Some Time in Rubber – Part 7

By rts


We reached the cabin and went inside, I was hungry thirsty and tired. He walked through the room in front of me, his rubber shining as the light played over his moving body. He handed me a large jug and told me to drink. It was some sort of protein shake and I eagerly drank as much as I could. When I had finished he came to me holding the heavy rubber straight jacket, turned me around and helped me struggle into it. He crossed my arms across my chest and strapped them behind my back, pulling tight the other multiple straps confining me securely in it.

Ignoring my protests, he next took an inflatable gag pressing it into the mouth opening of my hood and then filling it with air sealing it in my mouth. I could now only breathe through the two nose holes in the hood.

As I stood there he reached down and unzipped my crotch, ordered me to kneel down and bend over. He began to lube my bung hole telling me I needed a good cleaning out. Slowly he forced an enema’s butt plug painfully up my ass Inflating it locking it inside me. My cock again trying to reach erection trapped painfully inside its steel chastity container. Water began to force its way into me an unpleasent bloated pressure. He told me to stand up. I struggled to get up breathing heavily in this awkward effort compounded by my straight jacket, posture collar and intestines filled with water.

Leading me outside into the blazing sunshine I shuffled behind him to the privy where he at last open the drain tube attached to the butt plug to my intense relief. He repeated this process several times, forcing me to hold the water longer each session and making me walk around out in the hot sunshine while it was contained in me. When he was finally satisfied with the results, he deflated the plug and removed it from me. He than took hold of my encased cock and balls and unlocked the steel container that had held them trapped all week.

Oh the sweet release felt so fantastic. He rubbed them with some lube and then slowly pulled a tight rubber cock and ball sheath over them, my erection growing with his touch. He made me kneel down and bend over. Taking his rubber sheathed cock he mounted me from behind, slowly forcing himself into me and rhythmicly pumping his hips against my butt while he grabbed hold of my cock.

Again and again he worked my ass as he vigorously strocked my cock. I struggled to breathe through the small nose holes in my hood in my growing excitement, the sweat pouring off me as the hot sun baked me in my black rubber suit and straight jacket. We exploded together, him with a shout me with a gagged grunt. He held me tightly for some time before he slowly pulled out. I fell face downward in the dirt struggling to breathe, the almost unbearable heat of the confining rubber exhausting me.

He left me there for a while going back to the cabin then returning holding a gas mask and an inflatable butt plug. I moaned as he began to insert the plug, seating it firmly up my ass then filling it with air locking it into me. He then zipped closed my crotch and pulled the gas mask over my head strapping it snugly to me. My breathing already restricted by the nose holes of my hood was now further impeaded by the valve in the mask, it flapped and whistled with each laboured breath I took.

He stood me up and led me over to his truck. Opening the door he told me to get in. I struggled into the hot cab and he closed the door. It was stiffling, the windows were closed and the sun beat down on it. He left me stewing there for several hours. Near sunset he returned with his duffle full of gear and still wearing his full catsuit, got in and started the motor.

It took almost three hours before we reached my place where this past week’s adventure had begun. It was with major relief when we at last got inside and he slowly began to remove my rubber gear.

He took the straight jacket off first, then my gasmask and mouth gag. Next the now painfull posture collar and waist belt were unlocked. As each item was removed I felt the pleasure of unrestricted movement returning.

He then led me to the bath tub, filling it with water ordering me to get in and sit down. I did as I was told and he slowly unzipped the heavy rubber drysuit from my body as he pressed me down into the water in the struggle to pull it off me.

Finally I was free of what had seemed like a rubber prison, my body chaffed and sore, foul with my old sweat and piss. It had been an incredible experience, far more intense then I had expected, but a fantasy fully realized, an entire week spent sealed inside a full rubber suit The butt plug was the last item removed and now I felt uncomfortably naked.


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2 thoughts on “Some Time in Rubber – Part 7”

  1. Great story, was wondering if rescue would come from the mud before he really flipped out. Then freedom would happen as planned, but it did so in such a hot way between the pit and the final release — this last part was amazing.
    Thank you, rts!

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