agreed to. He was worried about the clothing he now had to wear when he wasn’t at work and also how his new haircut would be received at work. He checked the address for his new gym and settled down at his computer to relax before heading out.


The next couple of weeks passed fairly smoothly. When Mike got to the gym, he found that not only did he have a membership, but he had been signed up for weekly coaching sessions and had been allocated a personal trainer. The gym was a good one, though with a higher percentage of men using it than in his previous gym. His trainer settled him down to a routine to trim down a bit more and increase his muscle mass and endurance. Mike settled down to visits to the gym every other day, although he usually hit the gym at the end of day mainly because he was embarrassed by the gym kit he had been left with – everything was lycra or spandex and skintight on him. If other people were present, he often kept his tracksuit on – but as the only ones he had been left with were Adidas Chile tracksuits, their shiny, slick fabric made things very difficult.

Work wasn’t as hard as he thought. Several of the guys already had shaved heads, so after a few raised eyebrows (not from him, obviously) it was just accepted. He actually found it useful – people seemed more nervous around him on the streets and he thought it made him look tougher. He was worried about his fellow officers seeing his new “street” clothing, so he travelled to work in uniform, with a leather MA1 jacket over the top.

All in all, things were going quite well. As per his orders, Mike started experimenting with the restraints hanging from his bed, and after a few sleepless nights got used to sleeping in at least partial restraint. All of the items locked on and in his bedside cabinet he found several padlocks with electronic timelocks on them so he could ensure he could release himself. Mike enjoyed this more and more and so while he started by cuffing his hands together, by the end of two weeks he was shackling himself spread-eagled.

In the flat, Mike started off by wearing the more “normal” of the clothing available – bleacher jeans, lycra shirt. As the days went by, he became more adventurous and often sat around in rubber or leather, waiting for a call from Gordon.

Gordon didn’t call or contact Mike apart from sending him an address and instructing him to send the straightjacket and hood there. He finished work on one dark, rainy Friday evening and headed out to the gym. He was still in uniform, but as he knew he would be going home straight afterwards he had bleachers, boots and a lycra shirt packed for afterwards. When he got to the gym, the changing room had several people in it. He nodded to a couple he knew and delayed changing until the room was empty. He quickly shucked his uniform and slid his way into a red shiny spandex wrestling leotard over which he pulled on a red Adidas Chile tracksuit. Pulling on shows and grabbing a towel and water bottle, he headed into the gym. There were only a few people working out – some stalwarts in the weights section, a few desultory joggers on the running machine and the sound of someone having a personal training session on one of the machines. Mike settled down for his warm-up on the treadmill and rowing machine. He kept his tracksuit on, which meant that he built up sweat a lot faster.

An hour later he was on the weights machines and gulping down his second bottle of water. By now there was only one other gym user – a short, heavily muscled man that was using the free weights. The guy was clearly totally focussed on his own workout, so Mike felt safe to strip off his tracksuit top to reveal the spandex underneath. He looked at himself in the mirror as he did so, his muscles clearly outlined under the red material, deep stains around his armpits and down the front of his chest. He then returned to his workout. As he went through his exercises, he zoned out and so he jumped with surprise when a voice spoke from close to him.

“I see you enjoyed yourself.”

He looked up to see the other man stood close to him, rubbing his face with a towel. He could now see that the mans muscles were stretching the thin vest he was wearing that disappeared under a weight-lifting belt. He had a pair of baggy shorts on over longer lycra shorts underneath but they did little to hide the size of his thighs. Mike wasn’t sure he had heard him properly.

“Sorry, what?”

“I said, I see you enjoyed yourself.”

“I’m sorry I don’t quite get what you mean.”

The man chuckled. “I thought you policemen were meant to be observant.” He leaned in closer “I mean that I see you liked my straight jacket and mail sack.” Mike blushed and the man laughed, a deep booming laugh that echoed around the otherwise empty gym. “Glad you had fun – and thanks for sending the gear back.” With that he headed off to the showers. Mike realised that the man was from the club and had been in charge of the mail sack that Mike had ended up in. With a blush of embarrassment he carried on with his workout.

Twenty minutes later he was finished and he heading for the changing rooms. He could hear a shower on, so assumed the man was in there. Mike started to strip off his clothes and had just wrapped a towel around his waist when he heard the mans voice behind him

“Do you remember me now?”

