Rituals – Part 1

By Rubrpig

The author as usual is wearing 20-inch Wesco Big Boss boots, bulldog harness, nipple clamps, and is locked in a Carrara chastity belt and a heavy locked posture collar.  It has been locked in the chastity belt for 2 years and has had only 8 releases during that time. 

This is a work of fiction, and the author in no way claims any knowledge of the rituals and practices of the people portrayed in this story.

Ben looked over at his buddy Charlie and they both smiled at each other.  Both were dripping with sweat from their last hockey game of the season.  Ben was the starting goalie and Charlie was a defenseman.  Ben pulled his sweat-soaked jersey off over his heavy chest pad and tossed it in the laundry basket sitting in the middle of the room.  After stripping off all his heavy sweat-soaked gear, he and Charlie headed for the showers.  Both men were excited as the semester was over and they were heading for home in a few days.

They had been friends for years and they met in Junior High when Charlie and the other kids from the reservation were transferred to the school system in the town near where they both lived.  Ben had lived on the family’s ranch which bordered the reservation where Charlie and his family lived.  Over the years, they had grown close and were in and out of each other’s homes on a regular basis.  Both men had been recruited by their university and given full ride scholarships to play hockey.  They knew that it would most likely lead to being recruited by a pro team.

After they grabbed some food, they headed back to their dorm room.  They had been roommates since their junior year, and this allowed them to grow even closer since they had been having sex since they admitted to each other in high school that they were gay.  In Charlies case, he admitted to being two spirited which was how his people referred to people who were homosexual.  About the same time Ben had come out to his parents and to his surprise, his rough and hard rancher father had accepted him and continued to love and support him.  Ben was usually the dominant of the pair and he enjoyed fucking his partner’s heavily muscular ass.  Both men were hard muscled from years of horse back riding, rodeoing and hockey.  Charlie did on occasion take the dominant position but usually he was fucked and used to suck his partner’s dick.

Charlie had been talking to the elders of his tribe and they had decided that it was time for both he and Ben to go through the bonding and for Ben, the manhood ceremonies.  The elders knew that Charlie was two spirited and that he had chosen Ben to be his life partner, so the elders knew that Ben had to become a member of the tribe.  Charlie had not yet told Ben about the plans, and he decided that he would once they got home and had spent a few days relaxing and being with their respective families.

The men had gotten home and after a week, Charlie texted Ben and asked him to ride over and spend a few days with him on the reservation.  Charlie knew that Ben would be wearing tight wranglers, boots, spurs and his heavy black leather riding chaps.  Along with the black Stetson, that Ben preferred he would be the image of a macho working cowboy.  Ben texted back that he would be leaving right away once he had told his parents where he was off to.  Ben got ready and then carrying a set of saddle bags, his rain gear, he headed for the horse barn and began to saddle his quarter horse.  He finished and then putting his left boot in the stirrup he swung his right leg over the saddle and then sat down and adjusted himself and settled into the saddle.

The ride to Charlie’s family place took about 45 minutes and required Ben to cross the river which was the boundary between their ranch and the reservation land.  He forded the river which was running low after the spring rains had passed and reached Charlie’s place.  As he rode up, he saw that there were 6 horses tied up outside of the house and he wondered who was there.  It was unusual for the members of the tribe to ride horses as the homes were widely spread out, so it was easier and faster to use vehicles to get around the reservation.

As he rode up, the door of the house opened, and Charlie stepped out and Ben reined in his horse and stopped and stared at his partner.  Charlie walked out in full buckskins.  His long black hair was in 2 braids in which strips of leather were braided into.  The buckskins were soft brown deer skin and heavily beaded on the leggings and the shoulders and arms of the shirt.  The breechclout was leather and fabric which was the custom.  The men following Charlie included his father and the 5 men were also all in buckskins.  Ben finally noticed that one of the men was Charlie’s grandfather who was the hereditary chief of the tribe, and he was wearing his eagle feather chieftain’s headdress.

Ben rode up and dismounted, and after tying up his horse by the reins, he walked over to where the men were standing.  His spurs jingling as he walked over.  He stopped and greeted the Chief and then the elders and finally Charlie and his father.  Charlie nodded and told Ben that it was time for them to be bonded and for Ben to become a member of the tribe.  Ben nodded and looked at Charlie standing in front of him and grabbed him and hugged him tightly.

