Slave Punishment System – Part 01

By Scribe

Discipline Technologies announces a new prison cell designed to severely punish the uncooperative or misbehaving slave. It can be used when standard discipline measures fail to achieve the desired result. Our craftsmen can install the cell in your dungeon, or we have several cells available at our site that can be rented to punish the unrepented slave. We can also accommodate slaves who voluntarily feel they deserve severe discipline.

The cell measures 6-foot-by-6-foot and is 7.5 feet tall. Floor, ceiling, door, and walls are solid stainless steel. The floor is elevated 6 inches to allow for plumbing and electrical connections. There is a control box mounted on the outside wall of the cell that contains the equipment and computer necessary to operate the Slave Punishment System.

The system consists of three primary punishment modules. There is a strappado device for hanging the slave by its arms, an electrified cock cage to administer shocks, and a gas mask to exercise breath control.

The Strappado Module consists of a chain in the middle of the cell. The chain is attached to a hoist in the ceiling. The other end is attached to the slave’s wrist manacles locked behind its back. The restraints are padded to avoid cuts or bruises to the wrists. There is a scale or pressure plate under the slave’s feet. The hoist will raise the arms until the head bends forward and the slave is standing on its toes. The hoist can make very small adjustments to provide more pain or less pain to the slave. The scale measures the pounds of pressure the slave is pressing on the floor. The fewer the pounds the higher the chain and the more pain to the slave. The higher the pounds the lower the chain and less pain to the slave. The scale sends a signal to the computer in the control box, which sends a signal to the hoist to adjust the chain higher or lower. The strappado is applied on a random basis with varying intensities. The strappado may last 10 minutes to two hours. The computer is set to provide an average of six hours of strappado every 24-hour period. Heavy ankle manacles are attached to the slave to enhance the experience.

The Electro Module consists of a cock cage with an electrical cable back to the control box. The cage is long, to accommodate the most endowed slave, but has inserts to shorten the cage for shorter cocks. The cage and inserts are spiked at the ends to discourage the slave from achieving an erection. Shocks are administered from an e-stim unit located in the control box. The unit is a more powerful upgrade from the typical box. There are two modes of operation, a pleasure level and a punishment level. The pleasure mode stimulates the slave’s cock until an attempted erection causes the spikes to bite into its most sensitive head. The cage and the slave’s shackled wrists prevent any attempt at sexual release. The punishment mode delivers shocks from uncomfortable to excruciatingly painful. Shocks are given in random increments ranging from 10 minutes to two hours. The computer is programed to provide six hours on average of electro every 24-hour period. The pattern and intensity of the shocks is randomized. The cock cage has bipolar copper inserts that run the length of the cage insuring good electrical contact whether the slave is flaccid or erect. The cable is welded to the cage to prevent removal.

The Electro Module serves a second purpose. A microphone at the base of the gas mask against the Adams apple will pick up any sound made by the slave. Silence is enforced 24/7. Any sound will result in a shock to its cock. The louder the sound, the more severe the shock. The longer the sound, the longer and higher the shock. The more times a sound is made, the greater the intensity of the shock. The slave will quickly learn to suppress any screams or pleas for help to the best of its ability. Of course, the occasional cry, plea, scream, or sob is unavoidable and will be punished.

The Breath Control Module consists of a heavy rubber airtight gas mask and hood with a hose running back to the control box. Inside the control box the hose is attached to a bubble bottle filled with urine. The slave’s breathing is somewhat restricted at all times by the bubble bottle. The air vent on the bottle is routed outside the control box. This is to ensure that the slave has air even if the electrical system fails. The control box has a valve at the end of the gas mask hose that can either partially or completely cut off air to the slave. Additional hoses in the bubble bottle are attached to a tear gas canister and a pepper gas canister. The computer can thus add irritating gas to the slave’s air supply. Since only a small amount of gas is needed to fill the bubble bottle, the canisters should last a long time before requiring refills. Breath punishment is administered in random increments from 10 minutes to two hours. The computer is programed to provide six hours on average of breath control every 24-hour period. Very brief periods (of course) of no air are randomly alternated between partially restricted breathing and pepper or tear gas breathing. The gas mask does not have a gag in order to avoid choking hazards. There is a small one-way valve at the bottom of the mask that will open if vomit, water, or protein drink collects in the hood.

The random schedule of the punishment modules results in one, two, or all three modules operating at the same time. The slave will feel its arms stretch as the hoist lifts it onto its toes. After a few minutes the slave’s arms and shoulders will begin to ache. Suddenly, shocks are delivered to its cock, causing the slave to dance around on its toes, further increasing the pain to its back, arms, and shoulders while it tries to contend with the agony in its groin. Tear gas then fills its mask, causing the slave to cough uncontrollably. Its eyes begin to water profusely. The slave jerks around even more trying to touch its face, increasing the pain to the rest of its body. It cries out pleading to stop the torment only to be answered by another painful shock to its cock. The slave has no idea when the torture will stop or when it will begin again. Some modules stop while others begin keeping the slave constantly agitated.

