Seeing It Through – Part 04

By Cutieboy90

Nine months…

Stefan sat paralyzed with frustration at his workbench. Progress on the model had been good the last few weeks, or so he had thought. Each day he’d come back to the workbench and find things wrong.

Step 15 took forever because he had to fill several gaps in the roof of the officer’s quarters. Especially the area around the wheelhouse, where almost nothing lined up, he’d had to fill the seams with strips of plastic and refinish the bulkheads.

In step 22, the deck under the platform of the third funnel was uneven, causing the funnel to be crooked. He had to refile the edges of the deckhouse twice before it sat straight.

And now, he was repainting several bulkheads that he originally thought wouldn’t be visible when the model was completed.

All the backtracking and re-dos had been frustrating, but also time-consuming. The contest was only three months away! In order to continue making headway, Stefan bounced around the remaining steps, assembling everything so that all he had to do was attach the completed subassemblies to the ship. The foredeck and poopdeck were done, the various cargo cranes were painted and ready, and…

“Christ on a cross, I still have to do all the railings, photoetched benches, lifeboat davits, funnel ladders, and rigging…” Stefan leaned back in his chair with an exasperated sigh, the enormous buttplug shifting inside him as he did. He grabbed his balls reflexively. They throbbed tenderly, swollen fit to burst.

“Ahhhh-ughhh…” Stefan vocalized as his hand rested around the metal cage trapping his manhood. “Fuck. It’s been nine goddamn months…”

Stefan Jr. had been a little bit easier to manage now that Stefan’s pleasure was primarily met by shoving ever-larger toys up his ass. The plug he was currently sitting on was actually a new one, bigger than the ones Tyler had given him half a year back. By now Stefan didn’t care about his previous hang-ups or pride; having toys up his ass felt good. Wearing a plug most hours of the day and night was commonplace for him these days. Secured by a locking harness, there wasn’t much choice but to adapt a liquid diet to facilitate his new lifestyle.

But he still wanted to cum. More than anything, what Stefan wanted was to get the cage off so he could jerk his cock and blow his loads again.

“It feels so good…” Stefan moaned aloud as he experienced the ghost sensation of stroking his shaft. His eyes fluttered and his balls throbbed in his hand. “Fuck.”

The pleasant memory of jerking off suddenly shattered on the sensation of reality. Hard metal bars pressing into flesh will have that effect. Stefan panted and whined, but after a minute leaned forward and assembled the row of photoetch benches.

These delicate pieces wouldn’t go on the model just yet, but Stefan wanted to have them ready. The tedious process of folding and bending each bench took focus and time, two things Stefan didn’t have much of. It was almost like an assembly line, mundane, almost automatic once he got going. Fold, bend, tiny dab of superglue, place the tiny central foot in the center, hold, set aside, repeat. Fold, bend, tiny dab, place, hold, set aside, repeat. Fold, bend, tiny fucking dab, place, hold a few seconds, set aside… Over and over again.

When the benches were done, Stefan would do the same mindless motions with the 32 individual lifeboat davits. Stefan’s fingers cramped.

“Oh please god, save me.”

“Sure!” Tyler’s voice answered from the doorway. Stefan sighed.

“Please Tyler, not today…”

“What?” Tyler stepped up to inspect Stefan’s work. “I thought we could go for a run? Get you out of the house and away from these fumes for a couple hours.”

Stefan flexed his hands, stubbornly planting his feet.

“Here,” Tyler grabbed Stefan’s hands and massaged them from the wrist. “Come on, champ. The fresh air will do you… A lot of good.” Stefan let his friend massage the tension out of his wrists and fingers, saying nothing.

“Come on,” Tyler pulled Stefan toward the door. When Stefan resisted, Tyler pulled up an app on his phone and swiped in a passcode. Immediately, Stefan’s butt plug jolted to life, buzzing inside him like a nest of angry hornets.

“Gahhh!!” Stefan jumped out of his chair. Tyler smirked, biting his lip to stifle an amused giggle.

“ARGH!! Alright, I’ll go! Turn it off, turn it off!!!” Stefan yelped as he hopped and twisted around the room, his eyes bugging out of his head.

“Put on some shorts, brush your teeth, and meet me in the garage. Then I’ll consider turning that off…” Tyler waved his phone.

Stefan clenched at the toy as he dashed into his room to change into some workout clothes. The huge plug hummed violently against his insides and pressed his prostate with every movement. A wet spot quickly formed on the front of the shorts.

“Fuck…” Stefan quickly brushed his teeth and raced back to the garage where Tyler was waiting.

“You wanna tie your shoes there, buddy?” Tyler pointed to Stefan’s feet. Stefan squatted to tie the laces. “And… Is your shirt inside out and backwards?” Tyler asked with a chuckle.

Stefan fumbled with his shoelaces. The vibrations from the big plug were distracting him. He could feel a line of pre trickling down his leg.

“Come on man, I’m here! Turn it off!” Stefan begged as he stood back up to fix his shirt.

“I feel like I’m babysitting… Take off your safety glasses! Don’t just throw them, fold them and place them on your bench.” Tyler hid his amusement poorly. Stefan could see him tenting his shorts.

“MMMMFFF!!” Stefan growled in frustration. He finished correcting his hurried mishaps and stood before Tyler, who chose this moment of all moments to thoroughly inspect the Titanic.

Stefan Jr. was not impressed either. Trapped with the cage in front, and the large buzzing toy at the back, the situation was beyond desperate. The metal ring dug painfully at his plump balls as he tried to get hard, but this only served to choke out the strangled globs of thick precum that now flowed in a steady stream to Stefan’s ankles.

Stefan bit his tongue, fidgeting from foot to foot like he needed to piss.

“Alright well let’s get going before it gets too late,” Tyler announced after an agonizing five minutes. He beckoned for Stefan to follow. “Oh right. That.” Tyler swiped his phone and the intense buzzing diminished to a low hum.

“Let’s go.” Tyler jogged up the street toward a wooded park trail the pair usually ran at. “I can tell you’re eager to get back to your project. So we’ll make this a fast one. Ready to sprint?”

“Wha-? I’ve barely warmed up here!”

Tyler smirked and held up his phone. Stefan changed his tune immediately.

“But no, sprints are good. Very good, let’s do it.”

“Good boy. You learn quick.” Tyler pocketed his phone for now. He and Stefan both knew very well that by the end of this run, motivation would be once again needed.

To be continued …

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  1. Each of these new chapters want me to thump Tyler
    more than the last. If I was Stefan the Titanic would find a new home somewhere painful for my “friend”.

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