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Cutieboy90 gay bondage storiesChris squeezed his eyes shut, trying for the dozenth time in the same number of minutes to force himself to sleep. He tried not to toss and turn too much, though he couldn’t help it. Not five seconds later, Chris’s eyes flashed open, and his lips cracked back into a big silly grin. He looked to the clock on the nightstand, finding the time still too early to do anything.

With a whimper, the excited pup curled himself around his body pillow, his back to the clock. Next to him, sleeping cozily, was his boyfriend and owner, Brian. Brian was only a few years older, but had some salt and peppered hair, and a strong, beefy build. He was a playful, kind, but firm master, and a very loving boyfriend.

Yet another rush of excitement coursed through the boy’s body, his hard cock throbbing now too. Typically, Chris would spend the night in some form of restraints, in his cage next to the bed, or if he’d been naughty, on the floor. Tonight was the rare occasion he was allowed to sleep without any restraints, save for his collar, and Brian’s arms around him. Even his cock cage had been unlocked for the night, though Chris wasn’t allowed to cum. He still had his dogtail butt plug stuffed in his butt, which didn’t help anything. A night like this always meant something really amazing was about to happen…

Indeed, this week marked their five-year anniversary. The two lovers were planning a special trip to the beach Resort and Themepark. They had already packed for the 10-day trip, with two days of travel time on both ends.

Master Brian awoke with his cock buried in a soft, warm mouth. He let out a contented moan, and stroked his boy’s head encouragingly. He casually glanced at the clock.

“7:35 am. Perfect time, for the perfect wake-up call,” He praised. Chris kept up the gentle bj, lapping at his Master’s tip, sucking away the pre that oozed out in little tangy bursts. Brian smiled to himself, and scratched behind Chris’s ears. “That’s a good boy… Let’s go shower, and get going, shall we?” Chris leaped off his Master’s cock with an eager woof, wagging his tail, and padded on all fours at Brian’s heel to shower and start breakfast.

“Did you sleep well, baby?” Brian asked as he lathered up Chris’s shoulders. Chris shook his head.

“No, Sir… I was too excited about our trip to fall asleep.”

Brian chuckled softly. “Awww, well you’ll get some time to rest on the road.” He leaned in and kissed his lover’s mouth. “I’m excited too, pup. We’re going to have a great time.”

Brian got out to make breakfast, while Chris stayed to clean himself out. It was a rule that he travel with his butt plugged, and this trip would be no exception. He selected a large, bulbous silicone plug. This was one of their favorites because not only was it huge, comfortable, but it had a vibrating function too. Chris slowly worked it in, taking his time, and lots of lube. This thing really was enormous, he thought to himself. It finally popped in, sending a jolt of pain, relief, and pleasure through his body. Chris leaned on the sink, panting for a few minutes, before hanging up his towel, and going back to their room to get dressed.

Breakfast was light; a simple fruit medley, with some yogurt, and a few slices of toast. Brian checked his email, while Chris wolfed his food down from his bowl on the floor.

“Weather should be nice. I think we’ll have a few beachside walks, pup. Maybe some moonlight fetch?” Brian murmered, teasing his young sub with his faux-carelessness. They both knew how much they loved such activities. Chris’s dick twitched in anticipation, his hole clutching the plug harder. He’d look up to see Brian gazing non-chalantly at his phone, a sly glint in his steel-blue eyes.

Luggage had already been packed, so after packing the last-minute items, Brian and Chris turned off all the lights, and headed out to the garage.

“Come here, boy…” Brian beckoned for Chris to stand by the side door. The sub obeyed, and as soon as he’d stepped into his reach, Brian grabbed him by the collar, pulling him in for a long kiss. During which, he removed Chris’s clothing, even his briefs. Chris moaned, and gave some throaty moans as his naked back was pressed against the cool glass and metal of the van. Brian led him around to the open door, and sat him down on the seat. He strapped Chris into the customized seat, which used vinyl cuffs to secure the passenger in a safe, but very restrained fashion.

Essentially the seat had an integrated straight-jacket and lower body suit to immobilize the legs. An optional butt plug had been removed in favor of the one Chris already had stuffed in his hole. Strapped in, Chris couldn’t move at all, save for his head, and twitching cock. He whimpered in nervous excitement as the last straps were pulled tight around his body, and the safety straps buckled over.

“Shh, it’s OK boy.” Brian soothed, petting his head. “We’re almost on our way…” He fastened a blindfold over Chris’s eyes. “Almost ready…” Chris felt his dick being rubbed with a slick gel, and then a tube fitted over his package. He couldn’t help a whine escape as he felt the milking tube buckled in place.

“The next eight hours will fly by, babe. I know how much you hate driving.” Brian leaned over his restrained lover, and kissed his exposed neck, ears, and finally mouth. Chris kissed him back hungrily, like he’d never been kissed in his life. He sucked his master’s tongue into his throat, and savored the taste.

“Mmmm, thank you, Sir. I love you.” Brian broke the kiss.

“I love you too, pup. We’d better hit the road. But first, say ‘ahhhh!’” Chris found his mouth stuffed with a big squishy ball as soon as he opened it.

The ball was strapped around his head, and a thick hood slipped over his head and face, holding his jaws shut around the gag. “Mmph..” He squeaked as he felt it laced, strapped, and buckled into place, and he felt a gentle kiss on his nose from Brian. The last thing he heard before his ears were filled with white noise headphones, was “good boy, we’ll stop for a break in eight hours. I love you!”

Brian shut the door, and climbed into the driver’s seat. He turned the keys, and switched on the A/C, the radio, and of course, the power to the milking machine in the back. Brian pulled the van out of the garage, and after making sure the door was shut, he switched on the car’s autodrive program, already programmed with the intended destination and every rest point before. Brian never really drove, not now that cars could drive themselves safely. Once on the road, he’d turn his seat around, and stroke himself as he watched his cute pup get milked, and maybe take a nap. But this was only the beginning of their 10-day, five-year anniversary extravaganza. After all, getting there was half the fun.


The End


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