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Dean gets roped down to a tarp outdoors

At Bad Boy Bondage, sadistic blond master Preston has a brand-new jock captive to play with, and you can bet he’s going to make the most of this new arrival. The handsome young man isn’t used to being treated this way, spanked and flogged, his cock tugged and toyed with, his naked body roped down to the tarp and left vulnerable. Dean should know it’s nowhere near over.

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Title: Jock Boy Becomes New Toy

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10 Days in Detention – Part 35

By socalbd

socalbd metalbond prison libraryAs I started to stir, I felt the warmth of Daniel’s body against mine.  Sometime during the night, I had rolled over to my other side and Daniel must have pulled me in tight.  Our midsections were touching, and our legs were intertwined.  His arm was over my torso pulling me close with my head in his chest.  It was a warm and safe place to be.  I snuggled into him to get closer, not that I could really be any closer than I already was to him.

“You are such a hot guy, you know that right?” he whispered in my ear.

“How did you know I was awake?”

“Your breathing pattern changed and that cock of yours started pulsing.  That, and the smile that came across your face after you realized where you are.”  He chuckled to himself when he said that.

I opened my eyes and looked up at him from where I was nestled into his chest.

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Turned into a sadist’s bondage fuck toy

Ian hot, sexy, young, fit and well built. Wearing nothing but a tiny jock, he now faces into the concrete dungeon, back against the wall, spread-eagled. His broad, hairless chest and lean stomach are covered with lash marks and bruises. Clearly, he has been repeatedly whipped and beaten. The muscular guy in the hoodie, Jared, won’t look him in the face as he rubs Ian’s cock through the jock then pulls it out. Ian moans in pain and shame, his hard cock twitching, poking out from the jock. He knows he is a fuck toy for a sadist, but he has no idea what will happen next. Then a short bullwhip strikes his chest. He screams and gasps in pain. The lashing continues. The contrast between his naked vulnerability and intense suffering and Jared’s robotic coldness and total control is a fantasy come true.

Ian Dream Boy Bondage

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IAN – Sexual Servitude – Chapter 3

tied by Jared at Dream Boy Bondage

Noah drags Cole from his cage and bolts him to a wall

Cole has been kept naked in the Dream Boy Bondage dungeon for a year, locked in a cage when he’s not being tortured or fucked. He’s been left alone for weeks, but that ends today when Noah Evans returns after being brutally fucked and beaten himself. Noah wants vengeance for his pain and humiliation – and he knows the perfect victim. There is something about Cole: his innocence, his boyish beauty, his submissiveness, that makes men not only want to fuck him but hurt him. That creamy skin demands to be sliced with a whip. That luscious mouth must choke on a dick. That big cock must be drained of its cum then tortured. And that asshole must be destroyed. Noah drags Cole out of his cage, bolts him to a wall and forces him to cum before flogging his hairless torso.

Noah drags Cole from his cage and bolts him to a wall

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COLE MILLER – Vengeance – Chapter 1

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