Charlie broke the hug and grabbed Ben by the arm and lead him into the house.  After getting to Charlies room, he was told to strip and Ben quickly stripped off his chaps, boots, then his shirt and jeans.  Charlie told Ben to take off his underwear and socks as well.  Ben stood there and watched as Charlie picked up a soft leather bag and opened it.  He took out a set of buckskins and moccasins.  He handed Ben the breechclout and told him how to put it on and secure it, so it did not fall off.  Ben managed to do it despite his nervous energy making his hands tremble.  The leggings were next and were soon tied to the leather band securing the breechclout around Ben’s muscled torso.  The moccasins went on next, and Ben did them up tight and stood up.  Charlie was holding the deer skin tunic and that was dropped over Charlie’s head and the lacings on the arms did up.  Ben was ready and the two men walked out and went back outside.  Ben was now very aroused as the soft deer skin rubbed over his skin.

While they had been inside getting Ben ready, the men had unsaddled Ben’s horse and replaced it with the traditional blanket pad and head bridle that was the usual gear for the tribe’s horses.  The men all mounted, and the group rode off in silence.  Ben started to ask Charlie what was going on, but Charlie shook his head and told Ben to be quiet.  Ben nodded and enjoyed the ride.  The breechclout rubbed on Ben’s cock, and he knew that he was hard and dripping wet.  The deerskin of his leggings and tunic rubbed on his body especially his nipples and he was having a hard time focussing.

After several hours the group reached the lake which was part of the reservation’s lands.  A teepee had been setup and was ready for use.  The group dismounted and walked over to the teepee.  The chief looked at Ben and told him that he and Charlie would remain here for 4 days and during that time Charlie would have put him through trials to bind the two men together and prepare Ben to join the tribe by proving his manhood.  Ben nodded and watched in silence as the chief and the elders walked back to the horses and mounted.  They also took Ben and Charlies horses, and they rode away.

Charlie looked at Ben and nodded.  He told Ben that he would be in control and that Ben had better get used to it as that was how it was going to be from now on.  He was done being the submissive and that Ben would be taught his role over the next days.  Ben nodded and looked at his partner and realized that Charlie was serious.  Charlie walked over to the teepee and stooped down and entered and Ben followed.  He turned and looked at Ben and told him to remove his tunic and leggings but leave on his breechclout and moccasins.  Ben pulled the heavy soft leather tunic off and carefully folded it up and set it down on a blanket by the entrance.  He did the same with the leggings and then turned and faced Charlie who nodded.

Charlie walked over and picked up a bundle of leather strips and began fastening them to Ben’s wrists and ankles.  The strips attached to Ben’s ankles were tied together to hobble Ben, so he had to shuffle to walk.  Then Charlie proceeded to tie the bindings on Ben’s wrists together pulling Ben’s arms behind his back and forcing Ben’s chest out, so he stood quietly in the soft leather bindings.  He tugged on his arms trying to loosen the leather bindings, but they were secured tightly.

Charlie lifted his heavy leather tunic off over his head and folded it and put it by Ben’s.  He stood there, his heavily muscled torso slick with sweat and shining and he walked over to his bound partner and put his hands on Ben’s shoulders and pushed down forcing Ben to his knees.  Ben slowly dropped and got on his knees.  Charlie then leaned down and pushed Ben’s head down and forward forcing Ben’s head to the floor of the teepee.  Charlie shifted his feet, so they were under Ben’s head.  Ben got the message quickly and gently kissed his new dominant’s feet in submission.

Ben tasted the soft deer skin of Charlies moccasins and kissed the beaded designs.  He kept his head down with his tongue pressed hard into Charlie’s left moccasin.  He felt his cock go rock hard in his breechclout as he submitted.  He felt that it was somehow right and that this was where he truly belonged.  He kept the position until Charlie told him to sit up but to keep his eyes and head looking down as he had to learn that looking at his Sir was a privilege.  Ben sat up and rested his butt on his heels and kept his head looking down at Charlies moccasins.

He tugged a little at the soft leather bindings holding his wrists together, but he knew that he needed to be always kept in bindings as that was his new role.  Charlie walked around his new boy and smiled as he was still a little surprised at how fast Ben had accepted the change in roles and how he eagerly submitted.  He walked over and picked up more of the leather strips and began binding Ben’s arms to his torso.  The leather straps on Ben’s upper arms went across his chest above his nipples and then a second strip went across under Ben’s heavy pecs forcing them out a little, so his nipples were standing out proud.  Charlie knew that Ben’s nipples were sensitive, and he knelt and began to suck and then bite down hard on Ben’s right nipple and then the left.  Ben groaned as the pain shot through him as Charlie bit down hard.

