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Secure spread eagles

Bind writes,

“I made a new video, called ‘Ten Variations on Spread Eagles.’ I love the idea of being stretched out tight in a spread eagle. It is quite the helpless feeling. In this video I show ten different variations of spread eagles to beds. Humane Restraints, hoods, rope, straps, tape, and belts were used to make sure that the prisoners were not going to have the possibility of escape. In the final spread eagle I tied my willing victim down with three hundred feet of rope. The excess was not needed, but it sure was fun to just keep adding to his bondage.”

Men_In_Chains_Spread_Eagle_2 Men_In_Chains_Spread_Eagle_3 Men_In_Chains_Spread_Eagle_4 Men_In_Chains_Spread_Eagle_5 Men_In_Chains_Spread_Eagle_6


Thanks for the pictures and information, Bind!

You can see Bind’s video at his website, Men In Chains



Master Alex continues to work over captive Blake

A young slave’s young Master fucks his ass long and hard, then spews a huge load of cum on his face before spreading him out on a table and whipping his sexy stomach.

Master Alex continues to work over captive Blake

Master Alex continues to fuck Blake long and hard while he is bent over and bound, helpless. The prisoner rocks back and forth on the fuck bench, his whole body shaking from the force of his master’s cock. Blake moans and grunts, half in pain, half in pleasure, as his asshole and his well-whipped butt are pounded. “Oh, Sir!” he moans, gripping the bench legs. Alex finally pulls out, only so he can bust his load not in his slave’s ass but all over his face. With his master’s cum dripping off his cheeks into his mouth, Blake is now branded a slave – a prisoner who exists to be used, brutalized and fucked. As if to illustrate the point, Alex shoves a butt plug into Blake’s bruised asshole then flogs his already well-beaten ass and back. “Did you think we were done?” Alex asks with a cruel smirk. Moments later Blake is spread-eagled on his back, totally naked, and Alex slices his beautiful abs and pecs with the single-tail. His lust for hurting this muscular, smooth slave will never be sated.

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Dream Boy Bondage

Pictures and video: Vinny is kept in spread-eagle bondage for hours

Scroll down for a free video preview form the men of Dream Boy Bondage. In this update, Felix leaves his captive chained alone in the dungeon for hours, with nasty clips digging into his cock and balls, then tortures him with the pinwheel and forces him to suck cock.

Felix Frost bondage stud

Vinny moans in pain, alone and naked, spread-eagled to a torture frame for hours, a handful of small, biting clamps digging into the flesh of his cock and balls. Then Felix Frost returns with his razor-sharp pinwheel. He runs the pinwheel down the shaft of Vinny’s cock, sending the prisoner into spasms of pains, screaming at the top of his lungs. Then Felix removes the cock and ball pins, causing even more pain. “See this?” Felix asks, showing Vinny a rigid, rubber dildo. “This is going in your ass later!” he adds, shoving the dildo down the prisoner’s throat and making him choke on it. “But first I want a blow job. On your knees!” Felix demands. Vinny sucks cock like a pro, hoping against hope that this man will let him go.

Here is a free video preview:


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Felix Frost gay bondage

Dream Boy Bondage Felix Frost

Bryce gets a rough medical exam

At BreederFuckers, Bryce is full of fiery anger and spunk. He uses all the strength in his body to fight against his restraints, but he’s trapped in place while Dave is determined to act out his pervy medical fantasy on him. This is a physical unlike any this proud fucker has experienced before. All Bryce’s furious energy is leached out with this grueling unrelenting treatment till he’s left a grunting pleading bastard. Desperate for any relief, Bryce’s cock is manipulated till he’s achingly hard and releases a huge stream of semen. He is left totally drained with spunk slowly drying on his once proud face.

male bondage

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