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Video: Locked in metal spread-eagle bondage with steel head cage

Metal spread-eagle bondage is a pleasure to experience, but when they add a stainless steel helmet they can take the experience over the top. Comfort combined with complete helplessness allows the prisoner time to fully experience his bizarre predicament. Then, like a surfer, he can ride the powerful feeling of adrenalin and sexual arousal that ignites his body and mind.


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Title of this video: Moving Day


Rubber Coated Spreader Bar

male bondage spreader bar

Available from Mr S, these bars are wrapped in heavy rubber grip tape. You can hold onto it easily as you use the other hand to torture him. The grip tape is overlaid, creating groves that make channels for intricate rope work. The center of the bar has a deeper 1-inch-wide grove that lets you hoist his wrists or ankles into the air so you have full access for your slave’s inspection. Comes in two different lengths.

male bondage spreader bar

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