Side Effects – Chapter 1

By GratDelay

male bdsm storiesHow dumb did my best friend think I was?

“If it has ‘unfortunate side effects’, why do you think I would let you dose me with it?”

“I mean ‘unfortunate’ like I won’t be getting a bonus this year. It’s just as safe as the other analogs we’ve been testing… well, if you get comfy before you take it.”


“The lab’s not going to be able to market it. No way the FDA will pass it, and if they did, almost no one would buy it.”

“Dude, I’m really not interested in your company’s bottom line — or your Christmas bonus. Tell me why I should take some un-tested drug from your lab.”

“Oh, it’s tested. That’s how it got cancelled. And it passed all the usual safety trials. It won’t make you sick or elevate your blood pressure like the original peptide. It won’t give you a weird splotchy tan or a tomato-red face. Etcetera etcetera.”

“I can see why you’re in the lab and not in Sales and Marketing. You’re not getting me to take that stuff.”

“Just because the side effects make it un-marketable doesn’t mean they aren’t… interesting. I think they’ll be especially interesting to you.”

“Why aren’t you just telling me what the side effects are?”

“Because I want it to be a surprise, of course.”

The thing was, I was kinda in love with Adin, and that tended to make me more likely to go along with his ideas. And then there was the fact that his lab was working on some great viagra-killer that seemed doomed to never make it to market. The thought of getting to try something like that was… intriguing to say the least. But the way he was holding back key information was setting off alarm bells.

“What do you mean ‘interesting to me’?”

Adin gave me his best earnest look — damn!

“Do you trust me?”

“Nope!” How else can you answer that one? When do people ask you if you trust them? That’s right.

“I mean really trust me; like trust that I wouldn’t do anything to hurt you or seriously piss you off.”

I kept my mouth shut, but he knew the answer.

“And do you trust that I know you well enough to have a good idea of what you’re into? Enough that you feel comfortable sharing that info with me?”

Well, he was my best friend. It was very cool that he knew what I was into and was still my friend. I just wish he shared more of my unusual interests. And swung for my team. And felt about me the way I did about him. Was that so much to ask?

“Let me put it this way: do you trust me enough that you would let me tie you up?”

Hell, yes!

He scored a pretty solid point with that one. I not only would trust him enough to tie me up, I really wished he would. And that was not a level of trust I felt with many people. Kinda sucked, because it’s hard to be a kinky fucker into bondage if you didn’t easily trust people who could give you what you want…

He could tell just looking at my face that he was clinching the deal. “When I read about the side effects of this batch, I thought of you. I’ve tried it myself. I wouldn’t ask you to take something I wouldn’t take, and I can tell you, it’s perfect. You’ll see.”

I just stared at him for a while, but I knew I was going to cave in. Finally I sighed, “All right,” and he broke into an excited grin. Damn, I wish he’d do that at me more often!

“So it’s it’s like brem, right? The horny drug? How long will it last?” I was getting a bit of a chubby just thinking about taking a drug designed to give you a chubby.

“The main effect? About ten hours.”

So that didn’t seem like a problem. It was Friday night, so work wasn’t a problem anyway, and truth be told, I didn’t have anything scheduled for the weekend — just chores and errands. Adin knew this, because we had talked about driving together to the hardware store.

I picked up the canister he had set on the table. It looked sort of like one of those compressed-air horns, but the horn part looked like an oxygen mask — only it was too small. Adin, seeing my puzzled look, said, “It goes over your nose. It works best through the sinuses, not the lungs.”

“Wait, is this a prank to get me to blast an air horn into my own face?”

Adin smiled, “That would be funny. No, it’s a super-fine aerosolized mist. More like a smell than a spray.”

That seemed better than by injection or as a drippy nasal spray. I raised it toward my face, but Adin said, “Wait!”

I was a little nervous anyway, so his sharp tone brought the alarm bells back. Was this a good idea?

Adin said, “You really should get comfortable first. Sit down on the couch here, or even stretch out on it, if you want.”

As I sat down, I said, “What’s the big deal with getting comfortable? I mean, it’s going to give me a boner, right? Who cares if I’m sitting or standing.”

Adin grinned again, “You’ll see. Trust me, you’ll want to be sitting down for this.”

“OK, I’m sitting. Can we do this now?”

“Let ‘er rip!”

“You want to do some with me?”

“Maybe later… ” he said, with a sly look on his face.

I shook my head in mock disgust, then pressed the thing up to my face.

“Breath out, then hold the button down while you breathe in all the way. Just through your nose.”

I did what he said. It smelled like a lab somehow. It was a smell that made me think maybe I shouldn’t be breathing this stuff.

“One breath is enough,” he said, taking the canister from me.

“So how soon… oh!” Was it really acting so fast, or was I just mentally primed to ‘rise to the occasion’?