Charlie stood up and grabbed Ben by the upper arm and pulled him to his feet.  Ben struggled as he tried to stand up with his ankles tied up but managed to get to his feet and then he realized that he was staring at Charlies face and quickly dropped his eyes.  Charlie laughed and told Ben that was his first mistake, and he would be punished.  Charlie smiled as a look of panic crossed Ben’s face as he forced Ben to walk over to the sleeping pad.  Ben was helped to sit down on the heavy bison skins that made up the sleeping pad and then told to lay down on his front.  Ben obeyed and soon found his thighs and calves bound together so he was now completely trussed up.  Charlie rolled him onto his side and then he got down on the sleeping pad, laid beside Ben, and pushed his crotch into Ben’s ass.  Ben could feel the pressure from Charlie’s cock through both of their breechclouts.  Ben laid then tightly bound in soft leather and felt very safe especially with Charlie’s arm resting on him as both men fell asleep.

Ben woke up a few hours later stiff and sore from laying in one position for so long and not able to flex his muscles or move properly.  Charlie stirred and woke up as he had felt Ben try to shift positions and stretch.  He laid there and smiled knowing what was coming next for Ben.  He got up and walked out of the teepee leaving Ben laying there wondering what was going to happen next.  After a while, Charlie entered the teepee and told Ben it was time for his manhood test.  Ben nodded and wanted to ask but decided to keep his mouth shut.  Charlie knelt and untied all the bindings and allowed Ben to stand up and stretch.  Charlie told Ben to untie and remove his breechclout and Ben quickly obeyed.  Charlie then tossed Ben a tube of sunscreen and told him to use it all to coat his body.  Ben began to smear the cream over his body and after he was done, he was told to follow Charlie.

The two men walked out of the teepee and headed a way a way where there were 4 stakes pounded into the ground and a bucket was sitting on the ground.  Ben was told to lay down in the middle of the stakes.  After he was laying on the ground, Charlie picked a length of wet raw hide from the bucket and tied it to the leather thongs still wrapped on Ben’s right wrist.  The wet raw hide was then tied to the stake closest pulling Ben’s arm up at an angle, so he knew that eventually he was going to be spread eagled.

It took a while before Ben was completely tied to the stakes in a spread-eagle position.  Charlie knelt beside Ben and told him that the sun would dry the raw hide and it would shrink causing Ben to be pulled in 4 different directions.  Charlie walked away leaving Ben to his fate.

Ben struggled against the wet raw hide strips binding him to the stakes.  He knew that as the strips dried in the sun the pressure would grow.  He laid there on the thick prairie grass as the sun beat down on him and he was thankful that he was covered in sunscreen.  He felt sweat beading up on his forehead as the temperature built up as it was now late afternoon which was usually the hottest part of the day.

He began to feel some tension build on his limbs as the raw hide began to dry.  There was more pressure on his legs than his arms so far, but he knew that would begin to change.  He kept his eyes closed so he was not staring into the glare of the sun.  This kept his mind focused what was happening to him.

Charlie squatted at the entrance of the teepee and watched Ben.  He knew that he was responsible for Ben’s safety and that he had to endure a 24-hour test.  After several hours he walked over with a bucket of water and ladled some onto Ben’s face and Ben quickly opened his mouth and swallowed what he could.  He nodded his thanks to his new Sir and kept his eyes closed.  Charlie reached down and tested the raw hide and felt that it was slowly drying as he could see the tension on Ben’s arms and legs.  He knew that several hours from now Ben would be in full stress and in a great deal of pain.  He remembered how he felt when he underwent the ritual the previous summer.  The pain and stress Ben would feel would be overwhelming.

He watched as Ben tried shifting a little, but the bonds did not give much so he lay quiet again.  The pressure was slowly growing, and his limbs were being pulled away from his body with a steady slow force.  Charlie walked over and shoved down his breechclout and pulled out his cock and began pissing on Ben’s face.  Ben sputtered as the hot piss hit his face and he opened his mouth and let Charlie fill his mouth and he swallowed the piss as fast as his mouth filled up.  The flow slowed then stopped and Charlie pulled up his breechclout and walked away leaving Ben dripping in piss.

