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Your Destination Is on the Right

By Jaybird

“Your destination is on the right.” I turned into the alley and followed it back to the little parking lot behind the building, noting the side door as I drove past it. My heart was racing. This is stupid, again, said one voice. But it was silenced by the anticipation. Yes, I was very cautious — to the point where I likely turned down a lot of real opportunities. Yes, we had chatted back and forth for a couple of hours last night and today. Yes, there were no red flags. But yes, I had never met him. Still, I took a deep breath and proceeded.

It was dark, the streets were deserted in this little rural town. I took everything out of my pockets and dropped them into the center console of the car, everything but the car key. Looking at my watch, I had plenty of time, about 40 minutes or so. My watch then went into the console along with the phone. Exhale. Grab the plastic grocery bag with my “stuff” in it, get out of the car and walk to the door.

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Ian gets tortured by Jared

Young jock Ian looks amazing spread-eagled against the wall, his muscular, shaved torso crisscrossed with red lash marks. Jared puts a noose around the base of his balls and ties the rope to an eyehook in the ceiling, lifting the stud off the wall by his scrotum. Ian’s moans and trembling body drive Jared wild, making him want to hurt the captive even more. He whips Ian’s already damaged chest and abs with a bullwhip. When Ian’s balls escape the noose, he quickly re-ropes them, tighter this time, and resumes the whipping. He even whips Ian’s balls! Finally, Ian is released from his ropes and ordered to work his cock and fuck himself with a steel dildo. The young jock does not disappoint, pumping out a huge load of cum.

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Title: IAN: Sexual Servitude – Chapter 4

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Bondage stud Tomas gets chained down

At Roped Studs, thick-muscled Tomas is spread-eagled on the dungeon floor, chained at the wrists and ankles. He is still wearing what’s left of his street clothes, tight white briefs and a classic white T. His stomach is partially exposed. Tomas is stretched so tight he can barely move, but his struggles against the chains really shows off his hot body. “Get away from me,” he mutters as J.J. feels him up, then rips open his shirt. He likes the feel of metal against his body a little more than he’s letting on.

muscle chained down

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