Adin had a look of excited anticipation on his face, like he knew I was about to find out I won the lottery. I loved looking at his intelligent, expressive face, and the rest of his hot body. I’d always wished I could rip his clothes off and see it all, but I knew that would not go over well, so I’d always contented myself with getting to be his friend. But now, it occurred to me, he was intentionally dosing me with something that worked directly on the hypothalamus to make me horny. And I was horny. Maybe I should rip his clothes off, and I could blame it on the drug. The drug that he gave me.

My most erotic thoughts about my best friend were definitely coming to the surface. I thought I’d better keep an eye on that, or I’d say something too personal. I really didn’t want to mess up our friendship.

And I had other things to attend to at that moment, like my cock, which was definitely on the rise.

“That soon?” I said, impressed.

“That soon!” He was still staring at me in anticipation, like he was still waiting for something to happen.

My cock was uncomfortable, pinned down by my briefs. A little self consciously, I rearranged my junk. Fuck it, I thought. This was his idea.

But suddenly my priorities changed. It hit me like a ton of bricks. I HAD to get off, immediately. I had never felt so horny in my life. All other considerations, like the fact that someone was staring at me, just went out the window. The hands that had been rearranging things were now stroking, hard.

“Oh, fuuuuuuck” I said. Very original. I didn’t give a crap if Adin was staring, I had to get my briefs and shorts out of the way so I could pump my cock properly. I was so hard it felt like the skin could rupture. I grabbed the waist bands of both garments and started to push them down… but they didn’t go down. In fact, I had been trying to raise my butt off the couch to slide my clothes off, but my butt was still firmly resting on the cushion.

I tried to raise my hands up to look at them, but they didn’t rise. They stayed where they were, thumbs tucked into my waist bands. I tried to sit up, but nothing happened.

“Whaaaaat?” I said, weakly. I was very displeased. I NEEDED to get my hands on my cock.

“So that’s the first side effect.” Adin said.

“I can’t… move,” I said.

“Yep. Good thing you were sitting down, huh?”

“This isn’t … funny! What’s wrong… with me?” I could talk, but I couldn’t shout, or even take a deep breath. It was really weird. I was breathing normally, whether I wanted to or not. I could still feel everything, but nothing happened when I tried to move.

“Don’t worry, it’s entirely temporary. And it doesn’t affect your autonomic nervous system.” Deciding to dumb it down, he elaborated, “… your breathing or heartbeat, things like that.”

Discovering a bondage drug would have made me very horny, if I weren’t already more horny than I imagined possible. As alarming as my paralysis should have been, I was mostly still thinking about how to get some stimulation to my cock. “Not now!” I groaned.

Adin laughed. “I think you are starting to appreciate how perfect this is!”

Conceptually, it was perfect, a wet dream! I was perfectly helpless and desperate to cum. Just like I always wanted. Every edging video I had ever watched flashed through my mind. But now it was happening, and the desperation was much worse than I had imagined.

“You have to help me!” I gasped. In the back of my mind, I wondered how it was that I could still talk, while I couldn’t lift my head off the back of the couch. Adin never did give me an explanation that made sense. I don’t think he really knew either, even with his fancy degrees.

“All in good time… ” he said. I saw a predatory look on his face that I had never seen before. “Let me help you get more comfortable.” He grabbed my ankles and swiveled them up onto the couch. This caused the rest of me to slide over in the other direction and flop down. One arm was under me and my head was drooping over my shoulder. It would have become uncomfortable very quickly, but Adin rearranged me so I was stretched out on the couch, my arms at my sides, and my head on a throw pillow. It was so weird being completely unable to help or hinder what he was doing to me. When he was done, my head was propped up enough that I could see my own body. I could roll my eyes around, but I couldn’t turn my head. Meanwhile, my cock was throbbing in my shorts. “Please! … don’t leave… me like this!” I was already begging!

Adin squatted down next to my legs, then finished what I had set out to do by sliding my shorts off me. Then he tugged on my briefs. I groaned when the waist band caught on my rock-hard cock. He pulled up on the waist band and slid the underwear off. The feeling of the elastic dragging lightly across my cock was so intense, I was sure I was coming. I couldn’t believe I was already going to come, and I felt a flash of anger and disappointment, because now that the underwear was heading past my knees, nothing was touching my cock anymore. I was about to have a ruined orgasm. “Nooooo!” I breathed. I found I couldn’t even do that pushing down thing you do to try to hold back…

But I didn’t come. I was quite surprised, but my relief didn’t last long, because that meant I was still in this unendurable predicament. I was so hot and so close, that I knew that I could blow just by grabbing my cock firmly.