Mike secured the towel and turned around. “Yes I do. And thank you – you were right, I really enjoyed it.” The man laughed again, “I know – Gordon told me about it and about the deal you have with him. You can call me Tom by the way.” He held out his hand and Mike shook it. “Mike…I mean Mikey.” Tom grinned at him “So, fancy trying another jacket sometime? I have a leather one that is much heavier than the rubber one.”

Mike looked away. “ Well, i’m not so sure about that. Anyway, I have to go shower.” He went to move towards the showers and Tom moved in front of him. “Hold up there, boy, I don’t think you’ve thought this through. Let’s just check this out.” Mike didn’t want to force his way past, so stood there as Tom opened up a locker and pulled out a phone. He punched a couple of buttons.

“Hey, Gordon? Just want to check something. Do you think Mikey would enjoy some time in the leather straight jacket?” Tom paused and then proceeded “I agree, but Mikey doesn’t seem to think so. Maybe you should talk to him.” Tom listened for a few seconds, then thumbed the phone to Speaker and looked up at Mike. “Mikey, Gordon wants to speak to you.”

“Mikey?” Gordons voice came out of the speaker. ” Mikey can you hear me?” “Yes, I can hear you.” “Good. So here’s your fourth rule. You will obey Master Tom in the same way that you obey me. Understand?” Mike looked at the smaller man who was grinning widely, then back at the phone. He gulped and hesitated. “Mikey?” “Yes, Sir. Yes I understand.” Tom grinned and Gordon carried on “Good boy, Mikey. Have fun.” With that the connection terminated.

Tom put the phone away. “Right, slave, let’s get some basics sorted out. Firstly, who am I?” Mike looked at him “You are Master Tom.” “Good. And you are Slave or Mikey. Now, Mikey, I don’t like looking up at slaves, so get on your knees.” Mike looked at the door to the changing room “But what if someone….” He was interrupted by Tom bellowing “Slave, ON YOUR KNEES.” He fell to his knees and looked up at Tom. “Good boy, Mikey. Don’t worry – everyone else has gone home. I have the keys. Now, I have to lock up. While I do that you can shower and get ready to come back with me.” Tom dressed and headed out, clearly confident that Mike would obey him.

Mike went into the shower and washed the sweat of the gym off him. When he got back, his locker was open and everything had been removed except his boots, a jockstrap and his leather MA1 jacket. Mike sighed, towelled himself dry and then got dressed. As he laced the boots up, he could feel his cock swelling in the jockstrap and he admitted that he found this control exciting.

He walked outside to find the gym in darkness except for the emergency lighting and a pool of light by reception. As he approached, Tom walked out of the office and locked it behind him. He walked up to Mike and then walked around him appraising him. “Not bad, You’ll look better after a couple of months of intensive training.”

Tom handed Mike a business card. “This is my address.” Mike looked at it and recognised it as the address he had sent the straight jacket to. “You can follow me, but you’ve got that in case you get lost.”   With that, he headed outside and locked up behind Mike.

Mike drove nervously, the feel of his naked arse against his car seat an unfamiliar one. He hoped that nothing would happen to make anyone look into his car and, as usual, the more he thought about his predicament the harder he got. By the time he got to Toms house, his cock was fully erect and tenting his jockstrap.

The address was in a news and Tom drove his car into a garage. There was room for Mike to park beside him, so he drove in as well and got out. Tom had already hit the button to lower the garage door and he took Mike inside the house. Inside, the house was expensively furnished, but Mike didn’t have time to look around as Tom led him upstairs to a room that had locks and bolts on the outside. He pushed the door open to reveal a room kitted out like a dungeon with a sling, St Andrews Cross, cage and several other items Mike didn’t recognise. He didn’t have time to look around as Tom pushed him gently into the room and told him to take off his clothes. Mike hesitated “Don’t worry, “ said Tom “I know the ground rules. Nothing will happen unless you want it to.”

While Mike pulled his clothes off, Tom opened up a cupboard and pulled out a heavy mass of leather and straps. As he walked back to Mike he shook it out into the familiar shape of a straight jacket. Mike stepped forward and pushed his arms inside it. Immediately the difference was apparent. The jacket was far heavier and just pushing his hands into the reinforced mitts at the end made him feel the weight. He shrugged it on as much as he could and then Tom walked around behind him and started to secure the straps. As he did, the mass of leather tightened around Mike and he felt the heat rising as it pushed against his muscled torso. The jacket included a 1” collar of thick leather that tightened around his neck. By the time Tom got down to the bottom, Mike was rock hard again. Tom grinned “I said you would enjoy it.” He then went back and pulled each strap tighter by one notch, ensuring the jacket was as tight as possible. He fed two straps between Mikes legs, either side of his tumescent cock, and then secured them to the back of the jacket. Finally He pulled Mikes hands across his front and secured them in place, making the police man completely helpless.