A few hours later, Charlie walked up quietly and tested the raw hide.  The raw hide was fully dried and at it tightest.  He looked at Ben and his limbs were quivering from the stress they were under.  Only his muscled ass was still touching the ground.  Both Charlie and Ben had heavily muscled asses from years of playing hockey and riding.  Ben struggled to relieve the stress on his hips and shoulders.  Ben’s hips were flexible from playing goalie, but the pressure was different.  If he twisted the wrong way, he could easily dislocate his hip or a shoulder.  Charlie knelt and tapped Ben on his right pec and told him to stop struggling as he could dislocate his joints.  Ben groaned loudly and nodded and then opened his eyes and looked up at his Sir.  He knew he would be in trouble, but he had to see Charlie.

Charlie smiled and told Ben he was ok and was doing good.  Ben nodded and opened his mouth and croaked as his throat was dry.  Charlie brought over the water bucket and ladle and give Ben as much water as he wanted.  Ben nodded and then pissed.  He looked up at Charlie and apologized for pissing.  Charlie nodded and told him that he did not need permission to piss or shit as he would be doing both before, he was released from the raw hide.  Ben nodded and asked Charlie if he was going to be there for much longer.  Charlie nodded and told Ben that he had about another 14 hours or so to go.  Ben groaned and let his head flop back as he realized that he was going to be spending the night straining against the raw hide to keep his arms and limbs from dislocating.  The pain was getting intense as his muscles fought against the tension.

As Charlie was standing there in his leggings, breechclout and moccasins, he watched as Ben’s body had lifted completely off the ground and Ben was now stretched and suspended by the strength in his arms and legs and torso.  Suddenly Ben screamed and passed out from the pain and his body slumped a little, but the bindings held him tight.  Charlie dumped water on Ben’s face and roused him and Ben began crying and begging Charlie to let him go.  Charlie knelt and told Ben that he couldn’t, and Ben had to suffer to prove himself worthy.  Ben sobbed and nodded realizing that he wanted to be Charlie’s boy and gained determination to see the test through.

Charlie left Ben to his fate and headed to the teepee to get some rest.  He would be checking on Ben through the night but otherwise Charlie kept vigil by a fire.

The day dawned and Ben had passed out again, but this time Charlie had not roused him.  After the sun rose and getting higher in the sky, he walked over and pulled his cock out again and pissed on Ben’s chest and face to wake him up.  Ben startled awake and twisted in his bonds causing him to scream as his shoulders and arms felt like they were almost pulled apart.  Charlie stroked Ben’s face as he began crying and begging again.  Charlie told him that he had some hours to go, and he was going to make it.  Ben nodded and sobbed in the agony he was in.

Ben grunted and then began pissing even though the pain had kept his cock rock hard.  Ben groaned as the piss flowed and then he grunted again, and he felt himself begin to shit.  Charlie laughed as Ben pissed and shit hanging and straining in his bonds.  After Ben finished, Charlie used a piece of wood to scrape up the shit and carry it over to the pit that had been dug away from the teepee for use as a toilet.

Ben hung straining and red faced from the crying and the humiliation of pissing and shitting himself.  He tried to remain calm and hoped that it would ease the tension in his arms and legs.  His stomach rumbled and he realized that he was starving as he had not eaten anything since breakfast the previous day before he left for Charlies.

The day passed slowly and finally Charlie walked over to where Ben was staked out carrying a large hunting knife.  He slapped Ben’s face to wake him up as he had been going in and out consciousness all day.  Ben came to and stared up at Charlie and saw the large knife in his hand and began begging for his life.  Charlie laughed and told Ben to calm down as he was going to be cut down.  Ben nodded and turned his head and watched as the knife sliced cleanly through the rawhide binding his right arm to the stake and then screamed as the tension came off his muscles and shoulder.  Charlie quickly sliced the remain three bond and Ben passed out on the ground.  Charlie left him there and stood watching as Ben slowly regained consciousness.  Ben tried to sit up and struggled as he had no strength remaining in his arms.  Charlie helped him to sit up and rest while Ben’s body adjusted.  Then he helped Ben to stand up and let him lean on him as they slowly moved back to the teepee.

Charlie helped Ben to lay down on the sleeping pad and stretch out.  He then walked over and picked up a leather pouch and opened it.  He smelt the ointment inside which had been prepared by his grandmother.  He walked over and knelt beside Ben and began rubbing the grease into Ben’s tortured arms and legs.  Ben began moaning as the ointment warmed up and began to sting but it felt good as it eased the pain in his tortured muscles.  Ben moaned in pleasure and his cock responded and became rock hard.  Charlie smiled and then began rubbing ointment into Charlie’s cock knowing that his cock would soon feel like it was on fire.

He cleaned his hands and walked out of the teepee and left Ben alone to rest.  He knew that Ben would need some rest as he still had one more major test to go through.

To be continued …

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