Adin chuckled. “Intense, isn’t it?” I peered up at him as he sat on the edge of the couch next to me, tossing my briefs onto the floor. What was he doing taking my clothes off? Maybe he was going to help me. Everything about this experience was crossing all these boundaries that I thought existed between us.

“This is… crazy” I answered. “I’m so… fucking… horny!”

“Yeah, it might be a little strong for the average customer.”

I couldn’t make myself care about his banter. “You gotta help me out here.”

He smirked. “That’s exactly what I’m doing.” Then he just sat there. I focused all of my will on raising just one hand toward my dripping shaft, but still, nothing at all happened. I guess Adin could tell by the look on my face, because he said, “When I tried it, it was the weirdest thing not being able to move my body while still feeling everything. Remember when I broke my arm? I got a local nerve-block shot when they set the bone. It was like my arm wasn’t attached to my body anymore. But this…”

He was right. I could feel everything, even more intensely than usual. I could feel the couch under me, my arms pressing against my side, his jeans pressing against my hip, even slight air movement across the hairs of my legs. All of it somehow contributed to my feeling of sexual arousal. Even the air was like a sensual caress. I found I was panting.

“I read something a quadraplegic wrote. It said something like ‘if you try to move your hand and nothing at all happens, how do you know you really tried?’”

I summoned enough wit to say, “Are you… monologuing… me?”

He laughed happily and then stuck his finger in my ear. My body sucked in my breath as he ran his finger along the ridges. I shivered, which startled me, because I didn’t know it could move at all. Using both hands, he used the lightest of touches to trace outlines on my face. The drug in me made his touch feel exquisitely sensual. I wanted so badly to grab him, hold him closer. I was surprised when a whining noise came from my own throat.

With a faint smile, Adin softly said, “I know you want me.” That made me want to stop breathing, but my lungs were running on automatic. He ran his hands down my chest, caressed my arms. Then he pushed my t-shirt up and fingered my nipples. For the first time in my life, my nipples were an erogenous zone. It somehow increased the incredible sensation centered between my balls and my ass.

Even in my lust, I still felt a twinge of fear. We didn’t talk about this! The deal, at least in my mind, was that I kept my deeper feelings to myself, and in exchange I got to hang out with him. Never mind that I had never discussed this deal with him. Because I did want him. I loved everything about him; not just his tight, perfectly-proportioned body and his beautiful expressive face, but his brains, his humor, and all the interests we shared. We were SO compatible that the things we didn’t share seemed shocking and cruel.

I tried to concentrate. I could hardly form a thought I was so horny, but I didn’t want to mess this up. I couldn’t bear the thought of losing him, even though I didn’t have him, not the way I wished. “Adin, I…”

“You really think too much, you know? What does it take to get you to just go with your feelings?”

This had gotten so intense in ways I had never imagined. After work he had texted me that he wanted to come over to show me something. Now I was stretched out naked before him. I was more helpless than I had ever been in my life — and I had lots of toys for experiencing helplessness. My cock was sending signals that my brain could not ignore, and I could have sworn he was coming on to me.

Now my mouth locked up. Not from the paralytic side effect of the drug; I just couldn’t say what I wanted to say, because I was afraid it was the wrong thing. It was all too much. Tears started leaking from my eyes.

Adin rolled his eyes, but he didn’t stop running his hands over my body. He was working his way down, past the ribs and along my sides. He knew I was extremely ticklish there, but this time my body did not react. Thank god for small mercies. But my attention was more drawn to measuring the distance between his hands and my cock. Would he keep going? Did he have the same goal in mind that I needed him to have?

He rested the heels of his hands on my hip bones. I tried desperately to make my body buck. “Fuck,” I said quietly — shouting still didn’t work either. I could only talk with the breath coming out of my lungs, and I wasn’t even in control of inhalations or exhalations.

Then he leaned over, bringing his face inches away from my own. I couldn’t pull away. “You didn’t answer my question.” he said, very intensely.

Why was he doing this to me? Why, when I couldn’t think straight, and my body’s sex drive was squeezing out all other awareness. Desperately, I whispered, “I don’t want… to ruin our… friendship!”

Adin sat back with a satisfied look. “That’s what I thought. But Liam, does this look like someone freaking out about your sexuality?”

A little sheepishly, I said, “No. But I… couldn’t know… that in… advance. And the risk… ”

He stood up and grabbed my head in both hands and shook it. “Dude, you don’t think I can handle a little attraction? You don’t even give me the chance to say no.”

I felt a pang of remorse as he turned away from me.

“Do you think I’d run away from my best friend because he can’t resist this ass?”… as he put one knee on the couch and lowered the ass in question towards my utterly immobilized face.

Before I could answer, he grabbed my rock-hard dick and gave it a good stroke. If I could have, I would have screamed in ecstasy.


To be continued …


male bdsm

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