A lithium-ion battery is included in the control box. This will ensure that the Slave Punishment System will continue to operate for up to five days in the event of a power outage. The slave will experience uninterrupted discipline. The battery will recharge when power is restored. This also prevents a sympathetic guard from disconnecting the electrical supply to the cell and ending the punishment.

The cell is completely sealed by a rubber gasket around the solid metal door and around any cables and hoses into the control box. The floor drain is connected to the sewer system. Since the slave receives his only air through the gas mask, the cell can be kept completely dark with no other vents or air circulation. There is a cell light which is only randomly turned on for a few minutes to prevent blindness. Otherwise, the slave is kept in complete darkness. It quickly loses any sense of time. The slave will be unable to tell how long it has been imprisoned or how long it will continue. The random inputs (food, punishment, sleep) also prevent any counting of hours or days. The lack of any distractions allows the slave to concentrate on the pain delivered by the punishment modules. We strongly discourage telling the slave prior to commitment how long its incarceration will last.

The mask will help muffle any screams and pleadings not stopped by the electro. The cell walls, ceiling, and floor are also heavily sound insulated. The slave is fitted with thick ear plugs prior to installing the mask to prevent any distraction from noises outside the cell. If the slave suffers from claustrophobia, the heavy hood, restricted breathing, total darkness, and lack of sound are sadistically designed to enhance this fear. Total isolation is an essential part of the experience.

The cell is very secure with solid steel construction and the prisoner secured by manacles and chain. The computer also controls the lock on the cell door. A punishment period of seven to 30 days can be selected and the control box panel closed. Neither the cell door nor the control box can then be opened until the selected time elapses. This guarantees that a sympathetic observer will not shorten, interrupt, or diminish the punishment.

No intervention is needed while the slave is in the cell. Liquid food and water are delivered by tanks on top of the control box through a pump and tube running to the gas mask, mouth, and throat. A gasket around the feeding tube ensures that the gas mask remains airtight. A small light in the gas mask will blink, alerting the slave to prepare to drink. The tanks can be easily refilled when needed. Fish oil or urine is added to the liquid protein drink and vinegar to the water to make the taste disagreeable. There is no reason to provide the slave with a pleasurable sensation while eating. The nutrient-balanced drink is heavily caffeinated to keep the slave’s nerves alert to additional punishment. Viagra can be added to encourage the slave’s cock to grow and harden against the spikes in the cock cage.

Since incarceration is relatively short, seven to 30 days, cells are usually not cleaned. The liquid diet and an enema prior to installation eliminates most solid waste. During sleep periods the slave sits in any urine that dried or did not reach the drain. However, if desired, a high-pressure inlet is provided on the outside cell wall so that a cold-water hose can be attached to flush the slave and cell.

The prisoner is allowed on average four hours of sleep each 24-hour period. Sleep is when the chain is lowered to allow the slave to sit or move around the cell with no punishment modules running. The arms remain manacled behind the back at all times, so the slave cannot remove the gas mask, cock cage, or cables and hoses. As with all system operations, these sleep periods are randomized and occur in increments of 10 minutes to two hours. This allows the slave to be actively disciplined 20 hours of every day. The slave is unable to reduce its torture by excessive sleep. The short sleep periods will make the period of confinement seem even longer.

For additional equipment protection, the slave is fitted with a collar with 12-inch spikes. The spikes prevent the slave from damaging the gas mask hose by pounding it against the wall. It also prevents injury attempts from the slave pounding his head against the wall or floor. The collar is heavily padded and made of lightweight aluminum to avoid damage to the neck. The collar has the added advantage of preventing the slave from lying comfortably on the floor or resting against the wall. The only position the slave can rest or sleep is seated or kneeling on the floor.

The astute reader will note that the punishment modules together run for 18 hours on average for every 20-hour punishment period (24 hours less four hours sleep). The randomized settings also mean that modules may run simultaneously. This is intentional, since running two or three modules at the same time increases the torture to the slave. Therefore, there will be periods where no module is running but the slave is still standing. This again is intentional. It gives a chance for the slave’s nerves and brain to recover so that new pain can be processed. It also offers the slave a chance to walk around the small cell to stretch its muscles. Psychological punishment continues since the slave is left in total darkness wondering when the torment will begin again; one minute, 10 minutes, 20 minutes? Claustrophobia and panic will build as the silence, darkness, and heavy hood close in upon the slave. No relief from the rising anxiety is possible other than to scream or plead for release, which will be punished by a powerful shock to the slave’s genitals. Of course, no one will hear its pleas or if they do there is nothing they can do about it.

