Sacked overnight

He put me in this and then told me he wanted to keep me in overnight.


I was terrified, thinking I would not be able to handle it.  Then he started stroking me, slowly, and I got rock hard. I had been in chastity all week and I was ready to shoot wads of cum all over the ceiling. As he continued pleasuring me, he told me he would let me cum but then I would spend the rest of the night in the sack.

No way, I said respectfully. (I knew the minute I shot my load I would want out immediately.)  So he tucked my dick away inside the sleep sack, and then my stomach sank when he told me he was going to keep me in the sack overnight anyway.

It was one of the most challenging — and hottest — things I have ever done.

And I learned a lesson: this Master always gets his way!






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