Tom gently pushed Mike across the room where he could see himself in a mirror. He could then appreciate what he looked like – shaved head, black shining leather straight jacket and erect cock. “Fuck, I look like a right pervert,” he breathed. Tom guffawed “That you do, Mikey. Want to go the whole hog?” When Mike looked quizzically at him, Tom pulled another mass of leather and straps out of the cupboard. He put it on the floor and opened it up. Mike could see that this was a leg sack, designed to restrain the lower limbs. He couldn’t resist and before Tom waves him forward, he stepped into the sack and sat down, wiggling his feet into position. He then sat down and Tom helped him lie down with the leather pooling around his legs.

Tom secured a central zip, securing the bag in place. At the top, he carefully tucked Mikes cock inside the bag where it made a large bump. He then secured a set of straps running all the way up the legs from ankles to thighs. As he had done earlier, he then tightened each one. Finally, he used several small buckles and straps to secure the leg sack to the waistline of the straight jacket. Mike was now covered in leather from neck to toe. He experimentally wiggled in it, finding it allowed a small amount of movement but not enough to seriously thrash around.

Tom stood over Mike looking down at the younger man as he wriggled helplessly. He crouched down near his head. “Ready for the full experience?” Mike stopped moving and caught his gaze “Yes Master Tom.” Tom pulled out a heavy leather hood from behind his back and before Mike could say anything else, he pulled it over Mike’s head. The hood was thick and smelled richly of leather. As it pulled on, Mike felt it rub against his nose and chin until it settled around his face. He could see dimly through the mouth and nose hole and he realised it had no eye holes. The hood settled comfortably around his head and then he felt it tighten as Tom secured the zip at the back. The collar was then tightened and he felt Tom secure it to the collar of the straight jacket. Tom then pushed a plug gag through the mouth hole until Mike opened his mouth to accept it. He then used a strap to secure it in place. Two other straps were then tightened – one across the eyes, the second under the chin and over the top of the head. The overall effect was to completely tighten the hood and make the two nose-holes the only contact Mike had with the outside world.

Mike could now not even open his eyes and was in complete darkness. His world was filled with the smell of leather and all sound was muffled. He was now truly utterly restrained in leather and he could feel his cock pressing against the thick leather of the trousers. He struggled again, enjoying the way his muscles were helpless against the leather bondage. Tom stood over him enjoying the way the young man writhed and listening to his grunts. He stroked his cock and then went over to a pulley system and lowered a set of chains from the ceiling. He attached chains to the straps around Mikes ankles, knees and thighs and to D rings at his waist and shoulders. The final chain attached to a D-ring on top of the hood. Tom went back to the pulley and then raised Mike into the air until he was suspended 4 feet above the floor.

Mike could not work out what was going on. He could no longer feel the floor beneath him, but the leather had tightened all around him. The bondage had become more intense and he felt his cock spurting cum into the leather. He tried to relax, hoping Tom would release him – but nothing happened. Outside, Tom had seen the spasm and assumed that Mike had cum. He had no intention of letting the policeman go this quickly and instead he turned down the lights in the room and headed out to his bedroom.


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7 thoughts on “Risk – Part 06”

  1. It is doubtful that Mikey will be given much further opportunity for going back or giving up , but it no longer matter as he craves being controlled. What will be the limits and will he be able to remain a cop?

  2. I enjoyed this story a while back, mostly as a Jerk Off fantasy.

    Now, after years, on upon second reading, I have come to realize and appreciate all the more the skills of the author…. just how well crafted this story is… and how modulated it is as he takes the reader slowly, layer after layer, into the experience.

    I also have come to see how many practical ideas this has given me in my own play. For example, the effectiveness of providing a complete change of wardrobe for a sub. And I didn’t realize that my mantra “nothing is going to happen unless you agree to it” originated in this story.

    Belated thanks and thanks for posting the whole story again. I’m appreciating it on a whole deeper level now.

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