As earlier indicated, our cells with the Slave Punishment System can be rented. The minimum stay is seven days. The maximum stay is 30 days. We recommend a minimum 10-day stay so that the slave may fully appreciate all the features of our system. The slave is not told the length of time selected. No early release is allowed. We offer discounts on longer stays of 14, 21, or 30 days. We can pick up and deliver for an additional fee or you can bring the slave to our facility. If you come to our location you are welcome to observe the slave being installed in the cell. Slaves who wish to be voluntarily committed can come to the facility or be picked up either at an agreed or undisclosed time for an additional charge.

We now offer an app that enables you to watch the slave on a phone or tablet and remotely activate one or all the punishment modules for 10-minute periods. Since the slave is in total darkness, the camera installed in the cell will show a heat-sensitive night vision image. There is no speaker in the cell, so you can’t address the slave. We don’t offer a speaker since we don’t want any distractions to interrupt the slave’s torment. We also don’t want any accidental hint as to when the slave’s punishment will end. While there is a microphone in the cell, you may hear few if any screams or pleas since 24/7 silence is enforced.

Volunteering slaves may elect an indeterminate sentence. After a 10-day installation, extensions will be paid by a preauthorized charge to the slave’s bank account. Once inside the cell, the slave will not be informed of any extensions but can instead guess if its imprisonment has been lengthened and wonder when the torture will end.

We believe, after a session in our cells, that the slave will be very compliant and obedient to all its Master’s instructions. If, however, in the unlikely event that a second incarceration is necessary, we are prepared to offer a full 30-day experience at a 50 percent discount.

The following options are suggested during the slave’s installation in the cell to make its stay even more uncomfortable. A discount is available if 4, 5, or all 6 options are chosen. Options 1, 3, and 6 together are highly recommended as they force the slave into painful predicament bondage positions greatly enhancing its suffering in the cell.

  1. The cell’s ceiling height can be lowered with a wire grid to prevent the slave from standing erect when not in the strappado position.
  2. Thumbscrews can be applied to hold the prisoner’s hands together, in addition to the wrist manacles. Thumbscrews may be tightened for additional pain.
  3. A high 4-inch posture collar can be added after the gas mask and hood are in place. This makes the strappado punishment more severe and increases neck and back pain. The posture collar has the same external spikes to prevent the slave from lying down or leaning against a wall during rest periods. The posture collar is especially effective when added to the ceiling height restriction preventing the slave from bending its head while moving around the cell. Movement can only be done by bending its knees, kneeling, or sitting. While in the standing position (non-strappado, non-sleep positions, which is most of the time in the cell) the slave either has to bend its knees continually or fall to its knees and have its arms pulled into the strappado position again.
  4. Wrist, ankle and neck shackles can be exchanged for manacles with hard rubber internal spikes providing additional discomfort.
  5. Ankle shackles with external spikes can be substituted. This makes sitting or kneeling on the floor more difficult during “sleep” periods.
  6. A parachute harness can be applied to the slave’s balls and a cable attached to the cell floor. This results in a painful stretch during strappado sessions. A three-way predicament bondage is achieved during strappado with the slave trying to lessen the pain from shoulder, feet, or ball stretching, reducing one pain while increasing the other. It also reduces the slave’s ability to move around the cell without additional discomfort.

We believe our cells offer an unforgettable experience unavailable anywhere else. The system has been carefully designed to safely provide the slave the ultimate punishment it deserves. We look forward to hosting your slave or building a cell at your facility. Any suggestions of enhancements to the system are appreciated. We can customize cells to your requirements.

Discipline Technologies


Metal would like to thank the author, Scribe, for this story and welcome him to the Prison Library.


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5 thoughts on “Slave Punishment System – Part 01”

  1. Tit torture could have been included: maybe tit chained with different weights attached for the more recalcitrant slave?

    1. Discipline Technologies is happy to modify the slave’s confinement to your requirements. Tit clamps and weights can be added when the slave is installed in the cell. The clamps can be attached by cable and springs to the floor to increase the slave’s pain as it moves around the cell.

  2. where do I sign up? reading this has definitely woken up the nub locked tightly in its minute cage. Maybe you could offer a sponsor model for unowned slaves where a Master gets to choose how long the slave is booked in and gets to keep the slave once it has been suitably modified by the process.

  3. Scribe, this pushed lots of my buttons! I love “set it and forget it” torments where the top goes off and thinks about wine, dinner, a movie, a good book, whatever, while the sub’s thoughts can’t help but focus 100% on his discomfort and the man who put him where he is. This setup you came up with really delivered; thanks for sharing your devious thoughts!

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